Monday, June 22, 2020

"Brittney" admits to violating Utah laws against harassment in media interview

It is against the law to use the registry to harass registrants. It is posted on the Utah Registry website's terms and conditions. So "Brittney" (Likely real name, Brittney Passey/ Brittney Oliver) is using social media to engage in a harassment campaign, not unlike the vigilante group ultimately responsible for the murder of a registered person in Omaha.

Daughter warns public before convicted sex offender moves to Magna
By Morgan Wolfe, KSL TV | Posted - Jun. 21, 2020 at 8:21 p.m.

6PM: Daughter warns public before convicted sex offender moves to MagnaMorgan Wolfe, KSL TV
MAGNA — A Utah woman is warning the Magna community about her father, a registered child sex offender, before he moves to a neighborhood on the west side of Salt Lake County.

Bret Riley is a convicted child sex offender that lives within a mile from a school, and less than three-fourths of a mile from the Magna Community Center.

His daughter Brittney, who requested that KSL not use her last name, is now pushing for change on where sex offenders can live.

“These perpetrators need to be held responsible, not only from the judicial systems, but by our communities,” Brittney said.

Brittney said Riley was convicted of sexually assaulting her daughter in 2016. She found out last Friday that he was going to be released early under supervision this past Tuesday.

“Nobody contacted us, asked us if we lived around that area,” she said.

Brittney said she learned he was living within walking distance from a park, school and church — all things that he’s legally not allowed to be at as a registered child sex offender.

So she posted a warning to the community in a Facebook group.

“It shouldn’t be the responsibility of the victims to follow them,” she said. “I don’t want anyone to have to go through what we went through.”

After calling the state, KSL’s Morgan Wolfe was told by a department of corrections spokesperson that sex offenders don’t have any living restrictions in Utah — meaning it is okay for Riley to live less than a mile from the park, school and church.

“I imagine there are a lot more sex offenders living around here than we know about,” one neighbor said.

Ninety-one to be exact in Magna according to the Utah sex offender registry that we searched. It still stated Riley was incarcerated.

Brittney was doing what she could to inform the public and recommended everyone check the sex offender registry.

But she still wanted the state to make some changes.

“I really feel like we need a better system,” she said.

Monday, June 8, 2020

The "Reverend" Ashley Easter apparently traded one cult for another

Rev. Ashley Easter sporting the Feminist cult's official hairdo. 
After reading the story this so-called "Reverend", I'm convinced Ashley Easter simply traded one cult for another. She says "And, while homeschooling can be a good choice for some students in my experience it was a tool used to socially isolate me from much of the outside world and to indoctrinate me with authoritarian, patriarchal ideals." But then she met a Feminist man who "rescued" her and her marriage to this emasculated man "physically removed me from the cult" and now she's a Feminist preacher.

Among other things, she is among those who believe everyone forced to register should be banned from attending church services, which makes her Shiitake-worthy. I've seen better representations of Christianity for The Jerry Springer Show's Reverend Schnorr than from this false prophet.

Summers and the Rev. Ashley Easter, a spokeswoman for the group of abuse survivor advocates, also criticized a policy within the SBC's Caring Well resources. That document, they say, is based on a document from Greear's church.

 The document outlines how registered sex offenders can be incorporated into worship services if they are monitored by "shepherding individuals" and kept away from children and any person or family member of a person they have harmed.

"Abusers should NOT be allowed on church property during services and certainly not in serving/leadership positions," Easter said.

Brad Hambrick, Summit Church's pastor of counseling, confirmed that Summit has a policy for registered sex offenders.

"Yes, our policy is still to require perpetual supervision and full awareness by the campus security team, elders, and children/student ministry leaders for an individual under RSO status to attend a weekend service," he said. "All involvement or attendance in children or student ministry is prohibited, even if the RSO's children are involved. Any involvement in an adult discipleship setting (i.e., a small group) requires the full awareness of their offense and consent of the adults in that setting."

Abuse advocates held a virtual rally on Tuesday. That same day, denominational leaders held an online " SBC Advance " to update members of the denomination. The denomination's annual meeting was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Rally organizers say they are continuing their call for an official Southern Baptist database of clergy who are convicted or credibly accused sex offenders, as well as more training, a request they say has been "partially fulfilled by the Caring Well curriculum."

Monday, June 1, 2020

Theresa Heller's campaign of harassment is allowed to continue, no thanks to the Michigan Court of Appeals

This lady was mad because she found out a funeral home owner was on the registry (despite not being involved with her child's funeral at all), then started a campaign of slander and harassment. She refers to registered persons as "convicted pedophiles" and blatantly abuses the registry.

Here is the actual decision:

Why this piece of shit is not in prison for harassment is beyond me. But this is not a total victory. Only part of the case was overturned.

Libel Lawsuit Leads Court to Ban Even True Statements About Plaintiff's "Sex Offender Status"
Fortunately, the Michigan Court of Appeals has just reversed that injunction.

From Thursday's Redmond v. Heller (Mich. Ct. App.) (by Chief Judge Christopher M. Murray, joined by Judges Patrick M. Metter and Kirsten F. Kelly):

The origins of this case arose from the death of Theresa [Heller's] and Dennis [Wolf's] twelve-year-old son, Charles Wolf, in July 2015. The medical examiner's office released Charles's body to [Arthur] McNabb of Redmond Funeral Home on July 28, 2015…. [McNabb was one of the people who prepared the body for the funeral.] …

After Theresa discovered what she considered to be the "outright lies" involved with the investigation into her son's death, she decided to investigate every name associated with the handling of her son's body. She obtained documents from the coroner's office and discovered that McNabb signed for her son's remains, and subsequently discovered that McNabb was a convicted sex offender. Theresa called [Martha] Redmond in the fall of 2015, to warn her about McNabb, and according to Theresa, Redmond lied, and said that she did not know that McNabb was a sex offender.

Police reports associated with McNabb's conviction show that McNabb met a 15-year-old high school student at a computer game store. [The general age of consent for sex in Michigan is 16.-EV] McNabb admitted that he purchased items for the teen, and the teen told an investigating officer that McNabb performed oral sex on him. The reports also suggest that McNabb engaged in grooming behavior, as a witness described McNabb as repeatedly hanging out at an Arby's restaurant, and interacting with a teen. McNabb was convicted of two counts of third-degree criminal sexual conduct [apparently in 2006], and was sentenced to prison.

After his conviction, the Board of Examiners in Mortuary Science Report revoked McNabb's license in November 2007, but the Board reinstated his license in October 2015. At a meeting held in November 2015, Redmond Funeral Home's board of directors appointed McNabb as the funeral director for one of its branch locations….

Theresa and various of her family members started posting various things online about McNabb—but not just about his 2006 conviction:

Theresa's social media posts were not confined to relating details from past events; she explicitly and implicitly asserted that she had actual knowledge that McNabb had continued to violate the law consistent with her belief that sex offenders always reoffend, and that Redmond was facilitating his activities. Instead, each of the statements at issue relate to present time, and were assertions of supposed fact about plaintiffs' current activities.

Redmond, McNabb, and the Redmond Funeral Home sued for libel; the trial court granted summary judgment in their favor, and also issued an injunction (after which the plaintiffs voluntarily dropped their damages claim):

[1.] Defendant Theresa Heller … [is] restrained from speaking, delivering, publishing, emailing or disseminating information in any manner regarding Arthur McNabb's sex offender status, his address and employment status to anyone anywhere.

[2.] Defendant Theresa Heller … [is] enjoined and restrained from defaming, stalking, harassing the plaintiffs, in any manner whatsoever, including through postings on the internet, as well as though unconsented contact with any of the plaintiffs.

The court of appeals rejected (quite rightly, I think), this injunction. Narrow injunctions forbidding the repetition of "specific speech that has already been determined by a finder of fact to be defamatory," the court said, might be restrictable—there's a difference of opinion among courts on the subject, which the court didn't resolve. But this particular injunction "cover[ed] certain speech that would be protected by the First Amendment":

For example, Theresa could speak about whether certain criminal sexual conduct convicts should be working in funeral homes by using McNabb as an example, but relaying only the information contained in the public domain, yet be brought into court for potential contempt hearings. Additionally, Theresa could state other nondefamatory commentary about Redmond and McNabb, or engage in other undefined "harassing" behavior, and be subject to censure by the court. In other words, the injunction potentially covers much more than the specific four statements found to be defamatory, and therefore does not survive constitutional scrutiny under the general antiprior restraint law under the First Amendment, or under the narrow exception recognized by many courts.

The court of appeals concluded, though, that some of the statements were false and defamatory factual assertions, which presumably means that the trial court could possibly issue "a more narrowly tailored injunction" against repeating them (again, the Court of Appeals didn't resolve whether such narrow injunctions would be constitutional):

In their motion for partial summary disposition, … plaintiffs had the burden to show that there was no material factual dispute concerning the elements of their defamation claim, i.e., that Theresa (1) made a false and defamatory statement about plaintiffs, (2) that she was not privileged to make and communicated it to a third party, (3) that she published the communication with fault amounting to, at the least, negligence, and (4) that the statement was actionable without regard to special harm (defamation per se), or that plaintiffs suffered special harm….

[P]laintiffs identified several statements by Theresa that they claimed were false and defamatory. Specifically, in the trial court's decision it cited to plaintiffs' evidence that (1) on April 22, 2017, Theresa stated that she wanted "to spread the word about what happened to Charlie after he left us two summers ago," (2) on July 24, 2017, Theresa posted on Facebook that her son's "cousins and all his friends were exposed to this pervert at Charlie's funeral," and that "he didn't sodomize his customers' children? Some of your kids were at Charlie's funeral. How does that make you feel?", (3) on that same date she stated that McNabb "hunts at fast food places, video and gaming stores, and funeral homes", and (4) on August 13, 2017, Wolf published on the Internet that McNabb "targets young teenage boys who like video games and nice shirts." Plaintiffs also set forth specific allegations and evidence about the frequency of these and other statements, Theresa continually contacting the funeral home and police agencies, and other allegedly harassing behavior….

Upon review of the evidence submitted to the trial court, we conclude that as to the four statements listed above, no reasonable juror could conclude other than that the statements Theresa and Wolf posted to social media were defamatory…. [Theresa] did not couch these accusations as opinions and, even if she had, they clearly implied an assertion of fact that could be proven false. A reasonable fact-finder reading these statements could only conclude that Theresa was asserting that she had knowledge that McNabb was actively and presently hunting for teenaged boys in order to commit criminal sexual conduct, and that he was doing so at Redmond's funeral home with Redmond's knowledge and support….

On appeal, Theresa argues that her statements that McNabb is a pedophile are true because he has a 2006 conviction of criminal sexual conduct involving a 15-year-old boy. She also asserts … that everything she stated came from police reports or the website maintained under the [Sexual Offender Registration Act], and is therefore true. However, all of the documents she cites describe acts that occurred more than 10 years earlier—none of the reports or documents she cites involve present activity. For that reason, evidence as to what is contained on the registry or in police reports is not evidence creating a material issue of fact that her statements were true.

{In MCL 28.721a, the Legislature stated its determination that "a person who has been convicted of committing an offense covered by this act poses a potential serious menace and danger to the health, safety, morals, and welfare of the people, and particularly the children, of this state." This legislative policy does not provide private citizens with the unfettered right to assume that all convicted sex offenders were in fact reoffending and, on the basis of that assumption, publicize false accusations of criminal conduct. The same is true of the court decisions that Theresa cites, as they do not stand for the proposition that private persons may make false and defamatory statements about a sex offender's current conduct on the basis of the sex offender's past conduct.} …

[But e]xcept for the statements noted above, the remainder of Theresa's statements were strongly worded, and suggested that McNabb posed an imminent danger to children. The nature of the remarks might justify a reasonable fact-finder in finding that Theresa's remarks were defamatory, or that Theresa was merely expressing her strong belief that a convicted sex offender should not be employed at a funeral home. In other words, a reasonable fact-finder could find that these remaining statements, which were undoubtedly offensive to ordinary sensibilities, were nevertheless hyperbolic, or amounted to exaggerated commentary. Consequently, on those statements, there was a question of material fact as to whether the statements were defamatory, which precluded the trial court from granting plaintiffs' motion for summary disposition in its entirety….

Thanks to Prof. Eric Goldman for the pointer.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Diane Dimond stokes the flames of vigilante violence in poorly worded editorial calling murder a "public service"

Perhaps some of you might have been thinking Diane Dimond was actually a resonable reporter, given her recent skepticism of sex offense registries. Yet, she still refers to a registrant as a "convicted pedophile," and since we all know that there is no crime called "pedophilia" nobody can be a "convicted pedophile."

Her article also shows us that the narrative Fairbanks's victim deserved what he got because he was allegedly "ogling kids while pretending to wash his car" has take hold and is not questioned. How does anyone know Fairbanks didn't make that shit up as an excuse to kill? After all, the media spent a week focused on a dilapidated children's playset in Condoluci's backyard before the Omaha Turd-Herald wrote that it belonged to the landlord of the rental property, not Condoluci.

There are lots of irresponsible people spreading lies on the Internet but it is worse when it is a syndicated columnist.

Murder as a Public Service?
By Diane Dimond
May 30, 2020  5 Min Read

On the evening of May 14, 2020, in Omaha, Nebraska, James Fairbanks went to the home of Mattieo Condoluci and shot him dead. Condoluci, 64, was a twice convicted pedophile, and Fairbanks, 43, had spent years working with troubled kids in the Omaha Public School system.

After the body was discovered, the dead man's daughter, Amanda Henry, was quoted saying, "Murdering my dad was a horrible thing, but children are much safer now."

Fairbanks is now charged with first-degree murder.

During an emotional phone call with Henry, she told me of her father's death: "I was relieved. It finally happened. It's over. It has been hell."

And then Henry told me what life had been like with Mattieo Condoluci.

"I was beaten and raped by my own father for years," she said. "The man who was supposed to protect me instead belittled, humiliated and tortured me until I finally escaped at age 19." This, she told me, is why she is now supporting the man who killed her father.

"James Fairbanks answered a 27-year-long prayer for me," Henry said. "He was there when the police weren't there. He did something when the police didn't."

Henry described how her mother had fought valiantly to maintain custody of her 2-year-old daughter but lost touch when Condoluci took off with the toddler.

While Henry has tried to block out much of her early nomadic years with Dad — they moved to several different cities in California, Florida, New Mexico, Iowa and Nebraska — she remembers her father routinely preyed on single mothers with young children. "He would find a lost soul, bring her home and then do his devil's work," she said.

In 1994, Condoluci pleaded no contest in Florida to molesting the 5-year-old son of a woman he was dating. His sentence? Four years' probation. In 2006, by then relocated to Nebraska, Condoluci was sentenced to five years in prison for sexually assaulting the 12-year-old daughter of another woman in his life. He served less than two years.

Around the same time, Henry says she was befriended by a licensed counselor and foster mother who encouraged her to report her father to the Omaha Police Department. Henry says the Omaha Police Department told her she had waited too long; the statute of limitations had run out.

Today, others, most notably, two of Henry's female cousins, have posted on a "Free James Fairbanks" Facebook page that they were sexually abused by "Uncle Matt," and they are supporting his killer. One told me: "I was raped till I was 13 years old. It started when I was 7."

In a confession Fairbanks distributed to the local media before his arrest, he explained that while looking for a new apartment, he had checked the sex registry for a particular neighborhood and found Condoluci's name. Fairbanks admitted he had watched the convict pretending to wash his car while ogling a group of children playing in the street.

"I felt sick to my stomach," Fairbanks wrote. "I researched him more and more and found he had victimized dozens of kids in different states. ... (He) had a playground set in his backyard." Because of his work with victimized kids, Fairbanks said, "I couldn't in good conscience allow him to do it to anyone else while I had the means to stop him."

Total strangers are sending money to Fairbank's jailhouse account; thousands have signed petitions calling for Fairbanks to be pardoned — unlikely at this point since he hasn't been convicted of anything. Many are saying simply that Fairbanks should not spend another night in lockup, that he did the community a favor.

This case challenges society's ethics and our own morals. It underscores the failure of the statute of limitations laws because as any victim of childhood sex abuse will tell you, they get no reprieve from a lifetime of trauma. The case also highlights those disappointing sex registries that are clogged with the names of teenage Romeos and public urinators but fail to focus strict surveillance on career pedophiles and rapists.

The case leaves us with the unsettling idea that sometimes — when those in authority fail to protect — murder could be seen as a public service.

In that instance, should the murderer get a pass?

To find out more about Diane Dimond, visit her website at Her latest book, "Thinking Outside the Crime and Justice Box," is available on To read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate webpage at

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

The Omaha World-Herald spent a week promoting vigilante violence, only now says it is wrong

UPDATE -- After a full week of promoting the Free Fairbanks facebook vigilante group, the fundraisers, and endless stream of articles sympathetic to vigilante killer James Fairbanks, only after an entire week of all this does the Turd-Herald say that vigilante murder is wrong. No takebacks here. Where was this editorial a week ago?

Original - It is a rarity that I choose to nominate an entire news outlet as opposed to a single reporter, but it is not without precedent. The Omaha paper is so full of shit, I've dubbed them the Omaha Turd-Herald.

Over the past 2 days, the Turd-Herald has published articles sympathizing with James Fairbanks, a man who abused the Nebraska Registry and influenced by a Facebook vigilante group to commit cold-blooded murder.

Below are just a couple of exerpts from a couple of the articles. There are more and i'm sure there are plenty of links on the article to more reports, but the Turd Herald has done everything it can to demonize the registrant and canonize the murderer.

 Laura Smith created a Facebook group to warn others about the convicted sex offender.

She wrote in June 2016 that Condoluci preys on the single mother “to get his hands on her children.”

“He must be stopped,” she added. “He has been convicted twice but back on the streets.”...

When Smith discovered that Condoluci had been found slain in Omaha on Saturday, she reignited her postings in the group.

“Flush that POS remains down the toilet and save the tax payers money,” she wrote the day after Condoluci’s body was found. “Justice served!”

Fairbanks has no history of violent crimes, according to a review of court records, but his ex-wife, Kelly Tamayo, applied for protection orders against him in 2016 and 2018 while they were going through a divorce.

Tamayo said Tuesday that her ex-husband “called me yesterday afternoon and told me what he had done and that he was turning himself in to police.”

Fairbanks, she said, “was apologetic and asked me to tell the kids that he loved them.”

The writer of the email, sent to The World-Herald and other local news media outlets, claimed to have shot Condoluci after learning that he was listed on Nebraska’s sex offender registry. The author said he or she was apartment hunting in the neighborhood where Condoluci lived and learned of him while investigating the neighborhood.

“We are all in shock to say the least,” said Tamayo, who divorced Fairbanks in 2016. “Jim is a protector. He has worked with vulnerable kids his entire career. He took it very personally to protect his kids and other kids from (sex) offenders like that man was.”

Tamayo, who said she has a doctorate in psychology, said she thinks Fairbanks was “overwhelmed by the thought that this man was going to offend again.” He most likely was living in fear of that possibility, she said.

“He would have been that way because the penal system fails to rehabilitate these individuals,” she said. “They just put them back in our neighborhoods.”...

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

West Virginian Scotti Wilkinson attacks registered person he claims was talking to his kids, wants money for "Disney World"

I am not going to post a direct link to this, but for the sake of proof, you can cut and paste the link below if you want to see the attack.

At any rate, Scotti Wilkinson of Parkersburg WV is now trying to make money off this venture. So far, it does not look like this piece of shit has been brought to justice for this violent crime.

This is why registered citizens should take measures to protect themselves. Any scumbag can attack a registrant under the guise of 'protecting children" and no one will bat an eyelash or question these lowlifes.

Monday, May 18, 2020

Here's yet another victim advocate trying to get judge removed over what she claims is a lenient sentence

Utah already has the not-so-Smart family and now this crazy lady comes out of the woodwork.

Victim advocate starts petition after sex offender gets 210 day sentence for child porn possession
By: John Franchi
Posted at 9:59 PM, May 17, 2020 and last updated 10:59 PM, May 17, 2020

An advocate for victims of sex crimes believes the justice system was too lenient on an admitted sex offender.

*** of Sandy pleaded guilty to three felony charges of sexual exploitation of a minor after investigators said they discovered more than 13,000 images of child pornography on his electronic devices.

*** faced one to 15 years in prison for each of the charges.

Instead, *** received a punishment of 210 days in jail. After receiving credit for time already served, he will spend about two more months behind bars.

“I was horrified when I heard about this case,” said Cathy Hoffman, a survivor of sex trafficking who now is working to give a voice to victims of sex abuse. “It’s horror. You’re horrified something like this can exist.”

Due to the graphic nature and volume of illegal files found in *** possession, Hoffman believes the punishment doesn’t fit the crime.

“It’s a green light to do whatever you want,” Hoffman said. “For every victim that has gone through something like that, it’s a slap in the face. It’s a slap in the face.”

Hoffman organized an online petition calling for Judge Douglas Hogan, the judge who handed down the sentence, to be held accountable. As of Sunday evening, the petition had the backing of more than 13,000 people.

“I have a great respect for the justice system when it does what it is supposed to do,” Hoffman said. “Children are the future and when you don’t give them a voice or justice, you’re taking that future away from them.”

The Utah Attorney General’s office investigated and prosecuted the case. In a statement, they said: “The prosecutor asked for prison. The judge, following the sentencing matrix, rejected the State’s recommendation.”

The statement added, “This is not unusual for cases like this. For a second degree felony unless there was physical violence or a live victim instead of images of child pornography with unknown children, this was a standard sentence.”

That shows Cathy, this issue is deeper than this one case and one judge. She wants to inspire system-wide changes in how these sex offenders are punished.

“Nothing is going to change unless someone speak ups,” Hoffman said. “I want to take it to the state legislature, saying, 'Look, there are 12,000 people standing behind me. This is a problem, you need to fix this.'”

Utah does not have an avenue for a recall election for a judge.

Judge Hogan received a 97% positive recommendation score in his most recent retention evaluation published by the Utah Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Anna Holtzman is the Alex Jones of the #MeToo Movement

It is 2020 and we still have people pushing the debunked Repressed Memory pseudoscience from the 1980s, but it fits perfectly with the mindless #MeToo narrative. If we automatically believe all accusers rather than the the presumption of innocence until proven guilty, then we risk many innocent people having their lives completely destroyed by a false accusation. That is the true danger of movements like #MeToo. They simply do not want to believe anyone can make a false allegation

I'm not going to publish the entire crap piece -- it is long and publishing it is like trying to unclog a sewer. There's just too much shit to unpack. She goes into Alex Jones levels of conspiracy theories like MKUltra, coverups of Freud's theories on child abuse, and that proof of innocence does not mean innocence.

This crackpot article has popped up on Google News Feeds, so apparently, Google has low standards as to what constitutes as "news" these days.

And to think, a number of people in this Anti-Registry Movement are foolish enough to believe these crackpots can be reasoned with.

Harvey Weinstein’s ‘False Memory’ Defense and its Shocking Origin Story How powerful sex offenders manipulated the field of psychology.
May 15, 2020 by Anna Holtzman

During the Harvey Weinstein rape trial, the defense called to the stand expert witness Elizabeth Loftus, a researcher on the phenomenon of so-called “false memory.” This legal tactic, explicitly designed to discredit the testimony of sexual abuse survivors, has a sordid and astonishing history dating back to the 1980s and 90s, an era known to the psychology field as the “memory wars.”

The “memory wars” were essentially a war on sexual abuse survivors who dared to speak out in an era before #METOO. More specifically, the “memory wars” targeted a particular group of sexual abuse victims: Incest survivors.

Incest is one of the most common forms of sexual abuse, and yet — despite the gains of the #METOO movement — it remains conspicuously missing from the conversation. This is largely because the “false memory” defense that was created to silence incest survivors has somehow persisted, both in the public consciousness and in the field of psychology itself.

This essay will examine the history of the “false memory” defense and its far-ranging impacts. To fully explore the issue, readers will have to open their minds to the possibility that the field of modern psychology is entrenched in pseudoscientific propaganda created by alleged child abusers, that some of Freud’s most enduring theories were based on protecting incest perpetrators, and that during the Cold War, the CIA engaged in widespread sexual abuse of children. It sounds fantastical, I know. But, so did the Weinstein case when it first broke. I hope you’ll bear with me.

... So how does Project MKUltra connect to the “false memory” propaganda campaign? One of the MKUltra intelligence-hacking experiments involved a “honey trap” strategy whereby prostitutes were trained to extract information from intelligence officers using sex. Some of these sex workers were consenting adults. Others were sex trafficked children that MKUltra researchers gained access to under the pretext of medical treatment....

The “False Accusations” Deception

The notion that legal exoneration of an alleged perpetrator is proof of a “false accusation” resulting from a “false memory.”

Unless you are a men’s rights activist or living under a rock, anyone in the age of #METOO should understand that legal exoneration is not proof that sexual abuse did not occur. The legal system is rigged against sexual abuse victims, as has been shown time and time again — even in cases where irrefutable physical evidence has been present.

The “Due Process” Deception

The notion that sexual abuse memories should be treated as courtroom accusations and thus regarded with suspicion — even in a therapeutic setting — in order to honor due process for the accused.

While blanket skepticism certainly makes sense in a courtroom setting, it is not consistent with the general goals or attitudes of psychotherapy. Just imagine how a therapy session might go if the therapist viewed a client’s every memory with skepticism — childhood birthdays, the loss of a beloved pet, a fight with a best friend. Generally, therapists are trained to respond to clients’ memories with acknowledgment, empathy and curiosity. Only on the topic of childhood sexual abuse are therapists warned to be wary of “false memories.”

What we know about childhood sexual abuse is that — like adult sexual abuse — it occurs at epidemic rates and is grossly underreported, under-prosecuted and routinely disbelieved. Warning therapists to be wary of “false” abuse memories reinforces the status quo of disbelieving sexual abuse survivors....

The “satanic panic” deception is designed to make abuse survivors appear “crazy” or “hysterical” — a tactic that deflects attention from perpetrators by discrediting their victims.

While the term “satanic ritual abuse” may sound out-there, it refers to a very real and commonplace phenomenon. The more ordinary term for this phenomenon is “organized abuse.” Put simply, it is the practice of organized groups perpetrating abuse as a condoned, intentional and habitual activity. ...

A theory, espoused by Peter Levine and others, that when an individual experiences unexplained emotional distress, the mind may create or latch onto a “false memory” of incest out of a “desperate” need to explain the distress.

The term “desperate” as used here is a dog whistle for sexism — similar to words like “hysterical” that cast women’s emotional reactions to oppression and gaslighting as “crazy.”...

I don’t question the fact that memories can come back spontaneously, that details can be forgotten, or even that memories of abuse can be triggered by various cues many years later.
Based on well-known literature by both trauma experts and survivors, the above is a fairly sound description of repressed memory. It’s hard to understand, then, Loftus’s insistence that repressed memory is a myth.

That is because Loftus’s definition of repressed memory is not derived from trauma experts or survivors, but rather from the population that she is steeped in: Alleged perpetrators.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

No Kid Hungry rejects $200,000 donation from rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine because his sex offense conviction is against their "principals"

Like most every other human being on the planet, people convicted of sex offenses donate to charities. While I have seen other stories where charities have rejected donations from Registered Persons, this is bigger not just because of the size of the donation, but the fame of the person donating, as well as the fact he was convicted of a sex offense. I'm not one to share info about a conviction, but in this instance, it is worth noting that Tekashi 6ix9ine was convicted of a (relatively petty) sex offense but as part of a plea got probation and avoided registration status. However, being a celebrity means this was reported everywhere and brought up as the reason the charity rejected the donation.

I can think of better places Tekashi 6ix9ine can donate his money, like for example. After all, we help those everyone with a sex offense conviction navigate this complex registry no matter what their background it, and 100% of donations go to the cause itself, not to paying board members between $150k and $400k annually, as No Kid Hungry apparently does.

Now I want to know if No Kid Hungry also denies services to children if they are children of registered persons.

Here's Why No Kid Hungry Rejected 6ix9ine's $200,000 Donation

5/12/2020 by Heran Mamo

After Tekashi 6ix9ine ******  in his "Gooba" comeback single and video and flashed stacks of cash and a $1 million diamond-encrusted pendant, the 24-year-old rapper felt like doing some good.

He reportedly made $2 million in less than a week since the May 8 release date of "Gooba" and its accompanying merchandise line, according to TMZ. So what's the first thing 6ix9ine tried doing with a cool $2 mil? Donate 10% of the profit, which comes out to $200,000, to No Kid Hungry, a national campaign that primarily strives to end child hunger -- especially during coronavirus when one in four kids could struggle with food insecurity after schools shut down and unemployment rates spiked, according to the website's opening statistic.

"During this pandemic I understand we have nurses and frontline Hero’s who risk there life daily to save others. But NEVER forget the children & families who depend on OUR PUBLIC schools for daily meals and nutritions to keep our future leaders growing to their best potential," 6ix9ine (real name Daniel Hernandez) wrote in a since-deleted Instagram post. "To every influencer out there REMEMBER if you are blessed GOD gave you that blessing not just for YOU but also TO HELP OTHERS GOD FIRST."

Except No Kid Hungry declared his money was no good.

The campaign's director of strategic communications Laura Washburn explained the decision in a statement to Complex. "We are grateful for Mr. Hernandez’s generous offer to donate to No Kid Hungry but we have informed his representatives that we have declined this donation," she wrote. "As a child-focused campaign, it is our policy to decline funding from donors whose activities do not align with our mission and values."

6ix9ine responded to Washburn's claim, writing on his Instagram in a since-deleted post, "@nokidhungry rather take food out the mouth of these innocent children I never seen something so cruel." His fans even flooded No Kid Hungry's Instagram pictures with "L" comments that signaled rejecting his major donation was their loss.

But since scoring an early prison release in April because of the pandemic, his racketeering and firearms charges might not be the only things on the "Gooba" rapper's track record that fails to align with No Kid Hungry's mission and values. In March 2015, the then-18-year-old rapper pleaded guilty to three felony counts for use of a 13-year-old girl in a sexual performance after an inappropriate video from October 2015 surfaced online. He later breached his plea deal when he was arrested for misdemeanor assault in March 2018 after allegedly choking a 16-year-old boy in a Houston mall earlier that year in January.

Hernandez was sentenced to four years of probation and 1,000 hours of community service for the 2015 child-sex case. The judge also ruled against forcing Hernandez to register as a sex offender...

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Nina Salarno-Besselman, Attorney Outlaw, also wants registrants to die of COVID-19 for the sake of the registry

The false sense of security for these victim cultists is not worth your life. Crime Victims United is currently trying to beg people for money during this crisis. Screw them. Let them run out of funds, and Nina can go get a REAL job.

“We’ve put a whole population at risk and I find that very, very concerning,” said Nina Salarno-Besselman, an attorney with Crime Victims United, a public safety and victims’ advocacy group that fought to pass California’s Megan’s Law in the 1990s...

“I would think that checking on sex offenders is one of the most essential services that we can provide,” Salarno-Besselman said.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Flagler County FL Sheriff Rick Staly is mad that the courts ruled in favor of a registered person

This dumb hick sheriff is running a large part of his reelection campaign on Predator Panic. This article isn't an outlier; he regularly refers to all registered persons as "perverts" even in official notices from the Sheriff's office.

Our proactive Cybercrimes Unit did a great job and exactly why we started the unit just a few months ago,” Sheriff Rick Staly said. “Throughout this sick and disturbing investigation, Detective Lashbrook built a strong case against this pervert."

Don’t let sex offenders hide from registration | SHERIFF RICK STALY

For years, the state of Florida has required convicted sex offenders by law to register when they move into and live in your neighborhood. This statutory provision has served Floridians well by enabling both law enforcement and citizens to know about the presence and location of convicted sex offenders in their communities. Unfortunately, a newly discovered legal loophole is being exploited by convicted sex offenders and their defense attorneys to avoid registering when they move into Florida communities.

Recently, the 2nd District Court of Appeals considered the case of a convicted sex offender in Hillsborough County who had failed to register after being released from the Florida Department of Corrections after completing his prison sentence. The offender had been sentenced to 15 years and fined $10,000. He and his defense attorney’s claimed that under the law, as it is currently written, he did not need to register since he had not completed his sentence. His sentence included both incarceration for 15 years in state prison and payment of a $10,000 fine. He served the time but never paid the fine and likely won’t. Using a creative defense his attorney exploited a loophole. The appellate court, looking at the literal language of the law and not the intent of the law, agreed with the defense and the court held the convicted sex offender did not have to register as a sex offender because he never “completed his sentence” when he failed to pay the $10,000 fine.

The intent of the current law is clear – sex offenders must register with the local sheriff. However, without action, the crazy result of this court ruling is sex offenders across Florida could avoid registering their presence in our neighborhoods as long as they never pay their fines. This is a double travesty of justice – they are legally allowed to hide who they are and where they live if they don’t pay their fines, which most Department of Corrections offenders do not pay up. This ruling puts our communities and children at risk by allowing convicted sex offenders to roam our communities unregistered and unknown to law enforcement and neighbors. This is totally unacceptable and handcuffs law enforcement from keeping sex offenders from preying on communities.

As sheriff, I have contacted the Florida Sheriff’s Association and our local representatives, State Sen. Travis Hutson and State Rep. Paul Renner so we can fix the law. All have agreed this fix needs to happen as soon as possible and I pledge to do everything I can to do just that. I am asking our community and our Florida lawmakers to join us in returning the law to its original intent. With this needed change, law enforcement and citizens will always have the opportunity to know about convicted sex offenders in their community. This reform law would help ensure a safer Florida for our children and families and hold sex offenders accountable for their criminal deviant behavior.

Staly is the sheriff of Flagler County.

Monday, May 11, 2020

UK Cop's Mother-In-Law accidentally tosses sensitive registrant info in trash and ends up in trashy newspaper

Despite the name of the award I give to dumbest cop of the year, most KeyStone Kop of the Year nominees land here for malicious actions taken against Registered Persons. This is not one of those cases. In the UK (unlike here in the fascist USA), info on registered persons are generally not publicly disclosed.  But this guy was negligent in securing sensitive documents. This guy needs the paper that Chief Quimby uses on all those memos to Inspector Gadget. Wowzers!

Cop’s mother-in-law accidentally threw out top-secret sex offender documents
May 10, 2020
Donna Miller

High-secret documents about pedophiles and their victims have been present in a UK road — as a result of a cop’s mother-in-law unknowingly threw them in a dumpster, a disciplinary listening to was advised.

Sgt. Martin Skirving-Chehab, 42, had introduced house the extremely delicate documents in grocery store buying baggage — and solely realized they have been lacking when he received a panicked message from his spouse, in response to the Northern Echo.

“My mom put that … bag along with your work issues within the f–king recycling bin,” his spouse, who was pregnant with their baby, warned through Whatsapp, the paper stated.

The documents have been discovered by a canine walker who handed them to the Solar newspaper, resulting in a headline-grabbing exposé final July.

The 15-year veteran of Cleveland Police on Wednesday was discovered responsible of gross misconduct for a “sustained failure to take knowledge safety severely,” in response to the Echo.

His mishap triggered “important reputational hurt to the police and a danger of great hurt to members of the general public — specifically 55 registered sex offenders whose knowledge was allowed to enter the general public area,” disciplinary listening to chairwoman Jayne Salt stated.

Nonetheless, Cleveland Police’s Joan Smith urged the panel to permit the officer, who has twice been formally counseled, to maintain his job and as a substitute get a closing written warning. The sergeant’s legal professional, Nicholas Walker, additionally stated the general public wouldn’t be greatest served by shedding such an excellent officer.

The panel was nonetheless contemplating its resolution Wednesday, the paper stated.

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Camille Crary of the Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence thinks it is more important to spread COVID-19 than alter registration

No, Camille, you idiot, spreading a deadly disease just to make you feel safe is NOT a priority.

Interestingly, the OAESV offices are closed due to COVID-19.

While registrants have expressed gratitude at the change in Washington County, Camille Crary with the Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence says the change could be difficult for victims.

“For any person that has been through a traumatic experience, a shift in consistency in terms of how that offender is being managed can potentially be very upsetting,” Crary says.

She says many perpetrators of sex crimes don’t end up on the sex offender registration at all – cases are difficult to prove and prosecute. But the registration is a sort of justice for the few victims whose offenders are on it.

“That is a way they can be held accountable,” Crary says. “That is something that is changing their life in the way that the sex crime changed the survivor’s life. And so it becomes very very important to them.”

Friday, May 1, 2020

Looks like the Orange County, Cali. DA's office hasn't improved much without Tony Rackauckas

I was hoping the Orange County DA's office would be better off without crooked Tony Rackauckas (Rawcarcass), but it seems his replacement is just as ignorant.

“They are giving a get out of jail free card," said an outraged Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer. He’s angry over the recent court-ordered release of these seven inmates he calls “high risk” sex offenders.

They were let go on April 7 citing concerns over COVID-19.

“We do not want these people out on the streets because we all know registered sex offenders have the highest propensity to commit additional offenses,” Spitzer said.

Spitzer in earlier interviews on local and national news outlets and a statement to the public sharply criticized the decision by a court commissioner to release seven “high-risk” sex offenders for time served. The DA’s office now says that six of those seven offenders have already been re-arrested.

The district attorney has alleged that the release of the sex offenders was part of a larger effort by court officials to do “everything in their power to” reduce the jail population. Public Defender Sharon Petrosino countered by accusing Spitzer of “fear-mongering” and distorting the facts of the cases to scare the public.

According to the DA’s office, most of the six accused of violating parole after their release either failed to adhere to their supervision or rendered their GPS units inoperable. As of Monday they remained behind bars, local jail records show.

“It comes as no surprise that these high-risk sex offenders continue to violate the law and do everything they can to avoid being tracked by law enforcement,” Spitzer said in a statement. “There is a concerted effort here in California and across the nation to open up the jailhouse doors and let dangerous criminals back into our streets without regard for the safety of the public which we are sworn to protect.”

The public defenders office has noted that the more recent recent offenses by the individuals spotlighted by Spitzer were not sex crimes, but instead crimes such as drug possession or making criminal threats. The public defenders office also noted that many parolees charge their GPS devices at county facilities that are now closed.

Todd Spitzer seen here showing how big a lie he just told

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Patrick Kelleher of Pink News thinks that Tiger King having an autographed picture of Bill Cosby is somehow newsworthy

I get it, people are bored due to COVID-19. Well, I've been busy keeping up with the news to pay much attention to this whole Tiger King thing everyone else seems to be enamored with. To me it is just another flash in the pan think like Kony 2012 was. But I suppose some of you saw the documentary about it and some of you may be fans. But this reporter for PinkNews thinks it is somehow big news that Joe Exotic, the Tiger King guy, once had a picture of Bill Cosby on his wall during a 2011 film, long before people started accusing Cosby of sexual assault.

Of course, my response is so the hell what? Why is this news? Are we that bored that this is what passes as news? And writing "Twitter responds" articles are among the laziest articles to write.

I guess if you've ever bought a Jello Pudding Pop as a kid you must also support accused rapists judging by the fault logic in this article.

"Those who didn’t get enough of Exotic from watching Tiger King have flocked to Louis Theroux’s documentary America’s Most Dangerous Pets, in which he also appears.

In the 2011 documentary, Theroux visited Exotic’s zoo to find out more about his tigers — but it’s a signed photograph of Bill Cosby that is capturing people’s attention.

The photo, seen in the background in one scene, is black and white and bears a hand-written message apparently from Cosby himself.

Twitter spots signed Bill Cosby photograph in the home of Joe Exotic.
“To G.W. Exotic Animal Park, Good Work!” the message from Cosby reads..."

Sunday, April 12, 2020

FL State Senator Lauren Book joins the COVID-19 exploitation bandwagon

A couple of points here:

1. She is still using the misinterpreted stat "one in five children are sexually solicited online." This stat came from Youth Internet Safety Survey (YISS); in that survey, 19% received a broad term "sexual solicitation," which included anything from sexual spam to someone asking if a person “got  lucky” on a date; Only one in 33 experienced an "aggressive sexual solicitation," or a request to contact offline; 24% came from adults, 48% came from other juveniles, and 24% from unknown people; thus, no one can assume all solicitations came from "online predators." But that doesn't stiop FloriDUH's Resident Evil from lying through her slimy teeth.

2. She calls herself a "best-selling author." Of course, I know lots of self-published authors online who make the same claims. In reality, Bimbo Book gives away far more books than she sells, so she's her own biggest customer. (You can see she spends tens of thousands on buying her own books on Lauren's Kids Form 990s.) And those books she gives away isn't truly free, but paid for with taxpayer dollars.

This woman's arrogance knows no bounds.

Online learning also means practicing digital safety | State Sen. Lauren Book
MAR 31, 2020 | 8:00 AM

In a time when schools are closed, social distancing is required, and online presence has skyrocketed, digital safety is of the utmost importance.

The FBI recently announced that during this time of school closures, threats to children are at an all-time high. Children and teens are turning to digital devices for entertainment and education – without taking proper digital safety precautions, your child could be at risk. 

A shocking 1 in 5 children who touch a digital device will be sexually solicited online. Digital devices open the door for millions of people to insert themselves into your child’s life. Those who seek to abuse and exploit children online frequent the very same apps, games and social media sites as their intended victims – first gaining access and trust, then exploiting it.

Our job as parents and caregivers is to protect the children in our lives, and when it comes to digital safety, it is critical for parents to be educated about common dangers and ways to reduce risk. And with April designated National Sexual Assault Awareness Month and National Child Abuse Prevention Month, the topic is timely...

To combat this epidemic of exploitation, families need access to information and resources to help keep technology secure and promote digital safety for children and teens. The Lauren’s Kids foundation – a nonprofit organization I founded in 2007 to protect children from sexual abuse – is making resources available to families at no cost during the COVID-19 pandemic. For more information, visit

Lauren Book is a Florida State Senator, founder and CEO of Lauren’s Kids, former classroom teacher, best-selling author, and child safety expert. She is also a concerned mother of twins who is, like many Americans, trying to manage working, parenting, schooling, and worrying from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Avery Seeger of Kentucky New Era believes getting a pardon is "skirting the registry"

The days of "impartial journalism" are long gone, as reporters use their platform to make personal attacks and promote an agenda rather than just report the news.

Dayton Jones files lawsuit to skirt sex offender registry
By Avery Seeger New Era staff writer Mar 24, 2020  0

Dayton Jones and his defense counsel have filed a lawsuit on the grounds that he should not have to register as a sex offender.

The lawsuit was filed March 3 against the commonwealth, Kentucky Justice and Public Safety Cabinet as well as Probation and Parole officer Megan Goss.

Attorneys Daniel J. Canon of Saeed and Little, LLP out of Indianapolis, and Darren C. Wolff, a Louisville attorney, are representing Jones.

The lawsuit alleges Jones’ constitutional rights were violated for being required to register as a sex offender after receiving a pardon and commutation letter from former Gov. Matt Bevin.

The lawsuit states, “To counsel’s knowledge, there is no Kentucky case which squarely addresses whether a convicted felon must comply with Kentucky Sex Offender Registration Act once their sentence has been pardoned or commuted.

“However, the Kentucky Supreme Court has stated that a pardon relieves a convicted felon of ‘all the consequences which the law has annexed to the commission of the public offense of which he has been pardoned and [the convicted person] attains new credit and capacity, as if he had never committed that public offense.”

Jones’ counsel states that nothing in the pardon and commutation document suggests that Jones should have to register, noting that it would have been within the power of the governor to require him to do so.

“If forced to register under SORA, Jones’ rights under Kentucky law will be violated,” the document states.

The suit further claims that if Jones is required to register as a sex offender, he will suffer “immediate and irreparable injury, loss and/or damage.”

The suit claims Jones will suffer from registering in the form of reduced employment opportunities, severe social stigma, traveling restrictions, psychological harm and the ability to live wherever he chooses.

It also argues that Jones was granted a pardon instead of a commutation.

“On December 9, 2019, Bevin issued Executive Order No. 2019-1332, which styled ‘PARDON & COMMUTATION,’ ” the lawsuit wrote.

“Though the document clearly states that it is a ‘PARDON,’ the document simply states the fact of Jones’ conviction, and concludes that the Governor ‘hereby commute[s] the sentence of Dayton Ross Jones to time served.’

“There is no further limitation or requirement placed on Jones by the plain language of the ‘Pardon & Commutation’ document. The Secretary of State’s Website lists this document as granting an ‘unconditional pardon’ to Petitioner (Jones).”

It goes on to say that since the executive order was made by Bevin, the commonwealth has treated the document as granting a pardon.

However, on Jan. 13, the Kentucky Secretary of State’s office clarified to the New Era that the 15-year sentence of Dayton Jones was commuted, not pardoned, after the heading on the executive order was unclear.

While the lawsuit focuses largely on the commonwealth’s actions against Jones, it also accuses Goss of violating Jones’ rights.

The lawsuit alleges Goss caused a letter to be delivered to Jones’ grandparents’ house, which contained a signed notice of discharge declaring that Jones is on sex offender post-incarceration supervision.

However, Jones and his counsel say Jones had not signed the notice and had not seen it prior to Feb. 26, the date the letter was received by his grandparents.

His counsel further alleged that Goss required Jones to report to her office Feb. 28 for sex offender supervision.

In the lawsuit, Jones’ counsel requests several orders be made by Franklin Circuit Court, including a speedy hearing and declaring that Jones was granted an unconditional pardon by the former governor and doesn’t have to register, among other requests...

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

In the midst of Coronavirus Panic, OffenderWatch is hiring to expand the government blacklist

Looking for a tech job? You could work for the enemy.  While COVID-19 is disrupting many lives, OffenderWatch wants to expand their campaign of ostracism for registered persons.

They did not bother to cancel their symposium in the wake of COVID-19, choosing to reschedule it to July 21-23, 2020.

Who’s hiring? Coronavirus job openings
By: CityBusiness staff reports March 30, 2020 2 Comments

Some companies are still looking for workers amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

On Monday, Covington-based OffenderWatch said it’s expanding its tech support team that works with law enforcement agencies to maintain an online nationwide sex offender registry.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

The FBI is really setting the Predator Panic during Coronavirus Panic high with idiotic press release

When it comes to spreading the fear, the FBI is always quick to do so willingly. Well, they set the bar pretty high here with mixing COVID-19 and Predator Panics.

School Closings Due to COVID-19 Present Potential for Increased Risk of Child Exploitation

Questions regarding this release should be directed to your local FBI field office.

Due to school closings as a result of COVID-19, children will potentially have an increased online presence and/or be in a position that puts them at an inadvertent risk. Due to this newly developing environment, the FBI is seeking to warn parents, educators, caregivers, and children about the dangers of online sexual exploitation and signs of child abuse.

Online sexual exploitation comes in many forms. Individuals may coerce victims into providing sexually explicit images or videos of themselves, often in compliance with offenders’ threats to post the images publicly or send the images to victims’ friends and family.

Other offenders may make casual contact with children online, gain their trust, and introduce sexual conversation that increases in egregiousness over time. Ultimately this activity may result in maintaining an online relationship that includes sexual conversation and the exchange of illicit images, to eventually physically meeting the child in-person.

In order for the victimization to stop, children typically have to come forward to someone they trust—typically a parent, teacher, caregiver, or law enforcement. The embarrassment of being enticed and/or coerced to engage in unwanted behavior is what often prevents children from coming forward. Offenders may have hundreds of victims around the world, so coming forward to help law enforcement identify offenders may prevent countless other incidents of sexual exploitation.

Abuse can occur offline through direct contact with another individual. During these uncertain conditions, where time with other adults and caregivers has increased immensely, parents/guardians should communicate with their children about appropriate contact with adults and watch for any changes in behavior, including an increase in nightmares, withdrawn behavior, angry outbursts, anxiety, depression, not wanting to be left alone with an individual, and sexual knowledge.

Friday, March 27, 2020

"National Center on Sexual Exploitation" (Morality in the Media) claims Snapchat and Teen Vogue are encouraging teens to maker CP during the COVID-19 outbreak

With all the recent stories on COVID-19, it was a matter of time before we found stories of people exploiting Coronavirus panic by mixing it with Predator Panic. So for 2020, I've devised a new category, the "Coronavirus Panic Exploiter of the Year. Here's out first candidate.

Remember the right wing Christian anti-pornography group "Morality in the Media"? Well, a few years back, they changed their name to "National Center on Sexual Exploitation." Despite being a religious group, they do get some grant money from the government, as noted on their Wikipedia article.

Snapchat And Teen Vogue Encouraging Teens To Create ‘Child Pornography’ During Quarantine, National Center For Sexual Exploitation Says


The National Center on Sexual Exploitation accused Snapchat and Teen Vogue of encouraging teens to create child pornography by sexting during the coronavirus pandemic.
The center is urging Teen Vogue and Snapchat to stop using their platforms to endanger children.
“Snapchat and Teen Vogue are playing right into sexual predators’ hands,” said National Center on Sexual Exploitation executive director Dawn Hawkins.

Snapchat and Teen Vogue are encouraging teenagers to create “child pornography” during the coronavirus quarantine through sexting, the National Center on Sexual Exploitation said.

The center, which fights child sexual abuse, prostitution, sex trafficking and the public health harms of pornography urged Teen Vogue on Wednesday to stop encouraging teens “to create child sexual abuse material (child pornography) by sexting during quarantine.”

The group is also pressing Snapchat to stop promoting Teen Vogue’s messages through Snapchat’s Discover feature, which offers news and video content. The social media app, which is popular among teenagers, boasted 218 million daily active users worldwide as of the fourth quarter of 2019. Nearly half of those users who watch the Discover feature watch it daily.

“Snapchat and Teen Vogue are playing right into sexual predators’ hands,” said National Center on Sexual Exploitation executive director and senior vice president Dawn Hawkins in a statement.

She added: “With the likely surge of young viewers on Snapchat due to quarantine, it is socially irresponsible for Snapchat Discover to encourage minors to self-produce underage pornography (i.e. child sexual abuse materials), thereby increasing their vulnerability to sexual predators.”

NCSE noted that encouraging teenagers to sext is encouraging minors to create and distribute child pornography, also called child sex abuse material. (RELATED: Here’s Some Of The Most Explicit Material Teen Vogue Published In 2019)

“Online predators use social media platforms to pose as peers and groom children to send them sexually explicit material (i.e. ‘sext’ with them) that they can then distribute and/or use to blackmail the child into other forms of sexual exploitation,” NCSE said.

“What Teen Vogue is doing by promoting sexing to teens is insidious and harmful,” Hawkins told the DCNF. “Given what we know about the brain development of adolescents, it is clear that discussing ‘the importance of consent’ while promoting sexting for minors does not protect those minors from the dangers of sexting — even coerced sexting. The law generally does not recognize minors’ ability to consent.”

NSCE references several examples of Teen Vogue encouraging teenagers to sext during the quarantine through photos provided to the DCNF.

“Like anything worth doing, sexting takes practice,” says a Monday Teen Vogue story on the Snapchat Discover page. “Here are 7 things you might not have known about sexting.”

“Sexting should make you feel good,” a Monday Teen Vogue Discover story said. (RELATED: Pornography And Sex Trafficking Are ‘Completely Interwoven,’ Activists Warn)

Another read: “Sending someone details about what you want to do to them and getting back even more detail about what they want to do to you should be fun, easy, and ultimately joyful. Anything less than that isn’t worth your time.”

“If you’re in the early stages of your romance, you cant still forge an emotional bond with your new boo by texting and Facetime,” another Saturday photo said. “There are all kinds of creative, fun ways to sext, if you’re at that level.”

Hawkins told the DCNF that frequent sexting among minors is used to “further bullying and sextortion among peers.”

“Images are also used as revenge pornography when the relationship sours,” she added.

“Pimps/traffickers often use the images to coerce teens into commercial sex trade; and self-produced youth pornography is often shared with third parties, and sometimes finds its way into the collections of predators and their child sexual abuse material.”

The photos were accompanied by the article: “Dating and Coronavirus: Can You Still Kiss, Have Sex, and Go on Dates During Social Distancing,” NSCE told the DCNF.

“The news about the global spread of COVID-19, the disease caused by SARS-CoV-2, has changed seemingly every few hours,” writes “Down To Find Out” columnist Nona Willis Aronowitz. Willis Aronowitz did not respond to a request for comment.

Willis Aronowitz added: “Acceptable behavior during a global pandemic is a moving target, and it can be hard to pin down what, exactly, puts you and your community at risk. Sex and love can be extra-confusing, because of course in times of stress and uncertainty, all you want to do is seek out intimacy. And yet, in the midst of a pandemic, physical closeness is one of the easiest ways to spread a virus.”

Hawkins noted that the proliferation of online child sexual abuse material has increased exponentially in recent years, and insist that Teen Vogue and Snapchat “must be held socially accountable for promoting trends that put people at risk for exploitation.”

“Research shows that sexting is often linked to offline sexual coercion, leaving teens inherently vulnerable,” Hawkins said. “Additionally, sexting can lead teens to be sexually extorted, sexually abused, or trafficked. Sexting is not harmless fun, as Teen Vogue would like teenagers to think, and Teen Vogue and Snapchat would be wise to stop promoting sexting to young, impressionable teens.”

Neither Snapchat nor Teen Vogue responded to requests for comment from the DCNF. (RELATED: Decriminalizing The Sex Trade In DC Empowers Pimps And Endangers Women Of Color, Activists Say)

This is not the first time Teen Vogue has come under fire for promoting sexual content to teens. In 2019, Teen Vogue also offered teenagers a chance to discover “How To Have Queer Sex,” “How To Use Sex Magic To Manifest Your Best Self,” “How To Get An Abortion If You’re A Teen” and more.

Critics of the publication said Teen Vogue’s content is entirely unfit for its teenaged audience. Anti-trafficking activist Jaco Booyens told the DCNF in December 2019 that Teen Vogue’s content grooms young people and seeks to desensitize them to such explicit content.

Donna Rice Hughes, president and CEO of Enough is Enough, an organization dedicated to making the internet safer for children, told the DCNF in December 2019 that Teen Vogue is driven by a “clear agenda to sexualize and exploit the minds of its young teen and tween readers during what should be a protected period of innocence.”

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

I-DUH-ho State Rep. Chad Christensen reminds us that Coronavirus panic is not as important as Predator Panic

Spudville state rep Chad Christensen took time out of the COVID-19 panic to remind us he increased residence restrictions for registered persions. Well, the Shiitake Awards aren't impacted by Coronavirus shutdowns either, so I guess we're kind of even.

Legislative update: A bad year for the free market

HB 457a

"This is my sex offender bill. The current law states sex offenders cannot be within 500 feet of a school, my bill adds licensed daycares. It also fixed a problem in the current statute, which mistakenly had an exception to allow sex offenders living in facilities to loiter on school grounds. This bill is now on the Governor’s desk waiting to be signed."

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Registrant on paper sent back to jail for a year for having a Nintendo DS

OK, yes, it is possible to access the internet with a Nintendo DS. But which DS are we discussing? I have the first model 3DS and while I can surf the web, it is quite difficult to do. (Pic is of MY 3DS bought in 2011 but with most recent updates.) You need to have a hell of a lot of patience

Blackburn sex offender jailed after being caught with Nintendo DS consoles

ByJon MacphersonChief Reporter
19:00, 18 MAR 2020

A convicted sex offender who failed to tell police that he had two internet-capable Nintendo DS games consoles has been jailed for 12 months.

****, from Blackburn, was given a sexual harm prevention order (SHPO) in 2017 after being caught with extreme pornography involving animals...

When Hutchinson was asked about any other internet-capable devices he said 'no' but a search of his bedroom revealed another Samsung phone and two Nintendo DS consoles.

The defendant said he used the phone 'as an alarm clock' and a search of the device found adult pornography in the search history.

When asked again if he had any other devices he initially said no, but after a few seconds said: "All right. There's another downstairs in a purple box in the living room".

In his police interview, Hutchinson said the Samsung mobile phone was used by himself and his partner as an alarm clock but that it could be used for wi-fi and had a sim card inside.

He said the two Nintendo DS consoles had been checked previously but 'acknowledged he should have disclosed them'.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Lake County Ohio Sheriff closes jail to visits but reminds registered citizens they're still doing registration

Good news, Lake County Ohio registrants! Apparently, Registered Citizens are immune to the Coronavirus! So when you go in to register, be sure to hack and cough all over your Gestapo papers.

Lake County Sheriff Frank Leonbruno said his office will not be doing any mass release of jail inmates in response to the novel coronavirus known as COVID-19.

“In compliance with the directives of the Ohio Department of Health, as well as those of the governor and local health directives, we have closed all visiting at the Lake County Adult Detention Facility,” Leonbruno said in a March 16 news release. “As well as we have closed all inmate programming such as church services, GED instruction, and all other programming. In short, all non-essential personnel coming into the detention facility has been stopped. Inmates will still have the ability to stay in contact with their families through the phones and postal service.”

Leonbruno added that their medical staff is monitoring jail inmates for their health and safety. No inmates were displaying symptoms of the virus at the time of the news release...

Concealed carry registrations are closed until further notice. Leonbruno said their CCW office is the second busiest in the state.

“For the health and safety of all we are limiting the influx of people into the Office, as are sheriffs in adjoining counties,” Leonbruno said. “However, we are continuing to maintain the registrations and tracking of sex offenders, arsonists, and violent offenders.”

Sheriff’s sales are suspended until further notice to comply with the directives of the Ohio Department of Health director regarding large assemblies in public areas.

Friday, March 13, 2020

If "Wild Bill" Stanton is trying to teach us protecting us from about "pedophiles," he's failing his students

I don't usually care about celebrity gossip and trash TV but celebrity Nicki Minaj is married to a registered person whose offense was 25 years ago. So some trash TV talk show host Wendy Williams decided to do a show bashing Minaj's husband and registrants ion general. While that may be Shiitake-worthy in itself, it was her guest, "Wild Bill" Stanton, a celebrity safety huckster peddling a book. that is truly worthy of a Shiitake Award nod.

On the show (starting at 3:59 on the Youtube clip), Stanton says,

"Every parent or someone who has a child in their life needs to get on their phone... and get a PEDOPHILE APP and ... highlight where everyone is in your neighborhood... We go through life living in a bubble... I'm going to take that bubble and turn it into a forcefield."

Ironically, he advises people to "educate themselves" but if this asshat is the teacher, the students are doomed to fail.

His email to me was equally stupid:

wildbillstanton <>
To: Derek Logue <>

I've read your email looked at the site and actually took a look a  few of your video's. I had no idea "sex offenders" could be so offended?
That wasn't my intention as much as addressing the issue of pedophiles and how parents, relatives and friends of children should best be aware and how to address the issues of one's child being potentially groomed by the aforementioned sex offender who's actually a pedophile.
I appreciate your perspective hope you now understand mine.
Thanks for reaching out.

Unprepared and Scared seems to be a better title is his Wendy Williams Show appearance
 is any indication of his book's advice

Friday, February 28, 2020

Melissa Martin seems to have a personal problem with me. Well this post isn't going to change that

I guess this idiot felt that if she did not mention my name, I would not read her tripe. Well I did. I was in the Dayton Daily News article. She saw fit not to mention my name but spent time bashing me. I wrote to the paper with my counterpoint to this fluff piece. I also challenged her to a debate, but all victim advocates are afraid of being outed as being full of shiitake, so don't expect her to take me up on it.

Ohio Sex Offender Registry needs to stay

By Melissa Martin

Ohio’s sex offender registry has 18,894 offenders who have been convicted of various levels of sex crimes. There are currently 139 adult registered sex offenders in Scioto County.

Registered sex offenders in Ohio are required by law to register their home address, work address, and vehicle information with their local sheriff’s office to be publicly accessible through the eSORN database. Each of Ohio’s 88 county sheriff offices input the information into the system. Supplemental information, such as phone numbers, email addresses, screen names, and handles are also required, but are not public.

A 2018 article in the Dayton Daily News, interviewed a male who was convicted in Alabama in 2001 of sexually abusing an 11-year-old girl when he was 22, and spent three years in prison. When he was released, he moved to Cincinnati and was required by the state of Ohio to register as a “predator.” Throughout the article he complains about the consequences of his atrocious crime. And he is receiving disability due to depression and anxiety because of housing and employment from being a registered sex offender per his opinion.

So, taxpayers are financially paying for the fallout from his heinous crime, while he spends his time running a website advocating to reform Ohio sex offender laws. What is wrong with this picture?

Who are the perpetrators of child sexual abuse?

The US Department of Justice reports that 93 percent of child sex abuse is committed by a person whom the child knows. In 47 percent of the cases, the perpetrator is a member of the family. And 7 percent of offenses are committed by strangers.

“Abusers can manipulate victims to stay quiet about the sexual abuse using a number of different tactics. Often an abuser will use their position of power over the victim to coerce or intimidate the child. They might tell the child that the activity is normal or that they enjoyed it. An abuser may make threats if the child refuses to participate or plans to tell another adult,” according to RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network), the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization.

Do child molesters re-offend by sexually abusing more children after being released from prison?

Studies are flawed and do not reflect crimes that are not prosecuted or not reported by victims. Information from studies do not accurately reflect what happens over a longer period of time.

The following classifications are used by Ohio’s system:

Sexual Predator: An individual who has been convicted of, or pleaded guilty to, committing a sexually-oriented offense and is considered likely to commit additional sexually oriented offenses. Offenders with this designation are subject to registration/verification requirements for life, unless a judge modifies or terminates the designation. They are subject to neighbor/community notification provisions and reporting requirements at 90-day intervals.

Habitual Sex Offender: An individual who has been convicted of, or pleaded guilty to, committing a sexually oriented offense, and who has been previously convicted of or pleaded guilty to one or more sexually oriented offenses. Offenders with this designation are subject to registration/verification requirements each year for a period of 20 years after release. A judge may rule that a habitual sex offender is subject to neighbor/ community notification.

Sexually Oriented Offender: A person who has been convicted of, or pleaded guilty to, committing a sexually oriented offense, but who has not been designated as a sexual predator or habitual sex offender. Offenders with this designation are subject to the registration/verification requirements annually for a period of 10 years after release. They are not subject to neighbor/community notification.

Offense tiers used by Ohio are as follows:

Tier I: Importuning; unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, non-consensual and offender less than 4 years older than victim, not previously convicted of certain offenses; voyeurism; sexual imposition; gross sexual imposition; illegal use of a minor in nudity-oriented material or performance; child enticement with sexual motivation; pandering obscenity; menacing by stalking with sexual motivation; and unlawful restraint with sexual motivation — this includes an attempt, complicity or conspiracy to commit any of these offenses. Child-victim offenders not in Tier II or Tier III.

Tier II: Compelling prostitution; pandering obscenity involving a minor; pandering sexual oriented material involving a minor; illegal use of a minor in nudity-oriented material or performance; when offender is at least four years older; or when the offender is less than four years older and has prior conviction for certain other offenses; gross sexual imposition victim under 13; child endangering; kidnapping with sexual motivation; kidnapping victim over 18; and abduction with sexual motivation — any sexual offense that occurs after the offender has been classified as a Tier I offender. This includes an attempt, complicity or conspiracy to commit any of these offenses. Pre-AWA habitual offenders, unless re-classified.

Tier III: Rape; sexual battery; aggravated murder with sexual motivation; murder with sexual motivation; unlawful death or termination of pregnancy as a result of commit- ting or attempting to commit a felony with sexual motivation; kidnapping of minor to engage in sexual activity; kid- napping of minor, not by parent; and felonious assault with sexual motivation. — Pre-AWA predators unless re-classified after hearing. Any sexual offense that occurs after the offender is classified as a Tier II or Tier III offender. This includes an attempt, complicity or conspiracy to commit any of these offenses.

The Ohio Sex Offender Registry needs to stay.