Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Jennifer Chase supports vigilante violence and hates the voice of truth

Despite all her rage, she is still just a rat in a cage
So who exactly IS Jennifer Chase? Some book writer who is upselling her crappy fiction work as "Award Winning." She hasn't won any awards any of us have heard of like, say, a Pulitzer, but maybe we can win a Shiitake Award. She claims her inspiration came about this way:

"My inspiration really came about after living next door to a 'real' violent sociopath that threatened my life for more than two years."

I wonder why she used quotation marks around the word "real." Maybe it was all in her head, much like her fictional character.


So this brings me to why this nobody is getting publicity here. Well, it isn't what you see, but what you DON'T see. So she posted on her blog about the deranged serial killer Patrick Drum, inviting readers to give their opinions on whether or not the scumbag was a "hero." Only problem is, she's only allowing one side of this debate, her side. The side calling for castration, murder, and ostracism. And I was among the dozens of people with a dissenting opinion were silenced. She allows the cheering of murderers, yet when the victims of this murderer chose to speak, she chose to silence them. Like a killer. The truth hurts, Jennifer Chase.

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