Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Anonymous Jewish Muslim BLM Anarchist open-carry gun-nut Micah David Naziri protests to make a militant feminist statement. Did you get all that?

Here is Micah David Naziri. Today, he's a militant feminist. Kek. 
“I can tell the different types of people at a protest. There are pure bigots full of hate, and there’s nothing you can do to change them, but there are also other people who get manipulated by hate groups and preachers and teachers of hate." These are the hypocritical words for today's featured nominee.

I've never seen a guy with a worse identity crisis than Micah David Naziri, aka "Mikhah ben David." In one protest he claims to be a Jewish American. On another he's claiming to be a Muslim. I suppose his identity is just whatever is convenient at the time. MadWorldNews reported, "One of his favorite books is The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews, which is a Nation of Islam favorite, and Louis Farrakhan talks all about it as he spews anti-Semitism." He's also a Black Lives Matter Movement supporter and an Open Carry gun nut, when he's not acting as a martial arts instructor. Okay then. Naziri is married to Shante Naziri, who professes to be the CEO of CounterCurrent News, a site so ridiculous that even Snopes has a hard time convincing folks it is a "real" news site.

So for his next identity crisis, during the protest in front of Brock Turner's house, an event he reportedly staged, according to media reports, he told the following to reporters:

The number one reason why we had this armed protest was to make a militant feminist statement in favor of self-defense of would-be rape victims,” said Micah Naziri, a 39-year-old who organized the rally. “It was very much a political statement,” added Naziri, who carried a .300 Blackout rifle. “It wasn’t a death threat to Brock Turner.

Then he proceeds to hold a sign with a rape joke. I'm sure the Feminuts will appreciate that one.

A dishonorable mention goes to Naziri's sidekick, Jaimes William Reed Campbell. This clown is pretty stupid in his own right. This is from Campbell's FB page:

"...just recently the cause of Blacks was linked with the cause of gays. The ship brought no gays. They brought all men with their manhood, and women with their womanhood, and men who knew what to do with their manhood with no confusion. When Nature or God, or whoever you want to call it, designed man and woman, he purposefully designed them to go together. He did not design man to romance man. By design here's not only a perfect fit with the lady, it is a glorious fit." — Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Ph.D.

Still, I chose Naziri over Campbell for the nomination because it seems that Naziri is the leader of this outfit. You know, like how Butthead was the leader and Beavis was the follower. These nuts should be in jail themselves, as far as I'm concerned.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

NY state senator Terrance Murphy confuses "common sense" with nonsense

The NY Senate has gone to the dogs.

How many times do we have to hear the same tired rhetoric from lazy pols?

Residency restrictions have been proven ineffective time and time again.

Every time pols use idiotic terms like "no-brainer" and "common sense," I can't help but facepalm. It is a "no-brainer" alright, because those pushing this agenda lacks brains,

Murphy: Stronger Sex Offender Legislation Is ‘Common Sense’

Despite passing in the Republican-controlled Senate, Murphy said the bills have repeatedly died in the Democrat-controlled Assembly.

“The New York State Assembly is playing politics with our kids. Kids that have been victims,” Murphy said. “These are common sense measures that would be absolutely pertinent to make sure that we can protect all of our kids.”

Somers Town Supervisor Rick Morrissey agreed, saying the state legislature should be doing everything it can to protect its “most precious resources.”

“This is very important legislation and we here in Somers welcome it,” Morrissey said.

Murphy, who represents the 40th Senate District, introduced the legislation in February 2015 after a level three sex offender in Putnam County was permitted to move back next door to one of his victims, following his release from prison in 2011. The sex offender was released from prison after serving approximately 16 months in jail. Following his release, the offender, whose victims were eight and nine years old at the time the abuse took place, was permitted to reside next door to one of his victims. Murphy said the bill continues to fail because too much consideration is being given to the criminals rather than the victims.

Yorktown Town Supervisor Michael Grace called the laws a “no-brainer” and said the issue should be non-partisan.

“The number one role of government at every level is public safety, and public safety often requires a minor infringement on somebody's otherwise protected rights,” Grace said. “This type of legislation is not a huge burden on anyone's rights.”

The 2016 legislative session wrapped up in June. It will resume in January 2017.