Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Milwaukee CBS-58's Sarah Barwacz brags of passing local residency restriction ordinance

When journalists make news, the results are bad. It is even worse when journalists help pass bad laws then brag about their dumb deeds on social media. So Sarah Barwacz is bragging her "Bottom Line" (or is it bottomfeeder?) investigation uncovered registered citizens are living too close to schools so they worked with the city to pass 2000 foot residency restrictions for the city. Obviously she didn't do her research as she was far to busy posting selfies and bragging on FB. 

Ruining lives is never anything to brag about.

Supposedly this yellow journalist has won awards for her fluff pieces. Perhaps she will win a different award this time-- a Shiitake. 

Bottom Line Update: Sex offender law passes after CBS 58 Investigation
by Sarah Barwacz
Story Created: Jul 22, 2014
Story Updated: Jul 22, 2014 

MILWAUKEE -- Thanks to a CBS 58 Bottom Line Investigation Milwaukee now has a new sex offender ordinance.
CBS 58's Investigative Reporter Sarah Barwacz brought the issue to lawmakers back in May after finding child predators living next to schools, daycare centers, and parks. It was legal for child predators to live next to schools and parks because there was no law against it. Some council members we spoke with felt Milwaukee had become overrun with offenders. After several months of working with lawmakers Tuesday we got a law passed.
Alderman Tony Zielinski says, "I'm very excited, it's been a long standing problem in our community, today we got a major victory for the City of Milwaukee, so I want to thank CBS 58 for working with me to make this legislation a reality." 
Offenders already living in Milwaukee would be grandfathered in but new offenders would have to follow the 2,000 foot rule, restricting them from living next to day care centers, parks, and schools.
But some like Alderman Witkowski from District 13 say some districts will end up with a larger proportion of the sex offenders.
"It is still something that doesn't make the neighborhoods comfortable. With this change, four aldermanic districts that get to bear the burden for the City of Milwaukee."
Milwaukee had more sex offenders because neighboring communities passed residency restrictions while Milwaukee did not. The has one final hurdle, the mayor has to sign it. If he does the law will go into affect in 60 days.


  1. I love how one minute it says sex offender, then the next it says child predator as if they were the same thing.

  2. The law you passed will do nothing to protect, it will only displace offenders making them homeless and the community therefore less safe.

    Too bad you were busier fighting for a law rather than looking at the facts that it's not a good one.

    1. I sent an email with the facts and both this lousy reporter and the mayor of Milwaukee both ignored it. They apparently don't want to be confused by the facts, they've made up their minds.