Thursday, February 25, 2016

Pasco County FL keystone cop Carlos Ocasio admits to us what his county's residency laws are REALLY for

I believe this guy spells his own name. I think his last name is spelled with two S's, not just one. Pasco County Florida detective Carlos OcASSio was kind enough to admit to us what we already know -- the intent of all these residency laws and compliance check operations is to encourage registrants to leave the county. Quite frankly, I'd like to see OcASSio's papers.

“We are just trying to keep the neighborhoods safe and our kids safe. Ocasio said. "If they have to go to another county, so be it, but they committed the crime.” 

In trying to find a picture of this cop, I stumbled on an older articles with MORE quotes from Ocasio.

One member of the task force, Det. Carlos Ocasio, logs hundreds of hours on the road.

His beat is the west side of Pasco County, where he knows all 260 registered sex offenders by name.

"We know them," Ocasio said. "If they're married, we know their spouse's name, their kids' names."
It's his business to know their business.

"The average neighbor knows that we are out there, keeping an eye on them," Ocasio said. "They have nothing to fear.

"Big brother is watching."

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  1. And I'm sure they know all the drug dealers , drunks , and the juviniles that can't tell time or what time the town curfue is, or who's fooling around with whos wife or husband and who is on public support ,single parents . How much does detective Ocasia earn from tax payers and government employees for protection from a sex offender? And of course they are only male not female . Most cops can't hold a marrige together any way or live in the town where they work so why not start trouble to force out time served past offenders to be a hero . I know I would be real upset when more than half my salary went to child support living in a apartment visiting my house once a month and my wifes boy friend answers my door . Whos the sex offender now . Life gos on . But detective the war is already here and its not sex offenders . Good luck . Your duty is also to protect sex offenders want to or not . That's gotta hurt . So in return they are keeping an eye on you and your department . That has to hurt even more .