Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ryan Luby of KETV 7 Omaha gives free publicity to internet trolling group

Any news anchor who promotes a deranged vigilante site that harasses people for sport deserves a spot in the Shiitake Weekly. Thus, Ryan Luby gets a spot here among the worst of the worst, especially knowing that he was told the truth about Evil-Unveiled and chose to run the story. Ryan intentionally lied to viewers for a ratings boost.

For those who do not know, the vigilante site "Evil-Unveiled" is a fake wiki site run by members of various vigilante groups like Perverted-Justice and Absolute Zeroes, both fitting names for groups full of perverted zeroes who make all sorts of crazy baseless accusations for shits and giggles. Thankfully most REAL law enforcement and media hounds don't bother with juvenile groups like EU, but Luby decided to make an exception and travel all the way to Nashville to talk to Cynthia Jean "Dale" Harvey, aka Trillion Dent/Rookiee/Determined PJ formerly from Perverted-Justice. Talk about some irresponsible journalism.

Volunteers (he meant vigilantes)Follow P*********s' Online Tracks

Group Aids Law Enforcement In Finding P*******s (uh, no they really don't)

A grassroots effort across the country is tracking down dangerous pedophiles and tipping off police. The group contributed to the recent arrest of an Iowa man.....

It turns out that M***** is a p****** activist, according to law enforcement agencies. They weren't alone in trying to locate him; a group of volunteers had tracked M******'s every move online for years.
The group also tipped off Omaha police about J**** J***, who was convicted of sexually molesting children in 2008.

KETV NewsWatch 7's Ryan Luby and KETV photojournalist Dave Hynek traveled to Nashville, Tenn., to talk with a woman who heads up the website called The identity of the woman, who we will call Veronica, can't be revealed. She has been the target of death threats and fears for her safety. (Bullshit, she's hiding out of fear of arrest for harassment)

Veronica spends every day online, up to 10 hours or more, pretending she's a pedophile.
"We wanted to unveil the evil that's on the Internet," she said. "They're like cockroaches. They're everywhere." (ironically, EU members are cockroaches and I doubt they pretend they are pedophiles, Absolute Zeroes has a number of repeat offenders as active members)

Veronica searches for people who are not necessarily convicted sex offenders, but who are attracted to children. "The problem with pedophile websites that we monitor is that they don't think there's anything wrong with sexually pursuing a child," she said. "They encourage each other. They embolden each other."
Veronica and her team of six volunteers, who live around the world, are Internet watchdogs (read: Vigilante scumbags). They track, download and store every comment posted to sites that cater to pedophile activists. Those activists think pedophilia is OK and want to make their fantasies legal. (But they also track non-pedophiles who fight sex offender laws and accuse those who disagree with the registry and other sex offender laws of being pedos, like when a EU member accused Patty Wetterling of having a sex offender son)

"They would actually like to change legislation," said Veronica. "They would like to lower the age of consent. They would like to make it so that children have more rights, to have sex with older people."
The comments and websites themselves are protected by freedom of speech and the first amendment. That's where Veronica and her team step in.
"We basically are chameleons," she said. (yeah, they're reptiles, alright)

The group takes the comments, which are accessible to the public, and reposts them on their own website. They develop profiles for each anonymous screen name. They track and eventually identify who the person really is. (He forgot to mention they've also created fake accounts to make posts while impersonating others an simply making up stuff as they go along)

"For some, it's easy. As they post something, they post an email with it. You Google it, you plug it into MySpace or Facebook and there they are, boom, they're identified in five minutes," Veronica said.
In the case of ********, according to court records, the Oakland, Iowa native was wanted for possessing several thousand images and videos of child pornography in Kitsap County, Wash.

 An Omaha police detective told the NewsWatch 7 I-Team through an email, that****** wouldn't have been investigated had the Web watchers not put him on their radar. (any one can send a tip to the police, so  they do nothing I couldn't do)

Friday, February 24, 2012

A Shiitake first: Four worst quotes candidates... in a single article!

I have not seen such a short article contain so many terribly bad quotes. I don't know the reporter picked these clowns on purpose. I will highlight the offending comments below:

Pursuit of Ohio sex offenders falls short

Most counties aren’t using available funds to get those who fled Ohio.

By Jim Otte, WHIO-TV
Updated 7:54 AM Tuesday, February 21, 2012
I don't know why Google posted this sideways, but maybe it's because Lenhart's brain apparently thinks sideways.
Shelby County Sheriff John Lenhart said authorities across the nation too often take the attitude that once offenders cross state lines they are someone else’s problem.
When these people are out of compliance they are hunting your kids and your grandkids to sexually assault them,” Lenhart said.
[Comment: Of course this is a complete fabrication-- a study conducted by Jill Levenson confirmed failure to register does not equate to higher recidivism.]

They do not want us to find them and that is part of the problem why they move around so much,” said Det. Cori Steiner of the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office.
[Comment: Actually, it has more to do with being targeted by people simply because of being listed on the registry. The registry should be abolished]

Lee said if authorities do not return those offenders who violate registration laws, it will only mean more problems. “They play huge games with the system,” said Bill Taylor, senior inspector for the U.S. Marshals Service. “They know how many days to live in a certain spot before they have to tell Ohio that they’ve moved.”
[Comment: I don't see being forced to move constantly is "playing games." I would consider knowing the registration rules a prerequisite to living by them, don't you think?]

Tiffany Kemp, program director for Shelby County Victim Services, said when sex offenders feel they have escaped the eye of local law enforcement, they begin searching for victims. They could spend as much as three to five years gaining the trust of a neighboring family.

[Comment: See the Failure to Register Study above. ]

It must be one monumental feat to squeeze so many fallacies into one little spot.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

John Turchin the urchin specialist in propaganda

John Turchin, the so-called "Crime Specialist" learned the propaganda trade from John Walsh when he worked for America's Most Wanted. That should immediately raise a red flag. So I'm not surprised to see an article that is a glorified advertisement for the Adam Walsh Act disguised as an editorial, which is a black eye to South Florida's Local 10 news channel.

Turchin's Take: No excuse for child porn

Author: John Turchin, Crime Specialist,
Published On: Feb 17 2012 03:36:42 PM EST  Updated On: Feb 19 2012 09:31:47 AM EST

I’ve held my tongue long enough. There is no excuse for child pornographers. I don’t want to hear they had a bad childhood, or they grew up in a bad neighborhood, or they couldn't help themselves. All that may be true, but if it were your kid that was exploited or violated, I bet you wouldn’t be so understanding. 
My tirade comes as the Florida Department of Law Enforcement arrested a man on 144 counts of child pornography -- a man agents say left a trail of young victims throughout south Florida. Orville Bullitt. He’s 44 years old. You might recognize his name. If you do, call the cops and tell them why. If not, he is yet another example, another alleged example (don’t want to forget that), of sickos that prey on kids -- our kids -- your kids. 
I have come to realize the treatment of children as sex objects has existed for decades -- as has the production of erotic materials involving children. What's more, it’s something that is probably not going to go away anytime soon. 
The advent of the Internet in the 1980s dramatically changed the scale and nature of the child pornography problem, and has required new approaches to investigation and control. Thankfully, many police departments have made it a priority. Sadly, it may not be enough. Law enforcement agencies need more funding, more investigators and examiners. 
Sex offenders -- in any form -- are a growing and dangerous threat to our children. There are more than a half-million sex offenders listed on various state registries, but because of poor federal and state laws, at least 150,000 of them are missing. 
On the positive side, the Adam Walsh Act is the most comprehensive piece of child protection legislation Congress has ever considered. That bill created, among other things, new state and federal regulations, community notification requirements, as well as new federal criminal penalties for sex offenders. It also gave law enforcement new resources. 
These people, those who "get off" looking at children, or are involved in trading, selling or taking pictures of kids naked or in sexually explicit positions, like agents suspect Bullitt was, deserve to be thrown in a jail full of the most violent criminals.
People who are sexually attracted to children are bottom-feeders, the scum of the earth. I've long heard every other criminal can’t stand them. So, it is my hope that they will always get what they deserve.
I say drop them all off on some deserted island with a crap load of alligators. You can throw in the rapists and child abusers, too. This world has no room for any of them... my opinion, of course. Forget about cruel and unusual punishment considerations, too. Just let them suffer -- and direct our tax dollars towards taking care of the victims. After all, it’s our responsibility as parents, as a community, to protect those who can't always protect themselves... our children.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Louisiana Gov. Piyush "Bobby" Jindal mad at Federal Judge for upholding 1st Amendment

Louisiana Governor Piyush "Bobby" Jindal is back on the Shiitake Awards radar. He won the Worst politico of 2008 and won notoriety for his "Monsters" speech. He's the Alfred E. Newman of the Political world. After all, he once claimed to have exorcised a demon. I seriously doubt a career politician can exorcise demons, lest they exorcise themselves out of office. He should be thanking the demons that got him re-elected instead.

I can't understand how a man like Jindal can get re-elected. Then again, we're talking about the only state as stupid as Florida. At any rate, Jindal is livid over a federal court decision that struck down a pet project of his-- banning former offenders from using social networking sites.U.S. District Judge Brian Jackson ruled Thursday that the prohibition -- which took effect in August -- was too broad and infringed on constitutionally protected speech.. Jindal's response? "It’s offensive that the court would rule that the rights of sex predators are more important than the rights of innocent children. As the father of three young kids, I will do everything in our power to protect Louisiana families and that includes appealing to the Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit and bringing legislation this upcoming session to fortify and strengthen the law.". Actually, it is offensive to assume the US Constitutional is not as important as your political campaign. No one wants that snake oil you are buying, Bobby Jindal.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Alan English, Sean Moores, & Kyle Martin: The three Augusta Chronicle Stooges

Alan English
Kyle Martin
Sean Moores

Here are the Three Augusta Chronicle Stooges, nyuk-nyuk-nyuking it up over the latest fluff piece. So how many schmucks does it take to create and defend a poorly written fluff piece designed to spread Predator Panic? At least three. The schmuck on the left is Kyle Martin, who wrote a poorly written article entitled "Many break law again after first time sex offender plea." The problem with the article is he didn't differentiate between GENERAL and SPECIFIC recidivism:

How many of those 28 were actually committed new sex crimes? Probably no more than the people mentioned in their articles. The rest were likely petty offenses. What's so hard about giving the entire story?

Of the 84 people given first offender status for sex crimes in the past 11 years in Richmond County, one-third committed new crimes before their probation expired, an Augusta Chron­icle database shows. Some of those new offenses were sex crimes: rape, public indecency and child molestation. Georgia law doesn’t allow first offender status for some sex crimes, including sodomy, incest and child molestation, but records show defendants are allowed to plead to lesser offenses that do qualify for it, such as misdemeanor sexual battery.

So a few activists went to clear up the confusion. A few references to the fact of VERY LOW recidivism rates among those convicted of sex crimes, they couldn't accept the truth, so Stooge #2, Sean Moores, was the one in charge of deleting it. For some reason, he allowed comments from people using symbols of racism to remain in it's place (see below). It really illustrates the quality of Augusta Chronicle readers, huh?

The expression is "You can't fix stupid." Nothing says stupid like a Confederate Flag. Yee-haw!

A few of us complained via emails. Stooge #3, Alan English, refused to offer an apology and justified this by claiming we alerted "spam" filters and various TOS "violations". I'm no expert on spam filters but it is obvious he felt because we were making the same comments, we were from the same company? What a buffoon! And somehow flying a confederate flag which is offensive to minorities was not violating TOS?
I took the liberty of fixing your stock email. I think your email REALLY meant to say this:
The Augusta Chronicle does not allow opinions that differ from our narrow view of the world. We do not want you peasants confusing our brainwashed readers with the truth about the low re-offense rates of people on the registry, because we don't want our readers to realize we are wrong. Don't confuse our readers with the truth, we've made their minds up for them! We also refuse to delete posts with blatant hate messages because we still honor the confederate flag down here (yee-haw!). So continue to read our paper and be a mindless sheeple and don't listen to truth.
Sincerely, Alan English, Executive Director (ED), Augusta Chronicle

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Anna Canzano of KATU 2 Portland Oregon

Does Facebook have a "Dislike" button? If so, I want to press it :)
This is Anna Canzano. Back on Groundhog's Day, Miss Canzano wrote a piece for the local media called "The Sex Offender Next Door." The promo begins with an ominous sounding "secks o-fenders, next door!" It is almost laughable.

Ironic statement given KATU only gives us a fraction of the information too.

Then Canzano supplements with a fluff piece designed to scare the crap out of every Portlander who saw the ominous promo.

That's because Oregonians don't find it necessary to know where those married couples caught doing it  in the park live.

By Anna Canzano, KATU News Published: Feb 2, 2012 at 11:00 PM PST

PORTLAND, Ore. – Stephanie Miller takes the safety of her three kids very seriously. When she heard there was a sex offender living in her neighborhood, Miller went looking for more information. “We wanted to make sure it wasn’t a rumor,” she said. “What I really wanted was to find out what he did.”
What Miller discovered, however, was that Oregonians who search for sex offenders in their neighborhoods are not getting the whole picture and walk away with a false sense of security.
Searching Oregon’s sex offender website showed “no offenders found” within a one-mile radius of Miller’s home. A call to the people who run that database for the state turned up a much different result. “I thought we were looking for one person in the neighborhood and when it came back the list was three pages long,” Miller said. “I could not believe how many people, how many sex offenders were surrounding us, to be honest.”
Vi Beaty runs Oregon’s sex offender database and said most people are not aware of how little information the state provides online.  “They’re very surprised Oregon is so limited,” said Beaty. “Oregon posts less than five percent of our registered population.”
That five percent equals approximately 900 of Oregon’s 18,000 registered sex offenders who are on the state’s registry. Those 900 are classified as predatory or sexually violent – and are further deemed by the state as posing the highest risk of re-offending.
By comparison, Washington has about 30 percent of registered sex offenders posted on its website. California posts 75 percent and Idaho posts 100 percent of all registered sex offenders on its website – even those with the lowest level of offenses. Residents of Oregon and Washington have to call or e-mail the state and explain a safety concern in order to get the full list of sex offenders who live in their neighborhoods and the offenders’ addresses.
Miller wants Oregon lawmakers to add more names to the state’s sex offender database so families can be armed with better information about their neighbors. “Obviously people have a right to a second chance and people can change and be reformed,” said Miller. “But that’s not going to be at the expense of my child.”

The gist of the story is she is sounding the alarm over the fact Oregon only lists so-called "high-risk" offenders, something that isn't news at all, since Oregonians have known for years the registry only lists Tier 3 offenders. Duh! But it wasn't enough for Anna Canzano to report. She posted a tip sheet on how to stalk.. er, "find" registrants on Facebook as well, dodging criticism of her work and "standing by" her work even after being repeatedly questioned if she truly supports low risk offenders.

I wonder if she's on the list because the thought of ignorance breeding is offensive to me.

She then proceeded to argue with her detractors like a junior high school student. Thanks to Anna's shoddy reporting, a vigilante used the information to get two registrants kicked out of their residents, and that woman thanked Anna for her story.

And yet, Anna denies causing harm with her shoddy reporting.
 If that isn't Shiitake Worthy, I don't know what is.

Don't worry, Anna. I will.