Thursday, January 31, 2013

Drug smuggler turned data miner Hank Asher dies at 61 to help Satan expand hell for his cohorts

It is hard to feel sorry about Hank Asher's death. He is a former drug smugger who profited from Megan's Law by making data bases that let you know if your neighbor urinated behind a dumpster in 1971. No doubt, hell welcomes ts newest member. Here is a brief bio of Asher from Once Fallen:

#4: HANK ASHERHe is probably the one person on this list you've never heard of. Just who is Hank Asher? The short 
answer is he's a data miner and multi-millionaire.  He is a major behind the scenes supporter of Big 
Brother-type programs, and yes, he's the guy responsible for the MATRIX (the controversial government 
computer spy program, NOT the Keanu Reeves movie).


FORMER DRUG SMUGGLER: Asher admitted he was a cocaine smuggler in the 1980s,
though no charges were ever filed against him [23]

Multistate Anti-Terrorism Information Exchange (MATRIX), a controversial 
program that collected mass data on every individual in the USA, raising serious concerns
 about privacy and making innocent people suspect of terrorism [24]. Eventually the MATRIX was 
shut down [25].

THE TLFO AND MARK LUNSFORD: With the MATRIX gone, Asher had to do 
something with his data mining and the sex offender industry was generating big bucks, 
so it came as no surprise Asher began selling his data mining under the guise of
 "capturing pedophiles [26]." Asher hired the controversial Mark Lunsford to lobby for 
"tougher sex crime laws" which include his program [27].

Mike Carona's Curse: Two of the Dirty Ex-OC Sheriff's Tainted Benefactors Die Within Weeks At The Age Of 61

By R. Scott Moxley
Published Sat., Jan. 12 2013 at 9:45 AM
Hank Asher dead mike carona.jpg
Asher: Onetime cocaine dealer gave secret gifts to Orange County's dirty sheriff
A former brazen Florida cocaine trafficker, who became an ultra-wealthy database guru that bought valuable gifts for corrupt Orange County sheriff-turned-convicted-felon Mike Carona, died Thursday or Friday, according to news reports.

The Palm Beach Post quickly handed Hank Asher, 61 and a high school dropout, a gushing hagiography by declaring him "an entrepreneur who pioneered the use of databases," "spent millions of his fortune fighting child pornography" and was "a national crime-fighting figure."

Somewhere, someone is making an Asher superhero costume, no?

Asher liked the Bible-thumping Carona--once a rising star in the California Republican Party, an Arnold Schwarzenegger confidant and a sheriff who eagerly accept bribes (cash, fine suits, casino chips, hotel rooms, illegal campaign contributions, booze--lots of booze, private jet rides and, yes, a boat).

Carona, who is serving a 66-month sentence in a Colorado federal prison, once arrogantly declared (before his arrest and while he served on a top-secretGeorge W. Bush national security task force) that investigating FBI and IRS agents had only found evidence of "the nigger money"--smaller sized bribes. 

Carona didn't know that his statements were secretly recorded by Don Haidl, a Rancho Cucamonga used car salesman, who illegally gave Carona more than $200,000 in 1998 to defeat Santa Ana Police Chief Paul Walters for the county's top cop job.

Haidl--a notorious chain smoker and booze guzzler with a penchant for communicating in streams of cuss words--was rewarded for the illegal contributions with a powerful assistant sheriff's job and, though he'd never taken a single police training class, full police powers in California.

He also got a county patrol car, one he later admitted in court that he used to impress his neighbors and friends.

Mike Carona Hank Asher Curse OC Weekly.jpg
Jack Gould
Carona smiling for an OC Weekly photographer while under FBI arrest



(Jeffrey Rawitz, one of Carona's colorful, high-priced defense lawyers, died at the age of 46 shortly after enthusiastically attempting to discredit the case brought by Assistant United States Attorney Brett Sagel and his office partner, Ken Julian, who is now in private practice.)
While Carona sat atop California's second largest sheriff's department, Asher--who'd earlier in his life flown cocaine loaded planes from Central America to Florida--secretly bought dinner for him and Assistant Sheriff George Jaramillo and gave their wives diamond-studded gold Cartier watches worth more than $30,000.

During Carona's corruption trial inside the Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse in Santa Ana, two sources told me that Asher also paid for the dirty sheriff's massive legal defense team. Confronted with the allegation, one the lawyers smiled, paused and said he couldn't speak on the record about the topic.

U.S. District Court Judge Andrew J. Guilford allowed Carona--who, as the OC Weekly proved with photographic evidence, liked to party with Las Vegas organized crime associates--to fly to Florida to visit Asher after his conviction but before he was ordered to surrender to U.S. marshals and the U.S. Bureau of Prisons.

Though he used his public office for corruption, Carona remains the recipient of a lucrative-taxpayer funded pension that deposits into his bank account more than $21,000 a month--even while he's in prison and for the rest of his life.


  1. How can we allow Corona, who violated his oath and contract with the County of Orange, receive a pension for the rest of his life? We are a stupid society. Someday the smarter ones are going to look back and laugh at us.

  2. Hank sent his plane to Haiti after the earthquake, making nonstop trips to help those in need of medical care. He was the single largest donor to the Center for Missing and Exploited Children. He founded JARI research to try and cure cancer. Just a few of the many humanitarian efforts he made during his time here. He may have tested the character of many, but I can say he made me a better person for it. RIP Hank! Your overwhelmingly positive impact will remain.

  3. Adolph Hitler also did a lot of good things like inspire the American New Deal and other social programs we take for granted in the USA, but no one can ever ignore the fact he killed millions of people and was pure evil.

    Asher was an ex-dope smuggler and a data miner for Big Brother, and sex offenders were just one way to sell the Beast to the USA.

    Fuck Hank Asher.