Wednesday, January 30, 2019

New York State Trooper Thomas Judge lies on the stand in sex crime case but still gets a conviction

Too bad I can't find a pic of this guy anywhere online, and I looked for quite a while. What I've been able to gather is that Thomas Judge works for Troop G of the NY State Police.

Albany area State Trooper lies in court, is caught; sex offender gets 10 years shave off sentence
January 14, 2019
Frank Parlato

Because a New York State Trooper, Investigator Thomas Judge, admitted during cross-examination in Rensselaer County Court last week that he lied while testifying in the trial, sex offender, Christopher Downey, 32, will serve only 15 years instead of facing 25 years behind bars.

Why did the sex offender get to shave 10 years of his prison sentence?

Downey was facing 25 years for felony predatory sexual assault against a child, felony first-degree course of sexual conduct against a child, felony second-degree course of sexual conduct against a child and misdemeanor endangering the welfare of a child.

The prosecution was forced to offer him a plea deal: First-degree sexual course of action with a 6-year-old girl, rather than risk the impact the lying state police trooper might have had on the jury.

But how about State Trooper Thomas Judge? Normally perjury is charged against lying witnesses.  But don’t count on it when a New York State Trooper lies.  At least not anywhere near Albany.

“The revelation that the State Police investigator admitted to testifying falsely during the trial played a large role in the DA deciding to offer a more favorable plea agreement,” said Joseph Ahearn, the county defender assigned to represent Downey.

Ahearn said he wants to see the district attorney’s office and the State Police examine Trooper Judge’s testimony.  “We should all expect more from the State Police,” Ahearn said.

But, will it mean that the man charged with enforcing the law for others, will have the law enforced against him? Like the laws against perjury.

Likely not.

Ahearn aggressively questioned Trooper Judge last Wednesday morning in court about his interrogation of Downey and his testimony during the trial, catching Trooper Judge in obvious lies.

“So, you testified falsely in this courtroom,” Ahearn asked him, to which Trooper Judge responded, “Yes.”

Assistant District Attorney Cheryl McDermott argued that Trooper Judge merely misspoke while testifying.  McDermott said, “It doesn’t rise to perjury.”

By Wednesday afternoon, in what must have been seen by some as an attempt to intimidate the jury and Judge Young, several State Police investigators came to the courtroom for Trooper Judge’s return to the witness stand.

County Court Judge Debra Young, taking all due care to protect the lying policeman, asked Trooper Judge if he wanted an attorney present to advise him after he was accused of lying during his testimony.

Just then, high priced criminal defense attorney George E. LaMarche III, of Dreyer, Boyajian, LaMarche, Safranko of Albany arrived to advise Trooper Judge and spin the blame on the public defender.

“Joe Ahearn is a crafty cross-examiner who can confuse an officer during cross-examination. Do I think the officer lied during cross-examination? Absolutely not,” LaMarche said after court concluded.

“Tom …. was not testifying falsely,” LaMarche said after the trial.

It is not known who is paying LaMarche’s bill.

Judge Young met with attorneys for both sides and, perhaps in an unusual move, allowed Trooper Judge’s attorney LaMarche to meet in chambers with them before the plea deal was announced.

“We have conferenced this matter extensively,” Judge Young said before the plea deal was offered on the record by McDermott.

Now, none of this excuses the conduct of the pervert. Indeed, wimpy perv Downey cried and sobbed and his body shook when the plea deal was entered. His lawyer gave him a handful of tissues at one point for him to blow the excess snot dripping from his nose.

But what happens when a society regularly lets people tasked with enforcing the law have a different set of laws for their own conduct.  Imagine if you had lied in court – possibly setting up innocent people – like I suspect was done in the Nxivm case. Or making dumb defendants look guiltier than they really are.

What would happen to you?

The actions of State Trooper Thomas Judge will likely never be investigated, let alone prosecuted.

For his part, pervert Chris Downey perhaps can thank Tom Judge for lying.  Downey will now go to prison and get out – with good behavior – in his early 40s, instead of his mid 50s.

And Trooper Tom Judge will get away with lying under oath and likely no one will ever report on this story again.  If they do, or if by some miracle the DA dared to bring charges against Tom Judge, you can best believe there will be a cadre of State Troopers in the courtroom looking as menacing and intimidating as they could possibly be for the judge and jury to note.

In this instance, I think Judge Young was scared. Everyone was scared. A State trooper lied and got caught.

And only the latter was anything unusual.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Thomas Checci from Staton Island Live and his slimy Op-Ed proposes registering low level registrants for life

This yellow journalist uses an anecdotal example to attempt to promote lifetime public registration of low risk registrants. Furthermore, he is promoting lifetime treatment where it is typically unnecessary; he erroneously assumes all registrants have sex addictions.

This is what happens when Staten Island hires the village idiot to write an OpEd.

Sex offenders need more supervision, follow-up programs (commentary)

By Thomas Checchi |

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- One of the nearly 400 sex offenders living on Staten Island has done it again, this time for showing a photo of his genitals to his granddaughter.

His prior offense was molesting a 12-year-old girl. He served a state prison term from 2009 until he was paroled in 2011. He went on the New York State Sex Offender Registry as a Level 1 offender.

Even though the mother of this most recent victim made it clear to the Island’s Family Court that her daughter was not to be left alone with her paternal grandparents, and the court acknowledged he was registered sex offender, according to court documents obtained by the Advance. But the young girl was placed there anyway.

Six months later the offender showed her the photo and was arrested again.

While it’s clear the courts and law enforcement agencies that handle cases like this are caught in the complex web of regulations and protocols, a few simple changes would go a long way toward protecting the innocent from predators.

In the case the Advance exposed, following the most recent arrest, a temporary order of protection was issued and the grandfather was released on his own recognizance and is no longer living in the home.

When the grandfather went on the sex offender registry in 2011, he initially was not supposed to have any contact with children under 18 years old unless under the supervision of another adult. But once his supervision ended in 2013, those stipulations ended.

That’s a problem.

That regulation, for the even the lowest level sex offender, must remain in place for good.

Once a sex offender of any level is no longer under any form of supervision, parole or probation, the Sex Offender Registry Act does not say where they can or cannot live. It’s up to specific localities to deal with that through legislation.

Here’s something for Staten Island elected officials to consider: A local law that prohibits a convicted sex offender from living under the same roof as a minor.


Like alcoholism or drug addiction, sex offenders act out an anti-social, illegal and destructive behavior that’s part of their mental makeup.

Just as substance abusers enter and remain in recovery by attending therapy and 12-step programs, why can’t sex offenders be mandated to do something similar?

There are groups such as Sex Addicts Anonymous that would be appropriate for people like this grandfather. Why can’t sex offenders be required to attend?

Also, Level 1 offenders are considered “low-risk” of re-offending, and in New York, their names cannot be seen on the public registry. Instead, you have to call a hotline to confirm they are on it.

Level 1 offenders should be on the public registry along with those at Levels 2 and 3. Simple.

Once sex offenders are off supervision, local police agencies step in to monitor offenders to ensure they are in compliance with the law.

But the registry only serves as a source of information to make the public aware of offenders and has no role in actually monitoring them.

Ongoing monitoring and a required treatment program of some kind could prevent someone like this grandfather from committing a sex offense again.

For progress to be made, the courts, the Administration for Children’s Services, the Sex Offender Registry and other agencies involved must coordinate and reshape their efforts.

Friday, January 25, 2019

Arkansas isn't waiting until Halloween to scare the public with an unnecessary Halloween Bill (SB 10)

Arkansas SB 10 is on the fast track to pass and the bill is completely idiotic. The bill prohibits Level 3 and 4 RCs from distributing candy or other items to minors as part of a Halloween-related event. The bill would also prohibit RCs from wearing a costume or mask at a Halloween-related event with minors.

The bill would not prevent offenders from giving a child candy if they're the child's parent or guardian, or from wearing a costume if they're a parent or guardian of all the children present.

State of Arkansas
92nd General Assembly A Bill
Regular Session, 2019 SENATE BILL 10

By: Senator T. Garner
By: Representative Petty

For An Act To Be Entitled



SECTION 1. Arkansas Code Title 5, Chapter 14, Subchapter 1, is amended
to add an additional section to read as follows:

5-14-135. Registered offender prohibited from participating in certain Halloween-related activities.

(a) It is unlawful for a person who is required to register under the Sex Offender Registration Act of 1997, § 12-12-901 et seq., and who has been assessed as a Level 3 or Level 4 offender to knowingly:
(1) Distribute candy or any item to a minor as part of a Halloween-related event; or
(2) Wear a mask or other costume as part of a Halloween-related event if a minor is present at the Halloween-related event.
(b) It is not an offense under:
(1) Subsection (a)(1) of this section if the person is a parent
35 or guardian of a minor to whom the candy or item is distributed; or
(2) Subsection (a)(2) of this section if the person is a parent or guardian of all minors present at the Halloween-related event.
(c) A violation of this section is a Class D felony.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Captain Mike Merkel of the Lincoln Co MO Sheriff’s Dept thinks Registered Citizens go around teaching

This sweeps week fluff piece was already under consideration for dumbest article, but Captain Mike Merkel of the Lincoln Co MO Sheriff’s Dept's comment is the icing on this turd cake of a report.

Lincoln County trying to keep track of growing number of sex crime cases

TROY, Mo. – It is the number one case for detectives at the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department: sex crimes – especially those involving children.

Investigators say it’s a growing problem in Lincoln County and they’re concerned that the problem could get worse.

Captain Mike Merkel, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department, says 70 to 75 percent of the department’s criminal investigations are sex crimes. And in 90 percent of those cases, Merkel says the victims are children.

“The majority of our kids that are victimized are victimized by a close family friend or a family member,” he said.

“I think this is a black eye in the dark underbelly of society that nobody wants to talk about, nobody wants to address. If you turn your head, it’s not there but it’s there. It’s absolutely there. It’s present in our community; it’s present in every community across the United States.”

Merkel says there are several reasons for the amount of child sex crime cases in Lincoln County: more reporting of suspected cases, more aggressive investigations, and access to technology for predators.

But there is another issue – the number of sex offenders living in Lincoln County.

Authorities say there are 180 registered sex offenders who call Lincoln County home. That’s one offender per 312 residents.

In fact, we’re told Lincoln County has more sex offenders per capita than at least six other counties in our area.

“It worries me professionally,” said Detective Sean Flynn, who helps to track the sex offenders in Lincoln County.

Flynn says more offenders are coming to the county because of restrictions on how close they can live to things like schools and daycares.

“It’s harder and harder for them because of what the laws are to find places to live in the more densely populated areas like St. Charles County and St. Louis County, so it’s pushing them out farther to more rural areas,” he said.

Flynn and Merkel say that increase could contribute to the sex crime case numbers.

“There is a percentage of them who have re-offended,” Flynn said. “There are some that are currently under investigation.”

“If you put registered sex offenders in an area and there’s already non-registered sex offenders there, well then they can work together and figure out how to victimize more children.” (Editor's Note: You have to watch the video embedded in the article to realize that it was Captain Merkel's voice making this statement, NOT Flynn. That is why he gets the nomination over Flynn)

And here is the troubling bottom line.

“As time goes on, there are more people being convicted of sex offenses, so we’re going to see an increase in the number of sex offenders every year,” Flynn said. “The number is not going to decrease.”

'Know who your kids are hanging out with, know where your kids are going, know the offenders that reside in your area.'

Flynn says investigators conduct surprise checks on Lincoln County sex offenders to make sure they are complying with the law. He and Merkel say sheriff's department detectives are doing all they can to keep residents safe.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Chris Hansen's ego is writing checks his body can't cash...


...nor can his bank account cover the costs, apparently. Take a seat, Chrissy!

Apparently, Chrissy's gig at Crime Watch Daily wasn't very profitable.

‘To Catch a Predator’ Host Chris Hansen Charged With Bouncing Checks

To Catch a Predator host Chris Hansen was arrested and charged on Monday, January 14, after being accused of issuing bad checks, the Stamford Police Department in Connecticut confirms to Us Weekly.

According to police, the 59-year-old asked Promotional Sales Limited owner Peter Psichopaidas for 355 ceramic mugs, 288 T-shirts and 650 vinyl decals to use at marketing events. Psichopaidas said the merchandise was delivered in 2017, but Hansen failed to pay the bill of $12,998.05.

An arrest affidavit obtained by The Advocate claimed that the store received a check for the entire amount, but it bounced. Hansen apologized to Psichopaidas and attempted to make a partial payment. By April 2018, the store owner still had not received the money so he filed a complaint with police.

An investigator reportedly called Hansen, but the TV host never showed up at the police station. The newspaper reported that Hansen later promised Psichopaidas that his wife would drop off a check, but she never came either.

Investigator Sean Coughlin said in the affidavit: “I told Chris that I understood that he may have trouble, but that nearly $13,000 is a lot of money to a ‘mom-and-pop’ business and it is not fair that he accepted the material but hasn’t paid for it.”

Psichopaidas received a personal check from Hansen for $13,200 later that April, but it bounced three days after, according to The Advocate. The business owner then fired off an email to Hansen that read: “Peter … I truly thought I had this covered. I am scrambling to get it done. Please give me till the end of the day. I sold a boat to cover the rest of this and need to pick up the payment this afternoon.”

Hansen never sent another check. He turned himself in to police on Monday and was charged with issuing a bad check. He was released without bond after signing a written promise to appear in court.

The journalist hosted To Catch a Predator on MSNBC from 2004 to 2007. He now hosts Investigation Discovery’s Killer Instinct and the syndicated show Crime Watch Daily.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Sweetwater FloriDUH cops beat down innocent brother of registrant, police chief claims no wrongdoing

Police corruption is commonplace in South Florida, but Sweetwater FL might have the taken the cake. Sweetwater already has a long history of police brutality among other coverups. The short story here is that a registered person hit a police cruiser and the police chased that person, presumably to beat the person down. Instead they found the guy's brother and attacked him and the man's mother. Of course, you can rest easy knowing Chief Flaccid-O Dumbass investigated and found no evidence of wrongdoing so far.

Tough takedown by police caught on camera in Sweetwater
Police seen in video punching brother of suspect for whom they'd been searching
By Christian De La Rosa - Reporter
Posted: 6:11 PM, January 10, 2019

SWEETWATER, Fla. - A tough takedown by police was caught on camera Wednesday morning in Sweetwater.

In the video, Sweetwater police officers are seen punching the brother of a suspect for whom they were searching.

The suspect's mother and brother spoke to Local 10 News on Thursday about the incident.

They shared their home surveillance video with Local 10 News reporter Christian De La Rosa and even showed him their bruises.

The video shows one Sweetwater police officer throwing punches and pushing a woman back, while another officer is seen placing a man in a choke hold.

A second man is cuffed on the ground.

"Can you see in the video they punched me and throw me away?" Ana Schaublin asked.

Schaublin showed De La Rosa the bruises she claims she suffered from police.

"They are animals," she said.

Sweetwater police told Local 10 News they arrived at the home on Southwest 20th Terrace looking for a driver who hit an officer and who later bailed along with two other men.

The driver, identified as James Castro, is a registered sex offender and lives at the home with his family.

The man seen punched and violently restrained by officers is Castro's brother, who claims he was not in the vehicle.

"I haven't seen my brother since Dec. 26," he said.

The Sweetwater police chief said the two men arrested at the home were believed to be in the vehicle with the suspect and were charged with resisting officers.

The third suspect is still at large and his family said they have not seen him. They are demanding the officers involved in the incident be investigated for abuse of force.

Surveillance video appears to show officer punching man outside Sweetwater home

SWEETWATER, FLA. (WSVN) - A doorbell security camera captured officers allegedly beating up a man outside a Sweetwater home.

Sweetwater Police arrived at the home located along Southwest 20th Terrace and 129th place, at around 3 a.m., Wednesday.

Officials said the officers were searching for a suspect who rammed an officer with his car.

When officers arrived at the home, they found a man matching the description of James Castro, the wanted suspect. Actually, he was not home at the time.

Instead, officers came across his brother, Christian Castro.

“I heard ruckus. I came outside, and next thing you know, I’m being arrested,” he said. “I’m being bullied. I’m being hit. I’m being harassed.”

In the video, his brother Gary is seen coming out of the home with his hands up.

“Grab these people!” officers are heard shouting. “Start grabbing people!”

Shortly after, both brothers were detained, and Christian was put in a choke hold by one officer.

Another officer is seen running up to him before allegedly throwing punches.

“I got hit right here. I got hit right here,” Christian told 7News while showing the bruises and lumps on his face. “I got hit right back here.”

Their mother was also seen being pushed while trying to help her son.

“I get out over here and say, ‘Please, please, please do not hurt my son,'” Ana Schaublin said.

However, the Sweetwater Police chief said the video does not show all of the facts.

“From the onset, you’re looking at a snapshot in time and not the totality of circumstances,” Placido Diaz said. “I’d like to have time to digest it. Obviously, if somebody committed an error or made a mistake, they will be held accountable. At this point, I have no reason to believe that.”

While police begin their lengthy investigation and the family recovers from the horrifying ordeal, James remains on the run.

His girlfriend is now pleading for him to return home.

“I don’t want anything to happen to him,” Yanet Portales said. “I just want him to come back home to his family. We have a family. The baby misses him. We all miss him.”

Both brothers were arrested and released. They face charges of resisting arrest.

The officers in the video remain on duty as police continue to investigate.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Elizabeth Smart gets the first nomination for a 2019 Shiitake Award for supporting residency restrictions

I love to start off the annual Shiitake Award nominations each year with a bang, so for the 2019 awards, who better to get the first nomination for the new year than a famous professional victim?

I get it, Smart holds a grudge against this woman, but Smart comes out as a proponent of idiotic residency restrictions, and that makes her Shiitake-worthy.

Elizabeth Smart Unhappy Her Kidnapper Is Living Near An Elementary School
Registered sex offender Wanda Barzee was released from a Utah prison in September.
By David Lohr

lizabeth Smart is upset the registered sex offender who helped abduct her when she was a teenager is living near a Utah elementary school.

“Whether a person is deemed a current threat or if they have a history of child abuse, neglect, sexual violence, etc., prudent measures should be taken, including housing them as far away as possible from schools, families and community centers,” Smart said in a statement obtained by The Associated Press.

According to Utah’s sex offender registry, Wanda Barzee, 73, is living in a Salt Lake City apartment located about one-tenth of a mile from Parkview Elementary School. The school has students from kindergarten through fifth grade.

Smart was 14 in June 2002, when she was kidnapped from her Salt Lake City home by Barzee and her then-husband, Brian Mitchell. Smart was held captive for nine months, during which time she was threatened and sexually abused. Her ordeal ended in March 2003 when a viewer of “America’s Most Wanted” spotted the trio in Sandy, Utah, and notified police.

Mitchell is serving a life sentence for kidnapping and raping Smart. Barzee was paroled in September after serving less than a decade behind bars. She was released despite refusing to take a psychological exam while incarcerated.

“It is incomprehensible how someone who has not cooperated with her mental health evaluations or risk assessments and someone who did not show up to her own parole hearing can be released into our community,” Smart said at the time.

Barzee, who is required to be under federal supervision for the next five years, does not appear to be violating any laws with her current living arrangements. The conditions of her release do not specify how close she can live to a school, according to The Associated Press.

Utah state law does require registered sex offenders whose victims were 18 or younger not to live within 500 feet of schools. However, Mapquest indicates the shortest route from Barzee’s apartment to the elementary school is roughly 528 feet.

Still, Smart, now 31 and married with three children, would like to see individuals such as Barzee kept farther away from places frequented by children.

“Every possible caution and protection should be taken when it comes to protecting our children,” Smart told the AP.