Saturday, August 8, 2015

Brown Betty: SCV News commentator Betty Arenson feeds us a pile of horseshit

Does anyone remember the episode from "King of the Hill" where Bobby Hill accidentally drops Peggy Hill's famous "Brown Betty" into a pile of horseshit and he scoops it up, saying, "no one will notice, and later folks eat it and get sick?

Well, that is essentially what this article is-- a Brown Betty mixed with horseshit. People DO notice and you are making them sick.

Jessica and Megan
You Know I'm Right | Commentary by Betty Arenson

Last week California Sen. Sharon Runner wrote about the fate of SB54, which addresses those convicted of sex-offense crimes and their subsequent residency restrictions once they are released from incarceration.

Runner stated her mission clearly: “The California Supreme Court decision (that ruled on a portion of Jessica’s Law as unconstitutional) creates uncertainty. County governments need a clear process to protect voter approved residency restrictions when possible and expedite relief when necessary; SB 54 provided much needed clarity.”

She tried to give jurisdiction to local county courts that would allow for the convicts to contest their restrictions.

I call that a democracy.

The blog responses were stunning. But for me, all of the comments from the bloggers – the vast majority being “anonymous” with some common first name or initials; no photos, of course – were completely divorced from any criticism of sex offenders but chose nastily to attack Runner personally and characterized her efforts as un-American and something called “Naxiism.”

The aforementioned group, with no exceptions, never discussed the real victims, just the pathetic rapists and murderers.

I don’t believe I’m alone is considering all of them as murderers. When a dominant figure molests, rapes or commits commits any similar act, the soul of the victim is killed. The victims are robbed of their senses of self-worth, trust, peace, safety, freedom and security for the rest of their lives.
Notably, not one of the negative bloggers invited the sex offenders to live near them.

If accurate, some of the bloggers had a sensible point to make, such as Runner being able to re-write and resubmit a bill. Others were simply inane.

“Will A.” wrote: “There is not a single American who supports residency restrictions. You people who do are not Americans.”

False. The press release on the subject says: “SB 54 garnered support from law enforcement and public safety groups including the Association of Code Enforcement Officers, Association of Deputy District Attorneys, California College and University Police Chiefs Association, California Narcotics Officers Association, Crime Victims United, the Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs, the Los Angeles Police Protective League and the Riverside Sheriffs’ Association.”

Also, 70.5 percent of Californians voted “yes” on Jessica’s Law, with its residency restrictions. Are the voters “not Americans?”

“Chris” thinks: “The registry makes things more dangerous … it certainly doesn’t stop any crime … I don’t think reminding someone of a crime they committed, year after year, long after it is out of their day to day existence, only stirs feelings that are not necessarily good for the society.”

In rebuttal, I’m not caring that the pervert may be constantly reminded of his destructive behavior; it’s exactly what he chose to impose upon the victim for a lifetime.

“Susan” wrote: “There are no sex offenders required to register in California. California requires only former sex offenders to register.” What?

All offenders are required to register once they are duly convicted.

The California DOJ / Office of Attorney General / Megan’s Law specifies: “By law, persons convicted of specified sex crimes are required to register as sex offenders with a local law enforcement agency. Prior to release from prison, jail, a mental hospital, or on probation, sex offenders are notified in writing of their duty to register, and a copy of the notification form is forwarded to DOJ. When a sex offender is released into the community, the agency forwards the registration information to DOJ.”

The document continues with specific time guidelines, etc.

Also, California says: “The Sex Offender Tracking Program at the California Department of Justice (DOJ) maintains the registered sex offender database.”

Runner did not invent sex offender laws.

DOJ’s Sex Offender Tracking Program has been in force since 1947, with California being first to enact a sex offender registration law. Many states didn’t catch up until the 1990s. It’s a lifetime sex offender registration requirement in California, whose population exceeds 35 million. “California today has the largest number of registered sex offenders of any state.”

The Jessica Lunsford Act arose out of Florida when 9-year-old Jessica fell prey in 2005 to a repeat sexual pervert, John E. Couey, who held and raped her for days, then buried her alive to suffocate in plastic bags. She tried to claw her way out. But for dying in prison of anal cancer, he’d still be sitting there with all of his “rights” and costly appeals on death row.

Megan’s law arose from New Jersey after the death of 7-year-old Megan Kanka. She was raped and murdered by “a known child molester who had moved across the street from the family without their knowledge.”

President Bill Clinton signed Megan’s Law into law on May 17, 1996. Every state has some form of Megan’s Law.

Sen. Runner, many applaud your sensible efforts to protect our families and communities while generously affording “rights” to those who violently breach the society they then make demands upon.

There will be more on this subject.

Betty Arenson has lived in the SCV since 1968 and describes herself as a conservative who’s concerned about progressives’ politics and their impacts on the country, her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She says she is unashamed to own a gun or a Bible, couldn’t care less about the color of the president’s skin, and demands that he uphold his oath to protect and follow the Constitution of the United States in its entirety.