Thursday, November 24, 2022

No one can get Keeley Olson's name right because she can't get anything right

Keeley Olson of STAR Alaska (or "Keely" Olson as it was printed in the article) is your typical victim industry mouthpiece. Therein lies the problem-- these victim industry blowhards spew the same tired talking points. Normally I'd say it is not even Shiitake-worthy other than the fact that this idiot was responding to the facts presented by a group trying to reform registry laws.

Whatever her name is -- Keeley, Keely, Kelly, Kylie, Kunty, etc., she's still getting a nomination.

"Others say that the sex offender registry is a vital tool designed to help people protect themselves. Some sexual assault convictions can lead to a sentence of life in prison. Some who advocate for keeping the registries consider serious sex offenses as malicious and evil as murder, such as Executive Director of Standing Together Against Rape — or STAR Alaska — Keely Olson.

“Child sexual assault, kidnapping, those kinds of things; they’re unclassified felonies and they’re going to be treated akin to a homicide,” Olson said.

STAR Alaska provides free services to survivors of sexual trauma, which they say is a critical component of their recovery. Olson feels sex offender registries are especially important in Alaska.

“Alaska has the highest rates of adult sexual assault in the nation, almost four times higher than any other state in the nation, and it has been the highest in the nation for over 30 years,” Olson says. “For children, the rates of child sexual abuse are six times higher than anywhere else in the nation.”

Sex offender registries serve an important role, providing information so the public can stay informed and be aware of an offender’s location, according to STAR Alaska...

“I think that they don’t take into consideration the lifelong penalty that a survivor pays,” Olson contends, “or the family members of those who do not survive"...

Regardless of what this group says, they do tend to reoffend,” Olson said. “And when they do reoffend, they tend to reoffend against multiple victims.”

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Georgia Congressional Candidate Hershel Walker is getting a nomination but I'm kind of unsure how to categorize it

Hershel Walker pretended he is a law enforcement agent. So should be be added to me Keystone Cop of the Year? Or, for dumbest politician? What if he wins? Should I give out the award in badge form if he wins just to confuse him? 

But since he is running for office, it makes sense to put him in Dumbesr Politician category, something he's proven to be in most areas.

Herschel Walker Sparks Fury Over Warnock Camp Abuse Claims


U.S. Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker has been met with an angry response online after he accused Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock of being responsible for abuse at a youth camp.

The video of Walker's remarks shared to Twitter has now been viewed more than 400,000 times, with some social media users strongly criticizing the Republican and suggesting his comments were defamatory.

The footage was shared on Monday by Twitter account PatriotTakes, which describes itself as "researchers monitoring and exposing right-wing extremism". It also said Walker's comments as "a potential defamation lawsuit."

Walker was discussing Warnock and told his audience: "You all know what he did at that camp as well. You all may not have heard this."

Herschel Walker Speaks at a Campaign Rally

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Herschel Walker speaks to supporters at a campaign rally on November 16, 2022 in McDonough, Georgia. Walker will face Senator Raphael Warnock in a runoff on December 6.

"This young man said that was sexual abuse and that was physical abuse and I'm like, who did that? It had to be Senator Raphael Warnock because he was responsible for it. You all didn't hear about that, did you?" Walker said.

"He doesn't want to talk about those things because he doesn't want you to know that," Walker went on.

The Republican appears to have been referring to allegations made by a former camper at a summer camp run by Warnock, reported by The Washington Free Beacon in December 2020.

Anthony Washington alleged in an interview that when he attended the camp aged 12 in 2002, counselors tossed urine on him and locked him outside a cabin overnight.

Warnock was taken away in handcuffs after reportedly interrupting a police interview with a camp counselor in 2002 and though Warnock was charged at the time, the charges against him were dropped and law enforcement later called what happened a "miscommunication."

At that time, and as reported by the New York Post, Warnock defended himself by arguing he and the other religious leaders had acted "within the framework of the law", with Warnock claiming he "cooperated fully" with the police investigation.

Social media users reacted with anger to the Republican's remarks.

"Desperate and disgusting. There is no bottom to the Walker campaign," wrote the official Twitter account of MeidasTouch PAC, sharing PatriotTakes' video.

"Defamation," tweeted social media user Rex Chapman, while other Twitter users also described Walker's comment in similar language.

"Enough. Sue him for defamation Senator," wrote user Andrea R MD, whose bio identifies her as a retired E.R. doctor.

Democratic political organization Occupy Democrats tweeted: "Herschel Walker sinks to a disgusting new low and falsely accuses Sen. Raphael Warnock of being 'responsible' for 'sexual abuse' and 'physical abuse' at a youth camp—in truth, Walker is the one with a history of violence."

Walker's ex-wife, Cindy Grossman, has accused him of holding a gun to her head. He has the denied her allegations but said some of his actions were a result of his struggles with mental health.

"The Republican lie machine has no bottom," tweeted user Bryan Dawson on Monday. "A desperate Herschel Walker falsely accuses Raphael Warnock of sexual and physical abuse at a youth camp."

"Walker: 'It has to be Senator Raphael Warnock because he was responsible for it.' Or was it vampires?" Dawson added, referring to Walker's recent comments about a vampire movie.

Walker is facing Warnock in a runoff election for Georgia's U.S. Senate seat on December 6 after no candidate won 50 percent of the vote on November 8.

Though the outcome will not affect which party controls the Senate, Democrats are hoping to retain the seat that Warnock won in a special election in January 2021.

Newsweek has asked the Walker and Warnock campaigns for comment.

Friday, November 11, 2022

Ted Budd exploits Predator Panic to steal a Senate seat

Ted Budd, seen here illustrating the size of the lie he told us
While I'm certain this was not the only lie Ted Budd told to get elected, it is the most worthy of a Shiitake Award nomination.

Republican Ted Budd Wins Battleground Race for Senate in North Carolina

The victory dashes hopes of Democrats to flip the seat and helps leave open a path for Republicans to take control of the Senate.

By Claire Hansen, Nov. 9, 2022, at 12:05 am

"...Budd represents the state’s 13th District in Congress and sits on the far right edge of the GOP’s policy platforms. He is a vocal supporter of former President Donald Trump, who has endorsed him, and in 2020 voted against certifying the results of the 2020 election. Budd has called the people who stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6 “patriots” and is a co-sponsor of a bill to ban abortions nationwide after 15 weeks.

...Budd ran a relentlessly negative ad campaign about Beasley, painting her as weak on crime and, in particular, as someone soft on child sexual abusers – ads experts say carried clear racial overtones."

"When Ted Budd said, “I’m Ted Budd and I approve this message” before his latest attack on Cheri Beasley, he admitted that he’s a liar. There’s virtually nothing true in the ad. I guess that’s not surprising coming from a guy who also spread the Big Lie after the 2020 election. It’s on brand for the modern Republican Party.

From beginning to end, the ad makes up stuff from whole cloth. It begins saying that Cheri Beasley set free a child rapist. In fact, the guy was in jail until September of this year, more  than three years after the decision.  It goes on to say that Beasley “struck down a bipartisan law” but that didn’t happen, either. The case concerned whether or not the state can monitor someone based on past behavior, even if they have served their sentence. Beasley just sided with the majority on the Supreme Court in upholding the ruling of the Court of Appeals. The person that Budd says is out stalking people again is on probation and still subject to monitoring. In other words, his whole ad is a lie. 

But let’s get serious about what the ad is meant to do. It’s a softer version of the Willie Horton ad. It’s an emotional appeal, scaring White people by insinuating Cheri Beasley is unleashing dangerous Black men at a time when crime is an increasing concern. Budd and the GOP’s closing argument is that Beasley sides with sex offenders. It’s not true, most people know it, but it plays on racial fears that are, unfortunately, still alive and well in parts of North Carolina."

Friday, November 4, 2022

Halloween Leftovers: Kim Neubauer of NE Ohio bashed haunted house for hiring a Registered Person

Sometimes a backlog of work just piles up, and just like the least desired candy in a trick-or-treat bag, it eventually resurfaces. I month ago, I meant to post about Kim Neubauer, aka 'Towanda McGillicunty", a right wing nut and disgruntled ex-haunted house employee who decided to bash them for hiring a Registered Person. 

Kim doesn't have to dress up to be the scariest thing on Halloween. Just look at those soulless eyes and her bat-shit posts about furries and you can see this person is one necco wafer short of a trick-or-treat bag.

Woman quits haunted house job in Columbia Station over registered sex offender co-workers

Haunted house owners say the felons were terminated

Woman quits haunted house job in Columbia Station over sex offender co-workers

By: Tara MorganPosted at 6:51 PM, Oct 03, 2022 and last updated 6:23 PM, Oct 03, 2022

COLUMBIA STATION, Ohio — A registered sex offender may have been scaring your children for fun at a Northeast Ohio haunted house. It’s a tip received by News 5 Investigators, and in less than 24 hours, we learned two felons were fired.

Kim Neubauer says she worked at the Spooky Ranch in Columbia Station for one day this season before quitting.

"I did not want to go back this year but I thought I'd try it. I want to go have some fun and make some money. I wish I would have just stayed away,” said Neubauer.

Neubauer says when she found out sex offenders registered with Lorain County Sheriff’s Office were her co-workers, it was more than startling.

One is listed as a habitual child sex offender.

"I kept leaving my scene and coming in to check on him to make sure he was where he was supposed to be, because I was so uncomfortable knowing he was there,” said Neubauer.

News 5 checked with the Lorain Sheriff's Office, and Ohio law requires sex offenders to register and report where they live. There's nothing in the statute prohibiting working with children. However, there could be something in a judge's order in each individual case.

We went to Spooky Ranch to speak with the owners.

"There's no concern. We didn't know about this. As soon as we knew, we terminated them. They don't work for us," they said.

We asked how long they worked for them.

"Not very long, just a week. Two weekends. We got rid of the people. I think they worked three or four days here," the owner said.

When asked if either of them worked there during previous years, the owner responded, “No, no, no, no, no. Not that we know of — I didn't know anything about these people."

But another former employee said the habitual sex offender worked at the haunted house for years.

We asked if they did a background check.

“No, we didn’t. We didn’t know,” the owner said.

The office manager, who told News 5 she does the hiring, said they’re legally allowed to hire felons. When News 5 pressed about hiring registered sex offenders, she said she had apologized and made a mistake, and that it would never happen again.

We asked if there were any plans to change whether they’ll do background checks in the future.

“Yes we are. We are, we don't want any problems,” the owner said.

Neubauer says it wasn’t until the end of last season that she found out the extent of one man’s conviction.

She says she posted a review on Facebook to warn families.

"I think that it's everybody's duty to protect kids and watch out for them, and if they are going to have a place where children are going to be in the dark around people who are in costume and makeup, they should do background checks,” said Neubauer.

Neubauer says she left on her own and isn’t going to apologize for speaking up.

There is an effort in the statehouse right now to restrict where some sex offenders can work.

House Bill 459 would prevent certain offenders from working or volunteering in positions where they would directly work with children, like coaching youth sports or running a business that caters to kids.

That bill was introduced nearly a year ago and is still in committee.

Monday, October 31, 2022

Bad Horror Sequel: Nassau County FL Sheriff Bill Leeper still posting unconstitutional signs

Sequels tend to get worse the more of them that exists, especially in horror movies.

We've nominated this chump once before, but Sheriff Bill Leeper of Nassau County, FloriDUH, is at is again despite the 11th Circuit recently striking down similar provisions. Hopefully the 11th Circuit will cancel future sequels for this shitshow.

Public notice signs put up at homes of sexual predators in Nassau County ahead of Halloween

Author: Taylor Levesque

Published: 7:35 PM EDT October 28, 2022

NASSAU COUNTY, Fla. — Halloween is just a few days away and the Nassau County Sheriff's Office is focusing on the safety of trick or treaters this year.

Public notice signs are up in neighborhoods across Nassau County warning people a sexual predator lives in the area and to not go near the home when asking for candy from neighbors.

"There are a lot of small children that live around here," Yulee Resident Sonya Leighton said. "I think it's a good idea for the children to be able to stay away and not walk up and not know what's going on there."

It's an extra step to keep kids safe this Halloween in neighborhoods across Nassau County. 

Sheriff Bill Leeper says because more kids are out going door-to-door, officers have placed the signs right at the front of the homes of sexual predators with their names on it. 

"There are 15 sexual predators that live in Nassau County, so we want to make sure the children out trick or treating stay away from those homes," Leeper said. 

Leeper says the signs are a warning families should take seriously. As for people who are against the signs, he says they haven’t many complaints since they started putting the signs up. 

Sonya Leighton and Cindy White live just a few houses down from a predator and they say want these signs up year-round. 

"Everyone needs to know there is a predator in their neighborhood all of these kids need to stay protected and without it, they are not going to know, so it's safer that way," Yulee resident Cindy White said. 

Even though residents are urging the sheriff's office to keep the signs up year-round, Sheriff Leeper says they will be taken down the day after Halloween.

Saturday, October 22, 2022

"Midwest Predator Catchers" leader Chase Johnston has an extensive criminal history and is now accused of sexual assault

This Vanilla Ice looking clown is Chase Johnston, yet another common criminal who is trying to gain notoriety as a vigilante. According to this report, Johnston already has served time for drugs and theft, was civilly committed, as well as currently facing charges for assaulting his girlfriend and threatening to kill her family members, and now add a second assault with sexual undertones to the mix. 

The typical online vigilante is like this guy. Cops should look at all of these chumps as criminals and lock them all up.

YouTube vigilante on mission to expose sexual predators faces his own sex assault charges - Post Bulletin | Rochester Minnesota news, weather, sports

ROCHESTER — Chase Johnston began his crusade to hunt down alleged child predators earlier this year.

The Rochester man, 28, taking a cue from the now-defunct NBC show "To Catch a Predator," confronts men who he believes are potential child predators, luring them to a location and filming their responses after being confronted. Each of Johnston's videos have garnered thousands of views as he and his vigilante group confront individuals.

His group, Midwest Predator Catchers - Rochester, aggressively goes after people they believe are trying to lure children in for sex. They pose as children in online forums.

"I got online one day and I think within an hour I had a guy respond and offer me $400 for sex, and when I told him I was 14, he had no cares at all," Johnston told the Post Bulletin. "He just wanted to take advantage of this 14-year-old girl."

Comment after comment on his YouTube videos show signs of encouragement.

"VERY educational and entertaining catch. You guys did well," reads one comment.

"You guys are awesome keep up the great job exposing these creeps," reads another.

But Johnston's and his friend's tactics during these videos differ dramatically from the calm and collected way "To Catch A Predator" host Chris Hansen approached his marks.

Johnston's videos often include threats of violence against the people he's filmed.

"We don't assault them," Johnston said. "We do want to scare them a little bit sometimes, but we don't want to physically hurt them."

Johnston said at least one of the people who comes along for the stings has a license to carry a firearm.

Complaints from targets

In an ironic twist of events, Johnston was charged with sexually assaulting one of the men during a May 2022 confrontation in a Rochester gas station.

The YouTube video on Johnston's channel shows Johnston and his friends berating and threatening a man they accuse of trying to lure a 15-year-old boy for sex. The criminal complaint in that case alleges that Johnston struck the man in the genitals and face.

"I'll never plead to those charges," Johnston said. "I'll take this all the way to trial."

The judge ordered Johnston not to have any contact with minors, according to Johnston.

"I said, 'Well, that's not going to be problem for me, judge. The only person that has a hard time staying away from minors is the alleged victim," Johnston told the Post Bulletin.

The man told law enforcement that he had been chatting electronically with someone he thought to be a 15-year-old male. He told the juvenile he did not want to do anything sexual with him and that they were talking about the juvenile having issues coming out as gay to his family.

In the complaint, a Rochester police officer confirmed that account fairly reflects the content of the exchange of messages.

Johnston, however, insists that the man had sexually explicit conversations with the decoy juvenile. That man, however, has not been charged in connection to any activities related to the video taken by Johnston and his team.

Law enforcement concerns

The Rochester Police Department and Olmsted County Attorney's Office issued a joint statement regarding Johnston's efforts.

"RPD investigators have talked with Mr. Johnston several times and informed him that the best way to file complaints is through the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. NCMEC properly handles evidence and works closely with law enforcement," the statement reads in part.

In 2021, RPD received 21 tips from NCMEC and worked on 22 cases with Internet Crimes Against Children, a national network of task forces dedicated to investigating, prosecuting and developing effective responses to internet crimes against children.

"Mr. Johnston’s aggressive nature is also very problematic. For the safety of all parties, RPD strongly discourages confrontational practices like the ones used in the videos," reads a statement from RPD.

Johnston said that law enforcement hasn't done a good job at following up on his accusations against multiple people. He accuses some law enforcement of just not wanting to pursue charges.

"I have a lot of respect for cops and stuff, but their response has not been very good and hasn't been very professional," Johnston said. "They haven't really gone through these videos, and they tell me to just report it the center for exploited children, blah, blah, blah, but it's like, if you guys aren't doing anything about it now when I'm getting these guys to admit to this on tape and to you, what makes me think that anything's going to be done if I simply report it?"

From video to arrest

One of Johnston's sting operations has led to charges. Thirty-year-old Joseph Lee Carlson is charged in Dodge County with a felony for allegedly soliciting someone he believed to be a child. Carlson was the subject of a sting in September 2022 in Dodge Center.

"I'm glad that somebody is finally being held accountable for their actions," Johnston said. "I'm thrilled to find out that my work helped bust this guy."

In the criminal complaint against Carlson, one of the witnesses is alleged to have spit on Carlson.

"Dude, we can turn the (expletive) camera off right now and I'll show you what assault is (expletive)," a man can be heard saying to Carlson in the video.

Johnston also faces a misdemeanor assault charge related to the incident.

However, Carlson faces more severe charges for his part in the incident.

"Text messages submitted to Investigators show the group discussing a number of times that they are a 14-year-old male. Carlson solicits the child for sex explaining that having sex with a 14-year-old is a big fantasy of his that he never gets to complete," Dodge County Sheriff Scott Rose wrote in a news release about the incident.

"Carlson stated that he would meet at North Park, positively identify the party and if he was truly a juvenile, then he would turn him away as he did not want to get into any trouble," reads part of the complaint against Carlson.

In the criminal complaint, it is noted that Carlson has a previous conviction as a juvenile for felony second-degree criminal sexual conduct while being armed with a dangerous weapon. Carlson is also facing charges related to possessing child sexual abuse material, as part of an investigation by the Department of Homeland Security.

The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office wants to remind the public that the actions of groups like the Midwest Predator Catchers, regardless of any good intentions, can be dangerous and problematic. Their aggressive behavior towards their alleged suspects and willingness to confront these subjects without involving law enforcement could easily result in someone getting injured or worse. Also some of their tactics can and have resulted in the inability to charge these alleged offenders. If you believe someone is soliciting juveniles, please contact your local law enforcement and let them conduct the investigation.

Investigators allege that they found in Carlson's possession hundreds of images of at least 47 different juveniles in various states of undress and performing sexual acts. Carlson is also charged with trying to solicit two more juveniles. The images depict at least one juvenile that was an infant, according to the complaint.

During a hearing in Dodge County District Court on Friday, Oct. 21, 2022, Carlson's bail was set at $250,000. He is currently in custody at the Olmsted County Adult Detention Center.

The Dodge County Attorney's Office declined to comment about the case and charges.

Problematic investigations

The Rochester Police Records Department is processing a request by the Post Bulletin for all incident reports related to contacts with Johnston in the last six months.

"It is incredibly important for prosecutors that investigations are done by trained forensic investigators," Olmsted County Attorney Mark Ostrem wrote in a statement to the Post Bulletin. "NCMEC and ICAC provide the integrity necessary for successful investigation and prosecutions. Lay persons should report their concerns to the appropriate authorities and allow them to investigate."

Johnston said police departments have told him they don't have the manpower to do these types of stings. That frustrates him as a father of a newborn daughter, he says.

"Somehow I've got the manpower to do that, which makes no sense to me," Johnston said. "So I can't morally stop doing this if there's nobody else doing it."

The legality and ethics behind Johnston's aggressive tactics remains in question.

"It could look like they are purposely raising the heat of the encounter so it looks like a good film," said Dr. David Schultz, law professor at the University of Minnesota and Hamline University, after viewing one of Johnston's YouTube videos. "I thought, 'This has got a Jerry Springer look to it.'"

Schultz viewed a video in which Johnston and his crew accuse a man of trying to meet up with an underage juvenile for sex. In it, people threaten the man and push down his motorcycle.

Schultz said charges against Johnston for his aggressive behavior may be warranted, and that a defense attorney has grounds to get any charges against the men Johnston targets dismissed.

While talking to a juvenile about sex might be considered immoral or wrong, it's not really a crime until further action to initiate actual sexual contact is taken, according to Schultz.

"It looks like they're setting somebody up to harass (and) embarrass the person, to try and expose them and say, 'Here's a potential child molester or a person who is potentially committing sex crimes,' when, in fact, there's no evidence that the person has done anything wrong," Schultz said.

Mistakes on tape

In one video, Johnston and his crew bang on a man's door in the middle of night. They accuse him of trying to have sex with a juvenile. Johnston's crew later learns that they were at the wrong house.

In another video, Johnston's crew accuses a man of trying to seduce a juvenile into a threesome with him and his wife. The man's wife denies any knowledge of the incident. Johnston's crew reassures the woman that her face and her child's face will be blurred. The video is currently uploaded to YouTube with the faces of both the woman and her child clearly visible.

"There's a little bit of a rush that goes along with it," Johnston said. "Trying to figure out what exactly might happen; is this person gonna flip out on me or is he going to pull out a gun or a knife or something like that, and I think about my daughter and her future."

Some people in Johnston's videos mention struggles with mental illness or disabilities, but Johnston said he doesn't let that get in the way.

"Certain people have a sob story, and it kind of gets me in my feelings a little bit and I'll start to feel for that person for a second, but then I remember exactly what they're doing and what they might have done to a child," Johnston said.

One of the subjects of his stings filed a harassment restraining order against Johnston. It was initially denied by a judge, but was subsequently granted following a hearing. The restraining order mentions Johnston uploading videos to social media accusing him of being a pedophile.

Chase Johnston Facebook post

A screenshot of a Facebook post that links to a video of a man who was granted a harassment restraining order against Chase Johnston. The Post Bulletin has edited out the man's name because it is the newspaper's policy not to identify people who have filed restraining orders without their consent.

The man who filed the restraining order did not respond to a request for comment from the Post Bulletin.

Johnston admits that his earlier videos were aggressive and that his crew let their emotions get the best of them, but says they have since become more professional.

"We might make fun of them and clown on them, yell at them a little bit, but we are passionate about what we do and we are trying to serve a community in a way," Johnston said.

His YouTube channel was initially named Prisoners vs. Predators — a reference to Johnston's own personal history that includes drug and theft crimes, and a pending guilty plea for assault — but Johnston said he's a changed man and just wants to do something good in this world.

"We served our time and now we're trying to be productive members of society," Johnston said.

A troubled past

Johnston has a long history of drug and theft charges, and he was civilly committed last year for six months due to his drug addiction.

"I've struggled with heroin addiction on and off since I was about 19 years old," Johnston said. "I'm actively working on staying sober and being a better person."

Johnston is currently facing charges in Olmsted County related to a June 2022 incident in which he allegedly assaulted the mother of his child and threatened to kill her family members.

He has submitted a plea agreement in the case in which he will plead guilty to one misdemeanor count of domestic assault in exchange for other, more serious charges being dismissed. The plea deal calls for him serve probation.

"We got into an argument. The argument became heated and I was upset. I pushed her and caused her head to hit the wall," reads a part of the deal submitted by Johnston.

Johnston told the Post Bulletin that he's being held accountable for his actions, and that he wishes police would do the same for others.

"Me and my girlfriend are very much in love, and we are sticking together through all of this and we're going to come through on the other side stronger than we were before," he said.

Mark Wasson has been a public safety reporter with Post Bulletin since May 2022. Previously, he worked as a general assignment reporter in the southwest metro and as a public safety reporter in Willmar, Minn. Readers can reach Mark at

Friday, October 14, 2022

AJ Javanel of Fox 13 Seattle runs bad sweeps week fearmongering report on Registrants living near the U. of Washington

This fearmongering fluff piece by Fox 13 Seattle reporter AJ Janavel tries hard to imply the Registrants living near the campus of the University of Washington are involved in the "crime wave" yet there has been no link between any of the crimes this idiotic reporter mentions and those being targeted by this reporter just for having a place to live. How many murderers, dope boys, and gangbangers live near the UW campus? Is AJ bringing that up? No.

'We deserve to have safety on a college campus': UW students concerned by how close sex offenders live

By AJ Janavel

Published October 13, 2022 6:33AM, FOX 13 Seattle

UW students, neighbors concerned with number of sex offenders living nearby

Three violent incidents have happened in the U-District recently-- one of them deadly. Students living off campus say they are concerned about who is living in their neighborhood.

SEATTLE - FOX 13 News is uncovering concerning information regarding sex offenders living feet away from University of Washington students living in off-campus housing.

Crime has plagued the University District neighborhood in Seattle over the last few weeks.

On October 2, four students were hit by gunfire after a fight outside a bar turned into a shooting. The suspect is still on the loose. (Note, is the suspect a Registrant? No.)

October 4, Seattle police arrested a man at his home on the 4700 block of 18th Avenue Northeast. The suspect is facing charges of murder and sexually violating human remains. (Again, not an RC or he would mention it.)

On October 10, a man assaulted, and used a gun to threaten a University of Washington student inside her off-campus home. That suspect is also still out there. (Again, no link yo RCs living near UW).

Students now tell us they have concerns about the people living on their street.

"It’s disheartening because we come to college like expecting to have safety living on campus. That’s kind of like the bare minimum of what I think we deserve," said Jacqueline Niles.

Niles is a senior at the University of Washington. She lives in off-campus housing along 18th Avenue Northeast.

She and a group of her friends moved into their home back in September. She says when she found out one of her neighbors was accused of murder last week, she decided to investigate the street she lives on.

Niles says she found out some disturbing details.

"It’s not just one or two. It’s like they all banded together to live in a house together," she said.

According to the sex offender registry, 10 offenders live on her block. The offender's convictions include rape, child molesting, sexual battery, child pornography and several others. 

Some of the sex offenders living on the street have multiple convictions, which range over a span of decades. However, some of the convictions are as recent as most recent as 2015.

"I ordered two things of pepper spray, and my parents keep texting me asking about how my individual room locks, and if there is bars on my basement window," said Niles.

Niles says she doesn’t understand how Level 2 and Level 3 sex offenders can live so close to a college campus.

FOX 13 News asked officials with the department of corrections this questions.

Officials with the DOC told us that most sex offenders are free to live wherever they want as long as they are not on court ordered supervision. The ones who are on court ordered supervision, may have limitations on where they can live, but it’s a case by case basis.

FOX 13 News also spoke to a property manager who works in the neighborhood. They didn’t want to go on-camera. They said that the U-District is a perfect spot for this kind of activity because rent is cheaper than other parts of the city, and there are a lot of available spaces.

"It’s not fair to us. I feel like we deserve to have safety on a college campus," she said.

Officials with the University of Washington say there are 484 students enrolled at the Seattle campus who are under 18.

UW officials say they have no jurisdiction to limit how close sex offenders live to campus.

Officials with the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office tell FOX 13 News in the last three months, they filed charges against 26 sex offenders for failing to register. (Irrelevant)

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Gov't for the "Vuntut Gwitchin" Indian Tribe in Yukon, Canada, uses COVID-19 law to ban RC from community

If you thought I lived in the middle of nowhere, you haven't seen this small Indian tribe in the Yukon, population 300, close to thr Arctic Ocean. But this is why there should be no registry and no community notification. 

Small Yukon First Nation bans sex offender using its COVID emergency law
Ashley Joannou

The Canadian Press

Published Tuesday, October 11, 2022 8:09PM EDT
Last Updated Tuesday, October 11, 2022 9:05PM EDT

WHITEHORSE -- A First Nation of fewer than 300 people in Yukon's north has used a law it created during the COVID-19 pandemic to bar a convicted sex offender from being sent to its community.

The Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation in Old Crow issued a declaration under its Community Emergency Act banning Christopher Schafer from the fly-in community nearly 800 kilometres north of Whitehorse for at least the next 90 days.

Chief Dana Tizya-Tramm said Yukon's territorial court decision to allow Schafer to live in Old Crow came via fax to the local RCMP detachment 24 hours before he was scheduled to arrive and was made without consulting the First Nation, which has limited supports available with only two RCMP officers and no clinical health staff.

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Yukon RCMP officer, suspect shot in Whitehorse
Provinces, territories face calls to make Day for Truth and Reconciliation a holiday
"This action shows that although we may speak about reconciliation in this country, and we may feel it's important, the work is left to our communities, (which are) understaffed and under-supported," he said at a news conference Tuesday.

Tizya-Tramm said when news hit the small community that Schafer, whom the First Nation called a "repeat violent sex offender," may return, "the emotions and the pain were visceral."

He said the emergency declaration was the only tool available to "slow this process down."

"I'm not here to pass judgment on Mr. Schafer. I'm here to deal with the systematic problems in our justice (system) that does not allow our people … a modicum of influence in the larger cogs of the justice system, which is continuing to fail Yukoners and our Indigenous women across the country."

He said the community has previously attempted to reintegrate Schafer into Old Crow and provided the court with details of what supports would be required.

The chief said he is in contact with Schafer's family and there is a willingness to work on another plan, but the community needs more time and support.

For now, Schafer remains in the Whitehorse jail and will appear in front of a judge Wednesday to continue discussions about his future.

Doris Bill, chief of the Kwanlin Dun First Nation in Whitehorse, said similar situations have happened in other small communities where people are released from jail without proper supports or reintegration plans.

"It has to stop. We have to give the communities the proper resources, in order to deal with these cases," she said.

"They cannot be left out there to fend for themselves and to take care of these individuals without the proper expertise and the resources in place."

Tizya-Tramm said he wants an apology and a public inquiry into what happened. He has sent a letter to federal Justice Minister David Lametti, territorial Justice Minister Tracy-Anne McPhee and Michael Cozens, chief judge of the territorial court of Yukon.

"We do not and will never tolerate such institutionalized indifference which denies the Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation, our citizens and community of Old Crow -- particularly Indigenous women and girls -- of our inherent rights and freedoms to survive and live with dignity, well-being, peace and security on our land," the letter says.

In a statement, a cabinet spokeswoman said McPhee would be responding to Tizya-Tramm's letter.

A "hub," including counsellors and a mental health nurse based 400 kilometres away in Dawson City, supports Old Crow with staff travelling regularly to the community, the statement said.

"The department is working directly with Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation to coordinate mental wellness education and supports, in addition to the visiting counsellors, that aim to meet the specific needs of the community as well as Vuntut Gwitchin citizens in Whitehorse," the statement said.

Friday, September 30, 2022

When Predator Panic is not enough: New Mexico GOP adds fears of White Replacement into fearmongering ad

What can be worse than scaring the ignorant masses with good old fashioned Predator Panic? How about adding a nod to the WhitevReplacement Theory into the mix?

Editorial: NM GOP needs to explain doctored mailer


An altered image of darkened hands cutting a white child’s hair sure does appear to play on racist fears and should be denounced by the political party that created it.

The Republican Party of New Mexico recently mailed flyers to voters in several state House districts showing a barber with darkened hands. “Do you want a sex offender cutting your child’s hair?” the flyer asks.

Democrats are calling this political flyer created by the Republican Party of New Mexico a racist “dog whistle.”

The flyers cite two unsuccessful bills related to occupational licenses and accuse House Democrats of voting to allow convicted sex offenders to obtain them. Democrats and Republicans supported the GOP-sponsored bill in 2019, but it was vetoed by the governor.

A GOP amendment to the Dems’ version of a similar bill in 2021 — denying or revoking a barber’s license if they failed to register as a sex offender after conviction — was opposed by Democrats on a question of constitutionality. It passed the House on a bipartisan vote but died in the Senate.

Democrats quickly denounced the flyer because the hands of a white barber had been darkened considerably from the original stock image. “This is one of the most vile examples of racist dog whistles that I have ever seen,” said House Majority Leader Javier Martínez of Albuquerque.

The RPNM response missed the mark, saying Democrats were trying to divert attention “from their soft-on-crime agenda.” House Republican whip Rod Montoya of Farmington says images were darkened to make the flyers “gloomy.”

“Any charge of racism over this mailer is ridiculous,” he said. “A shadowy, gray figure is not a racial category. What this mailer does depict is the danger in which Democrats voted to put our children.”

But the image is not a shadowy figure — it shows clearly darkened hands. If “shadowy figure” was the intent, whoever checked the flyer should have caught the error. Otherwise, it raises the spectre of such political images as Willie Horton’s mugshot and darkened photos of Barack Obama.

State party chairman Steve Pearce must give a better explanation. As local civil rights activist Rev. Charles Becknell Sr. said last week, “It is time we put an end to this kind of crap. … We’re better than this.”

This editorial first appeared in the Albuquerque Journal. It was written by members of the editorial board and is unsigned as it represents the opinion of the newspaper rather than the writers.

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Ocala FL News outlet posts Registrant shelter info in their "Pets" section

The only reason I'm not posting this under "worst news media" is  there’s no real way to tell if it was the Ocala News or the Marion County Sheriff’s Office Division of Emergency Management that made the announcement this way since news outlets often just copy-paste gov’t alerts verbatim. includes Registrant emergency plans in their pets section

Sep 29, 2022 | 1 comment

A big F-You to who reported on Marion County’s Emergency Management Plans for the Hurricane!

The news outlet organized their report into subheadings labeled “Special Needs Shelter”, “General Population Shelter” and “Pet friendly shelter”. Guess which section they included instructions for registrants? If you guessed under pets, you would be right! Soooo dehumanizing.

Oh, and there’s another big F-You owed to Marion County, because guess what? Registrants don’t even get a shelter! The pets get a shelter, but registrants don’t. If we have nowhere else to go (“Any sex offenders or sex predators who need shelter are encouraged to first seek shelter with family or friends in a non-residency restricted area.” – Seriously?!?!? During a hurricane when schools and parks are closed you are still going to enforce your stupid residency restriction?!?!?)? It’s the police station.  “If that is not an option, then they must report to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office Sex Offender / Predator Unit office for shelter. According to MCSO, they should bring hygiene items, snack food, medicine, bedding, or anything else that is needed.”

These are some sick, sadistic people!

Friday, September 23, 2022

Fox News host Tucker Carlson promotes vigilante violence against those merely suspected of a sex offense

Not sure if Tucker's estimating his brain size or his penis size
This moron needs no introduction. I think we all know this asshat and how me makes a career out of saying stupid things on TV. But Tucker Carlson's rant suggesting Americans should just go out and straight up murder someone merely suspected of a sex offense is reprehensible. 

This rhetoric caused the January 6th insurrection.

Tucker Carlson accuses schools and hospitals of “sex crimes” and tells viewers they have a moral duty to dole out “instant justice” “no matter what the law says”

Carlson: “No one should put up with this. No parent should put up with this for one second, no matter what the law says. Your duty – your moral duty – is to defend your children. This is an attack on your children and you should fight back”


PUBLISHED 09/19/22 9:24 PM EDT

Citation From the September 19, 2022, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight 

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): The reality of all this, behind the euphemism, is horrifying. It's sexualizing children. And they go completely hysterical when you point that out because it's true. And the real question is, "Why is everyone else putting up with this?" In a healthy country, with an intact social fabric, neighborhood dads would give out instant justice to anyone who even thought about sexualizing their kids. And if you doubt that, go out and try it in Bulgaria or South Africa or the Solomon Islands. Good luck. Let us know how that ends, if you can still speak...

These are not people who want to leave you alone or your kids alone. These are weirdos getting creepy with other people's children. That's exactly what it is. Say it. Say it. That's what it is...

These are sex crimes. And the people committing them should be punished. Now, try and say that out loud anywhere but on Fox News. You can't. Why can't you? Because it's true, that's why. You can't say the truth things. You can claim that the Earth is flat and no one gets exercised. But when you start saying things like "All lives matter" or "Sexualizing my children is a crime and if you keep it up, I'm going to hurt you because I am the dad,"  -- say that? You're done.

Libs of TikTok was being banned from the internet -- why? Because it showed documentary evidence of what was happening. Some people described what was happening as grooming. We are not exactly sure what that means, but if it's sexually abusing children -- yeah, that is what's happening. But the term groomer is now hate speech, says NBC News...

What you're seeing is a society that hates children. You would have to hate children in order to sexualize them. Because sexualizing children screws them up for life -- ask anyone to whom it has happened -- period. No one should put up with this. No parent should put up with this for one second, no matter what the law says. Your duty -- your moral duty -- is to defend your children. This is an attack on your children and you should fight back. 

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Republican NY Assemblyman candidate Dave Catalfamo spews numerous myths while pushing to kick Registrants off college campuses

This clown went on WGY Mornings with Doug Goudie and spewed the same tired nonsense, including phony claims that everyone on the registry are "dangerous" "pedophiles." I think it is funny that all these Republicans who whine about "cancel culture" (and Catalfano is whining about gun bans) then propose canceling Registrants from society. What a hypocrite! Hopefully this clown will lose the election and gets a real job.

Petition condemns sex offender attending SUNY Adirondack

by: Jay Petrequin

Posted: Sep 20, 2022 / 04:34 PM EDT

Updated: Sep 21, 2022 / 10:24 AM EDT

QUEENSBURY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – As of early Tuesday afternoon, a petition calling for the removal of a student from the SUNY Adirondack campus has 993 signatures. The reason: The student in question is a registered sex offender, and some students say they don’t feel safe with him on campus.

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On Sept. 8, SUNY Adirondack sent out a message to students, informing the student body that level 3 sex offender ****, of ****, would be attending classes on the campus. College campuses are required to alert students of the presence of offenders on campus in accordance with the Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act of 2000.

Once the news got out, it didn’t take long for it to become the talking point of a group chat of current and former SUNY Adirondack students, who all quickly agreed that they weren’t comfortable sharing the campus with a registered sex offender. One of them, second-year student Destiny Rose, took matters into her own hands.

“We have a daycare on campus, which is very unsettling because the kids walk around campus,” said Rose, a second-year student at the college. “They walk by the cafeteria and the dorms, and (Philmon) is allowed to be in those spaces with students, and where teachers might bring their kids.”

*** is listed as a level 3 sex offender, classified as “high risk.” Offenders of that designation are required by state law to remain registered for life, unless judicially relieved of the requirement to do so. He was convicted in June of 1997 for repeated instances of sexual intercourse and contact with three underage boys, ages 12, 13 and 15. Philmon, now age 50, was sentenced to 30 to 90 months in state prison.

That daycare, the Robert L. Hutchinson Child Care Center, is only one point of concern for Rose. Early admissions students attend classes at SUNY Adirondack while still in high school. Additionally, Rose and other students have voiced discomfort with Philmon using the student fitness center in the campus dorm building.

As the petition grew, it did receive a response from SUNY Adirondack President Dr. Kristine Duffy. Her responses to the list of student concerns all come back to a simple truth: The same state law that required the campus to be notified also protects Philmon’s right to seek an education there, so long as he follows the rules laid out before him.

“Of course, we take safety very seriously,” Duffy said on Tuesday. “The student has complied with every requirement he had to by law. I would hope that if a student interacted with him, they would treat him the same way they would anyone else in the community.”

Multiple commenters on the petition make reference to social media posts on Instagram that were believed to be cause for further concern. Philmon’s Instagram account appeared to have been deactivated as of Tuesday. Other comments were left from students stating their intent to stop attending classes themselves due to feeling unsafe.

Philmon could not be reached by NEWS10 for comment.

Meanwhile, Rose says she believes that if state law allows a level 3 sex offender to attend classes on-campus, that law should change. She has asked why *** can’t be made to take online classes, or meet with teachers to be tutored off-campus. As the petition nears 1,000 signatures, she feels the conversation cannot stop here.

“Everyone deserves to feel safe. This situation is not making people feel safe,” she said.

Duffy has recommended that any students with questions regarding the sex offender registry and restrictions on offenders should contact the Civil Division of the Warren County Sheriff’s Office. Sgt. John Howse can be reached there at (518) 743-2500, option 3, or at

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Tudor Dixon, Michigan's Republican gubernatorial candidate, wants to reinstate sex offense laws previously declared unconstitutional by federal courts

One thing I've learned over the years is that politicians that use Predator Panic tend to have serious deficiencies in other areas of their campaign. Even fellow Republicans won't support her. Since Tudor doesn't understand the US Constitution prohibits some of the things she is currently suggesting, I can see why.

Michigan GOP gubernatorial candidate calls for tougher sentences for convicted sex offenders

Michigan Radio | By Steve Carmody

Published September 15, 2022 at 9:03 PM EDT

“It’s important to make sure that we are protecting the women in this state and that we’re identifying there is a problem out there," said Tudor Dixon, Republican nominee for Michigan governor

Republican gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon says if she’s elected governor in November she’ll push for stronger penalties for convicted sex offenders.

Dixon is spending this week outlining her public safety plan.

In a Thursday speech, Dixon laid out a plan that would, among other things, create mandatory minimum sentences for sex crimes, though the state does already have mandatory minimums for some sexual offenses.

“Make no mistake sexual predators are going to prison and we aren’t going to think twice about that,” Dixon told supporters in Pontiac.

Dixon’s Proposal:

Introduce Mandatory Minimum Penalties for Most Sex Crimes

"Michigan’s current system gives judges too much flexibility in sentencing sex offenders," Dixon said. "Victims and the communities where they live deserve to know that rapists or molesters will be in prison for a minimum number of years."

Create a “Rocket Docket” for Sex Crimes

Dixon said she would work with the state Supreme Court "to create a 'rocket docket' system" to speed the prosecution of sex crimes.

Strengthen Michigan’s Sex Offender Registry Law

"Most Michiganders would be shocked to learn that our sex offender registry law does not include common-sense measures to keep our communities safe, such as prohibiting convicted sex offenders from living or hanging out around schools, day care centers, public swimming pools, and other places children congregate," said the Republican gubernatorial nominee. Dixon said she will "tighten the screws on Michigan’s sex offender registry law and make sure that it maximally protects innocent people from convicted predators."

A federal judge in Detroit ruled in 2015 that the state's law creating geographic exclusion zones for sex offenders was unconstitutional.

Launch a Governor’s Council on Strengthening Sexual Predator Laws and Improving Support Services for Victims

"Dixon would convene a council of experts including law enforcement leaders, victims’ rights advocates, legislative leaders, and others to research and recommend additional ways to improve investigation and prosecution capabilities, strengthen penalties, and better support victims," Dixon's campaign said.

The Michigan Democratic Party slammed Dixon, claiming her stance on abortion would force rape victims to give birth.

Earlier this week, in a speech in Grand Rapids, Dixon called for putting $1 billion toward hiring and retaining law enforcement officers.

But Democratic incumbent Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s campaign said Dixon’s budget plan would actually reduce money available for Michigan law enforcement.

Sunday, September 18, 2022

Illinois State Senator Steve McClure: Registrants struggling to find housing under IL's draconian restrictions should just "try harder"

Illinois has a housing crisis and is one of a handful of states that keep homeless registrants incarcerated beyond their sentences. What many don't know is that, as noted on the Illinois State Police website,  "Public Act 094-0161 establishes that the Illinois State Police identify details on the Sex Offender Registration Information website of transitional housing facilities licensed by the Illinois Department of Corrections." But I'll save you a click by posting a screenshot of this list:

And that page I screenshot? It has not had a single place listed for roughly five years!

That is why this exchange between Republican Illinois State Senator Steve McClure and a reporter from Vice News makes my blood boil. I think Mcclure should be sent to prison and not be released until he can find housing that meets residency restriction requirements for Registered Persons.

Reporter: Are siome of these laws just kind of absurd, like, are they actually making people safe or do they just make people feel safe?

Steve McClure: There are a lot of laws and there are some that many could say are a little bit over the top. However, it's all based around the fact that these victims never get to recover from these crimes, and if you commit these crimes you should also have to face consequences for the rest of your life.

Reporter: So in Illinois right now, there are currently over 500 people who are serving time beyond their sentences and that's because there's no housing that meets the requirements. What do you think should be done about the housing problem for people on the sex offense registry?

Steve McClure: I think they have to expand their search to other parts of the state, you know, I mean, if there's a region that they want to live that doesn't meet these requirements, there are plenty of other places in this state--a lot of rural places where they could live if they wanted to.

Reporter: So you don't think there's actually a problem?

Steve McClure: I don't think there's a problem.

Reporter: Why would people be serving time beyond their sentence if there's not a problem, and I mean it costs taxpayers millions of dollars a year.

Steve McClure: It does but I think public safety trumps cost.

Reporter: So you're basically saying you think that people who are looking for housing who aren't finding it need to try harder?

Steve McClure: Yes. 

See Rep. McClure spew his bullshit at 16:25

Saturday, September 17, 2022

Daniel Murnin, "journalism" major from Ohio University, should change his major after showing blatant bias in poorly devised OpEd

Daniel Murnin should seriously take up a major that allows you to say stupid things while showing bias. Or, just get a trade, like AC or auto repair. At least then he'd have plenty of grease for his hair. 

He should change his name to Murkin while he is at it. 

This clown makes me wonder just what they teach their sutdents over at Ohio U.

OPINION: Brock Turner spotted at Dayton bars, should sex offenders be forced to identify themselves?

Sep 14 

Written By Danny Murnin

“Brock Turner leaves the Santa Clara County Jail in San Jose, California, September 2, 2016," Photo by Stephen Lam, Reuters.

Danny Murnin is a sophomore studying journalism and an opinion writer for The New Political. 

Please note that these views and opinions do not reflect those of The New Political.

As college students know very well, you are required to show identification to get into most bars. Typically, the person examining the ID is looking to verify the individual's age, but what if they had other grounds to deny certain people from bars? This question was raised amidst rumors on social media that Brock Turner recently frequented bars in the Dayton area. 

In January 2015, Turner, a 19-year-old freshman at Stanford University, sexually assaulted an unconscious 22-year-old woman. Two graduate students out biking discovered the brutal scene and prevented him from fleeing until police arrived. In 2016, Turner was found guilty of three counts of sexual assault and the victim's powerful impact statement at Turner's trial drew international attention to the case. Despite all this, he was given a shockingly lenient sentence of six months in county jail and probation. Turner ended up serving only three months, causing much outrage. 

Turner has been reported to be living in the Dayton area with his parents since his 2016 release, but state records show he recently moved on his own to Oakwood, which is much closer to areas populated with college students. Part of Turner's sentence was serving three years of probation, during which he was prohibited from entering bars. In light of the new attention on him, some are asking if Turner and others convicted of similar crimes should be free to enter bars at all, even when their sentence is over. 

The answer to this question is a resounding no. In an ideal world, people like Brock Turner would be prevented from entering alcohol-serving establishments filled with intoxicated young women, but turning this idea into reality may not be possible. Instead, staff at these establishments should be allowed to prevent convicted sex offenders from being present.

As mentioned, people around Turner's age are usually IDed when purchasing alcohol at bars, so what if there was a way to let bartenders and bar staff know that having this person in the establishment puts other patrons at risk? There is a way, and it is simple and cheap. Lawmakers in Ohio can pass legislation in the upcoming session mandating that convicted sexual offenders bear an identifying item on their drivers' license or state ID. In Delaware, sex offenders in the state are identified on their driver's licenses by a simple "Y." Other examples include Kansas, which require convicted sex offenders to get an ID that says "registered offender," or Florida, which requires "sexual predator" to be spelled out or "943.0435, F.S." on IDs depending on the crime.

Something similar to this would suffice in Ohio and make the public safer. There is simply no valid argument against giving bars and clubs the means to keep dangerous people, like Turner, out of the establishment. 

Unsurprisingly, some are defending the rights of sex offenders to remain anonymous on their identification forms. In 2020, The Louisiana Supreme Court struck down a state law requiring sex offenders to have the words "sex offender" printed in orange letters on their driver's license. As of 2021, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal to the decision. Supporters of these moves argue that it is humiliating for sex offenders to have this kind of language on a document that needs to be shown to other people regularly, but I disagree. There is nothing sympathetic about people who commit sex crimes, which isn’t the case with all criminals. Sex offenders are uniquely dangerous to certain demographics in a way that most people convicted of crimes are not. The only people sex offenders have to blame from potential humiliation resulting from identification on an ID are themselves. Identifying sexual predators and giving establishments the means to reject them is a reasonable, bipartisan goal the legislators in Ohio should work to pass into law.

Friday, September 2, 2022

Oregon Public Broadcasting reporters Joni Auden Land and Dirk VanderHart spit on heroic efforts of man who confronted the Bend Safeway Shooter

If I was in Mr. Surrett's shoes, I doubt I would have done what he did. Donald Surrett saved lives by his selfless actions. There was never a need for these two yellow journalists to write this article. If Oregon Public Broadcasting was any scruples, it would send these two clowns a pink slip. And maybe come next election, Mayor Broadman can join these two at the unemployment office. At least the fundraiser for Mr. Surrett wasn't impacted by this fluff piece.

Amid memorial talks, Bend learns of Safeway shooting victim’s criminal past

By Joni Auden Land (OPB) and Dirk VanderHart (OPB)

Sept. 1, 2022 5:09 p.m.

Joni Auden Land, who got his haircut at a half off sale
Donald Surrett was convicted of sexual crimes against minors nearly 30 years ago

Donald Ray Surrett, Jr. has been called a hero for confronting the gunman inside the Bend Safeway where he worked on Sunday, a decision police said cost him his life but likely saved the lives of others.

While Surrett’s final act has rightfully won him praise this week, details from his past show a far more complicated figure. Those details could affect efforts to memorialize him — ideas for which so far include a memorial plaque and a community college scholarship.

According to military and Oregon State Police records, Surrett was convicted in October 1994 of sexual crimes involving a minor while he was still serving in the U.S. Army. He was 38 years old when he was convicted, and served 26 years in the military, including his time in prison.

A military court sentenced Surrett to 10 years in prison at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas after he pleaded guilty to two counts of carnal knowledge and two counts of indecent acts. According to U.S. Army spokeswoman Madison Bonzo, Surrett was demoted from sergeant first class to private as a result of the conviction. He did not serve his full 10-year sentence, and moved to Oregon in the early 2000s, according to public records.

Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel confirmed Surrett was convicted of an “indecent act with a minor” in a military court. Information from state court records and the Oregon State Police’s sex offender registry indicates Surrett did not reoffend after his release from prison, and law enforcement considered him a Level 1 offender, the lowest classification in the state and an indication he was not considered a high risk for reoffense.

Since Sunday’s shooting, community leaders, police and coworkers have praised Surrett’s actions in the Safeway. Police say he waited behind a produce cart in the store after a 20-year-old gunman killed Glenn Edward Bennet, 84, near the entryway. As the gunman moved farther into the store, Surrett attacked him with a knife, according to police, delaying the gunman’s shooting spree. The shooter took his own life as police entered the building, just minutes after the first 911 call.

JERK VanderHart(less)
Sheila Miller, a spokeswoman for the Bend Police Department, told OPB that police learned of Surrett’s criminal history as they investigated Sunday’s shooting.

“Mr. Surrett’s background does not change the fact that in this instance, when faced with great peril, he acted heroically in attacking and attempting to disarm an active shooter in his place of work,” Miller said. “While Mr. Surrett’s past may complicate how people feel about his legacy, his actions in the moment were courageous and for those actions, he deserves praise.”

City officials have said they’ve received suggestions from the public to commemorate Surrett’s actions. The Bend chapter of the group Disabled American Veterans, in which Surrett was active, is planning to push for a plaque in his honor at a veterans’ memorial in the city, member George McCart said this week. Central Oregon Community College’s spokesperson also said faculty and staff had suggested various memorials to honor Surrett, including a potential scholarship, but that nothing has been formally introduced.

Bend Mayor Pro Tem Anthony Broadman said “two things can be true at the same time” — Surrett’s heroic actions and his past offenses — but that any remembrance of Surrett should take into account the potential impact on people he victimized.

“I think it would probably hinge more on thinking about potential impacts of seeing his name, if there were victims who could be retraumatized by that,” Broadman said.

He also said adequate time should be given for families to grieve before any talks of memorials begin.

A spokesperson for Safeway’s parent company, Albertsons, told OPB on Thursday that Surrett had “cleared a third-party background check,” but that the company did not know he was a sex offender.

Oregon, like many states, has attempted to reduce barriers for rehabilitation of people convicted of crimes. For example, Oregon law prevents employers from asking about a person’s criminal history before the interview process.

OPB also reached out to several of Surrett’s family members, who either declined to comment or did not respond.

Broadman said the community should also remember the other acts of heroism surrounding the shooting: the police officers who entered the store while the gunman was still firing, and the two people who reentered to drag Bennett to an ambulance.

“It’s OK to be sad and it’s OK to be disturbed by the fact that heroic actions often make us feel conflicted,” he said.

Thursday, September 1, 2022

You can't spell WRONG without R-O-N: Ron DeSantis misled RCs into believing they can vote, then arrested them

Ron DeSantis, seen here trying to make sense of
his own bullshit laws. 
The short version of this story is the Ron DeSantis administration and elections officials misled a few Registered Persons into believing the right to vote was fully restored to them, so they voted. WRONG DeSantis  then had Registered Persons arrested so he can claim there was voter fraud in the election, but this idiot was the cause of the confusion in the first place. And considering the Republican track record as of late, I think this was done on purpose by this wannabe dictator.

Ron DeSantis’ First Voter Fraud Bust Is Quickly Imploding

The governor’s own administration greenlighted the defendants’ voter registration applications. Now it has arrested them for voting.


AUG 29, 2022, 3:49 PM

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis made a spectacle out of the round of arrests made by his election police force earlier this month, jailing 20 people on charges of voter fraud and promising more prosecutions to come. At least one target was dragged to jail in his underwear by a SWAT team at 6 a.m. But it turns out that the individuals ensnared in DeSantis’ dragnet had no idea that they could not lawfully vote. The governor’s own appointees flubbed their legal duty to stop them from registering. And because of their sloppy errors, all 20 defendants may well be acquitted of crimes they did not intend to commit.

DeSantis’ misadventure traces back to Amendment 4, the ballot initiative that was supposed to restore voting rights to most people who had completed sentences for felony convictions. (Those convicted of murder and sex offenses were excluded.) Floridians overwhelmingly approved the constitutional amendment in 2018. Yet DeSantis and his fellow Republicans promptly sabotaged the amendment by enacting an unnavigable, incomprehensible system for individuals who wished to regain their right to vote. The state refused to establish a coherent process for people convicted of felonies to learn they are eligible to cast a ballot. Many Floridians with disqualifying convictions, including the defendants arrested this month, are therefore unaware that amendment 4 does not apply to them.

After Donald Trump pushed the lie of mass voter fraud in 2020, Florida Republicans created an investigative unit to uncover “election crimes.” It was obvious that this office would continue the work that GOP lawmakers began in the wake of Amendment 4: persecuting Floridians who made the honest mistake of voting despite a disqualifying conviction. That, of course, is exactly what happened. It appears that most if not all of the 20 men and women arrested by DeSantis’ election police did not realize they were not allowed to vote due to disqualifying convictions. They believed, in good faith, that they could exercise their civil rights.

But they did not reach this conclusion on their own. As Politico’s Matt Dixon has reported, these defendants were told by Florida officials that they were legally permitted to vote. And because they believed these officials, they now face up to five years in prison for the crime of voter fraud.

In affidavits and media interviews, defendants share the same tragic story: They filled out a voter registration card; their county election office approved it, telling them they could vote; they cast a ballot in 2020; and now they are charged with a felony offense. Because local election officials approved each registration, DeSantis’ spokespeople have sought to blame them for failing to uncover the disqualifying convictions. This accusation conveniently overlooks a crucial fact: Florida law tasks the state government with flagging felony convictions that bar a resident from registering to vote. It wasn’t local officials who dropped the ball. It was the DeSantis administration. (Update, 5:45 p.m.: The head of the election police, a DeSantis appointee, explicitly told local election supervisors that they were not at fault, contradicting the governor’s claims.)

Because the defendants trusted election officials, they now face up to five years in prison for voter fraud.

Here’s how the process works. When the county supervisor of elections receives a registration application, they forward it to the state. The Division of Elections, part of the Department of State, then determines whether the applicant is “potentially ineligible based on a felony conviction without civil rights restored.” If the agency finds evidence of ineligibility, it informs the county supervisor, who then tells the applicant why his registration was denied. If the applicant confirms the allegation, he’s removed from the voter registration system. If the applicant denies the allegations, he can demand a hearing to prove that he is eligible.

This process is mandated in a Florida statute. As Dixon pointed out, it is also enshrined in a 2009 rule issued by the Florida Department of State. In case that were not enough, the director of elections testified under oath in 2020 that the state bears responsibility for checking applicants’ felon status. As the Guardian’s Sam Levine noted on Saturday, her testimony affirmed that applicants are checked against a law enforcement database within 24 hours. (Local election officials do not even have access to that data.) Three sitting county election supervisors have told Dixon that this process is, indeed, the current system for screening potential felony convictions.

It’s easy to see why DeSantis is eager to direct culpability away from state governments. The governor appoints the head of both the Division of Elections and the Department of State. His own administration greenlighted the defendants’ voter registration applications, and now it has arrested them for voting. That doesn’t look like election security. It looks like entrapment.

But even if DeSantis were correct, shifting responsibility to county supervisors would not absolve his appointees. Three people charged with voter fraud registered with the Broward County supervisor of elections—which, according to the governor, should have uncovered their disqualifying convictions and denied their applications. Who served as Broward County supervisor of elections when these individuals registered? Peter Antonacci, whom DeSantis appointed to lead the election police. The man in charge of prosecuting voter fraud previously facilitated fraud among the very individuals he’s now prosecuting.

In response to these revelations, DeSantis’ spokespeople have primarily directed a flood of hate and harassment toward Dixon for his invaluable (and, to the governor, embarrassing) reporting. But they cannot conceal the state’s errors for long. The first round of defendants are charged with voting while ineligible, a third-degree felony in Florida. This law applies to any voter who casts a ballot “knowing he or she is not a qualified elector.” In other words, prosecutors must prove (to a jury, beyond a reasonable doubt) that the defendants knew their votes were illegal. Clearly, they had no such knowledge. Election officials told them they could vote, and provided them with all the tools to do so. DeSantis likely hoped they would agree to a plea deal, but voting rights lawyers have already stepped in to ensure that they will fight the charges in court.

Perhaps the governor won’t mind when the criminal case against these voters falls apart. His intention, after all, was to create a chilling effect on others’ rights, frightening eligible residents out of trying to vote. He has put a target on the back of every Floridian who was supposed to regain full citizenship under Amendment 4. Plenty of formerly incarcerated people might look upon this episode as proof that it is not worth attempting to rejoin the electorate. Even if every defendant is ultimately acquitted, DeSantis’ quest to prove that he can undermine democracy just as viciously as Trump remains intact.