Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bradford County FloriDUH sheriff Gordon Smith wants to increase vigilante violence to prevent crimes

It is not simply the proposal that Bradford County FL Sheriff Gordon Smith has issued that draws my ire, but the attitude of this guy. Just read the story below. That's Floridiot logic for you-- create crime to prevent crime.


No more hiding out for sex predators in Bradford County

Reported by: Leslie Coursey Email: lcoursey@ActionNewsJax.com

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STARKE, Fla. -- "I don't want another victim," Sheriff Gordon Smith says it's that simple. 

To alleviate any confusion parents might have about where sexual predators live, he's posting big red signs, bearing the predator's names, in front of their homes.

"If you're selling Girl Scout cookies, if you're selling whatever, you'll know at that door lives a sexual predator," he said.

The sheriff says the idea came from his staff. He said parents kept calling with concerns. And when they looked, he said "We had more sexual predators in our community than all those other counties, comparable to our size, we had more than all them together. So that's an issue."

Florida law states, as Sheriff, he can notify his community about sexual predators any way he sees fit.

"And as I see fit means putting up a sign," he said.

And if the predators have a problem with it, he said, "If they don't like it, they got an option. Leave!"

The Sheriff's Office says the signs cost less than $10 a piece. They'll use inmate labor to post them this week, making the burden on the taxpayer minimal. 

The signs will only be posted at the homes of sexual predators, not sex offenders. The difference is that a predator is a either a repeat offender and/or their crimes are violent with a victim under 12.

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