Tuesday, September 6, 2016

NY state senator Terrance Murphy confuses "common sense" with nonsense

The NY Senate has gone to the dogs.

How many times do we have to hear the same tired rhetoric from lazy pols?

Residency restrictions have been proven ineffective time and time again.

Every time pols use idiotic terms like "no-brainer" and "common sense," I can't help but facepalm. It is a "no-brainer" alright, because those pushing this agenda lacks brains,


Murphy: Stronger Sex Offender Legislation Is ‘Common Sense’

Despite passing in the Republican-controlled Senate, Murphy said the bills have repeatedly died in the Democrat-controlled Assembly.

“The New York State Assembly is playing politics with our kids. Kids that have been victims,” Murphy said. “These are common sense measures that would be absolutely pertinent to make sure that we can protect all of our kids.”

Somers Town Supervisor Rick Morrissey agreed, saying the state legislature should be doing everything it can to protect its “most precious resources.”

“This is very important legislation and we here in Somers welcome it,” Morrissey said.

Murphy, who represents the 40th Senate District, introduced the legislation in February 2015 after a level three sex offender in Putnam County was permitted to move back next door to one of his victims, following his release from prison in 2011. The sex offender was released from prison after serving approximately 16 months in jail. Following his release, the offender, whose victims were eight and nine years old at the time the abuse took place, was permitted to reside next door to one of his victims. Murphy said the bill continues to fail because too much consideration is being given to the criminals rather than the victims.

Yorktown Town Supervisor Michael Grace called the laws a “no-brainer” and said the issue should be non-partisan.

“The number one role of government at every level is public safety, and public safety often requires a minor infringement on somebody's otherwise protected rights,” Grace said. “This type of legislation is not a huge burden on anyone's rights.”

The 2016 legislative session wrapped up in June. It will resume in January 2017.


  1. Is'nt everyone sixteen months older or years older . Again it seems the public is becoming more forgiving and respect and more protective than to be protected from retired police that only come around four times a year . Thats protection . If the parties which they are more educated of protecting their children that are mature than their parent or parents .
    If they need- either party should call the police . That case is closed . By the judge Senetor .
    The more to worry about is your reputation . Pick a better topic than sexoffenders ,thats getting old . There are so many laws already . And they include poopy scoopers for respect of the public and neighbors that still need too be tought or fined . That could be a positive vote for employing the time served . How could that fail with cameras every where Senator . More tax payers more improvements to the community, County, State or Village . Lets move on America .

  2. Heres the no brainer .
    The infringement of someones protected rights after time served and court ruleings is the fact chaseing the money . But to put it more into perspective when a legislation's part time job consists of a ninety thousand dollar six month pay off for laws to be bought and sold . Heres the best part it has nothing to do with the protection of children but will resume after whom ever takes the seat in this Presidential election . Legislation ended in june 2016 and will resume in January of 2017 . The people have seen enough of political corruption more so when it costs the tax payers more in hiddin tax increases even after contributions then they are told from our honest political pocket stuffing do me a favor pass another law and I'll vote for you deal . Why ? Use the laws in place or simply learn how to use and inforce them . Thats someting that has never been told in political science, just making laws to get famous climbing the ladder of what is now corruption doing business as in the past , is not a public saftey measure for this State . Focus on employment, housing, and the freedom of a lost bill of rights and consititution . Look and listen to the protesters Terrence Murphy " free the nipple " This society has flipped and instilled with hate, rage, and the most un-informed selfesh group still living in their parents house or basement . Try and fix that Senator thats a lawless mountain that needs laws of respect . But you are blind or afraid too challenge . Those were once the children of yesterday and now the future and I'll blame legislation's laws for that .

  3. http://westchester.news12.com/news/confession-of-vigilante-killer-david-carlson-played-in-court-1.12519113 Umm He have a David Carlson scandal at play here. Yes the defense here is that a dead rapist is accusing the shooter of "Blame the Hero"

  4. http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2016/11/02/vigilante-jury/

    Well the congress in New York State created this. They created a situation where a dead fugitive becomes the victim and David Carlson as the murderer because law enforcement and mental health services could not get the Acosta. Now David Carlson's Defense say the dead rapist is doing "Blame the Hero".

  5. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/true-crime/wp/2016/11/04/vigilante-phone-app-alerts-new-york-users-to-crime-but-police-not-thrilled/

    Now an app is under fire for inciting law taking. Yes its Vigilante app and apple and Law Enforcement is outraged here.