Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Who is exploiting who here? David Jolly for CON-gress gets endorsement from greasy Mark Lunsford

Between a pandering politician and Mark Lunsford, it is hard to tell who is the biggest leech. Florida lobbyist (my how the Shiitakes LOVE those wacky FloriDUH lobbyists) David Jolly is seeking your vote for US Congress. And he's already pulling out the sex offender trick to bring attention to himself. We all know that when a politician runs on this platform, that means he had little else to offer.

The link has the political ad embedded in the article. Keep the TP handy.

Mark Lunsford weighs in for David Jolly 
Adam C. SmithAdam C. Smith, Times Political Editor
Tuesday, February 11, 2014 5:09pm

Mark Lunsford, whose nine-year-old daughter Jessica was murdered in 2005, stars in a new TV ad for Republican congressional candidate David Jolly, who helped Lunsford in his efforts to protect children.

Jolly explains his involvement in a email to supporters and would-be supporters: "Most of us know the tragic story of Mark’s loss.  His nine-year-old daughter Jessie lost her life at the hands of a child predator who lived in the neighborhood.  I’ll never forget my first conversation with Mark.  I approached him to express my condolences and to offer my encouragement for the good work he was doing to enact Jessica’s Law in states across the country and to fight for increased federal law enforcement resources through passage of the Adam Walsh Act.  When I asked Mark what he was doing in Washington that week, he replied simply, “I’m up here lobbying for some appropriations.”  Mark was referring to his efforts to secure funding for the U.S. Marshals Service to go after absconders from the sex offender registry."

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