Thursday, April 10, 2014

FloriDUH's resident Professional Victim Lauren Book approves new playground built to keep registered citizens out of the community

This story is about the blatant abuse of law. Profession victim Lauren Book (aka Ron Book Jr.) is promoting the concept of pocket parks now to create sex offender exclusion zones all across the state of FloriDUH.

[Saenz, Saul. "Daytona Beach park to keep neighborhood safe from sex predators." News 13. Bright House Networks, 9 Apr 2014. Web. <

Daytona Beach park to keep neighborhood safe from sex predators

By Saul Saenz, Volusia County Reporter
Last Updated: Wednesday, April 09, 2014, 2:17 PM
A nationally recognized child abuse survivor — and abuse prevention advocate — is hailing a Volusia County children's park as a great tool to keep child sex predators away from neighborhoods.

Lauren Book is walking from Key West to Tallahassee as part of her fifth-annual Walk In My Shoes campaign aimed at raising awareness about prevention and pushing for change in Florida law to protect children from abuse.

Her bus stopped at the Bayberry Lakes neighborhood park, located in Daytona Beach.

The park, which is the first of its kind, legally keeps sex offenders from moving into the community.

According to Daytona Beach ordinances, sex offenders can't live within 2,500 feet of a school, park or church.

The neighborhood is sandwiched between a community center and an elementary school, but there was no park in between until recently.

Neighbors chipped in to have the park built specifically to keep sex offenders out.

Brook, a sex abuse survivor, said more communities should do the same.

"I can't tell you how many times I ask parents, 'Do you know who's living next door?' and they're afraid to look," Brook said. “"So, it's being educated within the law: know who's around you and use examples like (Bayberry Lakes), where you build a park to keep a vulnerable section of your community safer."

Daytona Beach Police Chief Mike Chitwood added: "Have you had more families come to you? Or, have you had people come to you and say, 'Look, we want to do exactly what’s being done here.'" We haven't. Bet you after today, though, when members of our community see this, they'll say: "Hey, that's a great idea."

The idea was the brainchild of Ryan Will, an assistant state attorney, who researched state and city ordinances and raised the money to have the park built.

Will said families don't have to build entire parks to meet state and local law requirements to keep sex offenders from moving into communities.

A swing set can get the job done, Will said.

Ryan Will exploiting a loophole in the law to create exclusion zones for registered citizens. Asshole. 

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