Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Keyon Lee of Buffalo NY gives us a pile of buffalo chips in the latest stupid comment of the day

This is Keyon Lee. When he isn't busy selling trashy ghetto clothes at his shop "City Swagg Fashions" taking pics of women with their butts hanging out, he is moonlighting at his other job as a "victim advocate." In a recent article, he's not claiming to be part of an organization called the "Buffalo Center for Prevention and Treatment of Child Sex Abuse." Interestingly enough, there is no mention of this organization anywhere until now. It reminded me of the "Committee of Concerned Parents" from the novel-turned-movie "Little Children," manned by only one person, a renegade ex-cop with a grudge. 

This clown obviously holds a grudge but in his desperation to be relevant at anything at all, he figures the only way to be relevant is to promote something stupid. Thus, he is trying to push the city of Buffalo to publish the info of all 600 people on the local registry and distribute them to everyone in the city. That is a bad idea in itself, but what this moron says in the Channel 4 article makes his statement Shiitake-worthy:

The problem, according to Keyon Lee, of the Buffalo Center for Prevention and Treatment of Child Sex Abuse, is that not enough of his neighbors know.

It’s chilling. It’s chilling because you have 600 registered pedophiles in the city of Buffalo, and those are just the registered ones. We’re not talking about the ones that we don’t know about,” Lee told News 4.

Lee, who is helping to lead the charge to change at City Hall, says there’s a disconnect between the information, which can be found online at the New York State Sex Offender Registry, and the people who need it.

“A lot of people are not computer savvy. We have a lot of foreigners in our city, who may not be able to read and write correct English. We need the registration list to be sent out. The disconnect is that they’re not providing this to us,” he said.

First of all, if you say "registered pedophile," you are definitely worthy of ridicule. Second, when Keyon Lee says a lot of folks cannot read or write correct English, he is obviously referring to himself. Obviously he did not get the memo that most folks on the registry are not "pedophiles." 

Maybe he should spend less time spewing bullshiitake about the registry and more time addressing the sexually provocative ads on his own website:

Buffalo's newest victim industry advocate's "other" job

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