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King County WA Council Vice-Chair Reagan Dunn lost his mind

 I think you can just read his idiotic statement to figure out why I feel he deserves a nomination. See below:

Dunn pushes for more restrictive laws against housing for violent sex offenders

May 8, 2023, 5:09 PM | Updated: 5:49 pm


MyNorthwest Content Editor

King County Councilmember Reagan Dunn proposed additional restrictions for the housing of violent sex offenders last week after Supreme Living decided to no longer pursue its plans to create transitional housing for sex offenders in Tenino. The decision came after weeks-long protests from both residents and community leaders.

“The State of Washington has pretty strong statutory laws that say when and where level three sex offenders can be placed,” Dunn told Jason Rantz on KTTH 770 AM.

Level three sex offenders are classified as those likely to re-offend who’ve committed multiple violent acts, according to Dunn. His ordinance would impose new restrictions on how Washington state can site less restrictive alternative (LRA) housing within King County.

“What’s happened is, the SHS, which is the agency the state government has kind of tried to sneak a loophole through, calling these lower risk housing options, something that isn’t under the statutory provision even though they involve level three sex offenders,” Dunn continued. “So I proposed the law with King County that requires a conditional use permit to cite level three sex offenders in rural, unincorporated, and agricultural areas in King County and I’m pushing that through now.”

Sex offenders can be relocated into LRAs following their prison sentences and time spent at the McNeil Island Secure Commitment Center. Washington currently has 25 LRAs within the state.

“Do you have the support of the King County Council?” Rantz asked.

“I think I probably will get it. If nothing else, these are level three sex offenders, right? You’re the worst kind of actor out there,” Dunn answered. “You can’t, in most cases, stop yourself if you’re a level three sex offender. It also involves an act of violence, forcible compulsion, multiple acts. These are flat-out dangerous people by any standard. And what the state is trying to do is put it in an agricultural area near a school bus stop. There’s no law enforcement presence in rural unincorporated King County. It’s about a third of what exists in the city, per capita.”

Every convicted sex offender living in an LRA is under close supervision of both the DSHS and the DOC, according to state law, and is required to follow court-ordered conditions, including sex offender behavioral health treatment and monitoring, according to DSHS. All must wear GPS ankle monitors at all times and register with the local sheriff’s office. Additionally, each sexually violent predator has a transition team that includes a certified sex offender treatment provider, a social worker from the Secure Commitment Center, and a DOC corrections specialist.

If Dunn’s ordinance is approved, it would require a conditional-use permit to be obtained before placing LRA sex offender housing in unincorporated King County, according to Dunn in a prepared statement. Housing facilities for sex offenders would be required to be placed more than 500 feet from anywhere minors congregate, such as libraries, schools and parks. Under the ordinance, a public meeting must be held at least two weeks before the proposal of a facility’s location “to notify and engage with the impacted community.”

“When you put criminals rights before the rights of victims, you get that backward approach,” Dunn said. “Look at the crime statistics. Look at the recidivism, look at the drug dealing, look at the overdoses, look at the homeless problem. All of it is related to these failed policies that don’t work. If you want to lower crime in your community, you put them behind bars where they can’t reoffend. It’s real simple. It isn’t about rehabilitating them. I don’t care about that. I care about keeping the people off the streets so our neighborhoods are safer.”

Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Ron DeathSantis has ensured the death of the Republican party by declaring he is putting "pedophiles" to death

So, some folks have suggested that Ron DeathSantis was grooming high school girls. When does he get shipped to death row?

And what is with the generic-looking backdrop? Is he hosting this at a Klan rally in a barn? Who are the cheering idiots? Is Ron DeathSantis aware that most politicians that get busted for sex crimes are Republicans? 

Ron DeathSantis is free-falling in the polls, so desperate to save his presidential bid as it is already derailed before it leaves the station, he tries the tried-and-true fear and hate campaigns the Republicans rely on when they have no real plan for real problems.

Ron DeSantis Proposes Death To All Pedophiles

Has Florida been overrun with crime since 2018?

By John Amato — May 2, 2023

Gov. Ron DeSantis signed three bills today that he claims will strengthen law and order in the Sunshine State.

“What we’ve done in Florida is rejected the ‘soft on crime policies.’ The legislature passed a bill that I signed that prevents the local government from defunding the police,” DeSantis said. “We will not allow that to happen. We will make sure the police are on the street.”

Is DeSantis now admitting he let crime and pedophiles run rampant in Florida all this time? He has been governor since 2018, after all.

Looking like he is speaking at a Neo-Nazi rally, DeSantis dug in.

"We are stopping jail break in the state of Florida today," DeSantis said. "We're putting pedophiles to death, hopefully with this today."

Wait, has there been a mass prison escapes we don't know about?

Hopefully? Death penalties. Pedos. Sounds like it's Marge country.

It's very odd to see a governor erase his own state from the backdrop he's using while he's giving a press conference about his state.

Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Star Tribune Reporter Christa Lawler offers sympathy for the devil in pro-killer fluff piece

This one-sided fluff piece fails to mention a few facts. First, the Axtell family claims they're donating the procees of their dubious "fundraiser" to child abuse charitis but the Axtells had stated on their Facebook page it was going to Levi's defense. This fluff piece fails to mention anything about Levi Axtell's Facebook posts discussing murdering "pedophiles" or his vandalism charge that was removed from his record after his 3-year probation term was completed. According to some who knew him, Levi apparently had a drinking problem and was apparently drunk the day of the murder. 

There's no way Levi Axtell did not plan the murder. 

On the upside, this article inadvertantly points out two important points. One-- Axtell based his bogus restraining order on rumors, not reality, and two, the Axtell family has been directly involved in messing with Lawrence Scully, not just Levi. That whole family should be hauled to jail as far as I',m concerned. 

ADDENDUM: The Star-Tribune is trying to prevent us from criticizing this yellow "journalist." Ever heard of the Fair Use Doctrine?

'He killed a monster': Grand Marais man's death has locals pulling for his alleged killer

Levi Axtell, who has confessed to murdering Lawrence Scully, has a lot of support from those who knew about the dead man's past. 

By Christa Lawler Star Tribune APRIL 29, 2023 — 4:21PM

GRAND MARAIS, Minn. — Brandy Aldrighetti had long known the details of her next-door neighbor's past — a conviction for child molestation decades ago. She kept a stun gun in her home and was always hyper-aware of Lawrence Scully's movements. There haven't been a lot of children who have lived in the Gofer Cabins complex, but she warned the families of those who did.

Aldrighetti said she wasn't surprised when she heard that Scully had been murdered by a man who feared he was stalking his daughter and other children. Levi Axtell, in a bloodied shirt, walked into the police station on March 8 and confessed to beating Scully, 77, to death with a shovel and deer antlers, according to court records. The 27-year-old said he had known Scully for years, believed he had sexually abused children in the past and feared he would again.

Aldrighetti, herself a victim of childhood sexual abuse at the hands of a relative, voices support for Axtell.

"To me, Levi is like St. George who slayed the dragon — he killed a monster," she said.

(COMMENTARY: Who cares what this rando thinks? What does that have to do with the cae at hand?)

Many in this town of 1,300 on the North Shore of Lake Superior have rallied around the confessed killer — including members of the dead man's estranged family, who have their own accusations of sexual abuse against Scully and have helped with fundraising drives for Axtell's family.

"It's too bad that it came to this," said Amber Lovaasen, Scully's niece who designed T-shirts with slogans that support people affected by sexual assault, the proceeds of which go to Axtell's family. "But nobody is sorry he's gone."

(Commentary: Lawler fails to mention the T-Shirts have fists on them, thus promoting using physical violence)


Scully's house is only four blocks from the police station. A wooden sign — "Live on Larry" in block letters — sits next to a trailer on Scully's property on the outskirts of town. Intricate antler carvings, which Scully was known for, sit on a wooden beam. It's the closest thing to a funereal remembrance to Lawrence Scully.

(COMMENTARY: I have spoken with loved ones of Lawrence Scully and they're not given the opportunity to speak out.)

A sign warns against trespassing; another about surveillance. Black plastic garbage bags are stacked alongside the house, some partially covered by tarps. The yard is dotted with satellite dishes, and a Virgin Mary statue faces the driveway.

On a recent gray afternoon, a porch light was on, a window cracked open, but no one answered the door.

Scully is believed to have at least three children, none of whom live in Grand Marais. His son Tim Scully, who lives in Florida, did not respond to messages. Andrew Scully could not be located.

Levi Axtell and Lawrence Scully first officially tangled about five years ago when Axtell petitioned Cook County Court for a restraining order against Scully. He accused the longtime resident of parking near the Cook County YMCA where young children, including Axtell's nearly 2-year-old daughter, regularly walked past his van.

"I fear for my daughter's safety and well-being knowing that Scully is out there stalking and grooming children — like giving them gifts and stuff," Axtell said, according to transcripts from the court hearing. "And while I'm at work and unable to watch out for her, it's very distressing for me."

Axtell didn't have specific instances of harassment. The request was based on things that he had heard second-hand about Scully — a prison sentence, rumors of public misconduct at a local restaurant, that he waved at children when they passed by him.

(Commentary: So here we hear some facts. In reality, Levi Axtell just made shit up!)

Cook County Judge Michael Cuzzo told Axtell that he couldn't justify a restraining order, but if Scully were to interact with Axtell's daughter, in light of the hearing, the father would have a reason to reapply.

"But what I've also heard from Mr. Scully is that he has no intent of doing anything like that, and I certainly hope that's the case," Cuzzo said at the 2018 hearing. "Because I would hope that we don't have to have people come back into court as a result of acts that may have occurred that may potentially justify the issuance of that harassment restraining order."

Cuzzo, who is currently handling the murder case, is not able to comment for this story. Axtell's family declined an interview request.



Scully's felonious past might have remained a rumor, passed by word of mouth from longtime residents to new neighbors, if he hadn't run for mayor of Grand Marais in 2014. In the days before the election the Cook County News Herald reported on his conviction. He lost the mayoral bid.

Patrick Scully got a 50-year, 1,000-foot perimeter restraining order against his brother on behalf of several family members — his wife and his brother Jon. It was still in effect when Lawrence died. In the petition filed in 2019, Patrick Scully cited a "life long history of sexual and verbal (abuse) and torture to myself and our 6 other siblings." He said Lawrence also followed his car and watched him from afar, sometimes interrupting both him and his wife at work.

The restraining order didn't keep Lawrence Scully away. He continued to pop up on the periphery at public events, occasionally in a Gandalf costume, watching him, Patrick said.

In late 2020, Alison McIntyre of Cook County Public Health and Human Services filed a petition for a judicial commitment for Scully, who was deemed to pose "a risk of harm due to mental illness." According to court documents, his case worker at the time was Anna Ross, a social worker for Cook County Community Human Services. She was married to Axtell between 2018 and 2020 and shares a child with him.

(Comment: Anna Ross should be fired immediately. How did she get away with a blatant conflict of interest?)

Ross did not respond to messages.

Scully was briefly given a stay of commitment, but he was unable to meet his conditions and was sent to a mental health facility in Baxter, Minn. He wasn't gone long.

Patrick Scully remembers the phone call he got from his brother about two months later.

"He's back," Jon Scully told him.


Cook County Sheriff Pat Eliasen said there have been murders in Grand Marais, but he can't recall someone being beaten to death in the way Scully was.

Grand Marais Mayor Tracy Benson described the case as painful in all directions — including two families with long histories in the community.

"These are the people we see at the Post Office, the grocery store, we work with them and share interests, faith communities, volunteer together, [and] raise kids," Benson said in an email. "Our local enforcement and our county attorney's office work under the double weight of their professional services while in their private lives interacting with all as well."

The connection between the confessed killer's family and the victim's estranged family was first forged online almost immediately following the murder. Katrina Axtell, Levi's sister, started an online fundraising campaign. Lovaasen was quick to help out, designing and then selling T-shirts, with proceeds going to the Axtell family and organizations that support survivors of sexual abuse.

(COMMENT: The Axtells admitted the fundraising money was going to them and for xtell's attorney. And the T-Shirts promote vigilante violence and have fists on them.)

Earlier this month, Patrick, his wife, Tracy, and Jon Scully all wore the matching dark T-shirts with the words "Our Connection Is Our Strength. Two Families. One Goal. Stop Childhood Sexual Abuse."

The family has offered to donate proceeds from the sale of their parents' property to help pay for the near-stranger's defense.

"Emotions are strong, no doubt about that," said Eliasen, who knows Axtell and his family and said Scully had often visited his office with complaints. "Given the past of Mr. Scully and even the past of Mr. Axtell, you have people on both sides who feel very strongly."

Around town, people here think fondly of Axtell, who has a big smile and favors dad jokes, they say. They aren't in favor of vigilantism, but they won't miss Scully.

A truck parked downtown had a bumper sticker in its back window: "Love for Levi."

Michael Farnum said he is heartbroken for Axtell, whom he considers a friend.

"I have four kids," he said. "Who knows where I would start and stop. I feel betrayed by the judicial system."

Franklin Smith described Axtell as guy whose family was of utmost importance to him.

"Anyone you talk to will be siding with Levi," he said.

(Comment: Not "Anyone," just the ones this yellow journalist chooses to quote. Lying sack of dung!)

Monday, April 17, 2023

"The" Kayleigh Kozak, professional victim, claims that AZ Gov is silencing her becaue she wasn't invited to cry at a speaking event

It is the Lauren Book of Arizona! She tried getting a bill passed that would have harmed families of Registered Persons, but thankfully the REAL Governor of Arizona has enough sense to veto the bill. So now "The" Kayleigh Kodsack is whining because the governor is not inviting her to a speaking event to whine and complain that The Karen didn't get her way.

That isn't being silenced. The media outlet below gave The Kuntleigh a playform. She still has a website. She gets to testify constantly. That's not being silenced. Trust me, politicians have ACTUALLY tried silencing me and my activism with SLAPP Suits and false allegations. I was arrested and forced to bond out for a crime I did not commit, and it took years to fight it in court. So fuck Kaylunkhead for even suggesting her voice is being silence. Shut up, Karen!

We don't need laws named after people, especially when someone is so arrogant that she feels to put THE in front of her name on social media. Repeal Kayleigh's Law, Arizona!

Officials Who Claim to Support Victim Rights Go On Offensive To Silence Outspoken Victim Advocate

April 15, 2023 Terri Jo Neff

When the leaders of several agencies meet later this month in Phoenix to recognize National Crime Victims’ Rights (NCVR) Week, the one person who will not appear on stage is the event’s recently disinvited keynote speaker, victim advocate Kayleigh Kozak.

Kozak is the Kayleigh behind Kayleigh’s Law signed by then-Gov. Doug Ducey in 2021 to make it possible for survivors of sexual and domestic abuse to obtain a lifetime no-contact order against their assailants.

In January, Kozak was contacted by the committee organizing the April 25 awards event honoring the outstanding achievements and tireless efforts of those serving victims of crime in Arizona. She agreed to serve as keynote speaker for the event with its theme of “Survivor Voices: Elevate. Engage. Effect Change.”

But Kozak saw that invitation formally revoked last week by Shawn Cox, a member of the event committee. Cox is head of the Victims’ Services Division within the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office.

If anyone from the committee thought Kozak would run and hide, they misjudged the lessons she has learned as a sex abuse survivor.

“I will not stay silent,” she said.

Cox, apparently unaware of the irony, advised Kozak that the awards event committee was troubled by Kozak’s use of her voice as a crime victim to decry Gov. Katie Hobbs’ veto of Senate Bill 1253. The bill sought to strengthen the community notification process involving registered sex offenders.

Another tweet by Kozak read, “I am just disgusted by the Governors decision & lack of understanding of this bill. It is beyond shameful, she is in fact prioritizing pedophiles over innocent children.”

Kozak recently spoke at length with Arizona Daily Independent about the last few weeks, starting with her joy that SB1253 made it to Hobbs’ desk, to her disdain of the veto, and her disgust with Hobbs’ “nonsensical” excuse for the veto.

“It reads as if the governor and her staff don’t even know how community notification works,” Kozak says in disbelief.

Kozak’s comments led to an email and a phone call from Cox who withdrew the keynote speaker invitation. During those communications, Kozak says Cox told her the committee was “concerned” with having Kozak on stage during the event which celebrates victims’ rights.

Cox refused to provide Kozak names for those on the committee who represent Hobbs’ office, the Arizona Attorney General’s Office, the Arizona Department of Corrections, the Arizona Department of Public Safety, the Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections, and the Arizona Criminal Justice Commission.

One person Kozak has not spoken with since the disinvite is Maricopa County Attorney Rachel Mitchell, to whom Cox reports. It is Mitchell who, as a county prosecutor 15 years ago, signed off on a plea deal with the school coach who sexually molested Kozak.

Kozak initially supported Mitchell’s run for office but that relationship has soured. Mitchell has not publicly commented on the SB1523 veto, something Kozak has noticed.

For Kozak, she has doubled down on her belief that she is being punished by government officials -elected and bureaucrats- for “having the courage and strength” to speak out against those who prioritize politics over policy.

“The officials I criticized are supposedly ‘uncomfortable’ with the prospect of sharing a stage with me,” Kozak said. “Well these are the same people who claim to support victims’ rights, but they didn’t hesitate to punish me for using my voice to express my opinion as a victim and survivor.”

Kozak’s ascent to a well-respected voice for victims grew out of an all-too-familiar tragedy for Arizona’s children – that of sexual abuse. Then in September 2022, Kayleigh’s Law went into effect, providing certain crime victims the option of

obtaining a special lifetime, no-contact injunction against their convicted assailants that a judge can only dismiss in limited circumstances.

But Kozak, the mother of five, was not ready to rest on that achievement. This legislative session she has been instrumental in four bills, including the vetoed SB1253 introduced by Sen. Janae Shamp.

Another by Shamp, Senate Bill 1284, stems from the fact the majority of sex offenders are ordered to serve lifetime supervised probation but prosecutors and judges in some counties liberally support an early end to probation. SB1284 has passed the Senate but is stalled in the House awaiting a final vote.

Kozak was also instrumental with the language contained in two Senate bills introduced by Sen. Sinn Kerr. The first, SB1583, seeks to ensure more registered sex offenders are listed on the DPS registry website. It too is stalled in the House.

The second, SB1582, makes technical correction to Kayleigh’s Law. The bill is currently on Hobbs’ desk after clearing the Legislature without any “no” votes.

If Kozak is worried Hobbs will veto SB1582 as retaliation, she is not showing it. Nor will she stay quiet in an effort to appease the governor or any other government official.

“I have been punished and ostracized for speaking my truth,” Kozak said. “They may have silenced me from giving my keynote speech, but I will not allow the governor or anyone else to tell me or any victim to stay silent.”

Friday, April 7, 2023

Dolce de Bleche is back -- Michael Dolce, 2017 Shiitake Nominee and Victim Advocate, is arrested for a sex offense

In 2017, Michael Dolce was nominated for a Shiitake Award for writing a nasty Op-Ed claiming restorative justice encourages those on the registry to reoffend. He was also FL State Senator Lauren Book's attorney and is prominently featured on Lauren's Kids!

Dolce stated in that article, "As a victim of childhood sexual abuse myself and an attorney who now represents sexual assault survivors every day, I can say without doubt that restorative justice is not only horribly insufficient for handling sexual abuse but, in many cases, actually serves to leave an offender free to offend again...

According to prominent forensic psychology researchers Drs. Daryl Kroner and Adelle Forth, about half of convicted sex offenders exhibit psychopathology, meaning they are incapable of feeling remorse or empathizing with their victims. Sex offenders are often skilled at manipulating others into believing they are safe, which helps them gain their victims’ trust before attacking...

The reality is that I believe the majority of sex offenders are largely incapable of empathy. Two-thirds of male sex offenders will re-offend if they are not treated and restrained as criminals. The consensus among mental health and criminal justice professionals is that most sex criminals cannot be reformed; they can only be monitored, controlled and contained."

And now Michael Dolce sits accused of amassing a large collection of CP. So apparently, he was projecting his own isssues onto others and describing himself in that 2017 OpEd.

Sex-Crime Victims' Advocate, Attorney Accused of Amassing Lewd Child Photos


Michael Dolce speaking out against the Florida statute of limitations on sexual abuse crimes

Michael Dolce speaking out against the Florida statute of limitations on sexual abuse crimes Screenshot via Chris Dorworth/Youtube

On the evening of March 15, FBI agents smashed open the door to the home of Michael Dolce, a West Palm Beach lawyer who had advocated for and represented sexual abuse survivors for the past 20 years. Armed with three warrants, the agents did not have to search long to find what they were looking for.

"They discovered Dolce actively downloading child pornography using peer-2-peer software," the Department of Justice alleges.

A longtime Sunday school teacher who was once one of the state's most prominent advocates for reforming sexual abuse statutes, Dolce is behind bars awaiting his arraignment, scheduled for mid-April. He's facing a child porn possession charge that carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.

Dolce's onetime coworkers at Cohen Milstein in Palm Beach County are beside themselves trying to square how one of the firm's ace litigators in sexual abuse cases could wind up charged with a sexual offense. Dolce, who said he was a survivor of child molestation, built a reputation for handling high-stakes lawsuits and taking an uncompromising stance not only on sexual offenders but on those who enable them.

A partner at the firm, Dolce had been working at Cohen Milstein since 2015. He was fired two days after the raid on his home.

“The firm is stunned and saddened by these appalling allegations. Michael Dolce was terminated and is no longer affiliated with the firm. We are focused on attending to the needs of our clients and staff, and continuing to cooperate fully with the investigation," Cohen Milstein said in a statement.

At a March 30 hearing, Dolce agreed to submit to pretrial detention while reserving his right to later challenge it. His attorney did not respond to a request for comment from New Times.

"Commitment of a Survivor"

Dolce's early advocacy dated back to his work lobbying for HB 525, a bill passed in 2010 to remove the statute of limitations for criminal and civil cases arising from the sexual abuse of victims under the age of 16.

Between 2004 and 2010, Dolce repeatedly testified before Florida legislators in support of the measure, noting that abuse survivors are often too scared or ashamed to come forward right away. He said he was molested by a neighbor as a seven-year-old boy and that by the time he mustered the courage to speak out about it years later, he could not pursue a claim because the statute of limitations had passed.

His push for legislative reform faced opposition from the Catholic church and criminal defense lawyers' associations, among others, who argued that litigating decades-old molestation claims would be unfair.

"The law was protecting the predators. They were encouraged under the law to silence their victims, to threaten them," he said in an interview in the aftermath of the bill's passage. "It was an amazing day [when the bill passed]. I wept with joy. I was overwhelmed by relief."

Dolce received his law degree in 1994 from Stetson University College of Law in Gulfport, Florida, according to his professional profile.

He claimed in a 2009 interview that he had been teaching Sunday school for 14 years. He also alluded to a nearly five-year stint working in the state legislature, saying it helped familiarize him with the lobbying and bill-writing process. 

According to his professional profile, he formed Dolce & Paruas in 2012 and worked there until 2015, when he jumped to Cohen Milstein, a large firm with a half-dozen offices spread across the country and more than 100 lawyers in its stable. By the time he joined the firm, he had already garnered a reputation for pursuing high-stakes litigation involving sex abuse claims.

During his tenure at Cohen Milstein, he reportedly secured large settlements for his clients including a $4.6 million deal in 2019 on behalf of an adult plaintiff, who alleged that his father had sexually abused him throughout his childhood.

Dolce worked out of an office in Palm Beach Gardens, in a stretch of property sandwiched between Singer Island and a beach-side golf course community near Juno Beach.

His professional profile said he "brings to his work the insight and commitment of a survivor, having himself been the victim of sexual abuse as a young boy at the hands of a sadistic predator."

“We fight a fight that can often lead to a disappointing end, but we still have to fight it because what happened to our clients cannot be allowed to continue,” Dolce said in a 2020 trade magazine interview.

The Bust

Dolce, 53, was alone in his West Palm Beach home when the FBI came knocking.

Agents had surveillance teams in place to monitor him prior to the raid.

"Entry into the residence occurred as a result of a forceful breach on the door when Dolce did not respond to commands by law enforcement to come to the door. Tactical surveillance and entry teams revealed that Dolce was alone in the residence, awake on a bed at the time FBI personnel first knocked," the FBI says.

On Dolce's Samsung laptop, folders were open containing multiple illicit images, the FBI says. One subfolder was titled "Sweet Pedo Stars" and contained images of a prepubescent girl between the age of 9 and 11, according to the affidavit.

As of March 24, the FBI says, agents had located at least 1,997 child porn images on the computer.

Court records show Dolce litigated no less than 15 civil cases in Florida in the last 7 years, most of which were related to claims of sexual abuse.

One of the last pieces of litigation he filed involved a client who alleged that she was coerced into a threesome while drunk and tripping on magic mushrooms at a house party in Miami. Two weeks ago, opposing counsel noticed Dolce's disappearance from the case but did not learn the reason for it until Dolce's arrest came to light March 29.

Thursday, March 30, 2023

If passed as introduced, Arizona SB 1698 would force parents taking their kids to Drag Shows to register on the public sex offense registry

AZ State Senator Justine Wadsack, she's such a drag

The moment I saw a picture of AZ State Senator Justine Wadsack I assumed she wouldn't support such a bill. I mean, she looks like she participates in drag shows. Maybe she's self-loathing? There are some who are that way. They hate themselves so they bash something that's a part of who they are. 

I must point out that the engrossed version of the bill I saw removed the section I screenshot that included the "drag show" language. 

Bill Text of Introduced bill --

Bill Text as of 3/30/23 , where drag shows were removed but still added vague statement to the law--

I'd also like to point out this segment is vague and could still be used to arrest those who engage in drag show performances since "prurient interest" is subject to the whims of people based on personal mores. 

Of course, the drag show segments can be reinstalled as the bill progresses, but even if it does not, the idea that AZ SB 1698 even suggested registering people for putting on a drag show is Shiitake-worthy. 

Article --

Arizona Senate Committees Pass Two Bills in GOP Push to Criminalize Drag


A group of Republican state lawmakers focused on attacking LGBTQ Arizonans passed two bills that would criminalize drag shows, businesses that host them, and parents who take their children to see them.

SB 1698, sponsored by Senator Justine Wadsack, would make it a felony for parents to take their child to a drag show. The parents would have to register as sex offenders, too. SB 1030, sponsored by state Senator Anthony Kern, would make it a felony for some businesses to host drag shows.

Republicans in the Arizona Senate can’t decide if they want to label drag performers as sex workers or sex offenders. So, why not both?

Out to Lunch

SB 1698 would add drag shows to a state law about "dangerous crimes against children." The bill defines drag shows as adult-oriented performances and compares them to bestiality, child sex trafficking, second-degree murder, and sexual assault.

Under the proposal, adults who allow children to see drag shows could receive prison terms of five years and be required to register as sex offenders.

Wadsack said the idea for the bill came from conversations she had with the Log Cabin Republicans and Gays Against Groomers, two gay yet anti-trans conservative groups.

By a 3-1 vote, the Senate Judiciary Committee passed the bill on February 16. Its next step could be a vote by the full Senate.

Kern, Wadsack, and fellow Republican Senator Wendy Rogers voted to advance the bill. Democratic Senator Anna Hernandez cast the lone vote against it.

Republican Senator John Kavanagh did not vote. Democratic Senators Christine Marsh and Mitzi Epstein also did not vote. Why not? Because Kern, the committee chair, asked lawmakers to leave the hearing in shifts for lunch so members could continue considering legislation on the agenda. Kavanagh, Marsh, and Epstein were the first to leave, along with several people in the audience scheduled to testify.

Then, the bill passed with virtually no testimony or discussion in mere minutes.

‘Your Rhetoric Has Led to Mass Shootings’

SB 1030 would require permits for drag shows and zone businesses that host them as an “adult-oriented business," citing the shows as “sexually explicit.” The bill lumps drag shows in the same category as cabaret, adult entertainment, and even sex work.

Under the proposal, drag queens wouldn’t be allowed within a quarter-mile of any school or playground.

By a 5-3 vote, the Senate Government Committee passed the bill on February 16, and it can now be considered by the full Senate. Wadsack, Rogers, and fellow Republican Senators David Farnsworth, Janae Shamp, and Jake Hoffman voted to advance the bill. Democratic Senators Juan Mendez, Priya Sundareshan, and Eva Diaz voted against it.

The proposal defines a drag show as one in which drag performers “engage in singing, dancing, or a monologue or skit in order to entertain an audience of two or more people.” Critics of the legislation said the broad definition was problematic.

“The definition of drag shows doesn’t actually say anything about sexually explicit content. This bill would include a lot of things that aren’t even drag,” Jeanne Woodbury, interim executive director for Equality Arizona, told Phoenix New Times. “That creates a huge problem that isn’t within the scope of actual adult-oriented businesses.”

Business owners who host drag shows are worried that the bill threatens their livelihoods.

“Bars like mine are only open to people over 21 and are already highly regulated,” said Jeff Parales, owner of Kobalt in Midtown. “This new regulation will put an undue burden on businesses like mine.”

Parales said that labeling all drag queens as sexually explicit is a “red herring.” The bill is similar to “what they’re doing in Communist China and totalitarian regimes like Iran,” he said.

Hoffman, the committee chair, interrupted Parales’ testimony. “In those countries, they throw homosexuals off of roofs and kill them. You are out of order. If you continue speaking, you will be removed,” Hoffman said.

Hoffman then admitted that he has never been to a drag show.

‘I Should Parent With My Values’

Parales pointed out that drag entertainers help raise money for charities and nonprofits in Phoenix and statewide.

“Instead of focusing on real issues like funding education, you’ve insisted on targeting an already marginalized community,” he said. “Your rhetoric has led to mass shootings and attacks at small businesses like mine and the people who go to them.”

Lydia Burton, a gay mother from Phoenix, has been taking her 8-year-old daughter to drag story hour at a public library since the child was in preschool.

“Because of drag, my child has learned to be brave and kind, colorful and creative, and that art has purpose,” Burton testified. “Drag is not defined by adult content. Drag is art. Drag is family. Drag is our church.”

Burton reminded the committee that, last year, Arizona Republicans passed a parental bill of rights that then-Governor Doug Ducey signed into law. The measure states that parenting decisions are “exclusively reserved to a parent of a minor child without obstruction or interference from this state.”

“Whether you understand my family and my culture is not relevant,” Burton said. “We should all agree that I should parent my child in accordance with my values. I have the right to direct the upbringing of my child, and the government shall not infringe on that.”

Elijah Watson, a local Democratic activist with Keep Arizona Blue, called the bill a clear and divisive attack against queer people and drag performers by subjecting drag shows to the same prohibitions as strip clubs.

“It perpetuates the myth that has been pushed this legislative session by Republicans that drag is a form of sexual entertainment and that drag is an art form that promotes pedophilia and the grooming of children,” Watson said. “It does not. To say that this bill is offensive is an understatement because it is very clearly discriminatory.”

Nobody testified in support of the bill.

Monday, March 20, 2023

Passive-Aggressive workers at the Minnesota Sex Offender Program makes phony Facebook group to mock detainee activist group

 For years, I've endured a nasty, pathetic waste of space who thinks that parodying everything I create is somehow going to stop me from speaking out against the registry. To quote Rocky the Flying Squirrel, "But that trick never works."

So I imagine that a few asshole-ish workers at the Moose Lake concentration camp *ahem* "civil commitment center" must be thinking when they devised a similar strategy. 

For years, the workers at the Minnesota Sex Offender Program ShadOw Prison (MSOP) have tried hard to silence the prisoner group "Overcoming Corruption Encouraging All Nations" (OCEAN). MSOP has tried making it a rules violation for prisoners to support OCEAN (aka End MSOP). 

Since silencing criticism isn't working, passive-aggressive workers at the MSOP concentration camp has created a closed Facebook group called "The Voices of LAND (MSOP Support)" The group description:

"LAND. Learning About New Dangers. This group is about supporting the men and women who put their lives on the line to ensure that peoples deepest fears do not become a reality (again.) As some know, but not all, a Facebook group called OCEANS is active and trying to downplay the severity of the crimes committed by those residing at MSOP and protesting for their release before proper treatment has been achieved, all while spreading misinformation about the staff and the facility as a whole. Thus creating an extremely dangerous place to work!


The opinions expressed on this page are those of the authors. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of the MN DHS."

This is obviously a mockery of OCEAN, as LAND is opposed to OCEAN. Consider this --Notice they said "OCEANS" not OCEAN." The owner of this page cannot even write a coherent statement. And 70% of the world is covered by the OCEAN. The ones polluting the OCEAN live on the LAND, which they also pollute. So maybe it is fitting that the MSOP trolls are using LAND to describe themselves.

Quite frankly, everyone in this group should be immediately fired. 

Friday, March 10, 2023

Republican AZ Rep. Alexander Kolodin doesn't care that the children of Persons Forced to Register are bullied

If this bill becomes law, I hope Kolodin's child gets beaten up by a child that this idiotic bill ultimately harms.

Scottsdale Republican Rep. Alexander Kolodin said while he understood the concerns about the children of sex offenders being bullied, he would not allow his child to play with the child of a sex offender, because the offender might be present. 

“Honestly, it absolutely sucks for the children of those people that they’re going to be ostracized like that,” Kolodin said. “But my right as a parent comes first.”

Saturday, March 4, 2023

Kevin Metcalf peddles Predator Panic in attempt to derail a federal privacy law

I had a recent conversation with a person who was apparently a consumer of trash TV and this person made a similar statement to this idiotic rant by Kevin Meatcalf. Personal privacy should be a priority in this age but fascists like Meatcalf here want you to give up your freedoms and what better way to do that than by exploiting fear?

And despite the official-sounding name, the  so-called "National Child Protection Task Force" is a private for-profit business out of Fayetteville, Arkansas, not a government agency. He is just another snake oil salesman trying to pad his pockets. GTFOH.

"As the founder and CEO of the National Child Protection Task Force, I know firsthand the importance of information in the hands of those responsible for investigating and stopping violent crime. It enables authorities to quickly identify, track and locate suspects. Our children go missing every day. They get trafficked every day and get physically and emotionally abused, groomed, sexually exploited and sold every day. The community that works on child protection is a disparate one. It includes people who have willingly dedicated themselves to seeing the worst of humanity to keep the most vulnerable among us safe."

Why is this assclown selling stickers that 
vaguely resemble the "white power" symbol?

Thursday, February 23, 2023

Florida Man tries to run over a man he erroneously thought was on the sex offense registry

At least we have some idea who might be giving meth to the 'gators. Franklin is a career criminal who was already a convicted felon when he was busted for guns, meth, and cocaine. And he was released on a mere $10k bond for what should've been attempted murder. Who bonded this joker out? Lauren Book? VoidSec (aka Harsh Med's "harsh med" supplier? 

Century Man Tries To Run Over Man He Thought Was Convicted Sex Offender, ECSO Says
February 22, 2023

A Century man is charged after allegedly trying to run over a man he thought was a convicted sex offender as he walked out of a liquor store.

Kinte Hassan Franklin, 45, was charged with felony aggravated battery using a deadly weapon.

The victim told the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office that Franklin was the driver of a maroon car with the window partially down outside the Fusion Liquor store next door to the Food Giant on North Century Boulevard.

The driver, Franklin, told him “I’m going to kill you because you are a convicted child molester,” according to an ECSO arrest report. He then turned the car around and struck the victim in the legs, the report continues. The victim’s wife was with him at the time. She told deputies that another occupant of the vehicle told Franklin, “You just need to run over this [expletive] you just need to kill him”.

According to the ECSO, surveillance video showed Franklin circle the parking lot multiple times and pull up to the victim and say something. The video then shows Franklin pull into a parking spot if front of the store, back out, and then pull forward, striking the victim with the vehicle multiple times.

Franklin was released from the Escambia County Jail on a $10,000 bond.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice National Sex Offender Registry, the victim is not a convicted sex offender.

Monday, February 20, 2023

Oklahoma Senate Joint Resolution 11 will allow voters to decide whether Persons Forced to Register deserves constitutional rights

This is really bad. if this resolution advances, Oklahoma will allow the ignorant masses to decide if Persons Forced to Register are excluded from basic rights afforded to us by the state constitution. 

You already know few people will vote to grant even the most basic of human rights to Persons Forced to Register.

Oklahoma Senate Joint Resolution 11 By State Sen. Bill Coleman (R)


A Joint Resolution directing the Secretary of State to refer to the people for their approval or rejection a proposed amendment to Section 15 of Article II of the Oklahoma Constitution; authorizing Legislature to enact provisions related to certain offenders; specifying certain allowable requirements; clarifying timing of required compliance; construing provisions; providing ballot title; and directing filing.


SECTION 1. The Secretary of State shall refer to the people for their approval or rejection, as and in the manner provided by law, the following proposed amendment to Section 15 of Article II of the Oklahoma Constitution to read as follows:

Section 15. A. No bill of attainder, ex post facto law, nor any law impairing the obligation of contracts, shall ever be passed. No conviction shall work a corruption of blood or forfeiture of estate: Provided, that this provision shall not prohibit the imposition of pecuniary penalties.

B. The Legislature may enact or amend by statute provisions related to sex offenders if such provisions are rationally related to protecting the public from sex-based crimes. Such provisions include but are not limited to those related to sex offender registration requirements, duration of registration requirements, proximity to areas frequented by vulnerable populations such as children, mentally disabled persons, and the elderly, and disclosures to be made by the offender. Persons required by law to be registered as a sex offender shall comply with any such enactments or amendments after implemented. Subsequent changes regulating residence of a person required by law to be registered as a sex offender shall be applicable when the offender establishes a new residence. A statute enacted by the Legislature in accordance with the requirements of this subsection shall not be deemed a violation of subsection A of this section.

Monday, February 6, 2023

Bad dog: disbarred and disgraced ex-attorney Eric Deters exploits Predator Panic in KY gubernatorial bid

If you lived in the Cincinnati area the past 20 or so years, you've probably heard of the self-professed law dog Eric Deters. But his law license was suspended in KY in 2013, yet he still claims to have practiced law in KY as late as 2021. Deters is known for harassing critics, including filing SLAPP suits. Recently, he was charged with menacing and harasing communications

So OF COURSE this piece of shit is going to tap into QAnon and FloriDUH governor Wrong DeSantis by calling for the execution of people convicted of sex offenses. See below for the offending video or go to

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Speaker of the Pennsylvania State House Mark Rozzi promotes dope-boy turned vigilante thug Musa Harris

 Musa Harris is a (supposedly former) drug peddler and (current) drug abuser who also moonlights as an online vigilante. Last year, Musa Harris was issued a cease and desist order from the state of Pennsylvania for pretending to be a "charitable organization." The thug even faced charges of obstructing justice but got off on a bullshit technicality. 

So why would any public official, ESPECIALLY a Democrat, promote a low-life vigilante THUG like Musa Harris? Harris should be sitting in a penitentiary, not being honored by the speaker of a state house. 

Mark Rozzi is a fucking joke.

New House speaker hosts meeting with 'predator catcher' Musa Harris

By Amy Marchiano Staff Writer Jan 20, 2023 Updated Jan 20, 2023

Pennsylvania’s new Speaker of the House Mark Rozzi praised Musa Harris’ efforts to get child sexual predators off the street when the pair met Thursday at the Capitol.

Rozzi, of Berks County, said he didn’t know anything about Harris, who is known as the Luzerne County Predator Catcher, until he learned that one of the videos Harris posted about was a confrontation from his home county.

With that, he had his chief of staff reach out to Harris to arrange a meeting.

“Every time we can expose a predator, we are saving one more child from being harmed,” Rozzi said by phone Friday.

He said exposing predators is “critical to protecting our children.”

Rozzi, D-116, Muhlenberg Twp., has made advocating for survivors of child sexual abuse his signature issue since being elected in 2012. Rozzi said he was raped as a teen by a Catholic priest.

Of Harris, Rozzi said sometimes citizens have to act.

“I have absolutely no problem with what he is doing,” he said. “What he’s doing is exposing the truth of what is going on in our society.”

Rozzi said Harris’ work sends a message that “eyes will be on you, and you’re not going to get away with this.”

Harris said Rozzi thanked him for his efforts.

“I told him I love doing it,” Harris said by phone Friday.

Rozzi took Harris to the floor of the House of Representatives during his 30-minute visit. A picture of the two is posted on Harris’ Facebook page.

Harris, 43, of Kingston, has confronted nearly 500 alleged predators since 2020, including two Schuylkill County men since late November.

He poses as a minor in online chatrooms, engaging adults in conversations where they solicit sexual activities. He arranges to meet his targets for sexual activities, but instead confronts them, recording and publishing the conversation online. He provides transcripts of the online chats to police.

YouTube ban

Harris has used Facebook, YouTube, Rumble, Twitch and TikTok to post his videos, but he said Friday that YouTube has deleted his two accounts.

“YouTube. I’m done with YouTube, “ he said in a video Friday on his Facebook page.

He provided multiple emails from YouTube that say his “LC Predator Catcher” and “LC Apex Exposure” channels have been removed.

“We have reviewed your content and found severe or repeated violations of our community guidelines. Because of this, we have removed your channel from YouTube,” the company said in emails on Jan. 12 pertaining to the predator catcher channel and on Friday regarding Apex Exposure.

Harris appealed the predator catcher removal on Jan. 12, but lost, with YouTube saying in an email it violated the harassment policy and will not be broadcast again.

“We know this is probably disappointing news, but it’s our job to make sure YouTube is a safe place for all,” the email said.

A review of community guidelines on the YouTube website covers spam and deceptive tactics, sensitive content, violent or dangerous content, regulated goods and misinformation.

Monday, January 30, 2023

Iowa HF 77 will force those no longer required to register to re-register in the state

Iowa's HF 77 will force Persons NO LONGER Forced to Register to reregister under a new Tier IV designation. The Tier IV will register for as long as they reside in Iowa (up to life, essentially); pay the $25 annual penalty fee; register name, DOB, address, conviction jurisdiction info, and submit photo; and while the info is not listed on the public registry, a member of the public can still access the info from the sheriff's office. Tier IVs may still be subject to employment and residency restrictions, and failure to comply is an aggravated misdemeanor for the first offense and a felony on subsequent offenses. 

Iowa has bad corn AND bad legislation. Their legislative website also sucks, so I can't copy-paste the entire bill below, so you'll have to read this idiotic bill on the I-OW-uh legislative website.



A BILL FOR An Act modifying SOR requirements by requiring S** O**s whose registration requirements have expired to reregister, and making penalties applicable.

Friday, January 27, 2023

Republican FloriDUH Governor Ron DeSantis wants to murder Registered Persons

What people fail to realize is that the Nazi party in the 1930s passed similar sex offense laws to that of the US since the 1990s. people seem to forget that the Jewish people were not the only persecuted group rounded up and carted off to concentration camps. FloriDUH is going down a dangerous path.

MIAMI — Gov. Ron DeSantis unveiled a tough-on-crime agenda ahead of the upcoming legislative session, including proposals to expand the death penalty to certain types of sex crimes and mandating life sentences for people convicted of selling fentanyl that looks like candy to children.

“We want to make sure that we cement our reputation as being a law-and-order state and take actions as necessary to help further protect the people of the state of Florida,” he said during a news conference Thursday at the Miami Police Benevolent Association hall. Police officers from several Miami-Dade cities, including Hialeah and Coral Gables, were in the audience.

The governor, reiterating comments he made earlier this week, said a supermajority vote by a jury should be sufficient to impose the death penalty. That would make Florida the second state to allow nonunanimous jury votes for the death penalty, in addition to Alabama.

DeSantis expanded that proposal, saying child sexual abuse — specifically rape — should also be punishable by death, with a minimum sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole.

“These people don’t care. They are unrepentant,” DeSantis said. “… I believe the only appropriate punishment that would be commensurate to that would be capital.”

The room responded with applause.

The U.S. Supreme Court in 2008 ruled that the death penalty can only be applicable in the instance of murder.

DeSantis said the state will pursue child sexual abuse cases that seek the death penalty and could potentially reach the Supreme Court.

“We do not believe the Supreme Court, in its current iteration, would uphold it,” he said of the 2008 ruling, “and so we are going to be exploring ways to facilitate some capital trials if you have the worst of the worst.”...

Friday, January 20, 2023

The Arkansas Legislature is droning on and on... about prohibiting Registered Persons from owning and using drones

I'm surprised a backwater state like Arkansas even understands anything about modern technology, but I'd question the intelligence of Rep. Evans and Senator Hill. They probably have as much education as Lauren Boebert, if even that.

State of Arkansas, 94th General Assembly, Regular Session2023 

HOUSE BILL 1125 By: Representative Evans & Senator Hill




SECTION 1. Arkansas Code § 5-4-109 is amended to read as follows:

5-4-109. Sentencing for s** offense.

A person who is convicted of an offense for which he or she is required to register as a s** o** under the S** O** R** Act of 28 1997, § 12-12-901 et seq., shall be notified at his or her sentencing by the court that he or she is prohibited from:

(1) Recording a person under fourteen (14) years of age under § 5-14-137 if he or she is assessed as a Level 3 or Level 4 o**; or

(2) Purchasing, owning, possessing, using, or operating an unmanned aircraft under § 5-14-138 if he or she is assessed as a Level 3 or Level 4 o**.

SECTION 2. Arkansas Code Title 5, Chapter 14, Subchapter 1, is amended to add an additional section to read as follows:

5-14-138. Registered o**  prohibited from purchasing, owning, possessing, using, or operating an unmanned aircraft.

(a) As used in this section, "unmanned aircraft" means an aircraft, including an aircraft commonly known as a drone, that is operated without the possibility of direct human intervention from within or on the aircraft and has the ability to photographically or electronically record.

(b) It is unlawful for a person who is required to register under the S** O**  R** Act of 1997, § 12-12-901 et seq., and who has been assessed as a Level 3 or Level 4 o**  to knowingly purchase, own, possess, use, or operate an unmanned aircraft.

(c) This section does not apply to a person who: (1) Is required to purchase, own, possess, use, or operate an unmanned aircraft as part of his or her employment; and (2) Purchases, owns, possesses, uses, or operates an unmanned aircraft as part of his or her employment.

(d) A violation of this section is a Class D felony.

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Debra Soh stokes Transgender fears by declaring "gender self-identification changing rooms" as a "sex offender's paradise"

Well, it appears Debra is the "end of Gender."
I can't figure out Debra's self-professed gender. Sorry.
I've been busy on other matters and so I've probably missed a few potential nominees. But, our first nominee insists on stoking already stale transgendered bathroom fears. How about we all just make single use bathrooms? Go in, lock the door, handle your business, get out, who cares if it is an inny ot outy, and go on your merry way? Hell, I hate stalls, I don't want anyone taking a dump next to me. I hated it in prison and I hate it now. 

To make matters worse, Debra (sorry, can't tell the gender) claims Debra used to work with people convicted of sexual offenses, which should call that entire program into question. Of course, for all we know Debra embellished that. 

I admit, I don't understand all the gender issue and gender stuff. However, lots of people struggle with lots of things. But what I do know is bovine excrement when I see it. And Debra Soh has more bovine exrement than a square mile of Nebraska pasture. Shame on Debra, whatever Debra chooses to self-identify, because I can think of a more appropriate label for Debra. (Debra's a Wing Wint Nut, so I shouldn'r be shocked by that.)

Welcome to the sex offender's paradise: Gender self-identification changing rooms

By Debra Soh January 18, 2023 06:00 AM

The Pronoun Wars

Nothing boils my blood more than hearing about instances in which women and girls must fear for their physical safety. This has been happening with increased frequency of late, particularly in spaces that were designed for them.

Last week, Rebecca Philips, a 17-year-old California teenager, fought back tears as she recounted an experience two weeks prior in a YMCA changing room. Addressing the Santee City Council, Philips described discovering "a naked male" in the women’s locker room after showering. She quickly returned to the shower to hide, then complained to the front desk.

If you follow my work, you can probably predict what happened next. Because the naked man in question identified as a woman and was presumably not on the California sex offender registry , he was allowed to use the women’s facilities. Philips went on to tell the city council her concerns about how her 5-year-old sister, along with hundreds of other children, frequently used the same gym. In response, the YMCA stated it "rel[ies] on [...] laws, and guidelines established by the State of California to ensure [its] policies are welcoming and respectful for all community members."

Call me old-fashioned, but I remember a time when similar incidents would be considered indecent exposure. Thanks to gender self-identification policies, men can parade themselves around women-designated spaces and rest assured that if anyone protests, they will be supported in their claims of discrimination, as opposed to any women they’ve victimized.

Imagine the delight of any man with antisocial or coercive sexual tendencies. Around the world, exhibitionists, voyeurs, and child predators are being handed a ticket to paradise. As someone who previously conducted research and therapy with incarcerated sex offenders, I would like to remind policymakers that most people who commit sexual offenses do not get caught, and of those who do, even fewer are convicted. Many are circulating freely in society, operating as they please, to this day.

It’s also important to mention that transgender women typically go to great lengths to look like women, including undergoing interventions such as breast augmentation. They would not feel comfortable displaying a nude, pre-operative body or male genitalia in public because doing so would be dysphoria-inducing.

Turning the definition of "woman" upside-down has thrown the door of opportunity wide open for pedophiles and rapists. Only sexual vultures truly believe these changes are a good idea. No one should have to suffer quietly.

Dr. Debra Soh is a sex neuroscientist, the host of The Dr. Debra Soh Podcast, and the author of The End of Gender: Debunking the Myths About Sex and Identity in Our Society.

Thursday, December 22, 2022

Josh Boswell from the UK Daily Mail illustrates why gossip rags should just stick with celebrity gossip

Josh Boswell trying hard to grow facial hair
I get that there are semantic differences between the the US and the UK, but in neither country can you cannot be "convicted" of "pedophilia." Pedophilia is a clinical diagnosis, not a legal designation. In the US, you can be placed on the public s*x offense registry for urinating behind a dumpster ("indecent exposure") or being a teen who had mutual relations with a classmate (most states do not have "statutory r*pe", they just call it "r*pe" or "s*xual assault). In fact, state can place kids as early as 8 years old on the registry, and while uncommon, it is not zero. 

This article was intentionally written as a piece for pearl-clutching Karens who believe in QAnon and other inane online theories. 

Using quotes from braindead scum-of-the-earth prosecutors like Robin sax is like urinating on a pile of excrement.

EXCLUSIVE: probe reveals 400 'p***e dens' in California house up to 18 s** p***s living together just blocks away from schools – one $1m home with tennis court has six men convicted of the most heinous crimes's analysis of a California s** o** database reveals that nearly 2,000 convicted p**s are living together in groups of three or more in 'p** dens' in the state

Some of the 'p**e dens' are just a block away from schools also spoke to residents of the 'dens' and even got a tour of one property housing several c** m**s 

We can reveal that a $1million, 6-bed home in Northridge, California, with a tennis court, is home to six p**s with some of the most heinous crimes on the statute books 

Law enforcement and current and former prosecutors of s** crimes told the dens could be dangerous and create an 'environment for more crimes to occur'

President of the Sacramento County Deputy Sheriff's Association said, 'These guys and gals have addictions, and to put them anywhere near a temptation is not serving them and it's not serving the kids' 


PUBLISHED: 14:42 EST, 21 December 2022 | UPDATED: 15:09 EST, 21 December 2022 has discovered more than 400 'p**e dens' of up to 18 s** p**s all living at the same California address.

An analysis of a government database of California s** o**s reveals that almost 2,000 convicted p**s are living together in groups of three or more at 442 locations across the state.

Some of the 'p** dens' are a little more than a block away from schools.

Law enforcement and current and former prosecutors of s** crimes told the dens could be dangerous.

'That's a big deal,' said Nate Seger, President of the Sacramento County Deputy Sheriff's Association.

'These guys and gals have addictions, and to put them anywhere near a temptation is not serving them and it's not serving the kids.'

"It's terrifying. Your numbers truly, truly frighten me,' said former Deputy District Attorney Sam Dordulian, who prosecuted s** crimes in the LA DA's office.

'If they're all congregating with each other, it's just creating the environment for more of these crimes to occur.

'Even if they're trying to stay clean, they're in an environment where they're around other p**s. They're gonna be talking about children, having child porn available. And it's just creating a situation where you're almost sure there's going to be another offense.' obtained and analyzed a copy of the Megan's Law database of registered s** o**s in California.

The database contains records of 58,685 s** o**s, including 43,007 (73%) who have been convicted of s** crimes involving children.

By comparing these p**' addresses, the shocking picture emerged: hundreds of homes across the state where groups of child s** o**s were living, often near to schools. also spoke to residents of the 'dens' and even got a tour of one property housing several p**s. 

One property on Elm Avenue in Long Beach is home to 16 p**, according to the Megan's Law database.

Bobbie Smith Elementary is just two blocks (850 ft) away...

S** o** whose crimes involved children under age 14 and who have been specifically designated as high risk by the state are prohibited from living within half a mile of schools. 

A 'hometel' on 10th Avenue in San Diego houses 14 p**s and is 1,000ft from Urban Discovery Academy Charter, a Kindergarten through 8th grade school...

A $1million property on Wilbur Avenue in Northridge with a tennis court in the backyard is home to six p**s with some of the most heinous crimes on the statute books...

Dordulian, a veteran p** prosecutor who now represents victims of s** crimes, told that letting predators congregate in homes could raise their risk of reoffending.

'These guys all have their own little networks, especially online and sadly on the dark web,' he said. 'It wouldn't be surprising to me if they all tell each other 'well, you're looking for a place, this is the place to come to.' And that's how they all end up congregating.

'A lot of these guys look at child porn. If there's that available and one shows it to the other, they're going to bring those compulsions back for those guys, making it more likely that they're going to go out and recommit.

'There's going to be greater exposure to the stuff that triggers their compulsion, which is discussion of children, pictures of children, child porn and the like.

'This kind of a situation is going to create an environment where these p**s are going to have much greater opportunity, because no one's monitoring them.

'It's terrifying.'

Some of the addresses where the greatest numbers of p**s registered were homeless shelters, halfway houses or sober living facilities often used by recently released convicts.

The Weingart Center, a Los Angeles homeless shelter, has 25 p**s registered there, the most in the state.

A halfway house called A Place of Comfort on the city's Normandie Avenue is home to 24 predators according to the Megan's Law database.

But many others were seemingly normal residential properties, like an eight-bed, 2,700 sq ft property on Walnut Avenue in Long Beach which houses 17 p**s, or a 5-unit apartment building on Orange Avenue in the city with four p**s that is less than 1,000ft from Franklin Classical Middle School. asked the California S** O** Management Board (CASOMB), an office set up by the Governor to monitor s** o**s, about these predator group homes.

Board Coordinator Lea Chankin responded that 'California does not classify individuals on the registry as p**s', and pointed to one of their 2016 reports which said: 'For many years, CASOMB has recommended against adopting or continuing residence restrictions in California' for s** o**s.

'While the mission of the California S** O** Management Board (CASOMB) is to address issues, concerns and problems related to managing adult s** o**s in the community, the Board cannot comment on your analysis of data from the California Department of Justice,' Chankin said in a statement last week.

'Without reviewing the data and understanding the collection methods, any interpretation would be lacking context.'

She did not respond to an offer to share the data.  

A spokeswoman for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) said the penal code stipulated 'all registered s**-o** parolees shall not reside in a single family dwelling with any other s** o**, whether or not they are on parole, unless they are related by blood, marriage or adoption.'

However, interviewed homeowners and lead tenants at homes where up to six p**s shared a room together.

A spokesperson for the California Department of Justice, which administers the Megan's Law database, previously admitted to that they were aware of predators' group homes.

'Because it can be difficult for folks to find housing, it's not unusual for them to group together, if they find a place that works,' a spokesperson said.

In a statement last month, the department said the issue was for District Attorneys, courts, and state legislators to deal with, but added that it has 'Human Trafficking and S**ual Predator Apprehension Teams, which, as appropriate, regularly work with local authorities to protect public safety.'

Robin Sax, a former Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney who prosecuted p**s, said probation officers may even work with o**s to find these homes.

'There's a lot of limitations on where s** o**s can live. You can't be within so many yards of a park or a school, places where kids congregate,' she said.

'It gets pretty limited theoretically, where these people can go. It doesn't surprise me necessarily that you'd find clusters of areas where s** o**s congregate.'

'If there's a registered s** o** and they have a parole officer, and they're trying to figure out where to live, and the parole officer knows that they have five more clients that have been able to successfully get houses in this particular area, that may provide some of the rationale as to how people ended up in the same area.'

'A lot of these o**s have to take mandatory classes and programs and treatments, after they've been in prison, and so it's also possible that in their classes and groups they've met each other and also found places to live.

'The one thing that would be a massive concern is that we know that the movement of exchanging child pornography is done in a group format. That's how images are shared. There is great concern of people in clusters operating with the same illnesses.'

It is unclear how prevalent 'p** dens' are in other states, as was only able to obtain detailed o** data from the California Megan's Law database.

Solutions in other states have included housing convicts of s** crimes in their own colonies.

More than half the 300 residents of Miracle Village, a tiny hamlet near Lake Okeechobee in Florida, are s** o**s. Newly released convicts are recommended the remote community in Palm Beach County, founded by a pastor, when they get out of prison.

Some California landlords receive cash from the state for housing p**s and other s** o**s in normal communities.

According to a 2010 report by the Orange County Register, landlords received a $1,500 monthly stipend through a CDCR program. One apartment complex owner in Alamitos Beach was reportedly packing up to six parolees in each unit – causing single women and families to flee from the risk.

The CDCR said it still has a limited policy of paying rent for some parolees. spoke to a manager at one Long Beach property, himself a convicted p**, who lives there with seven other child s** o**s...

R** said the CDCR doesn't pay his tenants' rent any more, but regularly places s** o**s in the four-apartment building he manages.

'Two of our apartments are considered transitional housing,' he said. 'It's a place where people try to put their lives back together, have a steady job, shower and prepare food.

'Parole knows we have open beds, and then if they have someone who needs a bed, parole will send them in this direction.'

R** said he began managing the property soon after he arrived when he impressed the owner by doing repair work.

He said clusters of p**s are the result of restrictions on where they can live, and landlords' reluctance to house them.

'Part of the concentration thing you're talking about is because of the limitations of where people can live. In those little areas that meet all those requirements – distances from schools, parks – those little areas become enclaves,' he said.

'I get the concept of protecting people. But at the same time there seems to be no concept of forgiveness.'

R** said he was proud of the property.

'I run a pretty tight ship here. There are other facilities that are not quite as maintained … Bed bugs, people doing drugs, people having overnight guests, female or male, that shouldn't be there, alcohol consumption.

'The only thing that's problematic with neighbors is kids will be playing with their balls and they come over the fence. We just pick them up and throw them back. I've never had any problem with the neighbors about our being here.

'There's no restrictions. You can have kids living right next door.'

Although CDCR said any single-family dwelling cannot house more than one s** o**, R** said they have many more.

'We're cramming five or six guys together into one apartment. They all have different work hours, different foods they like to eat and they're all trying to use the same kitchen.

'If there's issues then I have to deal with those. You've got several people living together in a single apartment. They're going to get on each others' nerves, same as anybody else.'

Some houses and apartments are classed by CDCR as a 'residential facility' like transitional housing, where the limit does not apply.

R** said the only limit he was aware of was six parolees at any one address – which could mean a single apartment.

R** said the property is within half a mile of a school and the residents' bus route is also a common route for students.

'Whether you take the bus north or south from here, you go right by a high school and a junior high school. In the school year at the wrong time of day that bus gets filled up with kids,' he said.

'It used to freak me out. Because I'm surrounded by a bunch of young people, I'm going to get in trouble, someone's going to make a false claim against me. That was my biggest fear.'

A (Registrant) and landlord of a property in Downtown Los Angeles, gave a tour of his five-bed home where he currently houses 11 p**s...

In his house on East 48th Street, tenants pay $675 per month to live two to a sparse room in single beds, all sharing the kitchen and living room.

The kitchen's fridge was plastered with house rules including a ban on phones or laptops in the bathroom and no guests. Copies of Men's Health magazine had been neatly placed on the living room coffee table, stuffed lion and panda toys sat on top of shelves by the television, and a real python basked under a lamp in a glass box in the corner.

H** said he knew some of his tenants were s** o**s, placed there by the local parole office, but said he was not aware their victims were children.

'I try to provide a nice place for them,' he said. 'The parole department never tell me what their cases are. They just say 'make sure they're registered'.

'I opened up a transition house and when they come I'm 'Mr. H**' now. I'm not a prison number any more. I'm a businessman.'

The home is a few doors down from a pre-school and a couple of blocks from an elementary. Neighbors said there are many families on the street and kids often walk by the house on their way to or from school.

H** said the schools were established after he started taking parolees, and that he didn't see it as a problem.

'You don't just grab people and throw them out because they put a school right there. The school is not right in front of this house. Now, it could be a problem if it was, but it's not. It's way over there. And I was here first.'

Neighbor Ramon Nolasco, 74, disagrees.

'This is dangerous for families around here. There are lots of families here, many schools. In the morning and afternoon there are a lot of students walking by here,' he said.

'They should be in other places where there are no families. But the government only talks, they don't do anything. We feel abandoned.'

Other properties housing multiple p**s were less well-kept. visited a duplex at North Washington Place in Long Beach, where a plastic sheet covering its smashed front window flapped in the wind and a drug deal was in process upstairs.

Megan's Law data says 13 s** o**s including eight p**s are registered there.

Resident Francisco Santos, 42, had a GPS ankle bracelet on. He claimed his s** offense was a relationship with a 17-year-old whom he married.

'I'm not a p**, not a c** m**. I was married to her for a few years. But they put me in the same cart as these others,' he said.

'They send me to group therapy, we all have to go to a program. I don't like being around it, it's poison to my brain. When somebody says 'I molested my daughter', I don't want to hear that. That's not me.'

At another dilapidated Long Beach property on Orange Avenue, home to four p**s according to the Megan's Law database, one resident said the s** o**s lived among young families.

'It's kind of like living in the Twilight Zone, combined with a mental institution and being on the street,' Lila Elle, 44, told

'I've been on the streets, in jail, in these transitional homes. This building is up there.

'There's a lot of dope, a lot of drugs. I come from domestic violence.

'These landlords, they pick certain types to live in these buildings. It's a lot of convicts, a lot of drug addicts, so they can manipulate them.

'There's one family in the back. They have a little six-year-old. Another resident sometimes has his family over, they're around six to eight. Definitely p** bait.

'Each unit is $1,675. There's three of us in a studio, it's about $575 each. Some of these transitional homes you'd have six girls in a studio in bunk beds.'

The property manager, convicted r** K**, 64, said: 'There's never been a problem here, and I've been here going on nine years … Everybody shares food, there's barbeques.'

CDCR spokeswoman Terry Thornton said safety was the department's priority.

'When dealing with people on active parole supervision, our parole agents across the state work hard to ensure proper supervision and compliance of active parolees in the community, including those on state supervision for s**-related crimes,' she said.

Thornton said all o**s on parole supervision have GPS monitoring.

She argued that properties highlighted in the investigation were 'residential facilities' and not a 'single-family dwelling', meaning the rules on the maximum number of s** o** residents do not apply.

Thornton also cited CDCR statistics saying s** o**s are less likely to reoffend.

'The most current three-year conviction rate we have for all people released from prison is 44.6 percent, and for s** o**s it is 30.5 percent,' she said.

A Canadian study from 2004 found c** m**s with boy victims outside their families were the type of predator most likely to commit another s** offense, at a rate of 35% after 15 years.

A 2017 US Department of Justice memo cited an analysis of 94 studies which found s** o**s had an overall reoffending rate of 37%, with s**ual re-offenses at 14% after five to six years.

S** o**s are four times more likely than other criminals to be rearrested for a s** crime, according to the Justice Department.

Researchers also warned that not all reo**s are caught.

'You're talking about people who, statistically studies show are more likely to reoffend,' former p** prosecutor Sam Dordulian told

'If they're together, they're just going to create this situation. A lot of these guys look at child porn. If there's that available and one shows it to the other, they're going to bring those compulsions back for those guys, making it more likely that they're going to go out and recommit.

'No one cares where they're living. And they're all congregating, as you apparently have discovered, with each other. And it's scary.'