Tuesday, January 20, 2015

So, can we somehow blame the stupidity of Elma High School students on Common Core?

First off, I feel whoever leaked this info should be arrested (Level 1 registrant info is NOT publicly disclosed in Washington state; and I don't buy the story this info was "accidentally" leaked. I'm pretty sure the cops leaked this info on purpose). Second, it seems High School students are getting dumber. Whether it is "No Child Left Behind" or "Common Core," the USA continues to breed a new generation of ignorant sheeple dependant on Big Brother to "keep me safe." Safe from what? Apparently, from themselves, judging by this story.


ELMA, Wash. -- Elma High School students walked out of class Friday after learning a classmate was a convicted sex offender.

The group of nearly 30 students first spoke with the district's superintendent before demonstrating on Elma's Main Street.

"It scares us to think that we're going to school with a sex offender," said student Donyell Eikelman.

The students and several parents were upset to learn a 17-year-old part-time Elma High School student pleaded guilty to two rape of a child charges in December.

Prosecutors said he had sexual contact with two kids under the age of ten. He had no prior criminal history.

Instead of being sent to juvenile detention, he was sentenced to two years probation and sex offender treatment.

A Grays Harbor County judge also ordered the teen to go to school.

Elma Superintendent Howard King said since the teen was not considered a high risk to offend, the district has to allow him to attend class.

The teen is considered a Level 1 sex offender, the least dangerous level.

Level 2 and Level 3 sex offenders have their information posted online informing community members where they live and some details about their crime.

A Grays Harbor Sheriff's spokesperson said the teen's information was accidentally posted as if he was a sex offender who posed a danger to the community.

That's how many at the school learned about the student's crime.

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  1. It scares them to think they are going to school with a s*x offender? 50 years ago it scared students to think they were going to school with a negro! Time difference,same ignorance. If I was a kid attending that school it would scare me being around willfully ignorant students as these! These kids are raised just as their parents were groomed by the lies and deceit fed to them by our state and federal Government. Every parent has the right to raise their children in a way they see fit..but this way is, in my opinion, not protecting their children.