Sunday, March 13, 2016

March Madness Selection Sunday: Nicole O'Kelly ("Nicky") and her stupid "pedo symbol" story is even dumber when you check out her FaceBook page

This entire silly story about a two heart symbol being code for "pedophiles are trading children for sex" is even dumber now that word has gotten out that Nicole O'Kelly, the idiot who started the hysteria a few days ago, got her information from LAW & ORDER SVU. Seriously? Someone has been watching waaaaaay too much SVU. (And yes, it was a load of crap made up by SVU, using other BS posted on Wikileaks and adopted by the various "chan" communities to mock the conclusions made by this show and Wikileaks. Note the references were mostly Wikipedia articles. The FBI needs better references.)

You know how the WFLA report (by that other Shiitake Award nominee Melanie Michael) claimed that "When a pedophile sees children with the heart symbol, it’s a code. It means this child is ready to be traded for sex"? Well, it seems the source of this claim didn't come from Wikileaks and that alleged FBI memo, but from an episode of SVU. Out of the mouths of idiots...

Law and Order SVU isn't exactly a bastion of accuracy (in fact, they tend to get a lot of even basic criminal justice facts wrong), so if you cite it as a source, you are an idiot. And yes, there are a ton of idiots out there who bought this tripe:

At least one guy got it right: 

The insanity just gets worse with this woman:

So now this woman has taken the crazy to the next tier. But it just gets worse and worse. So there were three symbols-- a heart, a rose, and a fist (Black Panthers?), and one idiot made the following suggestion: 

Yes, a victim industry group helped this bimbo feed her insanity. AOL quotes the ex-baby-killer ex-Planned Parenthood worker Anna Potter of the Bivona Child Advocacy Center: "When I see that heart inside the heart, it's pedophile,' said Potter of the symbol. 'It's that underground culture that they use to communicate... They're giving it to their daughter thinking it's a toy and then to someone else it could mean criminal behavior."

Anna Potter, certified dumbass
At any rate, so now this idiot concluded that the symbols on this toy truck is like the Da Vinci Code for "pedophiles," but they didn't really explain the fist. Black Panthers? They use the fist. I guess Nicole will be biting her nail for a while awaiting the hordes of militant black pedophile sex traffickers to proposition her for sex with her spawn. I can't think of a more ludicrous proposition. 

How does this stack up among the worse of the stupid sex offender-related stories featured on the Shiitake Awards? Since forming the 'Holy Shiitakes" category in 2010 to document some of the dumbest RSO-related stories in the media.  some of the most absurd beliefs about so-called "pedophiles"-- bus-surfing, using license plates to lure kids, newspapers refusing to publish the names of children out of predator fears, denying homeless shelters to teens because they fear there may be RSOs in the shelters, cops using the bait-and-switch to arrest adults looking for adult hookups online and claiming they were looking for kiddies, cops wanting to take pics of nude teens to see if they were sexting, fears that stick figure families on your cars lure "pedos," sex offenders running anti-sex offender sites, robotic kittens saying "rape me," Pedobear scares at ComicCons and Kit Kat ads, Lance Armstrong blaming SOs for his doping scandal, insurance companies refusing service because SO status is a liability, Ohio State recruit decommitting because there was an SO on campus, cities building walls around houses of SOs, Child Porn Barbies, the "Erin Brockovich of online dating" and her alleged rape by an RSO, government workers fired for marrying an SO, vigilantes proposing SO concentration camps with color-coded armbands, Idaho reps walking out on an SO bill reading because they could handle descriptions of private parts, mock electrocutions to scare SOs, and women setting up their boyfriends by downloading CP, O'come on, Man-Kelly may not be the worst but If this was the NCAA tourney, I'd have to see her tripe pretty damned high on the list.

That heart symbol is also a universal symbol for British Ice Cream. 


  1. Someone better get Jane Seymour of the streets immediately! Her jewelry will have babies snatched off the streets by the thousands!

    1. I always knew Jane Seymour was a shady character. Heh.