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"Sex offender expert" Kurt M. Bumby allegedly shows how he got his expertise

Guess we know now why he's an "expert" on sex offenses...

Wikipedia recently deleted this guy's Wikipedia entry. Here's how it once read:

Kurt Bumby is a forensic psychologist, creator of the Bumby scales of cognitive distortion, and Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry/Medical Psychology with the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine. He has presented material to the U.S. Sentencing Commission on alternatives to incarceration and to the Justice Center of the Council of State Governments on sex offender reentry.

Bumby received his doctoral degree from the Law/Psychology and Clinical Psychology Training Program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

In 1994 Bumby received the Graduate Research Award for Research Excellence in the Field of Sex Offender Treatment from the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA), and was a co-recipient of the Hugo G. Beigel Research Award from the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality in 1996. Bumby is a Clinical Member of ATSA, serving as a State Public Policy Representative, and is a clinical member of the International Association for the Treatment of Sexual Offenders.

In December of 2019, Bumby was charged with sodomy with minors in both Boone and St. Louis Counties.


Sex offender expert arrested on child abuse charges

By Pat Pratt
Posted Dec 23, 2019 at 4:07 PM 

A Columbia forensic psychologist and national leader in the field of sex offender management has surrendered to St. Louis Metropolitan Police on warrants for child sex crimes in two Missouri counties.

Court filings show Kurt M. Bumby, 50, was arrested Friday by St. Louis Metropolitan Police on a Boone County warrant for two counts of statutory sodomy and a St. Louis warrant for two counts of sodomy. Bumby was booked into the St. Louis County Jail and posted a $200,000 cash-only bond — $100,000 each for the two sets of charges — to secure his release.

Defense attorney Joel Schwartz did not return calls or emails seeking comment.

Bumby for nearly two decades served as an advisor on sex offender management to governmental agencies across the nation. He is accused of molesting two children in incidents in both counties, the oldest of those charges stretching back to 1988.

In November, Bumby was paid $280,000 to present a report to the Arizona Supreme Court.

Court spokesman Aaron Nash on Monday said the court will conduct a review of the report, which was authored by Bumby and another, but many of the recommendations seem to be in line with what many experts say are current best practices.

“Most were not controversial, they were things like treatment should be specific to the individual,” Nash said. “But this is a big deal, so it’s something the Arizona Court is taking back to the National Center for State Courts, who provided the study, just to check back in and ask is there anything in here that reflects bias, is there anything that needs to be revisited.”

In the report, Bumby advocated for the elimination of polygraphs for juveniles, which Nash said has met with some controversy. In light of the recommendation, Nash said the court did agree to a judicial officer approval before the test could be administered.

“So it (a polygraph) is still an option, but a probation officer or somebody has to make the request to a judge, with the information why they think it’s appropriate for this child and this incident, and then the judge makes a decision,” Nash said.

Missouri Supreme Court spokeswoman Beth Riggert said on Friday she was unable to locate anything which showed Bumby had presented or made any recommendation to the courts in Missouri.

From 2003 until Jan. 1, during much of the time the alleged abuse was taking place, Bumby was a senior associate with the Center for Effective Public Policy, a position in which he discussed with and presented to judges, state officials and policymakers across the nation trends in the rehabilitation and recidivism of sex offenders.

As part of his duties, he has been the director of the Center for Sex Offender Management. He also served as principal assistant to the director of the Division of Youth Services in the period from about 1999 to 2003 and prior to that as a psychologist at Fulton State Hospital.

In the Boone County case, investigators with the Missouri State Highway Patrol wrote that Bumby sodomized a child who was a family friend multiple times between 2008 and 2015 at Bumby’s home in Columbia.

The case involving the St. Louis child dates 1988 to 1994, while Bumby was attending school at the University of Missouri, and again stemmed from a relationship he had with the victim’s family. He would visit the victim’s home on the weekends and began abusing them.

Monday, December 23, 2019

NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo decides violating the rights to anonymous free speech is important enough to promote in his State of the State address.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Nebraska ruled some time back forcing registrants to disclose Internet identifiers violated the Constitution. I'm sure NY can do the same.


Cuomo: Make Sex Offenders Disclose Dating, Gaming User Names

The Democrat's proposed legislation would also make it a crime for convicted sex offenders to misrepresent themselves online

Published December 22, 2019 • Updated at 7:48 pm on December 22, 2019

New York's governor says convicted sex offenders should be required to disclose their social media screen names to prevent them from using apps to exploit children.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Sunday that existing laws targeting online predation don't account for new technology. His proposal, unveiled as part of his State of the State agenda, would require sex offenders to hand over screen names for dating and gaming apps, as well.

The Democrat's proposed legislation would also make it a crime for convicted sex offenders to misrepresent themselves online.

Cuomo says sex offenders currently only have to provide the state with information for their social media accounts. The state compiles that information into a list and sends it to certain social networking companies which have used it to purge accounts.

Cuomo's office says the 2008 law with those requirements has resulted in the removal of the social media accounts of 22,000 registered sex offenders.

“This powerful new tool will protect children in important ways by significantly limiting one of the main vehicles used to identify and exploit vulnerable children and youth,” said Timothy Hathaway, the executive director of Prevent Child Abuse New York.

“The added value of making 'misrepresentation' a chargeable offense provides law enforcement, prosecutors and, ultimately, communities, leverage to act more aggressively on behalf of children.”

Friday, November 22, 2019

UPMC Magee-Womens Hospital in Pittsburgh PA barred a registered person from attending the birth of his child

Feel free to call or write to express your disdain:

UPMC Magee-Womens Hospital
300 Halket St,
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
(866) 696-2433


Sex offender removed from the hospital during the birth of his child
Updated: Nov 21, 2019 - 11:48 PM

PITTSBURGH - Many of the stories we bring you on a daily basis here at WPXI are clear cut. They're right or wrong. But this one had us here in the newsroom debating and even questioning ourselves. It's one of those rare instances where you see both sides.

Ken Moore is a registered sex offender but never thought that would keep him from seeing the birth of his third child.

"I did what I did," said Ken Moore. "I understand that was wrong and it's something I have to live with. I was there for my other two and this one, I got to see pictures and that was about it."

Moore pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography in 2017, served 49 days in jail and was released on probation. He must register as a sex offender for 25 years, and he's not allowed to have unsupervised visits with his children. 

Moore admits he did something wrong by downloading images and movies, but he says he's now getting counseling and therapy and he says he's never harmed anyone.

Moore lives apart from his wife and children now, but in October he went to Mageee Women's Hospital with his wife for the birth of their third child. After he got his wife set up in her room, he went to tell security about his conviction. His counselor and probation officer told him he should alert security as a precaution.

"As soon as I told that guy his eyes got big and everybody started walking around and an officer came up beside me and he told me I'm sorry," said Moore. "I'm glad that you came up and came forth with that, but we're going to have to have you escorted out of the building."

"Did he give you a reason why?" asked reporter Rick Earle.

"I asked and he said, 'Because you're on Megan's Law. It's against our policy for you to be here,'" said Moore.

Moore said he was escorted off the property and wasn't even allowed to retrieve his belongings from his wife's room. He eventually got a ride home from Oakland and missed the birth of his son. UPMC told Target 11 that patient care and safety is their highest priority.

UPMC officials sent us this statement: 

"We understand the sensitivity involved when the father of the baby is found to be on the registered sex offender list. Under those circumstances, it is within the discretion of the hospital administration and security whether to permit him to visit the baby and/or his partner/wife. These decisions are made on a case-by-case basis."
Magee would not elaborate on the decision to remove Moore before the birth of his child.

Moore says security offered to escort him to the room the next day, but he declined fearing that he might be arrested. He finally got to see his son when his wife returned home.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

You can say that Brian Mastre of WOWT 6 Omaha is a Mastre-Baiter

What a poorly written sweeps week fluff piece. Mastra-baiter writes about a single anecdotal example and proclaim that "pedophiles" and "predators" are "slipping under the radar" based upon a single unique set of circumstances. We have this bloated government blacklist of more than 900,000 people, including children as young as age 9, and instead of questioning why we have so many people on this list who aren't a danger to society, Mastre-baiter point to a single anomaly and report it as if it is some kind of epidemic. This is why people distrust the mainstream media.


Inconsistent sex-offender laws give pedophiles, predators a chance to slip under the radar

By Brian Mastre | Posted: Mon 9:00 PM, Nov 18, 2019  | Updated: Mon 10:57 PM, Nov 18, 2019

COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa (WOWT) -- Today marks the 76th day Michael Brandstrom has been locked inside the county jail in Council Bluffs. He won’t be getting out anytime soon after admitting last week to kidnapping a 4-year-old girl who was wandering around his apartment complex in September and taking nude photos of her with his phone.

"That poor girl will never get her innocence back, ever. It’s nauseating," one neighbor said to 6 On Your Side.

They said heard from 6 News reports that he was arrested years ago for a child sex crime in North Dakota.

“This is just mindblowing,” another said, wondering why Brandstrom wasn’t on the sex offender registry?

6 News asked Investigator Jon Hilz with the Pottawattamie County Sheriff’s Office.

“It’s a pretty acceptable practice that if you have to register in one state, you’d have to register in another,” he said.

Hilz has spent the last four years making sure the county’s 250 registered sex offenders followed the rules regarding where they live and work and visit.

“You just want to prevent further offenses on folks by registered sex offenders,” he said.

Before the Iowa kidnapping, Hilz never had to check on Brandstrom — even though he had been convicted in another state of terrorizing a little girl — because Brandstrom wasn’t required to register in Iowa.

Or in North Dakota. Or anywhere.

The reason baffles investigators to this day.

On Aug. 30, 2011, Det. Conley with the Grand Forks Police Department brought Brandstrom into an interview room to get some answers.

The suspect was 20-years-old at the time.

“Tell me how you touched these kids so I can tell them it wasn’t their fault," Conley is heard saying on the recording.

Officers had received complaints that Brandstrom and his friends were inappropriatel y touching girls on the swing-set and monkey bars at a trailer court playground.

“I remember lifting them up onto the monkey bars, guiding them across in case they accidentally fall," the suspect is heard responding on the recording.

For more than an hour, Brandstrom wrestled with his answers and the apparent truth.

“You don’t want that child to keep wondering, 'Why me? Why me? Why me?' " the detective says.

Eventually, Brandstrom told Conley this about his 6-year-old victim: “I’m sorry for tickling the little girl’s vagina, and that I deeply regret it.”

In November 2012, Brandstrom pleaded guilty to terrorizing. The judge sentenced him to three years of supervised probation. She did not require him to register as an offender against children, even though terrorizing is one of the crimes that fit the requirements.

Two weeks later, Brandstrom was found with child pornography — numerous pictures of female minors depicting sexual conduct — on his computer in his bedroom.

His probation was revoked, and another judge eventually sent him to prison for three years. He also ordered Brandstrom to complete sex offender treatment while in prison — and yet, he still didn’t have to register as a sex offender.

Those in Iowa who became Brandstrom’s new neighbors don’t get it. If you’re supposed to take a sex offender class while locked up, logically speaking – shouldn’t you have to register as a sex offender, too?

Legal experts tell 6 News that judges in North Dakota are allowed to deviate from the registration requirement under certain circumstances.

Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine said that's not the case here.

“I don’t think our judges have that type of discretion," he said. If someone is convicted of a certain crime, you’re forced to register as a sex offender."

But if states continue to operate with different sets of standards, how can the public know if they have dangerous neighbors?

While Brandstrom went from a North Dakota playground to the one in the middle of his Iowa apartment complex — and it’s eerily similar — there’s one big difference between sentences and the judge’s order: With his recent conviction for taking nude photos of a 4-year-old, Iowa law requires Brandstrom to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

The two North Dakota judges involved in this case are both retired now. One is a practicing attorney; 6 On Your Side emailed her twice for comment but did not hear back.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Jenny Day of KYMA 11 in Yuma AZ is 99% WRONG on re-offense rates but has a simple one word fix

I can think of a more fitting award for this bimbo...
Not only did she cite only one bogus stat, she made it a point to use that stat TWICE in this sweeps week fluff piece. Her stat is just an ass pull from a victim cult known as Amberly's Place.

She should just do her reporting wearing a shirt saying 97% of stats are made up, who cares about the other 4%"

But a simple fix could change this article, just add the word DON'T before the word "re-offense" and it would be correct.


Released to Reoffend: News 11 investigates the sex offender next door
By: Jenny Day 

Posted: Nov 14, 2019 06:57 PM MST

Updated: Nov 14, 2019 06:57 PM MST

News 11 investigates the sex offender next door:

Statistics show 99% of child sex offenders reoffend, yet they are still being released into our community. 

We spoke to police, probation, victim advocates, lawmakers and even knocked on the doors, of those who have spent years in prison and now have to register as a sex offender for life.

Convicted sex offenders have to inform law enforcement of where they'll be living, even if homeless these predators have to tell police something - even under the bridge off First Street is sufficient. Every time they move, police put it on social media, those who live nearby are alerted and we put it on the news. The goal isn't to instill fear, rather keep you informed.

"It doesn't mean something is going to happen, doesn't mean they're a violent person, we want you safe and to be alerted,"  Sgt. Lori Franklin said, of the Yuma Police Department.

In Yuma County, sex offenders are living among us.  "I don't know if we have more, or we are just reporting more," Stephanie Pla said, from Adult Probation.

On average - 60 people are on probation at a time, in Yuma County.  "We see a lot of child pornography, putting cameras where they shouldn't be and there's been an upswing in revenge porn," Pla said. Over the years, she's seen her share of success stories.

"They get married, have kids, get a good job and get back into society - there's nothing more rewarding." But she has also seen the other side. "A lot of it has to do with control. They are very narcissistic, they don't care who they hurt, as long as they can please themselves," Pla said.

We set out to ask them for themselves. After knocking on several doors, some convicted sex offenders told me to get off their property, others chose to tell their story.

"It involved me and my step daughter. She told her mom I was molesting her friend, but I was just fixing her bra."  This man spent decades in prison. He was convicted in 1981 for sexual conduct with a minor then again in 2001, for the attempted molestation of a child.

I asked, "Do you think you're a danger to children?  He replied, "I have grand kids. No!"

The Yuma County Sheriff's Department has listed him as level three, meaning he's been deemed the highest risk to re-offend - yet after serving his time, he is now a free man. "I don't really care what the public thinks, because I don't have to answer to the public."​​​​​​​

He took part in sex offender rehabilitation programs while in prison - that he says did help - possibly even shed light on a motive,  sharing with me, he was molested by his father, starting at just four years old. He says he endured that torture another 12 years.  "I assumed the same mindset, my core beliefs got warped."

Statistics show it is indeed often someone you know. "94% of the time, it's a family member,"  Dianne Umphress said, who started the family advocacy center, Amberly's Place in Yuma, 20 years ago. It's grown into an empire. She said, "We have five sexual assault nurse examiners on call 24-7. The youngest victim we've had was just four months." And the oldest to date - 85 years old.

In the first year, Amberly's place saw 48 victims come forward - now, they help about 2,500 people each year.  And still sexual assault is the most under reported crime; one in six women have a story to tell. "Seeing broken people come in here, and they leave not quite so broken, that's where my passion comes from," Umphress added.

Her motivation also comes from a murder that remains a mystery today. "Amberly was a young girl, she was murdered in her own home and sexually assaulted in 1996," Umphress said.

It was around the time, Dianne was building this safe haven for victims of abuse, to have a place to come forward and get help. She was given the blessing by Amberly Mendoza's mother. Since then, Amberly's name, story and legacy have helped change the lives of thousands of now survivors. "Even when the worst thing happens, there's life after abuse. You can survive. You can still have a happy life," Umphress said.

Through this story, I learned silence is the biggest factor for why abuse continues.

Everyone agrees, more needs to be done. Again, Amberly's place statistics have stayed the same for 20 years, showing 99% of child sex offenders re-offend.

Police catch the predators, probation keeps an eye on them, so change would really have to come in the form of a new law. I reached out to several lawmakers. Congressman Paul Gosar, (R) Arizona said, "It defies common sense that these offenders receive light sentences, and are often released into society when the data shows high risks of recidivism." He says he is looking for legislative solutions to 'hold these horrendous offenders accountable, and keep america's children safe.'

Representative Walter Blackman (R) Arizona, said in part, "There are some who believe we should include sex offenders as part of the criminal justice reform debate," but he says he can't support that.

And, Representative Tim Dunn (R) Arizona says "Longer prison sentences for violent, high risk sex offenders are only a partial solution – there also needs to be cooperation at the state and local levels to ensure that resources exist to both reduce recidivism and keep our communities safe."

Those convicted of child sex abuse serve between five years to life in prison, then those released are on probation for ten years to life. "Sex offenders are not allowed to be released early. They have to serve their entire sentence," Pla said.

Probation often includes drug and alcohol tests and random - surprise check ins. We just happened to be there for one. Officers showed up, as we were door knocking.  Registered sex offenders are also required to hand over the passwords to every electronic. The internet opens up your child, to a world of sexual predators.


KYMA 11 attempted... BUT NOT SUCCEEDED... in making corrections to this brown journalism piece. Below is what they wrote, but honestly, this attempt at correction is virtual turd polishing.

According to the Department of Justice, the recidivism rate for sex offenders hovers around five percent after three years and 24 percent after 15 years.

According to SMART - The office of Sex Offender Sentencing, Monitoring, Apprehending, Registering and Tracking, for pedophiles - it shows the highest rate for boy molesters after 15 years was 35 percent and for girls molesters, 16 percent.  A study conducted by Harvard Medical School shows recidivism rates between ten and 50 percent for pedophiles.

News 11 first reported that 99 percent of child sex offenders reoffend, after an interview with Diane Umphress, of Amberly's Place. Umphress clarified her comment by stating that  99 percent of pedophiles cannot be cured, meaning they will not lose their urge for children. Umphress says this number comes from a recent training done by National Children's Advocacy Center in Washington D.C.  https://www.nationalcac.org/

Exact re-arrest rates are not known, because these sex crimes against children often go unreported. Amberly's Place reports only one in nine children ever report abuse.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Bigoted Georgia State Senator Greg Kirk makes it obvious the intent of GA's GPS monitoring law is punitive

Earlier this year, the GA Supreme Court declared lifetime GPS for people not on paper was unconstitutional. Now the Georgia legislature is back in session, deciding how they can try to circumvent this ruling. REPUBLICAN State Senator Greg Kirk is making his intentions clear. Greg Kirk is already a controversial figure for being discriminatory policies against the LGBTQ community, so his quotes below aren't shocking to anyone who knows this clown.


Sen. Greg Kirk, R-Americus, sponsored a Senate resolution last session to convene a study committee to examine how Georgia laws could satisfy the court ruling but also keep communities safe from dangerous sexual predators who are likely to reoffend.

“I want to send a message that if you’re a sexual predator Georgia is not the place you want to be. You don’t want to live here, you don’t want to come here, you certainly don’t want get caught here, we don’t want you in our state and messing with our children,” Kirk said during the committee meeting. “Children are vulnerable and we need to do everything we can to protect them at all times and all costs. There’s certain lines in life that when you cross, you don’t get a redo, there’s certain things you just don’t get a redo on and that’s one of them in my opinion.”


“I don’t know what the answer is,” state Sen. Greg Kirk, an Americus Republican who sponsored the study committee. “But at the end of the day, if you’re a sexually dangerous predator, I want you followed for life in the state of Georgia.”

Friday, November 1, 2019

Laura Valdes of the Yolo Co CA persecutor's office doesn't seem to understand how GPS or crimes occur

As the old saying goes, the lights are on but nobody's home.


Could GPS-Tracked Sex Offenders Go Unmonitored During Power Shutoffs?

By Shirin Rajaee
October 30, 2019 at 7:10 am

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Hundreds of thousands of Californians remain in the dark as another round of planned power outages hit California. Parts of 29 counties and nearly 600,000 customers are affected. And now the shutoffs are raising new concerns that violent offenders could take advantage of the outages.

Victims rights groups say the fear is real. They want to make sure offenders using tracking devices are being monitored.

“They’re not only worrying about electricity in their home, and water from their well, but they have to worry about their perpetrator not being monitored,” said Laura Valdes, victims rights advocate with the Yolo County District Attorney’s office.

With no electricity, sex offenders are not able to charge their tracking devices, which need to be recharged daily.

“If their GPS monitors are not able to be re-charged, they have an excuse, a free ticket to re-harm their victim or someone else,” she said.

Sacramento County supervising probation officer Clifford Foster said that during critical incidents, officers increase their staff and home visits.

“We’ll have extra officers going out and checking up on our offenders,” said Foster. “When we notice someone’s device is not charging, we’ll have field officers bring batteries that are charged.”

He adds, “through the device, we can send messages to the client to call us.”

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation and several county probation departments say there have not been any issues.

“GPS devices worn by parolees hold a charge for an extended period of time and agents are alerted and monitor low-battery status,” CDCR said in a statement.

State and county agencies are monitoring closely and say there is no increased safety risk.

“We are making every effort possible to keep in contact with all clients, no matter what conditions they have with their GPS,” said Foster.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Deja BOO -- Butts County GA Sheriff Gary Long LOSES his fight to post Halloween lawn signs in yards of registrants

Sheriff Long was nominated for a Shiitake award on this exact date last year for misinterpreting a GA law to justify Halloween lawn signs, and this year, he tried th signs again. Well now that he chose to fight -- AND LOSE -- a battle to keep the signs posted in the yards of registered persons.

Court ruling can be found at https://floridaactioncommittee.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Butts-County-Halloween-Sign.pdf

Media report on the ruling:


Judge issues ruling favoring sex offenders who sued Butts County sheriff over 'no trick-or-treat' signs
A federal judge heard arguments in court last week and handed back the decision, Tuesday.
Author: Adrianne M Haney
Published: 5:30 PM EDT October 29, 2019
Updated: 7:51 PM EDT October 29, 2019

ATLANTA — A federal judge has issued a ruling favoring - in part - three registered sex offenders who sued the Butts County Sheriff, calling the "no trick-or-treat" signs the sheriff placed in their yards an abuse of power.

Last year, Butts County Sheriff Gary Long had deputies place the signs in the yards of the registered sex offenders in the days leading up to Halloween, alerting parents and trick-or-treaters that they should avoid those homes.

"My office took precautions and placed signs indicating 'No Trick-or-Treat' at each registered sex offender’s residence in the County," Sheriff Long said. "This was done to ensure the safety of our children."

Georgia state law prohibits registered sex offenders from placing Halloween decorations on their property. But several of the sex offenders objected to the signs, saying it made them a target and was an overreach by the sheriff. Three of those offenders ended up filing suit, arguing that the yard signs went too far - breaking the law in the name of enforcing the law.

“State law does require him to notify the public in very specific ways, and none of those ways includes placing signs on registrants’ lawns," explained Mark Yurachek, one of the attorneys representing the plaintiffs.

According to the lawsuit, the offenders questioned whether the sheriff "exceeded his authority" in putting up the signs and whether deputies trespassed on their properties in doing so. The suit also says the deputies' actions caused harm, including "anxiety, embarrassment and humiliation," and damaged their ability to trust law enforcement. They sought a jury trial and damages.

A federal judge heard arguments in court last week and handed back the decision, Tuesday.

"The question the Court must answer is not whether Sheriff Long’s plan is wise or moral, or whether it makes penological sense. Rather, the question is whether Sheriff Long’s plan runs afoul of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. It does," the ruling states.

In the ruling, the judge granted the named plaintiffs' motion to prevent the sheriff's office from posting the signs in the named plaintiffs' yards. However, the judge declined to offer damages. The court also declined to enter into a sweeping injunction in favor of all registered sex offender, but warned the sheriff's office "should be aware that the authority for their blanket sign posting is dubious at best and even more dubious if posted over the objection of registrants."

The court continued, saying that the ruling does not limit the sheriff's discretion "to act on specific information suggesting a risk to public safety. But he cannot post the signs over the named Plaintiffs’ objections simply because their names are on the registry."

In a statement to 11Alive following the judge's ruling, Yurachek, the attorney, said his clients were "thankful" to the court's "thoughtful and measured decision."

"There is a long way to go in this action and, although we decline further comment specifically addressing the litigation, we are hopeful that this decision indicates that, as with this preliminary issue, we will prevail in the permanent injunction action and the lawsuit in general," the statement continued. "We hope for and wish that every child in Butts County and in every community in the country enjoys a joyful and safe Halloween and note, as the Court’s opinion did, that the lack of signs in front of registrants’ homes will not affect either their joy or their safety this year or any other year."

He added that he would hope the ruling gives the sheriff "pause about putting up signs this Halloween or in the future."

11Alive reached out the sheriff's office for a comment on the ruling. They posted a response on their Facebook page saying they will continue to fight the lawsuit, but will not put up any yard signs while the suit is pending.

"The judge in this matter has ruled that I can NOT put signs on the right-of-way of the three offenders that filed the lawsuit. While I respectfully and strongly disagree with the judge’s ruling, I must abide by the ruling," the sheriff said.

The sheriff added that he sought advice from the Prosecuting Attorneys Council in 2018 before deputies placed the signs, who gave specific instructions on how to place them in compliance with Georgia Law.

In lieu of the signs, the sheriff said he will keep a "very strong presence" in the neighborhoods where there are known sex offenders. He also added that while some may be disappointed with the ruling, he strongly encouraged they "NOT take matters into your own hands this Halloween."

"We understand frustration with the Judge’s ruling, but we all must abide by it unless it is overturned on appeal. Unfortunately, there is no time to appeal before this Halloween," the sheriff said. "My promise to the citizens of Butts County is to protect the public, especially the children."

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Granville NY area church cancels Registered Person's wedding following threats of protests

I understand that some folks get scared when there are online threats, but I've dealt with vigilant trolls for years, and all Internet gangsters are chickens in real life. And Christ stood up for what was right, even at the cost of followers and ultimately his life. That's why I feel the church was wrong to kowtow to the people threatening to protest. I feel like a great opportunity to teach about the boldness of Christ was lost by chickening out.

Protest my wedding and I'll come out and take selfies with you.


BLOG: Church pulls plug on sex offender's wedding
Don Lehman Oct 22, 2019

Many people who followed David Saladin's child sex abuse case for molesting children at a daycare center where he worked believe he should be in state prison.

Instead, because the Warren County District Attorney's Office had concerns about evidence in his case and having two young children testify at a trial, Saladin was offered a plea deal that includes 10 years on probation.

(Saladin pleaded guilty to all of the charges against him, with an understanding that he would not be sentenced to jail.)

That sentence did not sit well with many who followed the case, understandably so. But when word got out on social media in recent days that Saladin was planning to get married days after his sentencing, and the invitation that was posted on Facebook talked of the "fairytale" relationship, the you-know-what hit the proverbial fan.

The wedding was to be held Saturday at South Granville Congregational Church.

Pastor Rick Backus said that he was aware Saladin had been accused of child sexual abuse after the wedding was booked, but in light of the fact he hadn't been convicted the wedding was going to be allowed. But after he was sentenced last week, Backus said it was decided the church would not allow the ceremony under the circumstances.

Many reached out to the church through Facebook on Monday and Tuesday to express their concerns about the wedding, before learning the church had pulled the plug. Some talked about going to the church to protest during the wedding.

"My phone was going off like crazy," Backus said. "I got about two hours of sleep last night."

-- Don Lehman

Friday, October 18, 2019

Duane Pohlman of Cincinnati's Local 12's sweeps week fluff piece attacks registrant for daring to reform the laws

No, it isn't me or anyone I know. But if Ohio starts background checks before allowing anyone to speak out against bad legislation, it will be bad for this entire movement.


Local 12 investigation leads lawmakers to consider background checks at Ohio statehouse
by Duane Pohlman, WKRCTuesday, October 15th 2019

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WKRC) - A day after a Local 12 Investigation revealed that a child sex predator hid his criminal background when he met with some of Ohio’s most powerful lawmakers and other leaders, State Rep. Tom Brinkman says he has asked whether better background checks are needed to find out who is really meeting with legislators.


Brinkman made it clear he was not aware James Kronenberger, the founder of Fair Treatment Reform and Re-entry (FTRR), was a registered sexual predator who had been found guilty several times over nearly four decades for sex crimes against young children.


“If I would have known the information, things would have been a little bit different,”Brinkman said, conceding he not only met with Kronenberger, but worked with FTRR to draft a prison and parole reform bill -- a proposed mandate reforming Ohio’s prison system as well as providing early parole to non-violent offenders.

When I spoke with Kronenberger nearly two weeks ago, he said he often met with lawmakers, including Brinkman, as he pushed for prison and parole reform at Ohio’s statehouse. When asked how often he met with lawmakers, Kronenberger told us, “I come down here, usually two to three times a week.”


Kronenberger admitted he didn’t tell any of the state’s powerful lawmakers about his convictions for sex crimes against children as young as 5 years old, nor did he discuss details of his convictions for enticement, attempted kidnapping and harassment that led to him spending nearly 25 years in prison.

When asked why he withheld the information, he said, “I just never thought of it,” adding, “Nobody asked.”

Brinkman confirmed he and his office never vetted Kronenberger. No one on his staff even conducted a simple Google search.

“None was done at all,” Brinkman conceded.


“It’s terrifying,” said Bret Vinocur, the founder and president of Block Parole, Inc, an organization dedicated to keeping violent offenders in prison for their maximum sentences.

“You would think that members of the legislature who are working with people would vet them,” Vinocur said, after learning that lawmakers never conducted a basic search to find out who Kronenberger was.

Vinocur then quickly turned to question the validity of Brinkman’s bill calling for prison reform.

“The whole bill is tainted,” Vinocur said.


But Brinkman insists prison and parole reforms outlined in his bill are still needed but says the fact that Kronenberger didn’t disclose his disturbing past is a big problem.

“I wish I would have known who I was dealing with. There’s no question about that,” he said.

Now, Brinkman confirms he has asked the human resources office at the Ohio legislature to determine whether background checks should be made available to lawmakers before they meet with individuals like Kronenberger.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Recycled Ohio State Senator introduces recycled Green "Sex Offender" Car Tag idea

The color green is all about recycling, but one thing that should never be recycled is a bad idea. Neither should bad politicians. Ohio Senator Tim Schaffer, a former state Senator recently appointed to fill an abandoned post, is recycling a braindead idea that was heavily ridiculed back in 2007-- silly green license plates for registered persons.

In 2007, the bill was SB 56 and it thankfully went nowhere. While this bill is limited to Tier 2s and 3s, Ohio is an AWA state so most registrants are Tier 2 and 3 in Ohio.

Below is a link to the bill text.


Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Kenton Co KY ASSistant Persecutor Kyle Burns abuses the law to force RC neighbor to move

Prosecutors are the TRUE scum of the earth. I'd love to pass laws to displace prosecutors from moving out of the sewers they originated from. Whis one in particular is a real piece of crap.


'It will also prevent this from happening again.' Neighbors, including local prosecutor, sought park to displace sex offender

Julia Fair, Cincinnati Enquirer
Published 9:56 p.m. ET Oct. 15, 2019 | Updated 7:53 a.m. ET Oct. 16, 2019

FORT MITCHELL, Ky. – In a neighborhood of broad lawns and trees, residents wanted one of their neighbors to leave – and they seized on an unusual way to try and get the city's help to force him out. 
The drama involved a local prosecutor, a sex offender, and a tiny sliver of land along Dixie Highway with a handful of benches and a doggy bag dispenser.

In the spring, a registered sex offender moved in next door to Kyle Burns, who also happened to be an assistant Commonwealth attorney for Campbell County.

Burns had an idea: Get the Fort Mitchell Park Board to put a playground in that space. That playground would change everything for everyone; It would be publicly owned –  and would force the offender to move.

Kentucky law specifies that sex offenders can't live within 1,000 feet of a publicly owned playground. The sex offender would have to move within 90 days.

Burns promoted the idea with his neighbors in Facebook messages obtained by The Enquirer.

In early September Burns got a meeting with the park board to talk about why the city’s first so-called "pocket park" should go in his neighborhood, according to records obtained under a Kentucky Open Records Act request.

“I have talked to multiple city officials about converting Pauly Park (green space at the front of the neighborhood) into a playground, and they seem interested,” Burns wrote to the group on Facebook messenger. “Not only would it give our kids something to walk to (once this guy is gone that is) but it will also prevent this from happening again."

Burns declined to comment on the park or the Facebook messages when The Enquirer reached out to him.

Where can sex offenders live?

When the offender was 24, he was charged for third-degree sodomy with a 15-year-old. After violating probation, he spent five years in prison; he must register as a sex offender for 20 years.

The Enquirer could not reach the offender for comment.

Advocates for sex offender civil rights say laws specifying distance limits - from schools, parks, and so on – are sometimes abused. The Alliance for Constitutional Sex Offense Laws (ACSOL), a California-based group, said pocket parks “effectively keep registrants out of neighborhoods and sometimes entire towns.”

“They also break up families,” the group's executive director Janice Bellucci told The Enquirer in an email. “For example, a family may own or rent a home that a registrant is no longer able to live in due to creation of (a) pocket park. The family can’t afford to rent or buy a second home and therefore registrant becomes homeless often living in his or her car.”

It doesn't seem that Burns mentioned his neighbor during his meeting with the park board. Instead, he talked about how the playground could be good for local businesses, a way to get neighbors to spend more time together, and would “serve a purpose,” according to public meeting documents.

Residents would pay for the playground, Burns told the board, up to $50,000.

If the playground wasn't publicly owned, Burns' neighbor could stay in the Kenton County neighborhood.

Those meeting notes don’t explicitly say the playground would force the offender to move, or even mention the offender, but the Facebook messages do.

“He would have 90 days to move but hopefully he is gone soon,” Burns wrote to his neighbors who had questions about the logistics of the pocket park. “But it would prevent us from ever being in this position again.”

What Fort Mitchell officials did

In late September, the neighbors got the city more involved with their plan.

The park board held a public meeting about the pocket park on the lawn where the playground would go at the corner of Sunnymede Drive and Cornell Avenue. Thirty-two residents gathered beneath the shaded trees to share their feedback over the sounds of Dixie Highway, which sits just over a hill from the potential park.

Most comments were positive, with a few concerns about traffic, according to public records.

“The park board likes the area here because of all the work that is going on downtown,” said Parks Director Kyle Bennett in an email to a resident asking more about the park. “It is the perfect area to start having smaller pocket parks throughout the city.”

The Enquirer asked City Administrator Sharmili Reddy if the city was aware the neighbors wanted the park to compromise the offender’s current home.

She provided a statement from the park board, which did not answer that question.

The city has been exploring the broad pocket park idea for over two years, the park board said in the statement. Other cities in Kentucky have had pocket parks for decades, it added.

The Fort Mitchell park board doesn’t have a budget for pocket parks yet.

“Our goal is to look beyond individual intentions and do what is best for the community based on the feedback we get,” the park board said in a statement.

“If building a park there happens to keep registered sex offenders out … that could only increase the safety of the neighborhood and increase property values,” said Kenton County Commonwealth Attorney Rob Sanders.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Kansas City media freaks out over registered person's lawn art

I can't imagine this "lawn art" is all that attractive but leave it to the new media and a few nosy Nellies to make the jump from art being tacky to art being a lure for kids.




An art sculpture in the front yard of a Kansas City home attracts a lot of children, which has the surrounding neighbors upset. Normally such art wouldn't be a problem, though in this case, it's in the yard of a registered sex offender.

The sculpture is made of hanging bikes, and a majority of the bikes look like they're for kids. The neighbors thought it was a piece of art until they found out the creator and man who lives there is a registered sex offender in Missouri.

"They got my attention with these bikes up here. They got put up here. I thought it was art, and it was nice. But if it got my attention, it'll get another child's attention," a woman who visits family in the neighborhood told WDAF.

The man's name is Fidel Nunezreyes. He was most recently convicted of statutory rape in 2004. His victim was an underage female.

Neighbors said he has lived in this neighborhood for about three years. Other residents said they wish Nunezreyes would have told them his status.

Missouri laws require sex offenders to register within three days of following a conviction or release from jail or prison. The Missouri Sex Offender Registry lists June 2005 as Nunezreyes' confinement release date.

Registration as a sex offender is required for anyone who has pled guilty to or been convicted of a number of crimes, including rape, child molestation, sexual misconduct, kidnapping a child, sexual exploitation of a minor, possession of child pornography, sexual abuse of a child and many more.

Those who plead guilty or no contest to these crimes are also required to register as sex offenders.

Many sex offenders are not allowed within 500 feet of school grounds, and while there are a handful of schools in the area—including two elementary schools, two middle schools, a charter school, a performing arts high school and an early education center—they fall outside of the 500-foot range from Nunezreyes' home.

Neighbors are concerned that the hanging bike art sculpture will continue to attract kids to his home, leaving the children vulnerable to someone has proven to be untrustworthy with a child in the past.

"I feel like the children aren't safe around here. I don't feel like the kids are safe because he still never said nothing," one neighborhood woman said.

People who frequent the area said along with the sculpture, Nunezreyes needs to leave the neighborhood.

According to Family Watchdog, a free service that allows you to view known registered offenders and predators in your area, there are 1,511 known and mapped offenders in Kansas City, Missouri.

Monday, September 16, 2019

Volusia County FL Sheriff Mike Chitwood is angry that person convicted of sex offense out on bond while on appeal

Mike SHITWOOD is up for reelection, so it doesn't surprise me he's exploiting Predator Panic for free publicity.


'This is not right': Sheriff Chitwood speaks out on bond granted to convicted child sex offender

Updated: 10:19 PM EDT Sep 14, 2019

Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood posted on Facebook that he disagreed with the decision to grant bond to a convicted sex offender.

Mark Fugler, a convicted sex offender in Ormond Beach, was sentenced to 15 years in prison but was granted a $200,000 bond pending completion of appeals, officials said.

Fugler, a former engineering professor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, was convicted on three counts of lewd and lascivious exhibition, three counts of displaying obscene material to a minor and three counts of lewd and lascivious acts with a minor, according to officials.

Chitwood said he strongly disagreed with the judge's decision in the case to let the man be released.

"What I'm doing right now is bringing the light on it because somebody, somewhere is going to pick this up and say 'Holy cow, we cannot have our children be molested, and our families turned upside down," Chitwood said.

Officials said Fugler showed pornographic material to a 7-year-old girl between 2014 and 2016 and solicited the child to touch him in a sexual manner.

"This scumbag fought tooth and nail all the way through and made that little girl get up and testify in court. She's the bravest one out of all of us to do that," Chitwood said.

Officials said the girl's mother learned about what happened in 2016 when she found a diary the child kept.

"(To have) a judge carelessly say, 'Oh we are going to let the offender go because he's an educated man. He taught at Embry-Riddle University.' I don't care if he taught at Harvard. He's a criminal. That's what he is. He's a convicted child abuser," Chitwood said.

Shitwood sells these on shirts; seems to me he's implying he engages in police brutality. 

Friday, September 6, 2019

Not only does the New Orleans Police Department have a "Pedophile Unit", the former chief of that unit is an actual pedophile

Oh look, "Nawlins" finally gave us someone nuttier than ex-mayor Nagan.

I don't know what's worse, the NO police having a "pedophile unit" or having one of said unit's detectives busted for molesting a kid & downloading CP


Richard Windmann files lawsuit against former head of NOPD’s pedophile unit, the City of New Orleans

By Kimberly Curth | September 4, 2019 at 4:39 PM CDT - Updated September 4 at 10:55 PM

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - The former head of the NOPD’s pedophile unit and the City of New Orleans are now at the center of a lawsuit.

Richard Windmann filed the lawsuit Wednesday (Sept. 4) in Civil District Court. Windmann claims Stanley Burkhardt repeatedly sexually abused him while Burkhardt was a sex crimes detective. FOX 8 has done extensive reporting on Burkhardt and interviewed two men, including Windmann, who say the former cop sexually abused them decades ago.

In the lawsuit, Windmann said the City of New Orleans failed to protect him from Burkhardt. He also claimed he was first introduced to Burkhardt in 1977 when he was just 12 years old. During that time, Windmann testified against an assistant Boy Scout Master who was convicted of sex abuse against boys.

Burkhardt, an NOPD detective at the time, was supposed to look out for Windmann. But, Windmann said one night Burkhardt took him to the NOPD’s evidence room, showed him child pornography then sexually abused him. Windmann alleges the abuse continued for the next few years.

Then, the suit claims Burkhardt started taking Windmann to pedophile parties in the French Quarter and would use him as bait to make cases against other pedophiles. When Windmann started to push back against Burkhardt, he said Burkhardt showed him a picture of a badly decomposed body of a boy who was later identified as Eddie Wells.

According to Windmann, Burkhardt would threaten him with that picture, saying that if he refused to do what Burkhardt told him to do, he would end up like Eddie Dirt.

In the lawsuit, Windmann said he tried to report Burkhardt’s abuse to the NOPD twice, but detectives did not take the report and he was shunned.

Burkhardt has been convicted of child molestation and child pornography. Last month, State Troopers arrested Burkhardt for failing to register as a sex offender. He is now in Federal custody in North Carolina.

FOX 8 reached out to the City this afternoon about the lawsuit, but a spokesperson said they “have no comment at this time.”

Legal analyst Bobby Hjortsberg says while the statute of limitations will come into question, Burkhardt's convictions are already a good argument.

“They’re likely going to say look not only was this individual negligent for his actions, but the people who were supervising him were negligent in not identifying this,” Hjortsberg said.

Copyright 2019 WVUE. All rights reserved.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Remember when the Miami Herald used to be awesome? Now they're the South's NY Daily News

The Miami Herald's "environmental reporter" Adriana Brasileiro wants to remind us that Hurricane Dorian sideswiped Epstein's private island. I remember years ago when the Miami Herald would expose government corruption. Now the once-great paper publishes brown journalist reports on par with the NY Daily News.


Hurricane Dorian sideswipes Jeffrey Epstein's notorious 'Pedophile Island'

By Adriana Brasileiro, Miami Herald  17 hrs ago

MIAMI — With the U.S. Virgin Islands right in Dorian’s path, one infamous place was feeling the worst of the hurricane on Wednesday: Jeffrey Epstein’s “Pedophile Island.”

Little Saint James Island, the hideaway where the wealthy hedge fund manager allegedly trafficked girls for sex and entertained politicians and businessmen, was on what’s informally known as the “dirty side” of Dorian and could potentially face winds of up to 70 mph as the system passes the Virgin Islands.

The dirty side, or right side of a system when looking at it from above, typically packs the most powerful winds, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The dirty side of the storm is worse due to the direction of hurricane winds, which rotate counterclockwise. The strength of the storm on the dirty side is the hurricane’s wind speed plus its forward velocity, according to NOAA. The absolute worst spot in a hurricane is on the dirty side closest to the eye of the storm.

Epstein’s island was raided by FBI and police earlier this month as the investigation into the hedge fund manager’s alleged sex trafficking of girls continued despite his death on Aug. 10. Epstein’s case was reexamined after the Miami Herald published the series “Perversion of Justice.”

Dorian continued to move northwestward after crossing the U.S. Virgin Islands near St. Croix, according to the National Hurricane Center. The newly formed hurricane was about 45 miles northwest of St. Thomas as of the Center’s 5 p.m. update on Wednesday. The fourth named storm of the season is on track to pass over or near Puerto Rico’s east coast and could develop into a Category 3 hurricane by the time it reaches Florida’s coast Monday morning.

Dorian strengthened in the early hours on Wednesday to near hurricane level and was forecast to bring up to 6 inches of rain to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Isolated areas could see up to 10 inches of rain and life-threatening flash floods, surf and rip current conditions.

As forecasters predicted a likely Florida landfall, Gov. Ron DeSantis declared a state of emergency Wednesday afternoon for 26 counties in Dorian’s path, spanning the east coast from Duval to Monroe counties.

Nearly all of the intensity models show Dorian becoming a stronger hurricane in the next two days as it passes near or to the east of the Turks and Caicos islands and the Bahamas by Friday and Saturday.

©2019 Miami Herald

Visit Miami Herald at www.miamiherald.com

Distributed by Tribune Content Agency, LLC.

Monday, August 26, 2019

Registrants arrested in Tennessee for the crime of having lunch at McDonald's

Yes, in certain states, registrants cannot even eat at a McDonald's if it has a playground area.

McDonald's sucks anyways.


Sex offenders say they were 'just having lunch' prior to arrest near Memphis McDonald's playground
Updated: Aug 19, 2019 - 8:01 PM

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Two violent registered sex offenders were arrested Saturday near a Memphis McDonald's.

    According to a police report, around 4 p.m. Saturday a manager at the McDonald's located in the 3300 block of Austin Peay Highway called the police.

    The manager said she believed a registered sex offender was sitting next to the indoor playground at McDonald's staring at children who were playing.
    Content Continues Below

    She told officers the registered sex offender, Robert Lee Collier, was caught on camera the previous day inside the playground area.

    When officers arrived at the McDonald's, Collier and another known sex offender, Morris Johnson, were both sitting next to the indoor playground where approximately three children were actively playing.

    Collier and Johnson were arrested for being within 1,000 feet of a playground where children were present. Both men were transported to the Felony Response Bureau.

    Collier, however, told FOX13 he was “just having lunch with a friend” when the police were called.

    “I did not consider that to be an area that I wasn’t supposed to be in, it being a public restaurant,” said Collier.

    After his court appearance Monday, Collier told FOX13 he was not staring at the children as they played, but rather he was staring at the food he was eating.

    This isn't the first time Collier has been arrested. Back in May of 2018, he was arrested for exposing himself to an 11-year-old child at the Wolfchase Galleria.

    Police told FOX13 the child was trying to leave the bathroom when Collier allegedly grabbed his arm and neck. Officers said he pulled down his pants and exposed himself to the victim.

    MPD said his mother heard him and responded.

    According to the Tennessee Sexual Offender registry, Collier was placed on the registry for criminal attempt to commit aggravated sexual battery on May 19, 2018.

    Morris Johnson was also placed on the registry for criminal attempt to commit aggravated sexual battery on February 15, 2003.

    Both suspects have bonded out of jail with a $3,000 bond.

    Collier said he was falsely accused in 2018, and he is being falsely accused again now.

    “I clearly don’t have a problem. I’ve been falsely accused of this situation. I’m fighting this to the end: not guilty,” he said. “There’s no proof of this, I just want justice.”

    According to Collier, Johnson has been his best friend for seven years. Johnson was placed on the sex offender registry for criminal attempt to commit aggravated sexual battery in 2003.

    FOX13 reached out to the judge working on the case to ask how Collier – a violent registered sex offender – could have been booked into jail while on probation and released on a $3,000 bond.

    The judge has not yet responded.

    Kris Crim, the prevention director at the Memphis Childhood Advocacy Center told FOX13 about how to protect your children from sexual abuse in public places.

        “The best way for parents to protect their children from sexual abuse is to be armed with knowledge. The Stewards of Children training offered by the Memphis Child Advocacy Center teaches adults how to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse.

        Parents learn how to recognize red flag behavior, deter predators, and talk with their kids about sexual boundaries. Over 24,000 Shelby County adults have been trained since 2011.”

    Anyone interested in taking the class can learn more here.

    The advocacy center also provided these tips on how to minimize the risk of children being sexually abused. They include understanding grooming behavior by predators, talking to your children, monitoring your child’s internet use, and understanding what to expect of your child’s sexual development.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Kelly Kopecky of Milwaukee WI wants to "make some noise" to chase registered persons out of her community

She's a registered Republican, so I'm not surprised at her antics.


Neighbors upset about placement of two violent sex offenders in same home on south side
By: Brittany Lewis

Posted: Aug 12, 2019 10:31 PM CDT

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- People living in The Garden District neighborhood on the south side of Milwaukee are upset that two violent sex offenders have been placed in the same house in their neighborhood.

They shared their concerns at a sex offender notification meeting Monday night at the Bay View Library.

"We’re just going to make as much noise as possible because this absolutely cannot happen," said Kelly Kopecky, who lives in the neighborhood...

"This is the end of a very long process that ultimately returns somebody to the community that you don't want returned to your community. There's no way of sugar coating that, so I'm not going to sugar coat it," said Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm.

"What I can tell you, and what I'm here to tell you at the end of that long process results, ultimately in determination by a judge, that this person is appropriate to be released back into the community."

Chisholm said in 2000, the district attorney's office initiated a Chapter 980 proceeding so that Parrish could be civilly committed as long as doctors said he was a sexually violent person.

"We got an additional almost 20 years of keeping Parrish off the streets of Milwaukee," said Chisholm.

Once released, Parrish was initially at a home in Sauk County, but his attorney fought to get him back to Milwaukee County and a court ordered the Department of Health Services to move him to Milwaukee County because it is his county of residence.

The home on Waterford was picked based on a decision by a committee that is put together to look for housing for Chapter 980 sex offenders returning to their community, according to a representative from the Department of Health Services who spoke at the meeting.

"I can see in their house, they can see in my house, it’s sixteen feet, the distance," said Kopecky.

While representatives at the meeting said the home fit the criteria for where the sex offenders can live, neighbors believe the home is too isolated where it sits on a dead end road. People also shared concerns about the number of children in the neighborhood who play on a green space and community garden near the home.

"They have a constitutional right to be released after they’ve served their time no question about that, however I think the neighbors have the right to feel safe," said State Representative Christine Sinicki who was at the meeting Monday night.

"To hopefully make the decision makers understand that this is a really poor choice."

Sinicki said she is working on a bill that will require sex offender notifications be mailed to homes, that meetings be held before a sex offender is placed in a neighborhood and that elected officials in the area also receive notice that sex offenders are moving to the neighborhoods they represent.


MILWAUKEE -- A group of neighbors on Milwaukee's south side said they're tired of violent sex offenders being placed in their neighborhood. Two sex offenders have been placed there within the last month, and those who live nearby said they're scared and want to see the men moved.

"It terrifies me, to be honest," said Kelly Kopecky, who lives near 6th and Waterford in Milwaukee. "It's very unsettling, to say the least."...

"They probably think it looks good on paper because it's isolated, but isolation is kind of the dream house for a pedophile," said Kopecky.

The home sits on a dead end, and isn't near a school or day care, but neighbors said many children live in the area.

"This is a neighborhood full of kids, and these kids play in the field right alongside to the house, and that is a disaster waiting to happen," said Rep. Sinicki. ...

The two offenders are not allowed to leave the home, but neighbors said the fear lies with the unknown. They want the men moved, and do not want other criminals to return, fearing other sex offenders could be moved into the home.

"We're hoping to get this house deemed unacceptable," said Kopecky.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

For a moment, Facebook Standards allowed death threats against those accused or convicted of sex offenses

For a moment, Facebook formally acknowledged a policy they have followed informally for years. They have allowed vigilante groups targeting registered persons to operate on FB and harass and threaten them in violation of a number of state laws, like No Peace For Predators or Truckers Against Pedophiles. Even law enforcement agencies have used Facebook pages to harass registrants.

Of course, Facebook backpedalled not long after the story broke. So now they will just go back to ignoring the reports of death threats against registered persons informally as they have done already.


Facebook updates standards to allow death threats against alleged sexual offenders
by John Gage
 | July 09, 2019 09:35 PM
 | Updated Jul 10, 2019, 04:07 PM

Facebook updated its community standards to allow for users to call for "high-severity violence" against sexual offenders, including death threats.

In its " Do not post" section on its website, Facebook changed its standards in a July update to allow an exception to its "Violence and Incitement" standard for individuals "described as having carried out violent crimes or sexual offenses, wherein criminal/predator status has been established by media reports, market knowledge of news event, etc."

The exception allows users to make: "Threats that could lead to death" against alleged violent and sexual offenders. Facebook does not require for the threats to be against persons who have been convicted under criminal law.

Facebook did not return the Washington Examiner's request for comment at the time of publication. In May, the company said: “We’ve always banned individuals or organizations that promote or engage in violence and hate, regardless of ideology."

"The process for evaluating potential violators is extensive, and it is what led us to our decision to remove these accounts," the Facebook spokesperson added.

The standards change by Facebook comes as federal prosecutors charge financier Jeffrey Epstein with sex trafficking and conspiracy.

Southern District of New York prosecutors said Epstein “enticed and recruited, and caused to be enticed and recruited, minor girls" as young as 14 in order to "engage in sex acts with him."


"We don’t allow credible threats of violence against anyone. We do allow some speech that calls for certain forms of violence, such as calls for the death penalty for criminals or support for military action against terrorists. We have updated our Community Standards to be more clear about this," Facebook spokesperson said in a statement to the Washington Examiner.

Facebook updated their community standards again saying the language they added earlier in July was "imprecise."

"The language we previously used to describe our policies against violence and incitement was imprecise. We have since replaced it to more clearly explain the policy and underlying rationale," the Facebook said in an update to their "Violence and Incitement" community standards.

"In some cases, we see aspirational or conditional threats directed at terrorists and other violent actors (e.g. Terrorists deserve to be killed), and we deem those non credible absent specific evidence to the contrary," the company said.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Australian Feminism Extremist Clementine Ford likens a grandpa hugging his grandkid to sexual assault and #MeToo

The #MeToo Moron of the Year award was a one-year deal but if I kept it for year two, this nut would be at the top of the list. Many feminists thinklike this but Ford represents some of the more extremist feminists out there. So she just deserves an Everyday Zeroes award.


Hardline feminist Clementine Ford ties a man 'trading hugs for blowing bubbles with his granddaughter' to sexual assault and the #MeToo movement in new advice column


PUBLISHED: 20:47 EDT, 2 July 2019 | UPDATED: 22:28 EDT, 2 July 2019

Feminist author Clementine Ford has used her first agony aunt column to liken the actions of a grandfather desperate for affection to the #MeToo movement.

An anonymous mother wrote to Ms Ford through Yahoo, asking how she should respond to her father-in-law offering to blow bubbles for her one-year-old daughter on the condition she gave him a hug.

She said her daughter had been playing with her grandfather, who was blowing bubbles for her. When he stopped, the one-year-old asked him to keep going.

The grandfather responded by telling her: 'I'll blow you more bubbles if you give me a hug', the woman said. 

'I am furious that he tried to bribe my child with something she really wanted for her affection. I said, "we don't negotiate for hugs",' the mother wrote.

'How can I best advocate for my daughter in these situations when all I want to do is come down on other people like a tonne of bricks for perpetuating a culture where women feel they owe men/people affection, that their affection is a favour that can be bought?'

Ms Ford wrote back, explaining to the woman that she wasn't overreacting, and was helping prepare her daughter to speak up if she was uncomfortable with the advances of someone older than her.

The author, who describes herself as a 'hardline feminist', said it could be 'hugely disempowering' to be a child. 

Ms Ford said children who attempted to enforce boundaries with adults when it came to physical contact were often ignored. 

'Is it any wonder the #metoo movement has unearthed so many stories of women manipulated or trapped into activity they don't remember consenting to but felt ill-prepared to stop?,' she wrote.

Ms Ford advised the woman to explain her choices to her family without her daughter present, and to remind them one in five women in Australia will experience sexual assault at some point in their life.

She continued to say forcing a child into hugging and kissing people with more power than them could teach them it was normal to trade physical affection for things they wanted. 

The column was Ms Ford's first for Yahoo Australia, and comes just months after she spectacularly resigned as a columnist for Fairfax because of 'censorship'.

Many women praised Ms Ford's words, saying they agreed with her stance on teaching children consent early.

'Exactly on point with many conversations I have tried to have with extended family (only to be vilified for it),' one woman wrote.

'But worth every patronising comment because from two years old my oldest daughter was already asserting herself with phrases like "it's my body" and "no, I'm the boss of my body". My own little mini hardline feminist!'

But some said Ms Ford had gone too far, and not considered the complexities of intention. 

'Boys often hate kissing their mothers when they reach adolescence, or younger. Are mums meant to back off because they’re now seeking unwanted physical favours?' one man asked.

'Clementine’s point is easy to make because it doesn’t take the time to consider the complexities of the intentions of the family.

'Any resistance from well meaning, loving adults who want to show and receive affection (which is now evil) is regarded as potential sexual interference in the upbringing of a child. This harms the child in the end, and why? To satisfy the worries of the hypersensitive feminist mother?'

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

When are women going to learn that it is NEVER a good idea to download child porn in an attempt to set up an ex?

Well, I suppose you have to go back to 2009 to find it but this is not actually the first time I've featured a case where an attempt to set up an ex. In fact, this isn't even the second time I've featured a story like this, as the second was in 2014. So I guess I'll have another nominee in 2024 for doing the same stupid crap?


Arkansas woman must register as sex offender after trying to frame husband for child porn, rape

BENTONVILLE, Ark. — An Arkansas woman was given six years probation for trying to frame her husband by downloading child pornography on his cellphone and telling authorities he raped a 13-year-old girl.

Cherie Renee Bolton, 34, of Siloam Springs, pleaded guilty last week in Benton County Circuit Court to distributing, possessing or viewing child pornography and filing a false police report.

Bolton must register as a sex offender and pay more than $2,000 in fines and court fees.

Judge Brad Karren also ordered that Bolton must serve the full six-year sentence.

Bolton was arrested in January 2018 following an investigation by Siloam Springs police after she made the initial allegations about her husband.

Bolton first told police that her husband was sexually assaulting the girl and had attacked Bolton when she caught the pair, according to a probable cause affidavit.

Bolton presented police with three images of child pornography and showed them a possible bruise on her ribs that investigators were unable to positively identify. Bolton said she waited to make a report because she feared retaliation from her husband.

But investigators later discovered that Bolton’s husband had kicked her out of their home days before she called police.

Investigators then extracted the photos from the phone and found Bolton downloaded the images.

Bolton initially denied knowing how the images got on the phone, but after further questioning, said she downloaded them because she was high on meth, in the middle of a manic episode and was upset that her husband was trying to keep her from seeing their kids.

Bolton’s husband and the girl also denied any sexual abuse occurred.

Bolton said after being kicked out of the house, she went to a motel in West Siloam Springs, Okla., where she did meth with a man she met off Craigslist.

She said the man kicked her out of the room after an argument.

Bolton believed she downloaded the images while she was at the motel, but said she couldn’t be sure, according to the affidavit.

She added that she was outside Ozark Guidance in Siloam Springs at some point but later woke up at Springwood’s Behavioral Health in Fayetteville.

Monday, July 1, 2019

ACHTUNG! Big Brother Traffic Lights are Watching You in Georgia

Of course now the controversial traffic cams are being promoted as tools to stop registered persons from driving near schools.


Tag reading cams going up at these schools to catch speeders, sex offenders
By: Audrey Washington

Updated: Jun 27, 2019 - 6:51 PM

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. - School's out, but new safety measures are already planned for the upcoming school year.

New tag reading cameras are going up at four schools in Gwinnett County to catch speeders and sex offenders in school zones.

“I believe it’ll be a great idea because the safety of our children is what’s important," said parent Lauren Walker-Robertson.

Over the next few weeks, crews will install cameras at four Duluth schools: Mason and Chattahoochee elementary schools, and Duluth and Coleman middle schools.

The cameras will record any driver who speeds through the school zone.

“Take an 8-second video of each vehicle that is speeding and the tag of that vehicle," Duluth Police Department Officer Ted Sadowsk said.

Officials are also working to allow the cameras access to the statewide offender database. That way, the cameras can read tags and alert police of sex offenders who enter school zones.

“So, it’s not just speed cameras, it’s two-fold. It also acts as a safety measure for the schools as well," Sadowski said.

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Giles Co TN Sheriff Kyle Helton and his monkey-see-monkey-do law

Why does Sheriff Kyle Helton look like Darryl's racist brother in The Walking Dead?
Tennessee recently passed a law preventing many registrants from living with their own kids. While that law might be Shiitake-worthy in itself, how it came to pass was more noteworthy.

Below is not the full article. It is long. I just wanted to focus on Sheriff Kyle Helton's role in destroying many families. He got the idea from the next state over, Alabama. In other words, monkey see, monkey do.

Hopefully THIS LAWSUIT will prevent that from happening.


The legislation also makes it illegal for many ex-offenders to be alone with their own children.

Steven Yoder Jun 28, 2019

Last Sunday, Jason broke the news to his 7-year-old daughter: He’d be moving out. When a new Tennessee law goes into effect Monday, he will be barred from living with her. The law, Senate Bill 425, also forbids him from being alone with his daughter, meaning he can’t handle doctor’s appointments or pick her up from school, and he and his wife will need to hire childcare since she works full-time. His daughter cried when she heard but understood, Jason said, and told him she didn’t want her father to go to jail.

Seven years ago, a stepdaughter accused Jason of sexual touching, a charge he denies and attributes to discipline that he and his wife imposed. With the prosecutor threatening up to 18 years in prison, Jason says his lawyer advised him to take a plea deal that included probation, rather than risk a trial. Jason, whose name has been changed to protect his wife’s job, says the judge imposed no restrictions on him being around his daughter, and the Tennessee sex offense registry shows that he has no other criminal history.

Their predicament is likely to be felt more widely in coming months, as Tennessee implements the new law. It was spurred by Kyle Helton, sheriff of Giles County, which borders Alabama.

Alabama legislators pride themselves on making the state inhospitable to people with a sex crime in their past. Among other provisions, the state just enacted a chemical castration law and forbids adults whose offenses involved a victim younger than 12 from living with their own minor children. Helton has said that Alabama’s strict laws against former sex offenders were driving them over the border, and he wanted to put a stop to it. So he talked to his state senator, Joey Hensley, about introducing a bill that would match Alabama’s ban on living with children, according to Hensley. (The Giles County Sheriff’s Department said that Helton was not available to talk before deadline.)

Research shows relatively low reoffense rates for people convicted of sexual crimes—12 percent on average, according to a definitive 2014 study. But Helton’s lobbying paid off. Hensley introduced SB 425, which banishes people convicted of an offense involving someone under 12 from their homes if they have a child living there who’s a minor. On May 10, Governor Bill Lee signed it into law. On May 29, the Tennessee Department of Correction sent a letter to 78 people on the state sex offender registry advising them that they would need to pack up by July 1 or face arrest and prosecution...