Friday, July 7, 2017

British inmates complain their blankets were made by sex offenders, and somehow it actually became news

I don't know which is worse-- hearing prison inmates whine about who made their blankets, or the fact that a mainstream media outlet felt it was worth reprinting. Well, I hope they like sex offender germs, the bloody wankers!

Original letter:

Prison inmates fear their blankets are made by sex offenders
Concern raised that prison-issue blankets made in sex offender-only HMP Stafford

10:34, 7 JUL 2017UPDATED10:41, 7 JUL 2017

Inmates at Walton prison fear they could be sleeping under blankets made by sex offenders.

The concerns were highlighted in a letter written by an HMP Liverpool inmate and published by prison magazine Inside Time.

The prisoner describes himself as “horrified” to learn a “sex offender’s hands have been all over my blanket” and questions why they are distributed throughout the prison system.

In the letter, the inmate claims to have discovered his blanket was made at HMP Stafford - a specialist prison that holds only sex offenders.

The institution, which was previously home to shamed entertainer Rolf Harris, is described as a closed training prison by the Ministry of Justice and has an industrial workshop complex on the site.

The prison has the capacity to hold 751 Category C sex offenders.

Writing in this month’s Inside Time, the prisoner complained: “I have just learned that the orange, prison-issue blankets are made in HMP Stafford, which means it was actually made by sex-offenders. I am horrified,.. How can the prison system distribute these sex-offender blankets throughout the prison population?

"I feel so angry that I cannot even sleep knowing that sex-offender’s hands have been all over my blanket.”

He then goes on to ask: “Can’t somebody do something to stop this happening? The blankets they make should stay within the sex-offender wings.”

The ECHO has attempted to contact the Ministry of Justice over the issue.

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