Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Alan English, Sean Moores, & Kyle Martin: The three Augusta Chronicle Stooges

Alan English
Kyle Martin
Sean Moores

Here are the Three Augusta Chronicle Stooges, nyuk-nyuk-nyuking it up over the latest fluff piece. So how many schmucks does it take to create and defend a poorly written fluff piece designed to spread Predator Panic? At least three. The schmuck on the left is Kyle Martin, who wrote a poorly written article entitled "Many break law again after first time sex offender plea." The problem with the article is he didn't differentiate between GENERAL and SPECIFIC recidivism:

How many of those 28 were actually committed new sex crimes? Probably no more than the people mentioned in their articles. The rest were likely petty offenses. What's so hard about giving the entire story?

Of the 84 people given first offender status for sex crimes in the past 11 years in Richmond County, one-third committed new crimes before their probation expired, an Augusta Chron­icle database shows. Some of those new offenses were sex crimes: rape, public indecency and child molestation. Georgia law doesn’t allow first offender status for some sex crimes, including sodomy, incest and child molestation, but records show defendants are allowed to plead to lesser offenses that do qualify for it, such as misdemeanor sexual battery.

So a few activists went to clear up the confusion. A few references to the fact of VERY LOW recidivism rates among those convicted of sex crimes, they couldn't accept the truth, so Stooge #2, Sean Moores, was the one in charge of deleting it. For some reason, he allowed comments from people using symbols of racism to remain in it's place (see below). It really illustrates the quality of Augusta Chronicle readers, huh?

The expression is "You can't fix stupid." Nothing says stupid like a Confederate Flag. Yee-haw!

A few of us complained via emails. Stooge #3, Alan English, refused to offer an apology and justified this by claiming we alerted "spam" filters and various TOS "violations". I'm no expert on spam filters but it is obvious he felt because we were making the same comments, we were from the same company? What a buffoon! And somehow flying a confederate flag which is offensive to minorities was not violating TOS?
I took the liberty of fixing your stock email. I think your email REALLY meant to say this:
The Augusta Chronicle does not allow opinions that differ from our narrow view of the world. We do not want you peasants confusing our brainwashed readers with the truth about the low re-offense rates of people on the registry, because we don't want our readers to realize we are wrong. Don't confuse our readers with the truth, we've made their minds up for them! We also refuse to delete posts with blatant hate messages because we still honor the confederate flag down here (yee-haw!). So continue to read our paper and be a mindless sheeple and don't listen to truth.
Sincerely, Alan English, Executive Director (ED), Augusta Chronicle

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