Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Exorcist Jindal to exorcise registered citizens from public libraries

So not only will Jindal ban all registrants from using libraries, he's adding them to the list of places registrants can't even travel within 1000 feet. Next up, separate water fountains.

Baton Rouge -- The Louisiana Legislature has given final approval to a measure that would add public libraries and the surrounding 1,000 feet to the list of areas that convicted sex offenders cannot go unless granted specific exceptions. Senate Bill 753 by Dale Erdey, R-Livingston, now goes to Gov. Bobby Jindal for his certain signature.

State law already restricts convicted sex offenders from going near schools, playgrounds and other facilities frequented by children. Erdey said libraries should be added for consistency. The bill set Jan, 1, 2013, as the deadline for governing authorities of public libraries to develop specific guidelines for the law, including any exceptions. The sponsor accepted an amendment along the way to clarify that the law would not apply to sex offenders who are using another police station or courthouse to comply with separate state law requiring them to register on a public database. Erdey said in some Louisiana towns, the law enforcement agency handling the registry is located within 1,000 feet of the public library.

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  1. The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled last month that a total ban of registrants from the public libraries in Albuquerque violated the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. As a result, the City had to open its libraries to registrants and had to pay the significant attorneys fees of the ACLU attorney who represented the registrant who sued. Perhaps Rindal is ready to make his contribution to ACLU as well.