Sunday, February 19, 2012

John Turchin the urchin specialist in propaganda

John Turchin, the so-called "Crime Specialist" learned the propaganda trade from John Walsh when he worked for America's Most Wanted. That should immediately raise a red flag. So I'm not surprised to see an article that is a glorified advertisement for the Adam Walsh Act disguised as an editorial, which is a black eye to South Florida's Local 10 news channel.

Turchin's Take: No excuse for child porn

Author: John Turchin, Crime Specialist,
Published On: Feb 17 2012 03:36:42 PM EST  Updated On: Feb 19 2012 09:31:47 AM EST

I’ve held my tongue long enough. There is no excuse for child pornographers. I don’t want to hear they had a bad childhood, or they grew up in a bad neighborhood, or they couldn't help themselves. All that may be true, but if it were your kid that was exploited or violated, I bet you wouldn’t be so understanding. 
My tirade comes as the Florida Department of Law Enforcement arrested a man on 144 counts of child pornography -- a man agents say left a trail of young victims throughout south Florida. Orville Bullitt. He’s 44 years old. You might recognize his name. If you do, call the cops and tell them why. If not, he is yet another example, another alleged example (don’t want to forget that), of sickos that prey on kids -- our kids -- your kids. 
I have come to realize the treatment of children as sex objects has existed for decades -- as has the production of erotic materials involving children. What's more, it’s something that is probably not going to go away anytime soon. 
The advent of the Internet in the 1980s dramatically changed the scale and nature of the child pornography problem, and has required new approaches to investigation and control. Thankfully, many police departments have made it a priority. Sadly, it may not be enough. Law enforcement agencies need more funding, more investigators and examiners. 
Sex offenders -- in any form -- are a growing and dangerous threat to our children. There are more than a half-million sex offenders listed on various state registries, but because of poor federal and state laws, at least 150,000 of them are missing. 
On the positive side, the Adam Walsh Act is the most comprehensive piece of child protection legislation Congress has ever considered. That bill created, among other things, new state and federal regulations, community notification requirements, as well as new federal criminal penalties for sex offenders. It also gave law enforcement new resources. 
These people, those who "get off" looking at children, or are involved in trading, selling or taking pictures of kids naked or in sexually explicit positions, like agents suspect Bullitt was, deserve to be thrown in a jail full of the most violent criminals.
People who are sexually attracted to children are bottom-feeders, the scum of the earth. I've long heard every other criminal can’t stand them. So, it is my hope that they will always get what they deserve.
I say drop them all off on some deserted island with a crap load of alligators. You can throw in the rapists and child abusers, too. This world has no room for any of them... my opinion, of course. Forget about cruel and unusual punishment considerations, too. Just let them suffer -- and direct our tax dollars towards taking care of the victims. After all, it’s our responsibility as parents, as a community, to protect those who can't always protect themselves... our children.

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