Friday, February 20, 2015

Doug Ennen of Hemet CA gets to be our first Everyday Zero of 2015. Should I put a sign in the yard?

So this clown is Doug Ennen of Hemet, CA. He is trying to force a registered citizen to move and he's taking a not-so-original but particularly annoying approach that I sincerely hope backfires. You know what would be funny? If someone thought he WAS the registrant and egged his car. Maybe then Doug would understand what it feels to be targeted by a harassing thug.

(By the way, the police are in the wrong because this does indeed constitute harassment)

Hemet Man Displays ‘Child Molester Danger’ Sign To Warn Residents Of Neighbor

HEMET ( — A homeowner has displayed two bright green posters in a Hemet neighborhood in an effort to warn neighbors of a man who is registered as a sex offender on the Megan’s Law database.
Doug Ennen made the posters, one of which says “Child Molester Danger,” and taped them to his two cars. He then parked one of those vehicles in front of a registered sex offender’s home.
According to the Megan’s Law website, 59-year-old Harlan Steiner lives on Ennen’s street, although the date of the crime isn’t listed.
“It’s just one of those things that everybody should know and be aware of. I don’t believe they can change,” Ennen, a homeowner, explains. “It’s horrible, especially if you have kids; you can never relax fully.”
One neighbor, who didn’t want to talk on camera, disagreed with the public shaming and said Steiner is a nice guy who’s already done his time.
This same neighbor’s children are grown, unlike Michael Lopez, who also lives in the area and has a teenager.
“Everybody has to be aware. We’re living in some dangerous times,” Lopez, a neighbor, said.
Both Lopez and Ennen are concerned about their property values decreasing even though Ron Remily, another neighbor, says Steiner fixed what was once a dilapidated house.
“I don’t really feel it’s my position to judge what he did or didn’t do,” Remily said.
But Ennen said: “I’d like to see him move. If he knew this why didn’t he buy a house in the middle of nowhere. There’s plenty of them.”
A woman at the home answered the door, but said she didn’t have a comment.
The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department said a sign like Ennen’s isn’t illegal because it’s a display of public information.

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  1. Just what is this "Jethro Bodine" trying to be, the hero of his neighborhood? There are many registrants in his he going to drive his made up"Jethro Vehicle" to all of them? He's already made an ass of himself and I'm sure many neighbors want him to get his car off the street since he is the one bringing down property values with his moronic actions!

    This is harassment as was Clems, AKA Bubba the love sponge here in Florida in 2013 when he posted signs in front of registrants home's, and he should be prosecuted for it!