Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sally Kestin and Dana Williams are the Beavis and Butthead of the Sun Sentinel

 Beavis and Butthead are all grown up, got sex change operations, and found jobs at the Sun Sentinel. Well, maybe not, but the reporting of Kestin and Williams remind me of the episode where Beavis and Butthead work in a real estate office for a day. That's the only explanation for this turd that was recently passed off as investigative journalism.

Worst of all, their yellow journalism set off a panic in FloriDUH, causing the head of the state's sex offender program to resign and be replaced with a prosecutor with no psychology training. only in FloriDUH!

“Sex Predators Unleashed,’’ an 8-month Sun Sentinel investigation published Aug. 18, found shocking failures in a Florida law meant to protect the public from repeat sex offenders. Rapists and pedophiles freed by the state went on to molest 460 children, rape 121 women and kill 14.Read the investigation.

Reaction reached across Florida. Outraged readers wrote letters, with one calling the series “one of the most disturbing exposes I have ever read. ’’ Don Ryce, the father of the boy in whose memory the law was passed, said: “Something needs to be done. I want Jimmy's law to work the way it was supposed to work in the beginning." Read more.

The Florida Legislature immediately began working on wide-ranging reforms. The head of Florida’s Sexually Violent Predator Program (left) resigned, and the state tightened its sex predator screening procedures to emphasize public safety. Read more.
Sally Kestin
Dana Williams

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