Friday, July 21, 2017

Connie M. Leyva, CA state Senator, bashes registry reformists in slanted Op-Ed

We need a bill to protect American citizens from dangerous crackpot pandering politicians like Connie Leyva.

We must protect children at schools from dangerous sex offenders: Connie Leyva

By Connie M. Leyva
POSTED: 07/18/17, 10:31 AM PDT | UPDATED: 2 DAYS AGO

Just last year, a group of concerned Fontana parents discovered a loophole in the law that allows dangerous sex offenders to enter school grounds and target children. They found out that dangerous sex offenders could volunteer at schools if they were given permission by a school official.

In response, the Fontana Unified School District Board of Education voted unanimously to ban sex offenders — who were convicted in a court of law — from school grounds, unless required by law.

Fontana school leaders were right to listen to these parents as they fought to keep their kids safe from harm. No parent — myself included — wants dangerous sex offenders to volunteer in classrooms or on school grounds and interact with children. Unfortunately, a sex offender advocacy group decided to fight Fontana’s new child safety policy.

Parents with children at the Fontana Unified School District then came to me, rightfully worried, and asked what I might be able to do. My reaction, both as a mom and as a state senator, was to act. I authored Senate Bill 26 earlier this year to close the loopholes that put our children in danger and can ruin their opportunity to stay safe while at school. To this day, I continue to believe that dangerous sex offenders do not belong anywhere around children — period.

Dangerous sex offenders may have committed a range of sex-related crimes that placed them on the sex offender registry, such as rape or the sexual abuse of a child. These are obviously sex-related crimes that cause serious mental and physical harm. As a parent, I cannot even imagine any child having to go through that kind of pain, so I introduced SB26 with one goal in mind: to protect children from dangerous sex offenders.

I met with sex offender advocates throughout the legislative process and was disappointed at how serious sex-related crimes continued to be minimized. I clearly remember how one sex offender tried to minimize his offense by saying that “it was just child pornography.” Well, in my world and that of most Californians, possessing pornographic images of children is absolutely wrong. Though some sex-related crimes may not have caused direct physical harm, even sex offenders convicted of “lesser” crimes like child pornography are still dangerous. These offenders should never be around children unsupervised.

I authored SB26 because children should always be protected from dangerous sex offenders. We can and must err on the side of caution when it comes to the safety of our kids. SB 26 would stop convicted sex offenders from entering school grounds, unless they have a legitimate or constitutionally protected reason to be there. Importantly, it would ensure that convicted sex offenders are always supervised around children. Though this child safety bill did not pass out of the Senate Appropriations Committee in May, I commit to continue fighting to protect our children from dangerous sex offenders.

Schools are supposed to be a safe place for learning, not a place where parents need to be worried about their children being around dangerous sex offenders. Even if just one child is victimized and traumatized for life because a convicted sex offender abused them at school, I believe that is one child too many. Some would rather stand with dangerous sex offenders than fight to protect children. I, for one, will always stand on the side of children.

State Sen. Connie M. Leyva (D-Chino) represents the 20th Senate District.

Friday, July 14, 2017

A second helping of southern-fried Andy Cordan Bleu

How long do you serve leftovers for dinner? A day? A week? Would you eat a year old meatloaf? No? Well, how about if the same cook fed you that same meatloaf on a different colored plate? Well, this crazy-looking guy from WKRN 2 in TenNAST-EE serves us up year old leftovers sprinkled with a second helping of SOS (same old shit). [As an side, he looks like he shouuld be hosting some cable TV show about alien absuctions and Illumiati stuff.)

Rather than just post each article separately, I'm posting them together to create a "new" article. I will cut and paste the similar statements. Guess which statement belongs to which article and win bragging rights. NO CHEATING!

Giles County sheriff: Sex offenders move to Tennessee for lax laws
By Andy Cordan
Published: July 13, 2017, 4:00 pm  Updated: July 13, 2017, 5:36 pm

Tenn. law enforcement concerned by increase in sex offenders from Alabama
By Andy Cordan
Published: June 15, 2016, 5:06 pm  Updated: June 15, 2016, 7:59 pm

Tennessee’s sex offender laws are so lax, the Giles County sheriff says offenders are crossing the Alabama border to move to Tennessee. Law enforcement officers are concerned about an increase in the number of sex offenders moving to Tennessee from Alabama.

Sex offenders are telling Giles County law enforcement that they are moving over the state line because Alabama sex offender registry requirements are too tough, especially when it comes to offenders who want to live with their own biological children. Kyle Helton has been the sheriff of Giles County, which borders two Alabama counties, for 11 years. Helton says he has recently seen an increase in the number of sex offenders who have moved to his county. Lt. Shane Hunter with Giles County told News 2 his agency and the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department noticed a major influx 8 to 9 months ago.

Because he is a convicted sex offender, Alabama law prohibits **** from living with his children. But in Tennessee, *** can live with his children because he didn’t commit a crime against them. Lt. Hunter says that’s why **** claims he and many other Alabama sex offenders are now moving in droves over the border to Tennessee. “Yes, it troubles me, and it troubles the neighboring counties as well,” said Lt. Hunter. “They realize that and word of mouth gets out and one sex offender tells another one that the laws are less stringent, and move up there, because there are less hoops to jump through and that is why they are moving to Tennessee and we have probably seen a 50 percent increase in our sex offenders from Alabama coming to Tennessee.” “[It] troubles the neighboring counties as well and they realize that and word of mouth gets out and one sex offender tells another one that the laws are less stringent, so move up there and there are less hoops for them to jump through and therefore, that’s why they are moving to Tennessee,” Lt. Shane Hunter said.

When it comes to staying overnight with children, Alabama’s law is crystal clear – no sex offender is allowed an overnight visit with a child under the age of 18, and that includes the offender’s biological children. In Tennessee, a sex offender can live with their biological children as long as they are not the victim of that crime. “They admitted to our staff that’s the reason they moved here,” Sheriff Helton says.

In addition, Alabama sex offender requirements are also more demanding when it comes to how far a sex offender must remain from a day care or school. In Alabama it is 2,000 feet. In Tennessee it is only 1,000 feet. In the state of Tennessee, a sex offender cannot live within 1,000 feet of a victim. Alabama’s law is twice is tough, and sex offenders must stay at least 2,000 feet away.

It makes me wonder how many other reporters pull this crap? Now that I think about it, it probably happens more often than you think. After all, how many Shiitake award nominees have repeat performances? While I've seen reporters refer to an older article, I've never seen a reporter pass off the same exact story in quite this manner. It was if he just reworded the same article and reposted it. Well, if he writes this same article net year, maybe I can just copy-paste THIS nominee article as well!

Friday, July 7, 2017

British inmates complain their blankets were made by sex offenders, and somehow it actually became news

I don't know which is worse-- hearing prison inmates whine about who made their blankets, or the fact that a mainstream media outlet felt it was worth reprinting. Well, I hope they like sex offender germs, the bloody wankers!

Original letter:

Prison inmates fear their blankets are made by sex offenders
Concern raised that prison-issue blankets made in sex offender-only HMP Stafford

10:34, 7 JUL 2017UPDATED10:41, 7 JUL 2017

Inmates at Walton prison fear they could be sleeping under blankets made by sex offenders.

The concerns were highlighted in a letter written by an HMP Liverpool inmate and published by prison magazine Inside Time.

The prisoner describes himself as “horrified” to learn a “sex offender’s hands have been all over my blanket” and questions why they are distributed throughout the prison system.

In the letter, the inmate claims to have discovered his blanket was made at HMP Stafford - a specialist prison that holds only sex offenders.

The institution, which was previously home to shamed entertainer Rolf Harris, is described as a closed training prison by the Ministry of Justice and has an industrial workshop complex on the site.

The prison has the capacity to hold 751 Category C sex offenders.

Writing in this month’s Inside Time, the prisoner complained: “I have just learned that the orange, prison-issue blankets are made in HMP Stafford, which means it was actually made by sex-offenders. I am horrified,.. How can the prison system distribute these sex-offender blankets throughout the prison population?

"I feel so angry that I cannot even sleep knowing that sex-offender’s hands have been all over my blanket.”

He then goes on to ask: “Can’t somebody do something to stop this happening? The blankets they make should stay within the sex-offender wings.”

The ECHO has attempted to contact the Ministry of Justice over the issue.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Jay Pennington, WyanD'OHtte Co Sheriff's deputy, caught stealing those unconstitutional registration fees and writing fake receipts for them

Crime does not pay. Until you get caught, that is. Just how stupid IS this guy?

WYCO deputy fired, charged with pocketing money from sex offenders
JUNE 30, 2017 - 11:46 AM

Kansas City, KS - A Wyandotte County deputy faces felony charges for stealing money intended for the Sheriff's office, according to the county prosecutor.

Jay Pennington,38, was team leader for the WYCO sheriff's Offender Registration Unit (ORU) and responsible for taking cash fees from registered sex offenders.

Prosecutor Michael Dupree alleges Pennington was making fake receipts and pocketing the $20 cash fees. It's not clear yet how much money is missing. 

He was fired Thursday, June 29, and arrested.

Pennington is charged with Official Misconduct, Making False Information, Unlawful Acts Concerning Computers, and Forgery . 

 He is free on bond.