Friday, September 21, 2012

Oh Suzanna! Why must you lie to me? Gov. Martinez takes wrong turn in Albuquerque

Gov. Marinez explains how, when she tells a lie,
her head swells like Barry Bonds on steroids.
Nothing like a Nancy Grace wannabe to spoil the political climate of an otherwise quiet place. While New Mexico is nowhere near being on the list of dumbest Predator Panic states in the US (for the moment D'ohio has the Shiitake ICBS CHUMPionship for that), Marinez wants to change all that. An ex-prosecutor, and thus incredibly biased and uneducated, she is nothing more than a registry sycophant. Add her pandering during the media coverage of the RSOL Conference, you have the makings of a potential 2012 Shiitake Award winner.

Prosecutors make lousy politicians. They don't understand how to treat people.
Hopefully this will be New Mexico's last term with Martinez at the helm.

Gov. Susana Martinez, who specialized in prosecuting sex crimes during her career as a district attorney, said Bernalillo County’s low recidivism rate doesn’t necessarily mean offenders aren’t re-offending, just that they’re not being caught.

“The vast majority of my cases involved delayed reporting by the children (victims) because they are afraid, they are threatened that something bad will happen if they tell,” Martinez told the Journal. “That allows an offender to re-offend many times.”

That’s why Martinez said the registries are so effective, because they allow parents to monitor offenders who might be re-offending without punishment in their neighborhood. Martinez has also pressured the state Legislature during her time as governor to become fully compliant with the Adam Walsh Act, a 2006 federal sex offender registration law.

The state’s sex offender laws do not require offenders to scan palm prints in addition to fingerprints, which is out of compliance with the federal act, nor do they have a juvenile sex offender registration, GPS monitoring or email notifications for when an offender moves into a neighborhood, said Regina Chacon, the state Department of Public Safety spokeswoman....

Both Martinez and Swartz said the vast majority of sex crimes are committed by perpetrators who know the victim – as relatives, neighbors, coaches or through other means.

While Swartz argues that’s a reason the registry is not effective, Martinez said that fact makes the registry all the more important, because parents need to be able to find out if their acquaintances or family friends pose a threat to their children.

“If you are a convicted sex offender, I as a parent have a right to know,” she said. ” … You can’t teach a parent what to look for.”

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