Thursday, August 18, 2016

Australian Senator Derryn Hinch proclaims "100,000 sex offenders" travel to Indonesia annually to rape kids. BTW, he wants to strip SOs of passports, too

Foster's could make another "How to Speak Australian" ad. In Australia, Derryn Hinch means "assclown."

This clown is talking International Megan's Law's bad idea and enhancing it by pushing to strip passports from registered citizens.

What i'd like to know is how far up his ass did he dig to pull out this stat. There is no way Australia even has 100,000 registrants. Australia's population is less than a tenth of the US population (29 MILLION people). Texas has a population of 26,000 folks and has less than a hundred thousand, and even if Australia had 100,000 registrants, they'd pretty much ALL have to be traveling to Indonesia just to match this outlandish claim.

Derryn Hinch in push to strip convicted sex offenders of their passports
Updated 5 Aug 2016, 9:59am

Newly elected Victorian Senator Derryn Hinch says he will push to strip convicted sex offenders of their passports.

Mr Hinch, who has long called for a national public register for sex offenders, read out a letter from actress Rachel Griffiths during a Melbourne Press Club address which asked for his support to help prevent child sex tourism.

"100,000 convicted sex offenders on the register ... the private register, go to Indonesia every year," he said in response to the letter.

"They're not going there for the sun, they're going there for the sons and the daughters.

"That's [an issue] that I can get involved in, and they are the sort of thing I want to do."

Mr Hinch also hinted that candidates from his Justice Party may run in upcoming state elections to campaign on law and order issues.

"Watch this space, and that's not just Victoria," he said.

But he said on principle, he would remove state governments altogether.

"I don't think we need them, we've got a federal system, we've got a federalised government," he said.

Monday, August 15, 2016

mASSachussets State Rep Shaunna O'Connell at it again

The facts are not her priority. 
This woman hates both registered citizens and immigrants. She reminds me of a younger Valigator. This is her second appearance just this year on this blog.

I really love that the Boston Globe called Shaunna out FOR BEING WRONG. LOL.

Even funnier is the Governor's councilors slammed the bimbo, and even her fellow Repub proclaimed Shaunna "didn't do her homework." Brutal!

Judge Critical of Sex-Offender Registry Confirmed to Massachusetts High Court
Critics had argued that Kimberly Budd's criticism of sex-offender registries "render her unfit to serve as a justice."
Elizabeth Nolan Brown|Aug. 10, 2016 2:00 pm

Making a mild criticism of sex offender registries looked like it could have hurt a Massachusetts judge in her bid to serve on the state's Supreme Judicial Court. But on Wednesday the Governor's Council, an eight-member elected body responsible for approving judicial nominees, voted unanimously in favor of Superior Court Judge Kimberly Budd's nomination to serve as an associate justice.

During a grilling by the Governor's Council last week, Budd had said the state Sex Offender Registry is too expansive, ensnaring people who are far from a threat to anyone. She added that this opinion stemmed not from her "professional experience, but just hearing about people who wind up on the registry that don't necessarily need to be there and aren't really sex offenders."

As anyone who reads Reason editor Jacob Sullum or "Free Range Kids" empress Lenore Skenazy on this topic knows, Budd's is an entirely accurate statement. While registry rules vary from state to state, a growing array of offenses can land someone on the registry, leaving all sorts of non-predators on a list that people think of and lawmakers treat like a compendium of rapists and child molesters.

Budd stopped short of criticizing the registry more broadly, although the logical foundations of the registry as a whole are shaky, as there's scant evidence that perpetrators of sex crimes are more likely to re-offend than other types of offenders. Still, even the judge's suggestion that we should purge people who "aren't really sex offenders" from the list drew loud objections from some.

Going with the government-fellating, tautological tack, Rep. Shaunna O'Connell (R-Taunton) argued that "if you are on the Sex Offender Registry, you have committed a sex crime," and "it is imperative that we have justices that will defend and protect the registry." Budd's statements, said O'Connell, "render her unfit to serve as a justice." She took to talk radio and her own online platforms urging Massachusetts residents to write Governor's Council members and encourage them to reject Budd's nomination.

"The public has a right to know what dangerous sex offenders live and work in their communities," continued O'Connell, missing or intentionally obscuring Judge Budd's whole point: that the registry, in its current manifestation, represents nothing like a list of "dangerous sex offenders."

But Gov. Charlie Baker, who had nominated Budd (along with recently-approved Justices Frank Gaziano and David Lowy) to serve on the state's high court, defended Budd Tuesday. The Republican govenor said Budd would make a "terrific" justice who understands it's a judge's role to interpret the law, not legislate from the bench.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Calling all registrants! Conservative blogger Larry Huss reminds us Oregon is a great place to live

I'll have to add the KATU article later, but just look at this wonderful advertisement for Oregon, courtesy of this Conservative blogger. See folks, this is why I can't take Conservatives seriously.

Calling All Sex Offenders: Oregon Awaits
by Larry Huss Wednesday, August 10. 2016
Right From the Start

Are you a sexual deviant?  Are you a serial rapist?  A child molester?  A sexual predator?  Well welcome to Oregon, the government has got your back.

Have you repeatedly raped a thirteen year old child over a three year period?  Well you could be Oregon’s governor.  Have you pursued teenage boys in the public restrooms of City Hall?  Well you could be Portland’s mayor.  Have you been accused of unwanted sexual aggression, touching, fondling, or kissing?  You could be a congressman or senator from Oregon.  Do you insist on placing your paramours on the public payroll and using taxpayer money for sexual liaisons across the country?  You could be a Multnomah county commissioner, or for that matter any number of state legislators.

Hey, don’t worry about those pesky registration requirements as a sex offender.  It’s just a formality and Oregon government will bury your registration in a data base that no one from the public ever sees – that is if they even ask you to register.

A recent report by KATU’s Joe Douglass noted:

“Oregon now has the most sex offenders per capita in the U.S. according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, which in June released a map showing the state had 713 sex offenders per 100,000 residents. Nationwide it showed there were 262 offenders per 100,000 people.”
Oregon, at 713 sex offenders per 100,000, is nearly three times the national average of sex offenders per 100,000 residents.  When Mr. Douglass notes that Oregon is in first place, it’s not by a little, rather it is by a lot.  The next closest state is Arkansas, home of former President Bill Clinton (naturally) with 515 per 100,000.

Mr. Douglass continues:

“KATU’s On Your Side Investigators discovered more than 98 percent of Oregon’s sex offenders are not listed publicly and thousands are not complying with the law.

“Oregon State Police (OSP), the agency that oversees sex offenders, also admitted in July the state isn’t following several federal requirements.

“’Our sex offender laws are very weak compared to most states,’ Portland Police Officer Bridget Sickon told KATU Thursday.”

The story continues that a search of the publicly accessible data bases showed there were nine sex offenders within a mile of the KATU building.  However, a search of the data bases not available to the public indicated that there were in fact 159 deviants within a mile radius of KATU – over seventeen times as many as the public is allowed to know.

Yes, despite resistance by the current governor while she was a state senator, Oregon does have a version of Jessica’s Law (mandatory minimum sentences for sex offenders).  It also has a version of Megan’s Law (registration by sex offenders) although, according to the KATU story, that registration is kept from the public for whom it was designed to protect.  Go figure.

With a population of over 4 million people, Oregon is home to over 28,500 sex offenders.  Where do they all live?  Well, other than the ones who populate state and local government, it is probable that one or more of them live in your neighborhood – one lives in our neighborhood.  But given the fact that the average citizen cannot access a large part of the information on sex offenders, you will probably never know.  I suppose we are fortunate because our sex offender is publicly identified and the Clackamas Sheriff’s Office has, on more than one occasion, alerted the neighborhood to his presence.

So if you are a sexual predator, a pervert, or a serial rapist, pack your bags and move on out to Oregon – Portland in particular – where you will be met with open arms and a decided government effort to shield your crimes from the public.  After you are here for a short while, you just as well run for public office – others have and successfully.

There are a lot of things that a state can strive to be.  But when you are number one in sex offenders and number 43 in education maybe it is time to get rid of the loons who run Oregon.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

NY pols are falling all over themselves to be the first to ban registered citizens from Pokemon Go

A wild 'Tardmander appears....
I have never seen a social panic spread faster than the amount of fearmongering over Pokemon Go. It hasn't even been a full month (Pokemon Go was released on July 6 and I'm writing this piece a mere 27 days later). I've already said my share of Pokemon related puns and quite frankly, I think these NY legislatures should be kicked in their Pokeballs. 

First, Senators Jeff Klein (D-Bronx/Westchester) and Diane Savino (in the most sickening love story known to man) wrote a hilariously bad report called Pokemon NO that essentially states some spots in the augmented reality game were within a half block of a registered citizen. They followed up by making the following statements:

While children believe they are out to catch a pokémon, what might really be lurking could be a predator instead of a Pikachu. We want our children to have safe fun, but it makes no sense at all to give dangerous sexual predators a virtual road map to where our children congregate. We must update our law that already prohibits high level predators from using social media and we must make sure that gamers scrub these addresses from this game and future ones,” said Senator Klein.

“It’s dangerous to let our children linger in front of a sex offender’s home to play a game, and it’s absurd that a high-level predator should be allowed to have this map at his or her fingertips in the first place. We devised simple solutions in light of this alarming investigation to keep our laws up-to-date as technology advances,” said Senator Savino.

It is worth noting the press release equates registered citizen with pedophile, which is always grounds for nomination. 

"Because i'm this close to getting re-elected"
Then we have NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, who is trying to force the state to ban Pokemon Go from those on supervision. 

Registered sex offenders in the state of New York will no longer be able to download and play Pokémon Go thanks to an order Governor Andrew Cuomo sent to the state’s Department of Corrections on Monday. In addition to prohibiting sex offenders on parole from playing Pokémon Go and other “internet-enabled gaming activities,” Cuomo sent a letter to Niantic, the game’s developer, to ask for help in keeping sex offenders out of the software.

He has also instructed the Division of Criminal Justice Services to send a database of information about New York’s registered sex offenders to Niantic in hopes that the company will prohibit those people from signing up, as Facebook has done. The governor’s directive, a new parole condition, will affect about 3,000 people. “These actions will provide safeguards for the players of these augmented reality games and help take one more tool away from those seeking to do harm to our children,” Cuomo said in a statement.

This Pokemon Go fear and hysteria has gotten way out of hand.