Monday, August 25, 2014

If you are going to set someone up for a CP charge, be sure you know how a computer works

Meri Jane McCracken-Woods, NOT a computer expert
This isn't the first time someone has landed on the Shiitake Awards for trying to set up someone else on a bogus CP charge only to have the accusation backfire. This woman was so patently bad at trying to set up her ex-husband it was definitely Shiitake-worthy. Now, she might end up on the registry when she is sentenced in December.

I wondered why there is no pic of her online when her husband would have been plastered all over the internet had Meri Jane Woods succeeded in her devious scheme. Well, thanks to an anonymous tip, I have located a pic of Mari Jane (McCracken) Woods. All these married and maiden names make it harder to locate people, so thanks to the anonymous emailer!

UPDATE: On Dec. 18, 2014, Meri Jane Woods was sentenced to 6 months-2 years in jail. No word if she will land on the registry.

Woman guilty of downloading child porn
by The Indiana Gazette on August 20, 2014 10:54 AM

A Clymer woman faces a maximum of nine years in prison and could face sanctions under Megan’s Law after being convicted of charges related to child pornography Tuesday in Indiana County Court.
A jury of six men and six women returned a guilty verdict against Meri Jane Woods, 43, of Route 580, after about 1οΎ½ hours of deliberations.
Police and prosecutors said Woods had tried to frame her husband, Matthew Woods, about one year ago when she told investigators that he had downloaded images of child pornography to the computer in their home.
Using technological investigative techniques, police computer experts almost immediately ruled out Matthew Woods’ involvement by finding the images date-stamped between Aug. 11 and 14, 2013.
Matthew Woods had been forced from the home before that time by a protection-from-abuse order, prosecutors told the jury.
Meri Woods found the porn on her own, District Attorney Patrick Dougherty said.
“She download in excess of 40 images of different acts of child pornography to the family computer, took it to the state police and said, ‘My husband downloaded all this porn,’” Dougherty said.
Dougherty had only one witness, Cpl. John Roche, a state police forensic investigator based in Indiana, who testified about what happened.
Defense attorney Matthew Budash had a rebuttal witness, professor Mary Volonino, of Canisius College, Buffalo, testify that the time stamps determined by Roche were unreliable.
The jury convicted Meri Woods of a felony count of sexual abuse of children/possession of child pornography and a misdemeanor count of unsworn falsification to law enforcement.
Dougherty said that charge is punishable by up to two years in jail and a $5,000 fine, while the felony conviction could bring up to seven years in prison and a $15,000 fine.
Judge Thomas Bianco scheduled sentencing for Dec. 15 to allow time for an evaluation of Woods by the Pennsylvania Sexual Offenders Assessment Board, which could recommend mandatory registration with the state police for up to 15 years, Dougherty said.


  1. Here she is on the offender list: Isn't quite the looker she used to be.

  2. I typically don't like promoting these private registry sites but in this instance I have to make an exception.