Friday, January 8, 2016

Among other stupid things in Florida's HB 1179, this bill could require visiting registrants to pay up to $300

You can always count on the land of 'Duh to find new and stupider ways to mess with registered citizens annually. So this year, they're already pushing the latest round of BS. Lets look at HB 1179

HB 1179: Criminal Offenders
GENERAL BILL by Raulerson

Criminal Offenders; Provides additional mandatory term of incarceration for specified offenses committed by sexual offenders & predators; authorizes sheriffs to assess fees for registering & reregistering specified types of offenders subject to registration requirements; specifies maximum fees; provides requirements for use of fees; provides for relocation of registrants; provides enhanced criminal penalties for repeat violations of provisions prohibiting forcing another into prostitution; requires persons convicted of specified prostitution related offenses to register as sexual offenders; prohibits failure to pay required fees; provides additional conditions for sex offender probation & community control for certain offenders & controllees who commit qualifying offenses after specified date; provides that such conditions do not need to be pronounced orally at time of sentencing; provides that such conditions may be applied to other relevant offenders; requires supervision by DOC officers who have specified training & limited caseloads.

There are a few things here that makes this bill Shiitake-Worthy. 

First, the bill creates a confusing fee scale. "The sheriff of each county may charge criminal registration fees for sexual predators, sexual offenders, career offenders, and convicted felons for the initial registration, reregistration, and registration updates with that sheriff. Annual fees during a registration year, excluding the initial registration fee of a nonresident of this state, may not exceed $200 per sexual predator, $100 per sexual offender, $50 per career offender, or $25 per felony offender." But get this, "When an offender from another jurisdiction who meets the criteria under this section and is not a resident of this state registers for the first time, a $300 initial registration fee shall be assessed and collected by the sheriff." So, if you visit FloriDUH long enough to have to register (the state says 5 days but I've heard registration periods as short as 12 hours in some places), you might be expected to pay up to $300 just for visiting the land of 'Duh!

I'd like to add the probation conditions added to this bill are outlandish, such as polygraphs, prohibitions against having a PO box (why?), and most importantly, the court does not even have to notify the defendant of these guidelines. That is ridiculous. 

But that $300 fee for visiting FloriDUH stands out. That is definitely worthy of a Shiitake Award. 

Feel free to read this shit for yourself:

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