Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Hull, UK resident Amy Gray impersonates ex-boyfriend to set him and new girlfriend up for vigilante sting operation

It isn't often we nominate someone from the UK here but this case is well deserving of a Shiitake Award. 

What is even more disturbing is that police detained the couple for 12 hours after prodding by a disgusting vigilante scumbag group instead of arresting the vigilantes. 

(Maybe if some British person stumbles upon my blog, I can get an explanation of the term "Fred West prank.")

Woman's cruel 'Fred West' prank saw ex-partner hounded by paedophile hunters 'to teach him a lesson'

Amy Gray was angry that her ex had left her for another woman so pretended to meet a 14-year-old for sex

By Sophie CorcoranSenior Reporter

17:04, 11 JAN 2021

A Hull woman hacked into her ex-boyfriend's Facebook account, arranged to meet a 14-year-old for sex and then alerted a paedophile vigilante group in a bizarre revenge plot.

Amy Gray, 37, of Great Thornton Street, said she was angry that her ex had left her for another woman and in November 2018 decided to teach him a lesson.

Gray - who had helped the man set up a Facebook profile - used his passwords to log on and message a 14-year-old girl that was later revealed to be a decoy set up by a paedophile vigilante group.

Hull Crown Court heard on Monday that Gray - pretending to be her ex-boyfriend - arranged to meet the underage girl on Newland Avenue for sex.

Ben Thomas, prosecuting, told the court she had also used her ex-partner's new girlfriend's name, claiming they wanted the girl to take part in a "threesome."

In an interview with police, Gray told officers it would be a "bonus" for her love rival to get into trouble too.

"Predator's Exposed," the group behind the decoy, then made their way to Newland Avenue expecting to catch Gray's ex-partner, who is in fact already on the Sex Offender's Register.

Mr Thomas told the court: "Of course no one turned up to meet them so they went to his house as his address had been given in some of the messages."

The man answered the door to see six members of the group who had travelled to confront him.

They were filming the video and posting it live onto Facebook.

During the interception the man was called a "dirty, vile piece of s***", a "jelly bellied b******" and even Fred West.

His new partner was also apprehended by the group and told she could not answer her mobile phone. The woman's concerned mother had found out through her niece that her daughter was being live streamed on Predator's Exposed's Facebook page and was trying to get hold of her.

Humberside Police were called and the couple were taken into custody, detained for 12 hours and interviewed.

Mr Thomas told the court that their house was searched and their phones were analysed.

However, Gray was eventually caught out when officers realised the IP address of where the messages were sent from was her address.

Her ex-partner was the subject of a tag which also showed he had not been to her house when the messages were sent, proving it was Gray behind the messages.

Mr Thomas said: "In an interview she said she wanted revenge. She knew how much the video would be shared and she wanted him in prison so he and his new partner couldn't be together."

In a victim personal statement the man told how he and his partner had been forced to move away from Hull, have been shouted at in the street and even had their home doused in graffiti.

The woman said she did not leave her home on her own for nine months.

The court heard how Gray has a previous conviction for three offences of sexual assault, for which she was convicted in 2005.

However, her barrister, Amber Hobson, told the court these took place when Gray was living as a man. She transitioned into a woman a year later.

Ms Hobson said: "She struggled with her identity most of her life and lived her life in the shadows. Perhaps that has taken a toll on her and affected her mental health. She has one previous conviction from a very different time in her life when she was living as a man. She worked with the probation service and found it very helpful.

"She says that offending was born out of confusion with her identity and not an attraction to children or women."

Ms Hobson appealed to Judge David Tremberg, telling her Gray would struggle in prison as a transgender woman.

She added that Gray is remorseful and that the author of a pre-sentence report had come to the conclusion that Gray is at low-risk of reoffending.

"She didn't foresee the level of scrutiny they would be subjected to," Ms Hobson added.

As he jailed Gray for five years for perverting the course of justice, Judge Tremberg told her: "You wanted to make him suffer and cause maximum harm and degradation to his emotional wellbeing, status and reputation. If that caused harm and distress to his girlfriend that was a bonus for you.

"You exposed them to an ordeal of public humiliation."

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Kathianne Boniello of the New York Post is 2021's first Shiitake Award nominee

There is no Elijah Kelly listed on the NY public registry. So why does it matter he's staying in a shelter where other registered persons reside? Does she think sexual offense are contageous or we spread trade secrets like Pokemon cards? Either way, her logic is faulty and her appearance on extreme right-winger websites such as "The Ultimate Patriot" makes me suspicious of her motives. 

She hides her true identity so I'm wondering if Kathianne Boniello is even her real name.

NYC rape suspect lived among sex offenders in notorious homeless shelter

By Kathianne Boniello

January 2, 2021 | 9:17pm | Updated

A man busted in the frightening New Year’s Eve strangulation rape of a Manhattan woman lived nearby in a notorious homeless shelter, where more than two dozen registered sex offenders currently reside, a Post analysis found.

The accused rapist, Elijah Kelly, 23, was nabbed at East 30th Street and Third Ave in Kips Bay, not far from the scene of the rape — and just steps from his home at the Bellevue Men’s Shelter, which has long been a pervert dumping ground and a bane to neighbors in tony Kips Bay.

In addition to Kelly, who faces a host of charges in the alleged attack, including rape, robbery, felony assault and strangulation, current shelter residents include such fiends as a David Bradley, 35, who pimped out a 23-year-old woman he knew; convicted rapist Johnny Ellis, 58, a Level 3 sex offender who attacked a woman at gunpoint; and violent serial rapist Charada Turner, 47, who choked and raped three women after threatening them with a knife.

The massive, 1,000-bed facility has sheltered dozens of homeless sex offenders at a time over the years, and currently, least 26 registered sex offenders list the Bellevue Men’s Shelter as their residence, according to the state’s sex offender registry.

The city pledged to clean the place up in May, after The Post published shocking photos of homeless men, many without masks, crammed in together after being rousted out of the city’s subways as the coronavirus pandemic raged across the Big Apple. Many were left sprawled across the floors and stairwells of the East 30th Street facility.

Violence has plagued the shelter over the years. In January 2017, one shelter resident was busted for brutally stabbing the elderly owner of a nearby tailor shop, and in April 2016, Marcus Guerreio, 56, was found dead, lying in a bed in a pool of blood inside one of the shelter’s rooms.

In April 2015, ex-con Rodney Stover, 48, was living at the Bellevue Men’s Shelter when he attacked a 23-year-old woman in a bathroom stall at the Turnmill Bar on East 27th Street, just 10 minutes before his 8 p.m. curfew.

Thursday, December 31, 2020

What is worse than running a vigilante group? Giving the vigilante group an award for their "service"

Christopher Rydgig, an Edward Jones Financial Advisor in Maryville, IL, gave an award to Kyle Swanson of KTS Predator Hunters. Feel free to share your disgust at:

Phone: (618) 223-5138



Mr. Rydgig should vet their award recipients a lot better, because:

1. KTS Predator Hunters is currently being sued by autistic man they tried setting up: As mentioned in yesterday's article, KTS Predator Hunters has been sued, and the group is claiming the lawsuit may cause them to cease operations. (Good.) KTS is trying to raise $7500 for attorney fees but thankfully has only raised $900 on GoFundMe so far. I've reported that campaign so hopefully it will be removed soon. 

i'm amazed they weren't taken to task when members of their vigilante page made nasty remarks on the Madison County IL Sheriff's Office Facebook page. As The Telegraph notes

"The Sheriff’s Department made several postings in response to the incident on its Facebook page, but eventually took them down because of the confrontational nature of the group’s responses, according to Vucich."

2. KTS Predator Hunters has been in a dispute with local law enforcement agencies: The Telegraph reported in August 2020 that "KTS Predator Hunters LLC, has been in a feud with the sheriff’s department since an incident in Alton late last month. Madison County Chief Deputy Sheriff Major Jeff Connor, who also is the commander of the Major Case Squad of Greater St. Louis, said he believes the group has good intentions, but are going about it improperly, making it difficult for law enforcement to prosecute. That was echoed by Madison County State’s Attorney Tom Gibbons, who said he had met with representatives of the group about 18 months ago, when he told them how they needed to work with local law enforcement... Connor also said that, according to video recorded at the scene, they threatened the man and “took weed” from the man. “We don’t know what they did with it,” said Connor in reference to the alleged marijuana. “We know they didn’t turn it over to the police.” Later in the monthly county judiciary meeting, Gibbons said he had talked to representatives of the KTS group and “explained to them how the methods they were using made it virtually impossible for us to charge somebody.” Gibbons said that when someone is identified as abusing or endangering children “that is when you call 911. “Once you go and arrange a meeting with these people, the investigation is beyond where we will be able to obtain additional evidence,” he said.

3. KTS had been kicked off social media at least once already: Considering how hard it is to get these groups kicked off Facebook, they must have done something quite horrific to have had their previous account deleted. 

They are currently at risk for deletion yet again:

It may be partially because KTS also posted siome QAnon propaganda and is friends with the doucherag David Rowe from No Peace For Predators, another QAnon conspiracy crackpot:

4. Most of KTS's "cases" do not lead to arrests or convictions: Even before counties in Missouri outright banned using vigilante group data for arrests, most of KTS Predatror Hunter's "exposes" went absolutely nowhere; even when an arrest was made, cases were later dropped. Similar cases in Illinois, where KTS now operates, were also dropped due to KTS incompetence. 

5. KTS Predator Hunters doesn't mind engaging in risky behavior: KTS set up one of their entrapment opertaions in the parking lot of a grade school, which alarmed local officials. "Collinsville Unit School District 10 officials were disturbed to learn that one of these sting-like operations took place Monday night in the parking lot of Webster Elementary School. The target was a Missouri man who apparently thought he was meeting a 13-year-old girl. Instead, he faced two members of the metro-east group KTS Predator Hunters. They interrogated and reprimanded him for about 10 minutes as video cameras recorded the scene. 'This group had no involvement, agreement or communication with the school district or local law enforcement before, during or after this occurred,' Superintendent Brad Skertich said Thursday. 'They were completely on their own.'"

OK, for those wondering why data from a vigilante group is generally not used in a real criminal case, look up the term "Fruit of the Poisonous Tree." In the case leading to the dispute with the Madison Co IL Sheriff's Dept, The Telegraph noted

"The alleged incident took place Wednesday in the parking lot of a Walgreens on State Street in Alton, but both county and city law enforcement officials said they received either no or haphazard information prior to the actual incident, and have not been contacted since." 

We don't know all of what was said during this conversation. How do we even know proper protocol was followed and the alleged predator is actually intending to meet an underage person? When vigilante groups dick with providing potential evidence, it is unusable. 

I'm sure to get plenty of nasty messages from this group for posting this, so I'll be sure to submit this to the attorney for the man suing these losers as well as posting them here. 

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Michigan lawmakers decided, If at first you don't succeed, pass the same unconstitutional, draconian law

This is a reminder Democrats are no more receptive to justice reform than Republicans. Vote them ALL out! 

Just remember that this dumbassed state also willingly poisoned their own constituents in Flint and trired to cover it up. While that wasn't on Gretchen DIMWITmer's watch, she signed a bill that will destroy just as many human lives.  

Millions of dollars will be wasted once again as the lawsuits will increase.

Whitmer bill signings include tightened sex offender registration protocols, boosts in medical staffing

Updated Dec 30, 2020; Posted Dec 30, 2020

By Samuel Dodge |

LANSING, MI - Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s major signing Tuesday was the partial approval of a COVID-19 relief supplemental equaling $106 million. Later on Dec. 29, though, she inked a series of other bills.

The governor ratified more than 80 bits of legislation to immediate effect, notably the tightening of registration protocols for sex offenders and the loosening of license restrictions to boost medical staffing to fight COVID-19 surges.

The approval of changes to the state’s Sex Offender Registration Act fulfills a 4-year-old mandate from the U.S. Court of Appeals, which ruled that it was unconstitutional to impose new restrictions on people convicted before the Act was updated.

House Bill 5679, sponsored by Rep. James Lower, R-Greenville, addresses that problem and was approved in the Senate by a 21-17 vote during the Dec. 16 session. The Michigan House approved the bill 80-24 on Dec. 2.

The proposed amendments to SORA in House Bill 5679 are:

Giving sex offenders no more than three days to register or report status changes in person with local law enforcement.

Requiring offenders to report all email addresses, social media names or other forms of “internet identifiers.” That would not apply retroactively to offenders prior to July 1, 2011, but anyone required to register after that date must comply.

Requiring all telephone numbers and vehicles used by the offender to be reported. Previously, they didn’t need to report those used on a less regular basis.

Allowing email addresses, social media usernames and other identifiers to be published on a public sex offender registry.

Removing prohibitions for offenders from living, working or loitering near school property or “student safety zones.”

No longer requiring an offender’s tier classification to be included on the public website. Law enforcement personnel who willfully fail to periodically report on offenders would face a penalty.

The state’s ACLU chapter urged Whitmer to veto the changes, calling them unconstitutional and ineffective at stopping offenders.

“This legislation ignores the judicial rulings, rejects the science and makes Michigan communities and families less safe,” said Miriam Aukerman, senior staff attorney for ACLU Michigan, on Dec. 20. “The research is clear: registries don’t work. As the courts have pointed out, registries are counterproductive and may increase offending because they make it extremely difficult for registrants to obtain a job, find housing, and rejoin their families, sabotaging their efforts to become productive members of the community.”

House Judiciary Chair Graham Filler, R-DeWitt, called codifying SORA changes a priority of the 2020 lame-duck session, along with COVID-19 preventative measures.

Read more: Mitigating COVID-19 surge at center of lame-duck session at Michigan Capitol

“If we don’t do anything as a Legislature, we’re afraid a federal judge could invalidate the entire Sex Offender Registration Act,” he told MLive prior to the start of the lame duck. “That’s not something we want. We want to be fair and proportional, but we also want to protect the public.”

Friday, December 18, 2020

Kyle Swanson of KTS Predator Hunters sued by austistic person he bullied online

Currently, Kyle Swanson is begging for legal defense funds or his vigilante group will cease operations

I hope he loses big. Here's why KTS Predator Hunters should be taken down:

1. KTS Predator Hunters is currently being sued by autistic man they tried setting up: As mentioned in yesterday's article, KTS Predator Hunters has been sued, and the group is claiming the lawsuit may cause them to cease operations. (Good.) KTS is trying to raise $7500 for attorney fees but thankfully has only raised $900 on GoFundMe so far. I've reported that campaign so hopefully it will be removed soon. I'm amazed they weren't taken to task when members of their vigilante page made nasty remarks on the Madison County IL Sheriff's Office Facebook page. As The Telegraph notes, "The Sheriff’s Department made several postings in response to the incident on its Facebook page, but eventually took them down because of the confrontational nature of the group’s responses, according to Vucich."

2. KTS Predator Hunters has been in a dispute with local law enforcement agencies: The Telegraph reported in August 2020 that "KTS Predator Hunters LLC, has been in a feud with the sheriff’s department since an incident in Alton late last month. Madison County Chief Deputy Sheriff Major Jeff Connor, who also is the commander of the Major Case Squad of Greater St. Louis, said he believes the group has good intentions, but are going about it improperly, making it difficult for law enforcement to prosecute. That was echoed by Madison County State’s Attorney Tom Gibbons, who said he had met with representatives of the group about 18 months ago, when he told them how they needed to work with local law enforcement... Connor also said that, according to video recorded at the scene, they threatened the man and “took weed” from the man. “We don’t know what they did with it,” said Connor in reference to the alleged marijuana. “We know they didn’t turn it over to the police.” Later in the monthly county judiciary meeting, Gibbons said he had talked to representatives of the KTS group and “explained to them how the methods they were using made it virtually impossible for us to charge somebody.” Gibbons said that when someone is identified as abusing or endangering children “that is when you call 911. “Once you go and arrange a meeting with these people, the investigation is beyond where we will be able to obtain additional evidence,” he said.

3. KTS had been kicked off social media at least once already: Considering how hard it is to get these groups kicked off Facebook, they must have done something quite horrific to have had their previous account deleted. They are currently at risk for deletion yet again. It may be partially because KTS also posted siome QAnon propaganda and is friends with the doucherag David Rowe from No Peace For Predators, another QAnon conspiracy crackpot.

4. Most of KTS's "cases" do not lead to arrests or convictions: Even before counties in Missouri outright banned using vigilante group data for arrests, most of KTS Predatror Hunter's "exposes" went absolutely nowhere; even when an arrest was made, cases were later dropped. Similar cases in Illinois, where KTS now operates, were also dropped due to KTS incompetence. 

5. KTS Predator Hunters doesn't mind engaging in risky behavior: KTS set up one of their entrapment opertaions in the parking lot of a grade school, which alarmed local officials. "Collinsville Unit School District 10 officials were disturbed to learn that one of these sting-like operations took place Monday night in the parking lot of Webster Elementary School. The target was a Missouri man who apparently thought he was meeting a 13-year-old girl. Instead, he faced two members of the metro-east group KTS Predator Hunters. They interrogated and reprimanded him for about 10 minutes as video cameras recorded the scene. 'This group had no involvement, agreement or communication with the school district or local law enforcement before, during or after this occurred,' Superintendent Brad Skertich said Thursday. 'They were completely on their own.'"

Former security guard sues sex ‘predator hunters’ for defamation in Randolph County


OCTOBER 16, 2020 07:30 AM, 

A metro-east group that posts photos, videos and other information on social media to expose and shame suspected pedophiles is being sued for defamation by a Randolph County man.

Adrian Collins filed a lawsuit in Randolph County Circuit Court last month against KTS Predator Hunters and its founder, Kyle Swanson, of Belleville.

In his complaint, Collins maintains that Swanson posted a Facebook conversation between Collins and someone identified as “Jordan Lane” in June on the KTS Facebook page and falsely called it a “sex trafficking situation,” insinuated that Collins was “grooming” a 14-year-old girl and referred to Collins as “very creepy.”

“Plaintiff did not inquire as to (Jordan Lane’s) age at the time of his conversation with her,” according to the complaint, which states that Collins has Asperger syndrome, an autism spectrum disorder.

The complaint also states that Collins received threats online after KTS posted his conversation, lost his job as a security guard at Red Bud Regional Hospital and hasn’t been able to find other employment.

The lawsuit asks for in excess of $50,000 for compensatory damages and in excess of $50,000 for punitive damages.

“Defendants maliciously and intentionally caused the publication of the false statements to a Facebook page with thousands of followers for the purpose of harming the Plaintiff’s good reputation,” the complaint states.

Collins is represented by Belleville attorney Megan Gilbreth, who filed the lawsuit on Sept. 4. Swanson later motioned for dismissal. An attorney wasn’t listed in his motion.

“Plaintiff was well aware of the age of the decoy,” it stated.

Randolph County Circuit Court Judge Richard Brown denied the motion to dismiss the lawsuit on Sept. 25. Swanson has 30 days from that date to answer the complaint.

KTS announced the lawsuit Wednesday on the Facebook page of its non-profit organization, KTS: Stop Sexual Assault. The group is asking its more than 47,000 followers to donate money for legal fees.

“Wondering why we haven’t been doing live meet ups lately?” the post asked, using the term “meet ups” to describe videotaped confrontations with suspected pedophiles that are sometimes streamed live on Facebook or YouTube.

“We are currently in a head to head battle with a former person we exposed and going to court with them. They’re attempting to sue ourselves and our owner personally. Our lawyers fees have added up and we’re looking for help. The down payment alone is $7,500.

“Please take a second share this. We can’t continue operations till this is over and may shut down KTS completely if we don’t raise enough money for an attorney.”

Group leaders didn’t return a call seeking comment.

Predator-hunting groups can be found all over the country. Some were inspired by “To Catch a Predator,” a reality TV series that was part of NBC’s “Dateline” from 2004 to 2007. Police were involved in most of its episodes.

KTS members communicate with suspected pedophiles on the internet and sometimes lure the adult men to locations in Illinois and Missouri under the pretense that they are minor girls willing to meet and presumably have sex.

Then KTS members show up at the locations, confront suspects, videotape confrontations and post videos on Facebook or YouTube. The idea is to shame and perhaps scare the adult men into stopping their activities, as KTS has no legal authority to arrest them.

As of Thursday afternoon, nearly 150 followers had offered support on the KTS: Stop Sexual Assault Facebook page in response to news of the Randolph County lawsuit. Some suggested legal strategies or reported that they had donated money. Others called for protests at Swanson’s court appearances.

“With the mission y’all have I would think you should be able to find an amazing lawyer pro bono because who doesn’t want these monsters called out?” one commenter wrote.

KTS made headlines last month, when one of its sting-like operations involving a Missouri man took place in the parking lot of Webster Elementary School in Collinsville after school hours.

Brad Skertich, superintendent of Collinsville Unit School District 10, sent an email to parents and guardians of students, assuring them that no actual children were involved.

“This group had no involvement, agreement or communication with the school district or local law enforcement before, during or after this occurred,” he told the BND. “They were completely on their own.”

In his letter, Skertich called the incident “alarming” and noted that the district had contacted Collinsville Police Department to help it determine how to move forward in light of the Missouri man’s actions and the KTS group’s decision to lure a “potentially dangerous adult” onto school property.

Skertich also urged parental guidance.

“The situation serves as a harsh reminder that we must regularly monitor our children’s internet and phone usage, discuss safe and unsafe practices, and have regular conversations about who they communicate with throughout the day,” he wrote.

Madison County State’s Attorney Tom Gibbons has reportedly met with KTS members and asked them to start telling police about contacts with suspected pedophiles instead of taking matters into their own hands so proper investigations could lead to criminal charges.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported in 2019 that a handful of men had been arrested after being confronted by KTS Predator Hunters or members of a St. Louis group called Truckers Against Predators, but most of those cases were dropped.

“Some local law enforcement officials (said the groups) create volatile situations that should be left to trained professionals, and unleash a form of mob justice that’s hard to control,” the Post reported.

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Removing the veil of stupidity from the Mount Pleasant PD with Detective Kenny Clark

The last thing we need is fearmongering in the media, but local level police agencies are frequently cited as authoritites on crime statistics even when most beat cops and detectives need little more than a high school diploma to be employed. Thus, local police are prone to say the dumbest thinfs, like Kenny Clark of the Mount Pleasant PD in SC. 

There's more to the article that is bad, especially ICAC using junk science like polygraphs to intimidate suspects, but this quote is especially noteworthy for 

“Anywhere a child is, there’s a predator. If there’s a child (internet) platform where children are known to be, then you can bet someone is hunting them,” said Detective Kenny Clark of the Mount Pleasant Police Department.

“None of us want to think our neighbor would do anything to harm our kids or anything like that, but in all actuality it happens,” Clark said. “If we put something in the media, of an arrest this week, next week nobody’s thinking about it until the next one.”

Friday, December 11, 2020

The Art of the Steal: Broward County FL sex crimes persecutor Stacey Honowitz doesn't want Anti-Registry Activists mentioning her shoplifting arrest

Considering the author's arrest for shoplifting, I feel a sequel to her children's book is needed, we  can call it "Don't Steal, It's a Big Deal." it could be a story about a Broward County S*x Crimes prosecutor who slipped $42.93 worth of cosmetics into her purse in a Publix, got busted, then used her position to get off. While she writes books telling people hands off, she doesn't apply "hands off" principles to her own behavior. She obviously can't be held to the same standards as the rest of us since the prosecutor's office refused to pursue it, so did she truly learn a lesson? 

Or, maybe she can call it "The Art of the Steal", a lesson on saving money using the ol' five finger discount. 

You want to hear something funny? I would not have even known about this had she (or rather, her attorney) not sent a letter to Florida Action Committee requesting they take down a post about her 2018 arrest:

Prosecutor Stacey Honowitz wants her arrest post removed

Dec 11, 2020 | 22 comments

We received an email from an attorney requesting we remove a certain post from our website. The post concerned Broward Sex Crimes Prosecutor Stacey Honowitz’s arrest for shoplifting at a Publix Supermarket in 2018. The removal request appears below:

Good Day,

I hope this message finds you well in these trying times. I am writing on behalf of Stacey Honowitz to kindly request the removal of the article published to the above-copied link. The incident, a misunderstanding, is a most embarrassing blemish on Ms. Honowitz’s otherwise pristine record and career. The charge was readily nolle prossed (please see attached). As you can certainly appreciate, the continued publication has caused and continues to cause Ms. Honowitz great distress and damage to her reputation.

Please do not hesitate to reach out should you have any questions. We thank you in advance for your time dedicated to this sensitive matter.

Cordially Yours,

Vanessa McGill

Stacey Honowitz is a sex crimes prosecutor and an advocate for harsher sex offender restrictions. To quote Ms. Honowitz, “Tougher laws [are] needed to protect our kids from sex offenders.”

While we agree with Ms. Honowitz that sexual abuse needs to be prevented, we strongly disagree that tougher laws are needed to protect anyone from persons forced to register as “sex offenders”. The overwhelming majority (95%+) of people on the registry will not re-offend and are trying to live productive lives, yet the continued publication of their information on a public registry prevents them from obtaining employment, housing and other basic needs for themselves and their families.

For most registrants, their crime was a one-time offense and a complete aberration in an otherwise law abiding life. Surely most were guilty, but many were not. Some were wrongfully accused, baited and switched in a sting, or a misunderstanding for which they took a plea decades ago out of convenience and to avoid the risk of jail time without knowing what was to come as far as the registry. Arguably their incidents are also a “most embarrassing blemish” in an “otherwise pristine record” and “the continued publication” of their information on a sex offender registry “has caused and continues to cause” them “great distress and damage”.

So what to do about this request to remove the article? Since the letter came from an attorney who lists one of her areas of practice as defamation cases, the implication is that if we chose not to take down the article we might face a lawsuit. However, the Miami Herald’s story, Veteran Sex-Crimes Prosecutor Accused of Shoplifting is still up. So is the Sun-Sentinel’s coverage. The surveillance footage of her sticking the cosmetic items in her purse and leaving the store has not been taken down. So why should we remove our post?

We did update the story to state that the charges were nolle prossed, but do we need to take down the entire article? Even if the shoplifting incident was unintentional and she simply forgot to pay for the items or mindlessly put them in her purse without realizing, she prosecutes people who unknowingly or unintentionally violate a technical registration rule all the time and even if decades have passed without incident, her office still vigorously opposes petitions for removal from the registry.

It’s very possible that the arrest has given Ms. Honowitz a different perspective and greater empathy for people who “as [she] can certainly appreciate” are suffering great distress and damage from their continued publication on the registry. Or, it’s possible she could care less. We’d like to see where she stands in light of the fact that she’s “kindly requesting” we take down a post.

Frankly we’re impressed that our little forum would even concern her enough to retain an attorney to contact us. But, before we act on the request, we’d really like to hear the thoughts of our membership, so please feel free to share them in the comments below. We’d also love to hear from Ms.Honowitz herself, given the ironic nature of her request. If she would like to be a guest on a future member call, consider this a public invitation.

Broward sex-crimes prosecutor accused of shoplifting at Aventura Publix


SEPTEMBER 17, 2018 04:12 PM, 

Stacey Honowitz, a Broward prosecutor and author of “Genius with a Penis, Don’t Touch!” HANDOUT

A high-profile Broward prosecutor who supervises cases against child molesters and rapists is facing a misdemeanor shoplifting charge after police said she swiped $42.93 worth of beauty products from an Aventura Publix.

Stacey Honowitz, 56, was charged with retail theft on Saturday. She was not booked into a jail. Instead, she signed a notice promising to appear in Miami-Dade court, which is not unusual in minor cases.

According to an arrest report, Honowitz slipped the three “beauty products” into her purse but was spotted by a manager via closed-circuit television. The manager confronted Honowitz, who handed over the stolen goods, according to the Aventura police report.

She has been suspended and will take vacation time until the case is sorted out, a Broward State Attorney’s spokeswoman told reporters in a statement.

“We have been made aware of the incident by the prosecutor. She has been suspended pending an administrative review. She will be utilizing her vacation time until we complete the investigation,” said spokeswoman Constance Simmons.

Her defense attorney, Jayne Weintraub, called the Publix incident an “honest mistake.”

“She inadvertently did not pay for the cosmetics when she checked out and paid for her $130.00 groceries,” Weintraub said in a statement. “She did not even leave the store after she paid. She then purchased lottery tickets and was chatting with another customer. There was no intent to commit a crime at all.”

Honowitz is the author of two children’s books on sexual abuse and frequently appears on cable television news networks as a legal analyst. One book is called “My Privates are Private”; the other is “Genius with a Penis, Don’t Touch!” Both are designed to teach kids about recognizing inappropriate advances.

“When she isn’t putting bad guys behind bars, Honowitz works to educate parents and children about child molestation and the importance of reporting abuse as the first step to healing,” according to her website.

Honowitz could not be reached for comment.

Five years ago, Honowitz appeared at Miami-Dade bond court when her brother was arrested on allegations he was wanted in Colorado on theft and forgery charges. During the hearing, Honowitz mentioned her job several times before the judge let her brother free from jail.

She insisted her appearance in Miami court was appropriate. “I went down there as a loving sister,” Honowitz told the Miami Herald at the time. “I just happen to be a prosecutor. This is a terrible ordeal.”

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

James Freeman of the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office, Arkansas, goes to wrong address during compliance check and assassinates a dog


This dog didn't have to die. If only these dumb pigs stopped doing worthless "compliance checks." I'm willing to wager this disgusting cop was thinking he's shooting a Registered Person's dog so he didn't care. Worse yet, he's not going to be reprimanded for it.

Faulkner County Sheriff's investigator fatally shoots kid's dog after going to wrong house

by Marine Glisovic, KATV Staff

Tuesday, November 10th 2020

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KATV) - The Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office is conducting an internal investigation after an investigator shot and killed a child’s dog. According to a spokesperson, Investigator James Freeman was in Greenbrier for a sex offender compliance check but went to the wrong home.

Chris Coiner, who lives at the home where Freeman shot the dog, contacted Seven On Your Side after his dog had been shot and killed on Monday afternoon.

Coiner, who recorded his interaction with Freeman, said his dog was shot just for barking. “Wait right there. What is your name? What’s your name?” Coiner asked the investigator in the video. “I’m investigator Freeman with the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office...I’m looking for Samuel,” Freeman responded.

“At what address?” Coiner asked. “72 A,” Freeman responded.

“That’s over there you G****** moron. Get off my property! You shot and killed my dog!"

It was a gruesome scene on Autumn Hills Road Monday afternoon when Freeman shot Coiner’s three-year-old Terrier mix, Clide. Coiner said Freeman shot Clide in the head.

“My daughter was coming to the door and said somebody was in the driveway,” Coiner described. “Just a blue pickup, unmarked. Before I was even around the corner here, I heard a shot, and the officer had shot my dog right here in the yard for barking at him. My girlfriend watched it out the window, the dog was not attacking him, the dog was barking, in my yard, on private property.”

According to Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Captain Erinn Stone, Freeman was conducting a sex offender compliance check at 72 Autumn Hills Road. A person living there allegedly told Freeman the offender possibly lives next door.

“I asked him why he was here, and he said he was looking for somebody named Samuel at 72 Autumn Hills Road which is the next-door neighbor,” said Coiner. “I didn’t know this at the time, but I had found out he had already been to 72 which was the right address, so he knew he was not at the right address and he shot my dog for barking at him.”

While this incident is under internal review, Chief Deputy Matt Rice confirmed Freeman is still on duty – a fact Coiner said is hard to understand.

“He’s at work today and my protecting guard dog here will never work again because he killed him yesterday.”

Coiner is now asking the sheriff’s office to review their own policies and provide further training. As some may recall, this isn’t the first time this type of incident has happened.

Back in January of 2019, a Faulkner County deputy shot a dog that survived. That deputy was later fired and charged with animal cruelty.

SOYS asked whether the sheriff’s office had changed internal policies since that 2019 shooting and Chief Deputy Rice said they have not changed their policies.

The sheriff's office had no further comment on the incident involving Freeman.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

It is 2020 and Paula Stitz, ex-cop fired for corruption, still runs the Arkansas Sex Offense Registry

"Once upon a time there was a Police Chief in the tiny backwater village of Eureka Springs named PaulaStitz(kin). Paulastitzkin was fired from her police chief job and she sued to get her job back, claiming of all things, "sexual discrimination." PaulaStitzKin failed in her lawsuit. What kind of job could a disgraced crooked cop do? That is when the kingdom of Arkansas offered PaulaStitzKin a new job working on the state sex offender registry. After all, the kingdom could care less about their peasants and figured a crooked cop made a perfect fit."

I told this fairy tale way back in 2012, and yet here we are in 2020 and Paula Stitz, disgraced corrupt ex-cop, STILL has a job. I guess Arkansas just has no standards whatsoever.

Paula Stitz has been the sex offender registry manager at the Arkansas Crime Information Center for 20 years.

“There are groups of people that say that sex offenders don’t re-offend any more than any other group I disagree,” Stitz said. She said the biggest issues facing law enforcement right now are homeless sex offenders or those who are truck drivers and cross state lines.

“A sex offender person who declares himself homeless is a very difficult person to manage,” Stitz said.

There are over 300 local law enforcement agencies and 75 county sheriff's department in Arkansas. Stitz said she talks with dozens of them a day.

“When I’m talking to law enforcement there are more that declare they are homeless when they really are not because they don’t want you to know where they are living,” Stitz said. “They will come out from prison or come from another state and say ‘I don’t have any place to live I’m sleeping on this particular bench,’ when they’re actually living with mama and mama doesn’t want that community notification done in her neighborhood so he’s not going to tell anyone that he’s living there.”

Stitz said there are over 17,000 sex offenders on the registry. About 10,000 actually live among us in Arkansas. Records show that 166 sex offenders have declared they are homeless and 115 of them live in Arkansas. Out of those 115, 29 of them are not in compliance.

Stitz case against city dismissed

Thursday, January 17, 2002

By Bill King

The federal sexual discrimination lawsuit against the city of Eureka Springs, first filed more than five years ago by former police chief Paula Stitz, is over. Paul Bogas, administrative law judge for the U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission (EEOC), ruled in favor of the city and dismissed all complaints in a 20-page decision dated Jan. 4, and received by city officials Monday.

Stitz's suit alleged she was terminated Aug. 13, 1996, after eight years as police chief, because of her gender. It further claimed that after the firing, when she first filed a gender-bias suit, the city retaliated by not sending her an employment application for the police chief job; reopening an unsolved homicide investigation; and opening an investigation into missing parking meter money that occurred under her administration.

At the time she was fired, Stitz was the only female city department head. She was fired by a woman, former Mayor Barbara O'Harris, who became her boss when she took office in January, '96.

"I'm very pleased," O'Harris told the Citizen after hearing of the ruling. "They [the court] saw it wasn't sexual discrimination."

O'Harris testified Stitz was fired because of poor job performance, low morale and lax discipline in the police department, and fallout from the department's handling of the 1994 Blues Fest "riot." She made the decision to terminate on her own after discussing Stitz's job deficiencies with her on several occasions, the former mayor testified.

Stitz pointed to her employment file where she had been evaluated as "exceptional" and "outstanding" just a month before her termination by O'Harris's administrative assistant, Don Young. Young had only been on the job two months at the time of the favorable review.

Stitz's attorney, Steven Wood of Rogers, contended "all roads in this case lead back to Don Young - the sexist administrative assistant who could not abide to work for a city which had a female chief of police, and who quickly became the power behind O'Harris' throne."

The judge acknowledged that Young, whom O'Harris fired in 1997, may have been a sexist, but he didn't believe O'Harris' decision was influenced by Young. "By all accounts, Young proved to be a poor selection for the position," the judge wrote. "He had a confrontational, opinionated, impatient style that others found off-putting... he was known to make inappropriate remarks." Several instances of such remarks were referenced.

O'Harris, however, was her own woman and fired Stitz in spite of Young's glowing review, the judge found. "I found O'Harris a credible witness... During questioning she conveyed a forceful, confident, even willful personality that was inconsistent with the portrait the Complainant attempted to paint of a weak female mayor controlled by her male administrative assistant. This was no shrinking violet who did not know her own mind."

"They tried to portray me as a wimp," O'Harris told the Citizen. "I couldn't have survived four years in that office as a wimp."

According to the judge, the only evidence presented which would rebut O'Harris' testimony that Young wasn't involved in the firing was given by former police secretary Anna Epperly, who testified she heard O'Harris tell an officer, the late Bobby Weber, and an unidentified person at Holiday Island, that Young could not work with Stitz and she was forced to choose between the two. The judge listed several reasons for finding Epperly's testimony uncredible and biased.

The judge also dismissed the retaliation charges Stitz alleged. While acknowledging the advertisement for applications for police chief was vague and confusing, he noted that five other applicants who responded as Stitz had were treated exactly the same. Further, he wrote, "The notion that the mayor would have considered the Complainant to succeed herself as chief, had she not filed a complaint of discrimination, borders on fanciful."

He also wrote there was nothing unusual or retaliatory in calling in the state police on an unsolved homicide or conducting an investigation into missing meter money.

While dismissing the charges, the judge did find fault with Stitz being fired without explanation. O'Harris had testified she gave no reason on the "advice of counsel. I had given warnings and didn't feel I owed her anything more."

Bogas acknowledged the mayor was under no legal obligation to state a reason, but "In my view, the Complainant was shabbily treated. Common courtesy would dictate that a 16-year veteran of the police department with eight years as chief was entitled to be formally presented with the reasons why discharge was being contemplated and [given] a chance to respond." He blamed the counsel's advice to withhold reason as being partly responsible for the protracted litigation. "However, shabby treatment is not necessarily discriminatory treatment."

Former Alderman Sheila Seratt, who was the lone council member to attempt to override O'Harris' decision and who testified for the former chief, agreed Stitz was treated shabbily, " My whole objection was the way it was done," she said, "and the way it continues to be done today."

"Personally, I think Paula is a wonderful person," O'Harris said Monday, "I just didn't think she was doing her job. We tried to be as fair as we could and help her. We gave her two or three months severance and vacation pay - we didn't have to do that.

"It's wonderful that righteousness came through. I'm glad the city won't have to pay a lot of money." No monetary damages were stated in the suit.

Stitz now works for the Arkansas Crime Information Center in Little Rock. She said she just learned of the decision and had not had time to absorb it or talk with her attorney about possible recourse.

Stitz speculated two factors lead to her dismissal: that she arrested O'Harris' son on an alcohol related charge, and "the fact that Don Young hated women in any shape or form." She said last week's firing of the fire chief without explanation shows that people will continue to lose their jobs without cause as long as Arkansas remains an "at will employer" state.

"It's like anti-climactic now," said the former police chief. "I always say the best revenge is living well, and I'm doing that."

Monday, October 26, 2020

Loose Cannon: Desperate claim by Charleston SC Republican Sheriff Al Cannon claims ACLU wants to abolish registry

Abolishing the registry would be a good thing, Al. It is useless and does not work, apparently except when you need to scare some undecideds to vote for you.

Sheriff Al Cannon makes multiple claims about ACLU, says it endorses Kristin Graziano

by Daniella DeRobbio

Sunday, October 25th 2020

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) — In a post on his Facebook page on Saturday, Sheriff Al Cannon made multiple claims about the ACLU.

"The ACLU is spending over $100,000 attacking me and backing my opponent," he wrote. "The ACLU wants to eliminate the sex offender registry. The ACLU wants to defund police. The ACLU attacks Christians and supports neo-Nazi groups. The ACLU is backing my opponent. Those are just the FACTS (sic)."

In a statement to ABC News 4, ACLU SC Executive Director, Frank Knaack said:

Sheriff Al Cannon, Charleston’s top law enforcement official, is claiming that the ACLU has endorsed and is fundraising for his opponent.

The ACLU does not endorse candidates. What we do support, however, is meaningful criminal justice reform that deeply impacts our lives. This reform includes banning no-knock warrants, ending Charleston’s 287g agreement which promotes the separation of families through deportation, increasing community oversight and accountability over law enforcement, and ending racial bias in policing. Most Charleston county voters agree with our position on these issues, and they deserve to make an informed choice in this election, which is why we’re educating them on the candidates’ positions.

We will never back away from our work to guarantee that Charleston's public safety system ensures the safety and well-being of all.

On Sunday, Sheriff Cannon's Democratic opponent, Kristin Graziano, released the following statement:

I am surprised at his attack on the ACLU, and I don’t understand why he is making those accusations. We filled out the same questionnaire, and I have no control as to how that organization choses to inform voters on the issues and how we are different. In all honesty, I don’t think his dirty attack makes him or his supporters look good, because he’s spreading falsehoods. People know exactly what I stand for: integrity, transparency, and honesty. I look forward to serving and protecting Charleston County as its first new sheriff in 32 years.

"These desperate and false attacks against the ACLU show how afraid Al Cannon is of the momentum Kristin Graziano is building," Lauren Brown, the communications director for the South Carolina Democratic Part said. "And he should be. His position and approach to public service are completely out of touch with the voters of Charleston County and why Lowcountry Democrats are excited to elect Kristin as their next Sheriff."

Maurice Washington, the chair of the Charleston County Republican Party, told ABC News 4 that despite the ACLU's claims "It's not secret that the ACLU supports Kristen."

Washington called Sheriff Cannon, "solid" and "the best in the business."

ABC News 4 has reached out to Sheriff Al Cannon for comment. We have not yet heard back.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

DAP Smear - Sandusky Co., OH law enforcement agencies issue stern warning to vigilante group "Dads Against Predators"

Here's an idea-- instead of idle threats, how about arresting these thugs?

(Not that the cops are doing much better, bragging about their own entrapment operations.)

I'd love to see these thugs in prison where they belong.

Law enforcement calling on Dads Against Predators to cease operations

by Aaron LeedyMonday, October 19th 2020

FREMONT, Ohio — A group of people made up of police chiefs, a prosecutor and a sheriff are calling on the organization Dads Against Predators, also known as Dap, Inc., to cease operations because they say it affects their ability to properly capture and prosecute people accused of sex crimes against children.

The Sandusky County Sheriff’s Office says Dap, Inc. posts several videos showing themselves encountering people in various community locations and exposing them as child predators.

Authorities said in a news release issued October 19 that after luring individuals to meet with Dap, Inc. members at a location for a potential sexual encounter, DAP records and publishes the chat communication, as well as the-face-to-face encounter on their Facebook page and YouTube channel.

“Unfortunately, DAP fails to potentially realize that it is creating seriously hazardous and potentially dangerous situations in community settings,” the news release stated. “By conducting these ‘operations’ in the manner that they do, it renders law enforcement unable to criminally charge these individuals and prosecutors unable to prosecute. Therefore, these potential predators are able to walk away with no repercussions for what they had the intent to do. DAP has, in essence, educated these people on ways to not get caught in the future, thus creating the potential for future victims of sexual assault. These victims are the very people we, as law enforcement, prosecutors and mental health professionals, are here to help and protect."

The news release was signed by Sandusky County Sheriff Christopher Hilton, Mental Health and Recovery Services Board Executive Director Mircea Handru, Sandusky County Prosecutor Beth Tischler, City of Fremont Law Director Jim Melle, Fremont Police Chief Dean Bliss, Green Springs Police Chief Charles Home, Clyde Police Chief Monti Campbell and Bellevue Police Chief Marc Linder.

"Local law enforcement agencies and prosecutors of Sandusky County and the City of Fremont cannot and will not sit back anymore and watch as DAP continues to parade its form of vigilante justice. Its intentions may be well intended, but their methods and outcomes are improper and unacceptable. The 'exposed' individuals may be exactly what DAP says they are, but they also may not be. DAP's careless and reckless regard for law and order and due process has resulted in the loss of life, and the situation has gotten out of hand," the news release stated.

"We ask DAP to stop, step aside and let law enforcement do what they are trained to do, which is to successfully find, investigate, arrest and prosecute those who would attempt to harm the most vulnerable of our society, our children. The judicial system shall decide whether these individuals are in fact guilty or not guilty; and everyone has the right to a due process. We will fight for them as we fight for all victims of abuse and crime. We will help those who have been victimized. In Fremont and Sandusky County, we have the resources available to help victims and will do so at a moment's notice. We are dedicated to protecting and serving everyone," authorities said. "Should DAP continue their vigilante efforts, we may be forced to prosecute them for their actions."

DAP creator Joshua Mundy says the organization started in January of this year. DAP's website is a single page directing people to a donation page. The website claims DAP has caught more than 46 predators. DAP's social media pages are more active, featuring videos of encounters.

"We were surprised by it. I didn't see it coming," said Mundy in response to the announcement from law enforcement.

Mundy told NBC 24 in a phone interview he wished authorities would have spoken privately with him first before making a public statement. He said he plans to go to the sheriff's office and speak with the sheriff directly.

"If I'm doing something illegal, then I need to be prosecuted already. If you're not going to prosecute me, then I feel like you're playing a silly game with justice," said Mundy. "I feel like there's nothing they can prosecute me with because I've worked within the law this whole time," said Mundy. "Go and watch the videos for yourself and you'll see that we have nothing but proof. By them saying it's impossible for them to work with us is a flat-out lie." he said.

Mundy said he has had success working with certain law enforcement agencies, specifically the Woodville Police Department.

Sandusky County authorities say so far this year, their own efforts led to several arrests and highlighted several initiatives and sting operations spanning several months. Two of those initiatives were an undercover sting that resulted in 15 arrests and a sex offender registration sweep that resulted in eight arrests.

Sandusky Sheriff threatens to prosecute DAP after multiple suicides connected to sting videos

Multiple law enforcement agencies warning the Dads Against Predators group to stop entrapping, recording men they track on the internet.

By WTVG Staff

Published: Oct. 19, 2020 at 5:17 PM CDT|Updated: 15 hours ago

FREMONT, Ohio (WTVG) - A vigilante group that records videos of men allegedly looking to meet minors for sex is being warned by multiple law enforcement agencies to stop what they’re doing or face potential prosecution after two suicides.

The group, the Fremont chapter of Dads Against Predators, was specifically targeted in a letter signed by the Sandusky County Sheriff and County Prosecutor, as well as multiple police chiefs in the county.

“Local law enforcement agencies and prosecutors of Sandusky County and the City of Fremont cannot and will not sit back anymore and watch as DAP continues to parade its form of vigilante justice,” the letter, released Monday, read. “Its intentions may be well-intended, but their methods and outcomes are improper and unacceptable. The ‘exposed’ individuals may be exactly what DAP says they are, but they also may not be. DAP’s careless and reckless regard for law and order and due process has resulted in the loss of life, and the situation has gotten out of hand.”

Sandusky County Sheriff Chris Hilton said “loss of life” was a reference to two individuals who died by suicide after DAP posted videos of them on YouTube, and third suspected suicide, where a man died a day after his DAP video was posted online.

The letter lists multiple actions law enforcement has taken in 2020 to combat sex offenders, including dozens of arrests.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

RNCC doubles down on false claim that Rep. Tom Malinowski lobbied against sex offense registry

What is the RNCC? "The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) is a political committee devoted to increasing the number of Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives."

As piss poor as Dems have been on criminal justice reform, remember that Repubs are just that much worse. 

The short version is Rep. Malinowski once worked with the Human Rights Watch. The HRW wrote a report critical of the controversial Adam Walsh Act, though Malinowski had no part in that effort. So the RNCC is trying to link him to the report in hopes to scare the public. To that end, they made this horrible, Shiitake-worthy video:

WaPo gave their claim Four Pinocchios, but the RNCC has doubled down on their blatantly false claims.

“Malinowski tried to make it easier for predators to hide in the shadows. Malinowski worked as the top lobbyist for a radical group that strongly opposed the national sex offender registry. Law enforcement praised the national sex offender registry that Tom Malinowski led an effort to stop.”

— voice-over of ad released by the National Republican Congressional Committee, released Sept. 15, 2020

This is an eerie ad that starts off with the chilling words: “In every city, in every neighborhood, around every corner, sex offenders are living among us.” It has dark images and subtitles that claim “Tom Malinowski, helping sexual predators hide in the shadows” and “Tom Malinowski chose sex offenders over your family.”

Malinowski (D-N.J.) is a first-term member of Congress. He won a seat previously held by a Republican and so is high on the list for Republicans to win back the House. The Cook Political Report currently rates the race “lean Democrat.”

But this ad is not attacking Malinowski for anything he may have done in Congress; it makes these charges based on his tenure as an official at Human Rights Watch, a leading nongovernmental organization that exposes human rights abuses around the world.

In his first race, Malinowski was falsely attacked for supposedly lobbying for terrorist rights. (He argued that Guantánamo detainees had a right to a hearing to challenge the basis for their detention — a position later held up by the Supreme Court.)

Somehow, this detail in his past must have escaped GOP researchers in 2018. Let’s take a look.

Disclosure: The writer of this fact check was The Washington Post’s chief State Department correspondent for nine years, 2002 to 2011, and quoted Malinowski 18 times during that period on various human rights issues. During that period, he once met Malinowski for a few minutes in the green room at “PBS NewsHour.”

The Facts

Malinowski is a longtime foreign policy maven. Before joining HRW, he worked at the State Department and the White House National Security Council. During Barack Obama’s second term, Malinowski was named assistant secretary of state for human rights. Interestingly, his registering as a lobbyist — on behalf of the victims of genocide in Darfur and Myanmar, among other issues — prevented his appointment in Obama’s first term because of rules adopted by the new president.

So it was surprising to see the claim that Malinowski was involved in a domestic issue such as the national sex offender registry.

Michael McAdam, NRCC national press secretary, said the ad is based on solid facts: “His name is on the lobbying disclosure lobbying against the sex offender registry.” Moreover, he said, Malinowski’s title was Washington advocacy director, indicating he headed the organization’s Washington activities.

Pages 2 and 3 of the 2006 lobbying form list dozens of issues, including “sex offender legislation.” Malinowski is listed, but so is Jennifer Daskal.

Daskal, a professor at American University, said in an interview that she was the HRW lobbyist for U.S. domestic issues while Malinowski handled the foreign policy side. “I was not working Darfur,” she said. “He was not working these issues,” referring to the sex offender registry.

In media interviews at the time, Daskal was identified as U.S. program advocacy director for HRW.

Daskal contributed $500 to Malinowski’s House campaign in 2017, a fact that McAdam cited to rebut her as a credible witness. But Daskal noted that in the Congressional Record, a letter on behalf of HRW was published under her name and title (“Advocacy Director, U.S. Program”), raising concerns about the legislation. McAdam did not respond to queries about the letter.

Emma Daly, an HRW spokeswoman, also confirmed that Malinowski was not involved in legislation. “HRW’s job titles can be a bit confusing, but the Washington director role covers foreign policy,” Daly said. “Jen Daskal worked for the U.S. program, which focuses on U.S. domestic issues.”

Both Daly and Daskal objected to the way the ad framed HRW’s concerns about the legislation. “HRW advocated for laws that better protect children and the public by reforming sex offense registries and focusing law enforcement resources to tackle those most at risk of offending,” Daly said. “The ad wrongly portrays this position as helping ‘predators hide in the shadows’ and otherwise being in favor of sex offenses. That’s false.”

The ad claims HRW was “strongly opposed” to a national sex offender registry. But the letter signed by Daskal did not object to creating one.

Instead, the letter said HRW opposed the bill because the language was so sweeping that it included low-level or misdemeanor offenders, such as people charged with public urination, who were attempting to reintegrate into the community after serving their sentences. “Registration requirements put these individuals at risk of retaliation and discrimination and make it extremely difficult for these individuals to find employment, housing, and to rebuild their lives,” Daskal wrote.

Daskal said it was originally Malinowski’s idea to submit lobbying forms, a fact confirmed by a Malinowski aide. He said Malinowski read about new lobbying requirements and decided to submit a lobbying disclosure form out of an abundance of caution.

“They opted not to hire a consulting firm to help with the process. This led them to fill out the forms by listing every lobbying activity undertaken by the organization and signing all lobbyists to the form,” the aide said. “Eventually, they did hire an out-of-house specialist who informed HRW they were not legally obligated to submit these lobbying forms and so they stopped.”

Ironically, that decision led to a delay in Malinowski’s appointment to the Obama administration and now at least two attack ads.

(Note: The ad describes HRW as a “radical” organization. That may be a matter of opinion — in 2019 Israel expelled the HRW director for Israel and Palestinians — but the group won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1997 for its work fighting land mines. The group has been criticized by two other Nobel laureates for having “close ties” and a “revolving door” with the U.S. government, such as Malinowski’s appointment in the Obama administration.)

The Pinocchio Test

This ad makes some bold claims that put Malinowski at the center of the action: “Tom Malinowski tried to make it easier for predators to hide in the shadows. … Law enforcement praised the national sex offender registry that Tom Malinowski led an effort to stop. … Tom Malinowski chose sex offenders over your family.”

The supposed evidence is a lobbying disclosure form that lists Malinowski and Daskal as handling dozens of issues, not identifying who was the point person on any of them. But Daskal said she was in charge of domestic issues — a claim backed by her signature on the letter to lawmakers on the issue. Malinowski had the title of Washington advocacy director, but HRW says that means he did foreign policy — which makes sense, given HRW is primarily a foreign policy organization.

Moreover, HRW did not oppose a national sex offender registry as the ad implies.

The bulk of the evidence shows Malinowski played no role in this debate. But he did work for an organization that objected to a type of national sex offender registry created in legislation. That fact might have kept this ad at Three Pinocchios. But the NRCC’s over-the-top language — such as “Tom Malinowski chose sex offenders over your family” — tipped our rating to Four. Such inflammatory claims should not be made on such flimsy evidence.

Four Pinocchios

NEW NJ-07 AD: Malinowski Defended Sex Offenders & Put NJ Families at Risk


The NRCC released a new ad today hammering Tom Malinowski for his two-decade record in Washington, including working for a group that fought to protect sexual predators and opposed the national sex offender registry.

NRCC Comment: “Public record confirms Tom Malinowski was a high-paid DC lobbyist who worked on behalf of sexual predators and put New Jersey families at risk. It’s absolutely disgusting and New Jersey voters deserve better.” – NRCC Spokesman Michael McAdams

NRCC response to Tom Malinowski denying he lobbied on behalf of sex offenders 


WASHINGTON – The National Republican Congressional Committee today released the following statement in response to Tom Malinowski denying he lobbied on behalf of sex offenders:

“The only person who bears responsibility here is Tom Malinowski for his decision to lobby against the creation of a national sex offender registry. It is a matter of public record archived on the US Senate website that Malinowski lobbied against this bill. It is disgusting. And now Congressman Malinowski must live with the consequences of his actions,” said NRCC Communications Director Chris Pack.

The NRCC has released an ad highlighting Tom Malinowski’s record lobbying against the national sex offender registry.

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Gladys Mezrahi and Rachel Saltzman Friedland are political rivals in Aventura FL but are running together for a Shiitake Award nomination

 I've seen plenty of weird things while running the Shiitake Awards over the years, but this may be the first time I've posted political opponents together for a single nomination. However, this story makes both candidates Shiitake-worthy. I truly cannot decide who is worse here. Quite frankly, I think one is just as bad as the other. I'm not King Solomon here; therefore, these two political rivals are running together for worst politician of 2020.

The short version is these two candidates for the Aventura City Commission live in the same complex, and both are falling over each other trying to be the one to take credit for forcing a Registered Person out of the building while claiming her opponent is the friend of the registrant.

This candidate claimed she kept a child molester out of her community. Not exactly.


OCTOBER 02, 2020 06:00 AM, 

The Aventura City Commission race between incumbent Gladys Mezrahi and challenger Rachel Saltzman Friedland has featured some of the mudslinging that’s typical in local politics: allegations of improper campaigning, disputes over who deserves credit for getting things done — including, in this race, ensuring there wouldn’t be school on Yom Kippur at a local charter school.

But the battle between Mezrahi and Friedland reached more unusual territory recently when Friedland brought up a 2018 effort to drive a convicted child molester out of The Point, a community of condo towers and townhouses where both candidates live. In an email that was shared with the city commission, Friedland accused Mezrahi of refusing to engage in the community effort because she knew the sex offender personally from their time growing up in Colombia.

Mezrahi hit back hard, filing a complaint with the Miami-Dade Commission on Ethics and Public Trust that alleged Friedland had violated the county’s Fair Campaign Practices ordinance by making various false statements in her email. She said that Friedland’s statement about the situation at The Point was “a fabricated lie,” and that “what really happened was the total opposite.”

But Mezrahi’s description of “what really happened” stretches the truth. Mezrahi makes several claims about how the debacle played out in 2018 that are directly contradicted by records from the county’s Department of Corrections, statements from people involved, and messages from a community WhatsApp chat where the issue was discussed at the time.

For example, Mezrahi writes that she “helped this family arrange to move out of the building prior to the husband returning home from his [prison] sentence in order to make sure the sex offender never stepped foot into The Point again.”

“Within 24 hours of the announcement that he was released from his sentence, the incident was resolved without anyone being hurt or put in danger,” Mezrahi’s complaint says.

ut that timeline doesn’t check out. A Miami-Dade Corrections spokesman said Ricardo Moreno — who was sentenced to two years in prison in 2015 after being convicted of molesting multiple teenage boys while working as a golf instructor in Hollywood — moved into The Point immediately after his release in June 2017. He then moved into a different unit in the same building eight months later, which is when a group of residents learned he lived there and pushed to change that.

Mezrahi also says in her complaint that “the reason that the family was able to move out of our complex quickly was because of my help.”

And she went even further in attacking Friedland in an email to the Herald, saying Friedland “is the one who knew Ricardo Moreno, knew he was a sex offender, and did absolutely nothing about it when she knew he moved into our community. She knew he was a resident of The Point, but allowed him to stay at The Point and kept silent. What was she hiding?”

But that’s also not accurate. Messages from a community WhatsApp chat show that Friedland and other residents started discussing Moreno’s presence in the community on Feb. 20, 2018, one week after Moreno had moved from a rental unit into a condo that his wife bought in the same building, according to property records.

“Spoke to Linda [Marks] and sent her the statute,” Friedland said in a WhatsApp message that night, referring to a city commissioner who was also the president of The Point’s master condo association at the time. “She’s looking into all. It’s late now but let’s see if there is progress tomorrow.”

The conversation continued over several days, with Friedland and others discussing the need to measure the distance between Moreno’s home and the nearest playground. Florida law prohibits child sex offenders from living within 1,000 feet of certain locations where children congregate, including schools, parks and playgrounds.

On Feb. 21, 2018, Friedland sent an update: “[Attorney] Raquel Rothman did the research. [Building] only 666.65 feet from playground in violation of statute.” That night, a group of residents held an in-person meeting to discuss their next steps.

Then, on Feb. 26, a resident shared an email her husband had received from Marks. “Please be advised that the convicted sex offender has been given notice that he is no longer permitted to reside in the North Tower,” the email said, adding that Moreno would have “visitation rights during the day” and that, unless he appealed the decision, “he must vacate in the next few days.”

Two days later, records show, Moreno moved into a hotel in Doral, where he stayed for about a month before moving to an address in Miami.

Marks confirmed that version of events in a statement to the Herald. She said Friedland provided her with a copy of the relevant Florida statute, and Marks passed that information on to the city attorney “and made it very clear that time was of the essence.”

“Within about a week, all legal steps were taken, and the authorities prohibited the pedophile from residing at The Point,” Marks said.

In her ethics complaint, Mezrahi said she contacted Marks to inform her that she was helping the family “move out of the community as seamlessly as possible.” Marks declined to address whether Mezrahi contacted her.

The true nature of Mezrahi’s involvement isn’t quite clear. In an interview with the Herald, she softened her stance after a reporter pointed out apparent discrepancies in her previous statements.

Mezrahi acknowledged that she knew Moreno and his wife from attending the same synagogue in Colombia, but she said she wasn’t aware in 2018 that Moreno had been released from prison and was living in The Point, nor that Friedland and others were working to have him removed.

“My involvement was very simple,” she said. “I just did a phone call to the wife, told them to move away and that was it. She told me to give her a couple of weeks to move away and that was it.”

Moreno’s wife didn’t respond to a request for comment from the Herald. An Aventura resident who Mezrahi said could corroborate her account — Rothman, the former law partner of Friedland who helped The Point residents with legal research — declined to comment.

Mezrahi withdrew her ethics complaint Sept. 17, saying the city attorney had asked her to do so “and not create any scandal for the city.” But she re-filed it Sept. 24, despite acknowledging in an interview that she wasn’t sure if certain statements in it were accurate. The complaint was submitted with a signed oath swearing it was true to the best of Mezrahi’s knowledge.

The ethics commission has yet to rule on the complaint.

The dispute’s spill into public view is unusual for Aventura, whose officials make a point of closely guarding the city’s reputation.

Friedland’s email in early September that first brought up the issue at The Point was sent in response to an email from Commissioner Bob Shelley, who had scolded Friedland for sending a campaign email that touted her work to reverse the city’s decision to have school on Yom Kippur at the Aventura Charter School and Don Soffer Aventura High School.

“When there are issues to be resolved we deal with them in a professional private manor [sic] so as to not insult or disrespect those that work hard for the good of our city,” Shelley wrote.

Mezrahi, who works in event planning and marketing, was elected to her first four-year term in 2016. She’s endorsed by Democratic State Sen. Annette Taddeo, Miami-Dade County Commissioner Sally Heyman, and three sitting commissioners in Aventura, according to her website.

Marks, the city commissioner and former condo association president, was previously listed among those endorsing Mezrahi, but her name was removed from the website last week. She didn’t respond to a request for comment on why it was pulled.

Friedland is an attorney who is seeking public office for the first time. She’s endorsed by Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Nikki Fried, as well as Congresswoman Debbie Mucarsel-Powell and Congressman Ted Deutch.

Friedland was previously engaged to Jeremy Ring, a former Democratic state senator and Democratic nominee for chief financial officer of Florida in 2018. Ring has donated to Friedland’s campaign.

Another candidate, Joshua Mandall, is also running for Mezrahi’s seat. Mandall faced Mezrahi for an open seat in 2016 and received 44% of votes.

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Allison Black Cornelius stalks Registered Person she accused of abusing her almost 50 years ago, lobbies to interfere with pardon

I have always disagreed that alleged victims should be allowed an opinion on the right to be pardoned. After all, what we are seeing with Ms. Cornelius's campaign is a prime example of abuse of that privilege. A man has served his time and yet is continuously unable to be given the chance to be restored because a person labeled a victim will not let go nearly 50 years after the fact.

I say alleged because an accusation that old is hard to prove, and knowing the conviction came during the height of the Satanic Panic scares, when many people were falsely accused of multiple rapes of children as part of some kind of underground Satanic cabal. This conspiracy theory was recently revived with the Pizzagate/ QAnon conspiracies, something completely fabricated by the online troll community 4Chan. I have to wonder if this alleged victim didn't fall for the SRA hoax as well. Plenty of people back then believed they were abused when they were not actually abused.

None of these things should be considered for Mr. Prince's pardon hearing. This hearing should be on the merits of Leon's time since his release and nothing more. Leon was already judged and convicted and served time. What has he done since that time? He at least tried to work to help others, which is more han I can say for Ms. Corneluis. She has stalked this man with the blessings of the state of Alabama for 14 years since Leon's release, including lobbying to have him placed on the registry through an unconstitutional ex post facto law.

Allison, if you read this, I sent MY OWN email to the pardon board in opposition to your campaign. I think you should be arrested for harassment. 

If my readers with to be a voice of reason against this campaign of unforgiveness and hatemongering, email

'You destroyed our lives’: Alabama woman opposes pardon for Sunday School teacher who raped her in 1972

Updated Oct 05, 2020; Posted Oct 05, 2020

By Carol Robinson |

It’s been nearly 50 years since Leon Albert Prince raped a 7-year-old girl who was a student in his Sunday School class and now, 14 years after he walked out of prison, he is seeking a pardon from the state of Alabama.

However, the 76-year-old Prince, who served 15 years of a 30-year sentence, isn’t asking his victim or victims for forgiveness. Prince has requested a state pardon and will go before the Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles in two weeks to plead his case.

It’s a move that infuriates his victim, Allison Black Cornelius, who has long been outspoken about the horrendous crimes committed against her and remains devoted to the fight for her abuser to be held accountable. "It seems to me the very first person he would want to get a pardon from would be me or one of his other 52 victims,'' Cornelius said. “It makes me angry.”

Repeated efforts to reach Prince for comment have been unsuccessful.

In an emotional Facebook Live video, Cornelius delivered a “message to my rapist” which she said she knew Prince would be watching.

A message to my rapist.... (please send your opposition to email below) and SHARE THIS! Join me in opposing Leon Albert Prince’s request for a pardon. His hearing is October 20, 2020 Please email your opposition to Alabama Board of Pardons & Paroles

Posted by Allison Black Cornelius on Thursday, October 1, 2020

“I wanted to say to you personally, I am so tired of having to monitor and babysit you," she said in the Facebook video. "I have heard from 52 of your victims since you were convicted in 1991. I don’t understand, why did you think it was a good idea to ask the state of Alabama for a pardon before you asked me, or my mom, or dad. You were my youth pastor at Tarrant First Baptist Church when you did that. My dad and my mom trusted you. When you did this, you destroyed our lives.”

It was the national attention surrounding Prince’s trial that brought out dozens of victims – both boys and girls – who told of similar abuse by Prince. Cornelius, however, was the only one to take him to court.

“If you really deserve a pardon it would seem to me to you would have the asked us first," Cornelius said on Facebook. "You’ve never once looked me in the eye and acknowledged what you did. I’m going to tell you something Leon and I hate to admit it, but you dropped a bomb in our family when you did what you did. And you dropped a bomb in a lot of other children’s lives when you did what you did to them.”

Cornelius, now the executive director of the Greater Birmingham Humane Society, was 7 years old in 1972 when Prince, her Sunday school teacher, molested and raped her. She has said in previous interviews that he headed the bus ministry at Tarrant First Baptist Church and told her if she did not do what he wanted her to, and if she told anyone what he was doing, he would kill her dog.

It wasn’t until 20 years later, when Cornelius could no long bear the thought that he could be harming other children, that she came forward. It became a landmark case that made national headlines when she testified against Prince in a Jefferson County court.

Prince was convicted, sentenced to 30 years and served 15, leaving prison in November 2006.

Just a year after his release, Cornelius discovered that Prince was working as a volunteer with Montgomery’s Frazer Memorial Baptist Church, and volunteering with youth male sex offenders at the state’s Mount Meigs Youth Center. A required background check was never conducted, and Prince had not been required to register as a sex offender under a loophole in the law.

Prince had been convicted of “carnal knowledge of a child” which was not explicitly listed as a crime under the Community Notification Act. Cornelius and lawmakers fought that, and won and, in 2008, a state administrative law judge said a state law that requires neighbors to be notified about a sex offender living nearby applied Prince. He is now registered as a sex offender and living in Deatsville.

Cornelius said she was recently notified that Prince had applied for a state pardon. All that is required to do so is to fill out a form on the agency’s website. Prince did so, and an Oct. 20 hearing was scheduled.

The Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles can grant a full pardon, or can grant a pardon with restrictions, such as the right to possess a firearm or registering as a sex offender. During Fiscal Year 2020, which began on Oct. 1, 2019 and ended on Sept. 30, 2020, there were a total of 509 pardon hearings. Of those, 210 pardons were granted and 299 were denied.

Cornelius said she was floored, and because Prince did not list a reason for his request on his application, she has no idea why he wants one now. "It set off alarm bells for me because there would be one reason he wants a pardon and that’s because he’s trying to something that he cannot do because he is a registered sex offender,'' Cornelius said.

"I asked the (board) is he applying for nursing school? Is he wishing to carry a firearm? We just don’t know why he’s up and asked for a pardon out of the blue,'' she said.

“I would think he would start with atonement of his victims and then once all of us were convinced of his incredible transformation, then we would all join him in going down to the parole board to ask to pardon it. I would think he would need a letter of support from us.”

Though Cornelius says she has forgiven Prince, she does not support a pardon.

"I don’t know if it’s a great idea if he’s walking around and nobody knows about his past,'' she said. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hoping that when someone who has abused a child gets out of prison they can’t move anywhere or walk around safely without people hurting them. I’m not wishing that on anybody, but I do think it’s important for people to know who these folks are and what their background is.”

Forgiveness, Cornelius said, doesn’t erase consequences. "President Nixon has been forgiven but he can’t be president anymore,'' she said. “There are some things you do in life that you lose the privilege of getting to do what you want to do.”

“Absolutely you’re forgiven, especially if you’re a person who believes in Christ, but I don’t know that Christ says, ‘I forgive you and yes you can now back and work with children.’ He can’t live his life in a way that puts him around children – that can never happen again. Everywhere he went, he left vast destruction.”

In her video, in which she asked that those opposed to a pardon voice their concerns by either writing a letter to the board or make a donation to their favorite charity, Cornelius addressed Prince directly.

“I’m not saying you don’t deserve forgiveness, because the one thing you didn’t take from during that entire time you were raping and molesting and torturing me over those three month in 1972, you did not kill my faith. I have always had a strong faith. You didn’t take that from me. I have always had a purpose and I live that purpose because I knew if I didn’t, then I would probably succumb to all manner of addiction and brokenness and that would be me living on your purpose and that wasn’t going to happen.”

She said the pardon request had drudged up the issue all over again – though it never strays far from her thoughts, unfortunately.

“It just wears me out and I wanted you to know from me that I will do everything in my power if you want to continue to go public then I’m going to go public and talk about what you did to me and those other children. As much as it pains me and as hard as it is to be this vulnerable on a medium like this, I will do whatever I have to do to keep you from going under the radar ever again.”