Saturday, August 18, 2012

Greg Smith of Kansas, yet another victim industry puppet

Any pol who brags about his stance on sex offenders as his primary platform is suspect to say the list. Kansas, usually a level-headed state, is now falling to the new SO law propaganda machine thanks in part to this guy. He is exploiting his daughter's tragic death to get elected, and is passing laws Kansas knows is bad legislation by their own admission. Now he asks for re-election? The Shiitake Awards should be his only election this year.

The event that dramatically changed my life was the kidnapping, sexual assault, and murder of my daughter, Kelsey. Nothing I can do will bring Kelsey back but what I can do is use that event as the impetus to make a difference in the lives of my other children, my grandchildren, and in the lives of members of my community.

I feel my service in the Legislature is a calling. My first term as the representative for District 22 was one that allowed me to answer that call. My life experiences placed me in a unique position to respond. My law enforcement career allowed me to co-sponsor legislation that safeguards our youth and young adults (Penn State Law),provides invaluable protections for our children (Caylee's Law), and provides strict penalties to those that would harm our kids (Compliance with the Adam Walsh Act).

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