Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tony Rackauckas, Orange County California official D.A. (dumbass)

Raw-carcass and Runnion, what a pair.
This has been way overdue. For the past year or so, Tony Rackauckas, Orange County DA, has been the quintessential pimp for the sex offender park bans. It all comes down to his plans for eventual higher office, a ship that has hit a stumble when Raw-Carcass got sued the the mother of a homeless man brutally beaten to death by the dirty half-dozen of Fullerton's "finest." A homeless guy who ended up being the kid of a retired OC cop, no less (recently the city agreed to may the dead man's mom a million to keep quiet). So while Rackauckas has failed to charge four of six crooked killer cops, Tony has been trying to divert attention away from this case by pulling a Bobby Jindal and pimping sex offender issues, specifically park bans.

Kelly who? I'm busy exploiting this child for my re-election bid.

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — Convicted sex offenders are barred from surfing at the famous pier in this Orange County city. In nearby Dana Point, they are prohibited from casting a fishing line in the harbor. And if they wander into a public park in Mission Viejo, they could be shipped back to jail for six months, following the City Council’s vote this year to ban them from a host of places where children congregate. “We need to protect our kids,” the Orange County district attorney, Tony Rackauckas, had told the Mission Viejo City Council. “The danger is very real.” Orange County finds itself at the enter of a new wave of laws restricting the movement of sex offenders. The county government and a dozen cities here have banned sex offenders from even setting foot in public parks, on beaches and at harbors, rendering almost half the parks in Orange County closed to them. Ten more cities are considering similar legislation.... Still, Mr. Rackauckas said he was satisfied that the laws were serving as a deterrent. “We’re not going to know how many kids were not molested or groomed for later sexual contact as a result of this law,” he said.

I know how many kids were saved by this law-- ZERO. So by not seeing anything he assumes it is working. What an idiot.  To quote Reason Magazine --" In other words, if the public safety benefits cannot be shown, we can just assume them." Great minds think alike. Of course you see the results below:

Sex offenders here can apply to the Orange County sheriff’s department to be allowed into a county park. So far, 15 applications have been submitted; all but one have been denied. One applicant requested access to Dana Point Harbor to continue working as a commercial fisherman. Another was a locksmith who did work at businesses at the harbor, and said he had a clean record during 28 years living in the area. A third wanted to attend a memorial service for his Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor, who had recently died. All three requests were turned down.

No surprise. How much are you willing to bet you will see Rackaukas use this crap when he runs for Attorney General? So long as this doesn't pop up too, Tony:

The man who struck the first blow killing Kelly Thomas,
still not charged for murder. Too many sex offenders to worry about!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Exorcist Jindal to exorcise registered citizens from public libraries

So not only will Jindal ban all registrants from using libraries, he's adding them to the list of places registrants can't even travel within 1000 feet. Next up, separate water fountains.

Baton Rouge -- The Louisiana Legislature has given final approval to a measure that would add public libraries and the surrounding 1,000 feet to the list of areas that convicted sex offenders cannot go unless granted specific exceptions. Senate Bill 753 by Dale Erdey, R-Livingston, now goes to Gov. Bobby Jindal for his certain signature.

State law already restricts convicted sex offenders from going near schools, playgrounds and other facilities frequented by children. Erdey said libraries should be added for consistency. The bill set Jan, 1, 2013, as the deadline for governing authorities of public libraries to develop specific guidelines for the law, including any exceptions. The sponsor accepted an amendment along the way to clarify that the law would not apply to sex offenders who are using another police station or courthouse to comply with separate state law requiring them to register on a public database. Erdey said in some Louisiana towns, the law enforcement agency handling the registry is located within 1,000 feet of the public library.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Courtney Laydon and Paul Innace engages in media masturbation

Big snake holding
little snake
This article is so bad it is laughable. But then it pisses me off because it makes viewers assume everybody on the registry will use computers to lure kids in by flogging the bishop in front of a webcam. To further the stupidity, this report makes people believe that everyone on the public registry is doing it (false) and are the only ones doing it (also false). Studies conducted on the subject have found internet sex crimes that involve offline encounters very rare, and most solicitations are of people of similar ages.,0,4377476.story


Sexual offenders and social media: Laws needed to keep kids safe

Courtney Laydon


9:07 AM EDT, May 24, 2012

The growing world of social networking is making it easier for sex offenders to contact children and feed their fetish.

Pennsylvania State Trooper Paul Iannace of the Computer Crime Unit is warning parents that child predators are beginning to use video chat sessions on gaming consoles and social networking sites to quickly lure children into an inappropriate sexual relationship.

"They get naked, they start masturbating into the cameras ... the kids don't know how to react," Iannace said. 

In some cases, the predator will convince the child to meet to engage in sexual activity.  Through his years of investigating cyber crimes, Iannace says he is always surprised by how many opportunities a child had to tell an adult, but did not.

"What is the kid going to do? Go home and tell mom and dad I had sex with a grown man?  They are embarrassed," Iannace said.

The growing problem has sparked legislation in several states that would either ban or restrict a sex offender from social media sites.  Indiana's law, which bans all offenders from social media sites, is now being challenged in the courts.  Opponents argue the strict regulations violate an offender's first amendment rights. 

In Pennsylvania - State Representative Eugene Despaquale is leading a bill that would give a judge the power to ban a child predator from social networking sites if they have a history of using the Internet to lure in children.

"There's simply a big hole and it's not just PA, we clearly see there's a pattern here," DePasquale says.

DePasquale says he believes a judge would make the bill constitutional because it allows a judge to make a decision on a case by case basis.

Regardless of the laws, Iannace urges parents to communicate with their children and be aware of the social media sites they spend time on. He also recommends that parents encourage their teens to visit, which provides valuable information about a variety of issues that teens may face, including Internet safety.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Faux29 Philly gets Registrant fired. Way to go, assholes!

Another idiot reporter gets a registrant fired from his job. It's Faux News, what do you expect?

This reporter needs to lose his job.

Is it just me or does Chris O'Connell look like Chris Farley? Just as ugly but only half as smart.

Convicted Sex Offender Working At Citizens Bank Park
Updated: Tuesday, 22 May 2012, 10:38 PM EDT
Published : Tuesday, 22 May 2012, 10:21 PM EDT

A convicted sex offender has a job that may surprise you. D**** A****'s co-workers tipped us off that he works at Citizens Bank Park in areas where he comes into contact with children and he has for years. (How much are you willing to bet this coworker just got mad at his boss over some petty shit?)

What could be a more family friendly event than a Phillies game. Well many parents we spoke with tonight were shocked to find out that working inside of citizen's bank park around many children, a convicted sex offender.

Douglas A**** arrived to work at citizen's bank park today like he's done for the last couple years. He works for Aramark supervising concession workers at the stadium.

But we learned something about aster his boss didn't know. Aster is considered a lifetime sex offender on the state police Megan's Law website He was convicted of involuntary deviate sexual assault and other charges for a 2003 sexual assault of a teenage girl in Bucks County. 

When Chris O’ Connell approached A**** to ask him about his conviction, A**** quickly disappeared into a back room not to be seen the rest of the night.

What we learned is a**** was sentenced to 1-2 years in the Bucks County prison for his crimes. He has completed his 5 year probation. But he will remain on the sex offender registry. Many parents we spoke with couldn't believe Aramark, the Phillies concession contractor, would hire someone with his background or not check in the first place.

And a late development, a Aramark spokesman says since this was brought to the companies attention by Fox 29--D***** A**** has been terminated from his position tonight. The company could not tell us if a background check was done on him. 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Believe the victim, but only when it leads to conviction, says Texas court

This case is messed up in many way. You have a man proclaiming his innocence yet convicted on no evidence, a "victim" who later admits she was coerced by her parents to make a false allegation, the reliance on junk science to make a bogus declaration of pedophila, and the intervention of the Texas Supreme Court.

So let me get this straight, the victim has recanted, during a time she is less likely to be coerced into recanting, and is regarded by the court as unbelievable, yet was believed undoubtedly at an age she was more likely to be coerced.

Compounding the problem is the use of the Abel screening test, aka "The Diana screen," named after a girl allegedly abused and later committed suicide. The test is actually simple, it is a test where people are shown a series of pictures of adults and children in bikinis, and if you look at it too long, you are a pedophile. The test has been proven only about 65% accurate (about the same as chance), and can be beaten by simply showing revulsion at the pics or just not look at them as long.

New trial for man who challenged pedophilia test as junk science
By Chuck Lindell | Friday, May 18, 2012, 09:53 AM

The Texas Supreme Court today ordered a new sentence for Michael Arena, a Harker Heights man who has served almost 13 years of a 20-year sentence for molesting a young cousin who later said the incident never happened.
The court ruled that Arena deserves a new sentencing trial because of false testimony by a psychologist, who during Arena’s 1999 trial labeled him a pedophile who was likely to strike again.
The psychologist, Fred Willoughby, based his conclusion on a test that required the then-16-year-old to click through images of swimsuit-clad people of various ages while the computer secretly measured how long he viewed each photo.
According to the unanimous opinion, written by Justice Eva Guzman, Willoughby testified that the test had an 85 percent accuracy rate. In reality, it was 65 percent.
Willoughby also misstated the scientific support for the test, saying independent studies had verified its effectiveness (none had) and quoting a Brigham Young University study as establishing its accuracy. Instead, the study raised serious questions about the test, noting that its ability to distinguish pedophiles from “nonoffenders was not significantly better than chance.”
Had he testified truthfully, Guzman wrote, “the trial court would have excluded Willoughby’s testimony.”
Instead, prosecutors repeatedly referred to Willoughby’s testimony in closing arguments, urging jurors to choose a significantly long sentence to protect the community from a continuing threat. Jurors, who could have chosen probation, sentenced Arena to 20 years in prison.
“Indeed, the state’s closing argument made more express references to Willoughby’s testimony than to any other testimony in the case,” Guzman noted.
Having established that the testimony should not have been allowed in court, and that it contributed to the length of his sentence, Arena met the legal standard for getting a new sentencing hearing, the court ruled.
Defense lawyers have said they are confident that, if given a new sentencing trial, Arena would receive a sentence of less than the almost 13 years he has served in prison, essentially freeing him.
But defense lawyer Dustin Howell pushed for a finding of actual innocence, telling the Supreme Court during oral arguments in January that Arena would otherwise have to register as a sex offender for 10 years, limiting his employment and housing options “for a crime he did not commit.”
Two years after testifying that Arena molested her when she was 7 and he was 15, cousin Stephanie Arena recanted her accusations, saying she was urged to lie by her mother as part of a bitter child-custody battle.
A Bell County district judge who reviewed the case, however, concluded that her recantation was not credible, ruling that it could have been coerced by Michael Arena’s family. That finding, the Supreme Court ruled today, means Arena fell short in legally proving his innocence.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Linda Walker, dumb quote talker

Linda Walker, dumb quote talker
Linda Walker is learning the fine art of propaganda from Money Mackin' Mark Lunsford's and Ed Not-So-Smart's "Surviving Parents Coalition." That means when she makes comments, they arc bound to be stupid.

Linda Walker is the mother of Dru Sjodin, who was killed in 2003 by a sex offender and for whom the Department of Justice's National Sex Offender Public Website is named. Too often, sex offenders are portrayed sympathetically while the victims are forgotten, she said. "What are we telling the victims that are still out there and alive when we keep giving [sex offenders] second and third chances?" Walker wondered. She said she sympathized with some mothers, but not when they refuse to acknowledge what their child has done. "As long as a parent feels horrible about the actions of their child, yes, I'm sympathetic toward them," Walker said. "But not toward the ones that continuously keep their heads in the sand."

I'm just wondering where all this alleged sympathy for sex offenders resides because I've seen none. Speaking of mothers with their heads in the sand, this woman has her own head in the sand. With a face that that, I hope it stays there.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Ned Hibberd walks us into a dumb report magnet

It's a Fox Affiliate, it's a bad headline, it's everything you've come to expect from a Worst News Mutt Category. Ned Hibbert is a bad report magnet. Read below for more:

Walking into a Sex Offender Magnet
Updated: Wednesday, 09 May 2012, 10:22 PM CDT
Published : Wednesday, 09 May 2012, 10:07 PM CDT

HOUSTON - Parks and playgrounds are a magnet for children, so you may be surprised at how many convicted sex offenders live around them.

Halbert Park, in the Heights, has 43 registered within one mile and 181 within two miles. Those numbers were a sinister surprise for Mary Hernandez, who brings her grandkids to Halbert all the time.

“Oh my God,” said Hernandez, when shown the map of sex offender residences - a database compiled by the Texas Department of Public Safety. “I don't want to think. You never know who can snatch 'em or what.”

Grimes Park, in southeast Houston, is surrounded by 15 sex offenders within half a mile and 61 within one mile.

Castillo Park, in the East End, has 92 registered sex offenders living within a mile and 284 within two miles.

“I know everyone's always worried about strangers approaching children,” said attorney Sam Mukerji, “but more often than not it's already somebody that you know.”

In fact, more than 90-percent of children who are victimized will be targeted by someone in their inner circle.

So says Diane Vines, a therapist at the Children’s Assessment Center.

“The truth is: most sexual abuse occurs in the home, by people who should be protecting the children from the abuser. They are the abuser,” explained Vines, who counsels the young victims. “Step-parents, grandparents, relatives, people that the family trusts.”

And because those authority figures are trusted, they tend to get away with it.

Part of Mukerji’s law practice involves suing sexual predators. And he says most of them are not already on the DPS’s maps.

“I feel like they are able to – more so than other types of criminals - are able to get by without being noticed,” explained Mukerji. “They've done it multiple times before they're actually caught.”

And it is staggering how many children are sexually victimized, in one way or another, by the time they reach age 18.

According to Diane Vines’ statistics, up to 18-percent of boys and as many as 30-percent of girls have been raped, molested or exposed to sexually inappropriate behavior.

The younger they are when it happens, says Vines, the harder it is to heal.

“They can have flashbacks with the feeling and they don't know where it comes from,” said the therapist. “They start to feel crazy. And that's very hard to work with because they don't know why they're doing this, and they can't really process it. It is way worse with a much younger child.”

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Phil Elmore wants us to know he's a potential predator

He's coming out of the closet...
This guy is Phil Elmore, a "freelance writer" and for today, he's featured in the WND (Weapon of News Destruction). I don't know what the deal is with WND, but so far I'm not impressed with the quality of their writers. So this guy, who apparently does voice acting on the side, apparently poses as a freelance writer on occasion, and the result is hilariously bad. His main errors:

1. He claims 2/3 of Registrants re-offend-- complete bullshit
2. Never hire a male babysitter-- that is exactly what got John Walsh in hot water a few years ago. Of course, Phil Elmore is a man so this means he might be a sex offender. Then again, look at the guy. He might just be...
3. Stranger Danger: That went out with bell bottoms and platform shoes; not even the paranoid NCMEC promotes that archaic crap anymore.

Exclusive: Phil Elmore gives tips for keeping children safe from pedophiles
Published: 20 hours ago

Phil Elmore is a freelance reporter, author, technical writer, voice actor and the owner of Samurai Press. Visit him online at
The highest court in New York State ruled Tuesday that viewing child pornography online isn’t necessarily possessing child pornography. While the merits of the ruling itself can be argued, the case merely emphasizes the dangers your children face. The bipedal monster who derives gratification from merely viewing underaged sex acts today could actively seek to rape your child tomorrow. This is a logical progression and we would be fools not to recognize it.

There are websites online through which you may chart registered sex offenders living in your area. Most people, when they do this, are amazed and horrified at just how many registered sex offenders live in close proximity to them, even in small towns with low crime rates. According to the legal information website, one out of five girls and one out of six boys will be molested before the age of 18. More than two-thirds of molesters offend again. Duhaime, quoting Taking Care of Your Child, says that 4,600 children are abducted by non-relatives every year. One in every five kids will be sexually propositioned through the Internet.

Predators who target children are remarkably prevalent in industrialized society, and as the statistics bear out, most of them are recidivists – repeat offenders who are not in any way “reformed” by prison time, counseling, probation, or any of the many ineffective “solutions” our legal system seems to think will keep them in check. The fact is, a child sex predator could be stalking your child right now. The ultimate responsibility for safeguarding your children is yours.

Laundry lists of tips to keep your children safe are about as common as the predators themselves. The following, however, are some good general guidelines for keeping your children safer in a dangerous modern world. Most, if not all, are common sense, but where your children are concerned, no amount of repetition is a bad thing. Our children are defined as dependents for a reason. They depend on their parents for everything, while they lack the judgment we are supposed to provide for them.

Would you hire this guy to babysit YOUR kids?
Thinking of hiring a male babysitter? Don’t. Most men are not criminals, but the overwhelming majority of sexual predators and child molesters are male (the epidemic of female teachers sleeping with their students notwithstanding). Simply put, it’s unusual (though not unheard of) for a young man to enjoy the company of, or wish to spend his time nurturing, other people’s children. Be suspicious also of men and boys (or female teachers, natch) who want unsupervised time with your children. Whether it’s the 20-something who wants to “date” your minor daughter, or an older neighborhood man who has befriended your preteen sons, there are very great child molestation risks involved. NEVER leave your child alone with such people.

Talk to your children about authority figures, and discuss with them what is normal and what is not. Very young people have no frame of reference. A child does not know that it is not normal, say, to be beaten with a yard stick while in nursery school, because until a very young child is told otherwise, that’s just how the world works to him or her. Discuss with your children what actions are not appropriate for strangers or relatives (versus what actions are – this is the classic “good touch” and “bad touch” information). Most importantly, explain to them that it is not OK for a person in a position of authority, like a sports coach, a religious figure, a scout leader, a teacher, or a babysitter to touch them or treat them in a way that is inappropriate for any stranger to touch them.

Know where your children are. There is no excuse for a parent not to know where his or her child is at any given time. Technology can be used to help you, in this case; there are mobile phones with GPS tracking features that let you use the GPS satellites ringing the globe to locate your child via the Internet.

Have a protocol for strangers and for changes in routine. Teach your children the old fundamentals about never accepting anything from strangers (especially food and drink), not talking to strangers and not accepting rides from them. If you must diverge from your child’s routine and they are old enough to understand such things, you can teach them a code word that someone could use to establish their trustworthy credentials in case of emergencies. Guard such things carefully, and teach your children never to divulge the codes.

Never ignore or dismiss your child’s concerns. Children often do not report abuse because they don’t understand it or are not comfortable speaking about it. If they do express a concern in a roundabout way, always listen attentively and encourage your children to discuss their concerns in more detail.

Never allow a minor unsupervised access to a computer. Apart from the harmful things they might view when you’re not around, like pornography, your children are very vulnerable to being propositioned, stalked, bullied, or otherwise harassed when online, particularly when playing online games. Always supervise your child’s computer activity. Your child’s computer should be in a common area, not in a bedroom.

The sad fact of the modern age is that our technology makes it much easier for societal predators to target our children. Much worse is that the ruling of New York’s highest court will encourage and embolden such predators, who may well act out their desires with real victims after indulging their sick habits in secret.

While there have always been sex offenders and child molesters, it is more difficult than ever to protect your kids. At the same time, it is easier than ever for criminal adults to find, target and pursue your children. Given this, you must take the time and make the effort despite the challenges. Your kids may not always thank you for it, but the role of a parent is often a thankless one. You will know you are keeping them safe. That is all that matters.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hi-yo Sharon Silver, away!

Today's lesson is on "How to perpetuate stranger danger and assume all men are potential sex predators" by Sharon Silver. Who is Sharon Silver? Well she runs some site called overreactive parenting.... oops I mean "proactive parenting." She mentions something about being on Oprah. Well that explains a lot. So Sharon Silver also writes on one of those mothering sites, "Circle of Moms." Today I was made aware of an article she wrote entitled "How to spot a child predator." The gist of the article is this, she spots some kids talking to some older man talking to some kids in a restaurant, assumes the man is a predator, confronts the poor guy, leaves the restaurant, and when she returns, he is gone, so this confirms her suspicion. Only thing is, a person falsely accused would have run off just as easily out of fear of being mistaken for a sex offender. Plus now the kids have been scared by this angry, shouting woman. It doesn't matter, she's sticking to her guns. Thankfully the message boards are filled with comments calling Sharon out on her BS.

How to Spot a Child Predator
By Sharon Silver - Apr 13, 2012

Imagine a really busy day at your favorite café. There’s a long line of people flowing out the door. The crowd’s chatter creates a deafening roar, the kind of noise that gives those in the café the illusion of privacy.

Above the roar I hear it. Where’s it coming from? Does everyone hear it, or am I the only one? Then I see him, an older male talking loudly at a table beside the open door.

My gaze moves from the man to a table on the other side of the open door. Two boys are laughing, seemingly delighted with the grown-up activity of eating alone.

Then I hear the man’s voice again. Why is he shouting above the roar of the crowd and asking the boys to solve addition problems? I decide the older man must be the one who brought the boys to lunch since this game of math is being played so effortlessly between them.

I retract my gaze and order my lunch. As I’m waiting, I feel compelled to observe the situation again. The man asks them what grade they’re in?

“3rd grade!” the chatty one proudly says. The other boy has gone silent. 

The man relentlessly continues throwing question after question at the boys. Who do you want to marry when you grow up? What’s your favorite subject in school? Who is your teacher? Do you like astronomy? What’s your favorite planet?

My name is being called to pick up my sandwich. Then, like a thunderbolt, it hits me! Those boys are being groomed. That man may be a predator!

I don’t want to believe it. I begin looking around for any reason why this man, who appears to be a stranger, is asking so many weird “get to know you” type questions. My mind wants to believe he’s just having fun. But my body has warning bells going off.

I move very quickly to the table where the boys are and ask, “Where are your parents?” The chatty boy loudly says what his dad’s name is, not where he is. The other boy remains silent; he won’t answer my question.

I look around hoping to see a parent getting up to tell me to mind my own business. I see no one.

As I shift my gaze from the crowd back to the boys I lock eyes with the older man. I purposefully linger in the gaze sending him the strong message, I know what you’re doing! You will not succeed here!

I promptly walk to the counter and say as loudly as I can, “Miss, I’m concerned about those two boys. They don’t seem to be with any adult. There’s a man over there, the one sitting by the door, asking them questions he shouldn’t be asking! Do you see them? Do you see the man? Please look after them and call the police if they leave with anyone other than a parent!”

I leave and go to my car. My husband looks at me and says:

“You need to go back in, don’t you?”


When I return the man is gone! The boys are still eating and laughing. The waitress says, “I know his Dad, he’s on the way.”

Parents, I believe the older man was a potential predator. Am I sure? There was no way of knowing. Did I prevent him from harming those boys? I don’t know. I did what I could without falsely accusing someone of something that hadn’t happened yet.

All I do know was this man was asking the types of questions that predators ask. He was setting the stage, a.k.a. "grooming" the boys so he’d be familiar to them if he appeared again.

I’m not writing this so we can have a debate about how to deal with predators or situations like this. I wrote this so you’d read about the types of questions a potential predator uses so you can prepare your kids.

Please don’t scare your kids, but do talk to them. Use these, or examples like the, so your kids know what bad strangers ask so he can say, “Hey remember me, we had fun doing those math problems at the café didn’t we!” 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang: Weapon of News Destruction

This is Chelsea Schilling, a reported for WND (WorldNetDaily). She is sounding the alarm. "Bombshell!", Chelsea explains. "Bombshell! America's favorite social network is child-predator playground."

WND seems to have issues with being fair and balanced. I think WND stands for Weapon of News Destruction, but that's just me.

The gist of her story-- Facebook is a "playground" for "child predators." She uses a few anecdotal examples from personal pages with less than 100 of the alleged 150,000,000 or so US Facebook users who are allegedly trading kiddie porn. Then she adds a bogus study that had been suppressed by the very agency that created it, because there were errors and the sample was limited to those who volunteered for a prison treatment program (which gave incentives for completion).

The second mistake was claiming Pedobear was a real symbol used by real pedophiles to identify each other (sadly, it isn't the first time). Should I notify the great pedobear scare of 2010 has extended to 2012?

It could have been a great report had she stuck to facts and not sensationalism, but instead she made a Shiitake-Worthy

Bombshell! America's favorite social network is child-predator playground
Published: 4 hours ago
by CHELSEA SCHILLING Email | Archive

Editor’s note: This is the first of a four-part series examining the dark side of Facebook. Part two comes tomorrow. Media wishing to interview WND’s Chelsea Schilling about this series, please contact us here.

(EXPLICIT CONTENT: This report contains graphic details of sexual abuse of children as it has appeared in numerous locations on Facebook. WND immediately reported images of child pornography and child sexual abuse to the FBI. Censored screenshots published are among the mildest of those found.)

She’s a tiny brunette with brown eyes, barely 10, and she’s naked – posing for the man who raped her and traded her photo like currency with thousands of insatiable predators on Facebook.

The girl doesn’t smile, because she knows what comes next. Her abuser will share photos and earn bragging rights from thousands of others just like him who will exchange their own titillating snapshots – often images uploaded from cell phones – of boys and girls they molest.

She’s beautiful. In fact, she could be your own daughter, or little sister. Her little curls dangle over her youthful skin. Her bare body is clearly underdeveloped. But she has become a tool for sex, an X-rated trading card, a means to arouse the world’s sexual deviants.

Discover who is behind the fall of Americans’ traditional sexual morality – and sanity! – with “Sexual Sabotage” from WND Books!

There are many more young girls and boys like her – not in some sleazy magazine from the back of an adult bookshop, not from some homemade videos in the red light district, not in the back alleys of Bangladesh, but on the pages of one of the most successful new Internet companies in the world.

Meet the dark underbelly of Facebook, an ubiquitous U.S.-based company making an initial public offering expected to value the company as high as $100 billion.

Graphic images of sexualized children under age 12 and adults raping young kids are traded among circles of pedophiles on Facebook. Censored screenshots published are among the mildest of those found.)

Another profile reveals a small boy, about 8, who looks much like a neighborhood Little League champion or Cub Scout. He’s been forced to undress on a bed and hold his ankles behind his head as his captor photographs his exposed genitals and anus.
One more boy, about 12, is lying face down on a bed as an adult male penetrates him. The photo is a mobile upload – likely taken by a third person in the room who observed the child’s rape and posted the image to Facebook with a cell phone.
On other pages, child-porn deviants share a photo of two naked girls who are kissing and fondling one another outdoors.  Yet another boy, who appears to be about 4, is receiving oral sex from a child roughly two years his senior.
Other children just like them are shown sodomizing one another – or being raped by adult men or women – in photos and video links of the abuse posted on Facebook. Entire albums of exploited boys and girls are visible to the public and shared with the click of a mouse.
Understand how you can protect yourself from being “Violated Online” with this important resource from WND Books.
On the Facebook user page called “Kidsex Young,” one man asks others, “Care to trade vids?” Another posts a video of a naked man fondling a baby on a bed.

One Facebook user identified as "Kidsex Young" quickly "friends" those with similar interests to trade photos and videos of abuse.

Profile of a Facebook predator

"PedoBear," a cartoon of a pedophiliac bear pedophiles use to identify each other on Facebook.

As part of an undercover news investigation, WND used alias Facebook profiles and located dozens of child-porn images after “friending” many likely pedophiles and predators who trade thousands of pornographic photos on the social network.

During the investigation, entire Facebook predator communities were easily spotted. Child pornographers use groups as meet-up points to find others with similar interests. Many of the offenders would list similar interests on their profile pages, including terms such as “Thirteen,” “Lolita,” “Justin Bieber,” “incest” and “PTHC (preteen hard-core pornography).” Their activities might include “Receiving nude pics,” and they subscribe to explicit Facebook fan pages posted in plain sight.

Send a flood of 1st-class mailed postcards to Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, members of Facebook’s board and top-level management and staff telling them you want this criminal activity to stop.

In most cases, child-pornography traders and pedophiles have two kinds of friends: 1) sexual deviants who have similar interests and 2) unsuspecting children they’ve found and “friended” on Facebook. Many predators will establish a virtual relationship with a child, convince him or her to send provocative photos and even persuade the child to meet with them in person.

The following are actual groups and “likes” currently and/or previously available to site users around the world:

Kidsex Young
Preteen Lesbians
10-17 Teen Bisexual
Incest (2,119 “likes” on April 19, 2012)
PTHC (preteen hard-core pornography)
12 to 13 Boy Sex
Young Gay Pics and Movie Trade
Hot and Teen Lesbians
Bl-wjob Fan Page (1,662 likes on April 20, 2012, mostly girls, some young-looking teens)
Young Lesbians
Teen Sex
Love Little Kids
I.ncest Forever
Menfor Babygirls
Sex Little Girls
Nude Teens
F–k Young Girls
F–k Young Boys

As the name suggests, “PedoBear” is a cartoon of a pedophiliac bear that many pedophiles use to identify each other. At the time of this report, there were 267,064 Facebook “likes” for dozens of pages filled with fan groups containing the term “PedoBear.”

There appears to be little policing of these groups by the social network.

Despite repeated requests, Facebook did not respond to phone calls and emails from WND about the numerous images, videos or explicit “like” groups favored by sexual deviants.

Michelle Collins is vice president for the exploited children division at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, or NCMEC. The Department of Justice funds the nonprofit organization, which maintains a CyberTipline to receive child pornography reports and send the leads to appropriate law-enforcement agencies.

She told WND that NCMEC receives reports from all of the social networking companies.

“The law requires them, if they become aware of it, to report it,” Collins said. “With the global nature of this – and companies the size of Google and Facebook and others – they have individuals using their systems from every part of the globe. So, in many cases, we have received reports from the companies that actually indicate child pornography images were uploaded from [locations around the world]. … The average last year was about three days for the content to be removed.”

Asked whether Facebook’s explicit “likes” and interest groups might aggravate the problem by allowing thousands of child predators to interact and trade photos, Collins acknowledged, “Yes, there are key words that indicate that individuals with like-minded interests in children would be flocking to. … I think that’s a really good question.”

Behind the images

Most of these predators aren’t simply looking at child pornography images. In a 2007 Federal Bureau of Prisons study in which psychologists conducted an in-depth survey of online offenders’ sexual behavior, 85 percent of convicted Internet offenders said they had committed acts of sexual abuse against minors, from inappropriate touching to rape.

The U.S. Department of Justice explains: “In most child pornography cases, the abuse is not a one-time event, but rather ongoing victimization that progresses over months or years.  It is common for producers of child pornography to groom victims, or cultivate a relationship with a child and gradually sexualize the contact over time.  The grooming process fosters a false sense of trust and authority over a child in order to desensitize or break down a child’s resistance to sexual abuse.”

This photo was found in a photo album posted in one of many profiles for "PedoBear," a cartoon character pedophiles use to identify themselves.

Richard Lepoutre has been actively involved in the fight to protect children from sexual abuse for more than 25 years and is the co-founder of the fight against pedophiles on Facebook with the Stop Child Porn on Facebook campaign. He also wages the battle against commercial sexual exploitation through his work at the Stop Online Exploitation Campaign and Men Against Prostitution and Trafficking.

“It’s not just about images,” Lepoutre said. “In almost all cases, these images are associated with sexually abused children. We know that’s what’s going on. I would be careful not to characterize this as bad people taking pictures of semi-naked or naked little girls. It’s much more than that, because in almost all instances that picture-taking is very often the actual video or the actual photography of the rape of children.”

Lepoutre’s co-combatant in this battle against child pornography is Raymond Bechard, author of “The Berlin Turnpike: A True Story of Human Trafficking in America,” a historical examination of commercial sexual exploitation and its place within all American communities. Bechard also wrote “Unspeakable: The Truth Behind the World’s Fastest Growing Crime,” an expose of child trafficking around the globe. He launched Men Against Prostitution And Trafficking, the first anti-human trafficking political action committee in the U.S., and is co-founder of Stop Child Porn on Facebook.

In “The Berlin Turnpike,” Bechard explains: “Social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter have completely changed the game. Enormously popular – and growing every day – these free sites offer very powerful tools for men who are buying sex, pimps who are selling it, and pedophiles trading child pornography. In a brilliantly devious marketing ploy, pimps have used these sites in such a way that men no longer need to look for girls on the street corner or the Internet. Using social networking, the girls will come to them. …

“Far more blatant was the use of Facebook by pedophiles to connect with each other around the world in order to trade sexually explicit photos of young children – another form of human trafficking under U.S. law.”

In a Facebook group called "Forbidden Incest," a "teen girl" posts a request for a "loving dad" and gets plenty of takers.

Bechard notes that one Facebook profile in early 2011, under the fictitious name “Marcos Teia,” had more than 500 “friends” who exchanged photos. One of the first images in his gallery depicted a young girl just 6 or 7 years old.

“She was not smiling in the picture. With her head turned slightly to the right, she looked coyly at the lens. Her hair was coiffed in a highly stylized arrangement with green and yellow ribbons. Along with her makeup she was wearing lipstick, eyeliner and shadow. She was standing outside, a blue sky and unidentified foothills behind her. She was holding an inflatable Daffy Duck. She was completely naked.”

The collection was growing by the hour. After the “Marcos Teia” profile was reported, it temporarily disappeared and resurfaced quickly.
“One day he was on Facebook with hundreds of friends – whose profiles also exhibited sexually explicit photographs of children and adults on the social networking site – and the next day he was gone. A few days later he was back, eager to confirm friend requests from anyone.”
Bechard also stumbled upon the profile “Marcos Robson.”
“These photographs were explicit images of girls, appearing to range in ages between 3 and 9 years,” he explained. “The images showed these girls involved in vaginal, oral and anal sex acts. Some are bound with duct tape. According to the group’s Facebook wall, ‘sex little girls’ had 51 members and the number of photos posted had grown to 37, including one with what appeared to be a female newborn and the genitals of an adult male.”
Sexual deviants use pages like I.ncest Forever this to meet others with similar interests

Advertising child-porn sites

Bechard told WND child-pornography traders are profiting from posting links to their outside video galleries on Facebook.
“Many of these guys have hidden galleries and links to videos they have or have taken,” he said. “That’s the real money for them, in the videos.”
During the WND investigation, it was a common occurrence to find links to outside child-pornography websites with photos and video captions. The following are a few of those captions:

“Arabian boy f–k his neighbor 13 yo”
“Mom seduces son in bedroom”
“Arabian teacher rapes his student”
“Boys f–k each other”
“Arabian boy f–k his younger brother in the a–”
“Circumcision of boys”

The administrator for the group “Planet-of-Boys” posted a visitor advisory on his Facebook page:
“Enter Our Blog and Chat live wz people who love boyz share emails and links safely – you can got deleted if you do that on facebook but on our blog you will not got deleted and you can have fun all the time [sic].”

‘They had no idea this exists’
Bechard said one of the most difficult obstacles to overcome is public unawareness of child pornography on Facebook.
“One problem is the fact that very few people even know this problem exists,” he said. “Nobody knows about it.”
Bechard and Lepoutre informed congressional staffers, who work in the area of child abuse and commercial sex exploitation, of the child pornography on Facebook.
“They had no idea this exists, because they all, by their own admission, love Facebook,” Bechard said. “It’s helping them get elected or prevented others from getting elected. Everybody uses the thing.”

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ohio State Buckeyes linebacker prospect finds dumbest excuse EVER to decommit

How wimpy have we become if a 4-star linebacker is scared of a sex offender?
What if you were a six-foot-three, 220 pound linebacker who committed to Ohio State University but decided you want to play for someone else? In this guy's case, come up with the absolutely dumbest excuse ever to recommit. The story is summed up briefly as some fan attends the Spring Game, took a pic with some players, and the fan posted it online. Later someone discovers the fan is on the registry, and panic ensues.

Eek! A sex offender! 
So this is the "offensive photo." Those three big meatheads look really scared of that rotund man in the striped shirt, don't they? I don't know which is the biggest offender, Alex, his dad Sal, or Ohio State and their knee-jerk comments?

Ohio State loses a top linebacker recruit as sex offender surfaces in photos with players

By Associated Press, Updated: Saturday, May 5, 3:17 AM

COLUMBUS, Ohio — An Ohio State recruit has told the Buckeyes he will not attend the university, according to several published reports, amid concern that a convicted sex offender had interactions with players and recruits associated with the program.

Alex Anzalone, one of the nation’s top linebacker recruits, committed to Ohio State last month in what was turning out to be a stellar class for new coach Urban Meyer.

But Anzalone, of Wyomissing, Pa., will reopen his recruiting process, after being contacted by Charles Eric Waugh, 31, of Ashland, Ky. In 2008, Waugh pleaded guilty to five counts of possession of underage sexual content. And this year, across Twitter, he contacted several Ohio State coaches athletes, and even recruits, including Anzalone. He also posed for photos with some of them.

Dr. Sal Anzalone, Alex’s father, told the Reading (Pa.) Eagle late Friday that “something is just not right at Ohio State. It’s not for him.”

As news spread of Anzalone’s decision, and of Waugh’s past, the school put out a statement on Friday night.

“The issue surrounding the individual from Kentucky is being treated by the Department of Athletics as a student-athlete welfare issue. When the University became aware that this individual had been seen in pictures — taken in public places — with student-athletes, proactive precautions were taken and the Department of Athletics alerted more than 1,000 Ohio State student-athletes about this person,” the statement said.

“The email message also reminded them of the negative implications that can be realized through simple associations on social networking sites. This individual is not associated with Ohio State. He is not a booster. He has not engaged in any activities on behalf of the University. The Department of Athletics will continue to monitor this issue and it will remain proactive in its efforts with regard to precautions for its student-athletes.”

Anzalone visited Columbus last month during spring game weekend. While there, he and other potential recruits posed for a photo with Waugh, who later posted it on Twitter.

“You don’t want your son to go to a place where there’s a potential issue,” Sal Anzalone told the Eagle. “You expect the staff to have some sort of control on how things are handled with recruits when they visit. This is ridiculous.”

On second thought, go Buckeyes! (Marry me Casey!)

Friday, May 4, 2012

Ft Collins Colorado man mistakes innocent man for a sex offender

Proof the adage about people going bald
due to brain use is a myth
This man is a career criminal arrested for kidnapping and attacking a man with a knife, mistaking him for a sex offender. This begs the question-- had his victim been a real registrant, would he even been charged?

Police: Vigilante Thought Innocent Man Was Child Molester

Fort Collins Man Accused Of Kidnapping, Assault

Posted by: Thomas Hendrick, News Editor
POSTED: 10:07 am MDT May 4, 2012
UPDATED: 10:42 am MDT May 4, 2012

FORT COLLINS, Colo. -- A Fort Collins man faces kidnapping and assault charges after police said he abducted a man he apparently mistook for a child molester.
Brandon Benhamin Mau, 32, was arrested Tuesday afternoon by a SWAT team.
Investigators believe Mau threatened a man with a knife and forced him into his vehicle Monday on West Plum Street near Taft Hill Road, reported the Fort Collins Coloradoan.
Mau released the man at City Park. Police said the man sustained minor injuries from the knife.
Police found no basis for Mau’s claim that the victim was a molester, said Detective Jim Lenderts.
A SWAT team was called to arrest Mau because he has a criminal history, Lenderts said.
Mau was arrested without incident and booked on suspicion of first-degree kidnapping, second-degree assault, third-degree assault and felony menacing.
According to state court records, Mau was booked into the Larimer County Jail on a $250,000 bond.
Mau’s criminal history includes a 2009 arrest on a burglary charge involving assault or menacing, criminal mischief, felony menacing and possession of a dangerous weapon. He later accepted a plea agreement to possessing an illegal weapon and was sentenced to two years of probation, according to state court records.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Connecticut to make "gunning an officer" a registerable offense

A Connecticut Yankee on the sex offender registry

If you never heard the term "gunning an officer," it is prison slang for masturbating while staring at an officer (or sometimes in plain sight of an officer though that's rare). It is one of those gross things people in prison must put up with but as an ex-con I can assure you I'd rather they flog their bishops while staring at Officer Jane Doe than poking some dude in the shower. After all, prisons quit conjugal visits years ago and the need for sex doesn't go away with a prison sentence.

Connecticut is not a state that tends to make waves with crazy sex offender laws, but this year, they decided to change that by finding a new way to increase their registry coffers by adding inmates caught masturbating in prison to the public sex offender registry. Honestly, why do we need this?

Well it could be worse. Your name could be OFFICER PETER GUNNING. Some stuff you can't make this crap up.

Can't get much worse than that.

State prison officials want new sex crime for inmates
Associated Press
Published 07:43 a.m., Saturday, April 28, 2012
HARTFORD -- Connecticut prison officials are asking for a new law that would label inmates who commit lewd acts in their cells as sex offenders.

Department officials say it's an ongoing problem at prisons such as the high security Northern Correctional Institution, where some inmates purposefully masturbate in front of staff, often female guards, counselors or other prison workers.

"If they were on the outside and they did something like this, they would be arrested and held accountable as a sex offender," said Brian Garnett, a department spokesman. "And frankly, the same thing should hold true on the inside." Lisamarie Fontano, president of AFSCME Local 387, which represents prison workers, says about 500 such instances were written up at Northern last year. She said the problem involves a relatively small group of inmates, and has very little to do with sex.

"It's about power," she said. "If you can demoralize somebody, and some of the acts that women have described to me are absolutely horrific, then by all means the inmates feel more powerful over them." The legislation would make public indecency in a correctional institution a class D felony, punishable by up to five years in prison, a sentence that would be mandated to be tacked on to any current sentence. It also would designate the convict as a sex offender.

The bill would only apply to inmates who are deemed to be targeting staff with their activity, and would not be used when someone inadvertently walks in on an inmate in a private moment, Garnett said.

Garnett said it has proven difficult to charge inmates under current sexual assault statutes for behavior that happens in their cells.

Fontano said internal discipline hasn't deterred the behavior, but she believes inmates will stop if they know they will be labeled as a sex offender when they leave prison.

"This would be something that would be with them for the rest of their lives," she said. "This isn't something where you lose commissary privileges within the walls of the facility. Typically, a male prisoner does not want to be labeled as a sex offender." The bill has passed out of committee and is awaiting action by the full Legislature, which adjourns on May 9.

The move to pass legislation comes at the same time that the department is removing all pornography, material that contains "pictorial depictions of sexual activity or nudity," from the prisons. Inmates were given a year to get rid of all their porn and the total ban takes effect in July.

The ban is intended to improve the work environment for prison staffers who might be inadvertently exposed to the material.

Garnett said the two issues are not related, but said both are expected to have a positive impact on the work environment in the prisons "Our first responsibility is protection of the public and our second is protection of our staff," Garnett said. "That is always foremost in our mind and these are examples of what we are trying to do at this point in time."

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Illinois makes participating in any holiday activities involving kids a crime

America see Predators everywhere
When I read a news media article on this bill, I thought it was just another silly Halloweenitis law barring registered citizens from wearing costumes. But this bill goes beyond that, adding a vague prohibition against "participat[ing] in a holiday event involving children under 18 years of age". This bill has a great potential for abuse, since the law is not limited to a certain list of prohibited activities.

Santa Clause: Sexual Predator or Big Brother Government Agent?
My money's on the latter.

Synopsis As Introduced

Amends the Criminal Code of 1961. Provides that it is Class 4 felony for a child sex offender to participate in a holiday event involving children under 18 years of age, such as distributing candy or other items to children on Halloween, wearing a Santa Claus costume on or preceding Christmas, being employed as a department store Santa Claus, or wearing an Easter Bunny costume on or preceding Easter. Exempts from a violation where (1) the sex offense conviction which brought the person into the child sex offender category was criminal sexual abuse in which the victim was at least 13 years of age but under 17 years of age and the offender was less than 5 years older than the victim; or (2) the child sex offender is a parent or guardian of children under 18 years of age that are present in the home and no non-familial minors are present.