Friday, April 8, 2016

Washington's dope-smoking state Sup Ct rules in favor of vigilante troll Donna Zink of 109 N. Rowell Ave., Mesa WA 99343

It apparently does not matter that Donna Zink is violating state law by disclosing the public info, the state Sup Ct feels level ones have no rights. Looks to me like the Court has been hitting the legal weed a bit too much.

Justices: Records of low-level sex offenders are public
Published 12:11 pm, Thursday, April 7, 2016

OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — Washington's Supreme Court says information about low-level sex offenders can be released under the state Public Records Act.

The 7-1 decision Thursday overturns a King County Superior Court holding that found the records were not subject to disclosure. The ruling came in a case involving Donna Zink, a Franklin County woman who requested a copy of the Washington State Patrol's sex-offender database.

The state patrol planned to release the records, but some Level 1 sex-offenders sued, arguing that state law blocked the release of their records. Level 1 comprises those deemed least likely to reoffend. Some of the Level 1 sex offenders were convicted as juveniles and had molested family members, and they argued that releasing the information would make it easy to identify their victims.

But the court disagreed, saying there was no exemption under the Public Records Act that would block the release.

The court decision can be found here:

One thing I noticed is that Donna Zink is using a PO Box to file her complaints. (Apparently, she doesn't even like showing up to court in person.) I guess she doesn't want HER personal info out there, eh? But, in the interest of fairness, here is Donna Zink's personal info:
Donna Zink
PO Box 263
Mesa, WA 99343

Last Known Home Address:

109 N. Rowell Ave.
Mesa, WA 99343

Guess Donna forgot to redact one of those letters she was willing to share. Oopsies!

Map of 109 N Rowell Ave, Mesa, WA 99343

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