Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Marion County FL's crazy cat lady Karin Ahrman is the latest to get away with posting harassing signs in her yard.

This is Karin Phillips Ahrman [FACEBOOK] [YOUTUBE] of Marion County, FloriDUH. This disturbing trend of private citizens harassing registered persons with signs. Cops don't want to arrest this crazy bitch even though this is harassment, but at least they said she can be sued. I hope Karin's VICTIM sues her into oblivion.

Interestingly, she doesn't like it when someone goes after her, so why do it to others?

It is always funny how so many of these scumbags talk so much about God.


June 5, 2017 6:26 PM
Updated: June 5, 2017 6:26 PM

MARION COUNTY, Fla. -  A Marion County woman wants everyone to know that a sexual predator lives in her neighborhood.

Karin Ahrman put signs in her front lawn and on telephone poles to warn everyone that **** lives on **** in Ocala.

There is nothing illegal about what Ahrman is doing because the information can be found on the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s website.

“The first thing I do is check the address. Oh my God, he’s six houses down from me,” said Ahrman.

**** has been convicted of sexual battery on a child under 12 and lewd and lascivious molestation on a child 12 - 15, records show.

Ahrman said she wanted to introduce *** to everyone in the neighborhood, but not in person.

“I nailed them on every telephone pole in the neighborhood,” Ahrman said. "I was molested at 4. I was raped at 12. You don't get over it. Someone has to be here and be the voice for the voiceless."

The Marion County Sheriff's Office handles sex offender registration for the county.

There's nothing illegal about the sign, but Deputy Paul Bloom said Ahrman could still end up in legal trouble if something goes wrong.

"If this person, this sex offender was attacked and that person was determined that they attacked him because they heard that they were a sex offender, certainly there's going to be some civil liability there,” Bloom said.


  1. Funny thing is she doesn't know how foolish she sounds. If running around town posting signs of people she knows nothing about is how she is dealing with that kind of untreated, decades old trauma then she's the one to steer clear of, not those folks on some meaningless signs. Since it is well known that without any kind of therapy or treatment abusers often abuse, she poses just a great a risk as anyone.

  2. yep she's a nut case for sure. people should Google her name and you'll find out some serious shady past. she's never worked, is a pill head, spends more time with the cats then she does with her autistic son and uses people until they get burned or smart and moves on to her next victim. she's a sick vindictive bitch uses her cat rescue to hide behind and plays on sympathy and media for attention! she hoards over 50 cats in her house that smells so badly she uses an aluminum 30 ft shed to keep about 20 in for adopters who come to interact with cats.She also spends 90 percent of her time out there instead of the house smoking weed, watching netfix, being on her laptop soliciting donations from people out of state (which is illegal without notifying the proper agencies in THAT state as a 501c) and her sperm donor as she calls him, allows her to live there free. well that all became very apparent during hurricane IRMA. God only knows what she was thinking when there was a MANDITORY MOBILE HOME EVACUATION and she left 20 poor cats in an aluminum shed surrounded by MANY trees during hurricane IRMA, when she has a huge concrete block home and garage she could have put them in with the other 50! The shed was TRADGICALY was totally flattened by huge trees and instead of running to save them, she slowly walks outside for the first time afterwards FILMING and boo hooing for the media post she put up AND a go fund me instead of running and moving things around to see if any survived!!! then petitions for help from strangers with chainsaws crying and whimpering for sympathy. I have to wonder what she was thinking leaving them out there?? then her go fund gets shut down and after what she did for MEDIA attention to this man she wonders who reported it?? hmm lets see how many people have you fucked over used and trashed? karma came and fortunately on 1 cat was killed when those trees crashed down on the TIN CAN she left them that she refers to as the KITTY KABIN! it was a freaking shed