Friday, September 20, 2013

Is Neil O'Brien of Fresno State Valigator's illegitimate son?

This guy is Neil O'Brien. He is a student "Senator" at Fresno State University. He is also a guy with a bit of a checkered past. A couple of years ago, he started an anti-immigration campaign. His hatred of Hispanic people was so pronounced, he apparently threatened faculty members:

Neil O'Brien arrived at Fresno State in fall 2010, and before the semester was over he had spearheaded a conservative movement aimed at driving out illegal-immigrant students and challenging what he calls radical ideas espoused by Fresno State administrators.

Now he has gone a step further. After Fresno State took disciplinary action against him for allegedly threatening two faculty members in the Chicano and Latin American Studies Department, O'Brien hired a lawyer.

I'm amazed this clown is even allowed on-campus after that fiasco. But now he managed to get on student council. How that happened was beyond me. He reminds me a lot of that idiot Valerie Parkhurst. Who knows? This may be one of her bastard children.

At any rate, he sought out a group he could harass and get away with, so he settled on registered citizens. He tried in vain to pass a resolution to harass... er, "disclose the identity" of registrants going to classes:

Neil O’Brien, senator for the College of Health and Human Services, said he wrote the six-page resolution in an attempt to protect students at Fresno State.
“If a criminal is required to register as a sex offender, they’re required to register because there’s a need-to-know basis,” he said. “There’s a need for closer monitoring of these kinds of people, especially considering the rate of re-offense.”
But not all of O’Brien’s fellow senators agreed. Six ASI members voted against the resolution, while four voted for it.
Kaitlyn Sims, senator of the Craig School of Business, voted against the proposal because she said it might infringe on the constitutional rights of registered sex offenders, who she said are a protected class under the U.S. Department of Labor.
“How does this [resolution] avoid discriminating against what is now, in the federal government’s eyes, a protected class?” she said. “If we’re ruling this, we are discriminating against a class that we’re presuming will be re-offending. In essence, we’re basically saying that they’re guilty until proven innocent.”
Additionally, Sims and other ASI senators feared that identifying sex offenders on campus might trigger violent backlash against them.

Thankfully the student body had some sensible people. O'Brien has no reservations about exposing his true intentions:

This guy has issues. But is he Shiitake Worthy? The elections will be here before you know it.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Jay Nixon exemplifies why people refer to Missouri as "Misery"

Misery Governor Jay Nixon wants to keep children on the registry. It makes me wonder what kind of money he is getting to keep kids on the registry? Hopefully the legislature will do the right thing and override his veto.

In May, the Legislature overwhelmingly passed a bill that would strike juvenile offenders from public-notification websites and eventually allow their removal from the sex-offender lists compiled by police.

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon vetoed the bill earlier this summer, warning it could endanger the public by hiding the whereabouts of violent sex offenders. But the battle is not over. Missouri lawmakers are to convene Wednesday to consider overriding the veto.

The juvenile sex offender legislation originally passed the House 153-0 and the Senate 28-4. As recently as last month, House Speaker Tim Jones said the bill seemed "ripe for an override." But as Nixon has traveled the state defending his veto, some lawmakers began having second thoughts about their support for the bill and the potential ramifications of an override.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ron Book Jr. (Lauren Book) is pimping Cherish's Law

First off, lets NEVER forget that Laren Book-Lim, aka Ron Book Jr., was just as much responsible for the Julia Tuttle Causeway debacle as her crooked lobbyist/ convicted criminal father Ron Book. A picture is worth a thousand words (just not worth what Getty is charging). 

So now Lauren Book is getting in on the Cherish's Law. What's a Cherish's Law? No one knows! It is just a petition started by a bunch of paranoid soccer moms 

So now, Lauren Book is spewing the same tired DEBUNKED MYTHS, like the claim of 117 victims on average myth. The irony is the laws Book supported increases crime. In other words, she MAKES "time bombs."

[Source: Jones, Brittany. "Petition gains support for 'Cherish Law.'" WTXL-ABC-27. Web. 3 Sept. 2013. <>]

"That's really what we're seeing with these petitions, everybody being passionate and standing up around the issue and working together to protect our children," said Lauren Book.

Lauren Book, the founder of Lauren's Kids for victims of childhood abuse supports tougher laws to keep those who commit those crimes behind bars longer.

"These monsters can be put away for the rest of their lives, they murder children's childhood, my childhood was taken from me," said Book.

"In so many instances these individuals should never ever be allowed out for a second chance, they're ticking time bombs, its not a questions if they a re-offend, it's a question of when they re-offend," said Book.

Senator Julia Lynn needs to re-research residency restriction laws

My condolences to my readers in Kansas, but you live in a boring ass state. That being said, at least Kansas has held a longstanding policy against residency restrictions. And state senator Julia Lynn was part of the reason why Kansas pass a moratorium against such laws.

Here is Julia Lynn in a 2007 article about why she voted in favor of the statewide mortorium on residency restrictions:

Sen. Julia Lynn, R-Olathe, said it is a matter of education. She said she probably was in favor of restrictions when she first came to the Legislature.

"But then I received all this information that most people don't get to see, and I have to vote based on that. (Restrictions) just don't work," she said.

Sen. Lynn voted this way because of the RESEARCH:

According to Roger Werholtz, secretary of the Kansas Department of Corrections, certain restrictions destabilize sex offenders by removing them from family networks, employment and housing. "Everybody agrees we want to keep kids safe, but the reality is these laws make things worse," he said.

Iowa passed a 2005 law that created a 2,000-foot buffer around schools and day cares, inside which registered sex offenders couldn't live. The Iowa County Attorneys Association and the Iowa State Sheriffs' and Deputies' Association have since asked for the buffer's repeal.

Werholtz said studies in Florida, Minnesota, Colorado and Arkansas also showed restrictions don't work.
"The conclusions were that there was no impact on incidents at best, and at worst they increased the possibility of reoffending," he said.

BUT, as the years gone by, Julia Lynn forgot her research. Fast forward to 2013. And now, she's in favor of residency laws:

State Senator Julia Lynn represents the part of Olathe in question. The State Senate has passed buffer zones before, but they never get final approval.

“I do think it’s a legitimate concern. I would like to see some sort of a buffer zone, I think that that is reasonable,” Lynn said...

Senator Lynn predicts residency restrictions for sex offenders will probably come up again in the next session; even though she admits law enforcement experts don’t support buffer zones because it can drive some offenders underground.

Translation: Don't let the facts get in the way of good politics.

It could be that Julia's just having a blonde moment. She needs to "re-research" this issue.