Sunday, June 19, 2016

Missouri Gubernatorial Candidate Catherine Hanaway believes liberal "sexual permissiveness" is to blame for CP

Here is your achetypical conservatard pandering pol comparing "sexual permissiveness" with the acceptance of sex crimes. And yet, somehow she is taken seriously.

Missouri’s Catherine Hanaway panders to conservatives, conflates permissiveness with perversion

The Kansas City Star

Pity the politician caught on tape, hopscotching thoughts into an illogical babble.

Catherine Hanaway’s moment came at a conference last weekend in St. Louis. Her performance was a doozy.

Hanaway took aim at what she termed the liberal framework that values sexual permissiveness as evidenced by out-of-wedlock births. Then Hanaway claimed that it leads to acceptance of all “sexual preferences,” including pedophilia and child pornography.

I kid you not. This came from the woman who wishes to be Missouri’s next governor.

Hanaway began with a common conservative discourse about unmarried mothers. It is a line that conveniently misses the fact that in more than half of such births, the father is a cohabiting part of the family. But why quibble. Where she went rogue was the reach to child pornography as an offshoot of such unmarried sexuality.

This is the crazy that people reserve for friends. Hanaway spoke ideas that she felt would reverberate at the conservative event.

It isn’t that more liberal-minded people disdain marriage or dismiss correlations between out-of-wedlock births and higher rates of poverty. But they flinch at politicians who belittle single, working mothers while at the same time cutting funding for the very things that have been proved to stabilize families.

Education lifts women out of poverty and toward healthier relationships. Not preaching from a podium about morality, birthin’ babies and wedded love.

By Wednesday, snippets of Hanaway’s address showed up in an email blast for Democrat donations. The chairman of the Missouri Democratic Party labeled Hanaway as “nothing but another Todd Akin Republican.” Recall that Akin famously professed the unscientific view that a woman who has been raped can magically avoid pregnancy because her body will shut down conception.

As a former U.S. attorney, Hanaway is painfully familiar with horrendous cases of child porn. Surely she knows that Democrats find these criminal acts equally deplorable. Yet she chose to invoke single, working mothers as a battering ram, drawing a convoluted connection from them to disgusting crimes against children.

She’s right about one thing. It’s too simplistic to call her views a war on women. Rather, the approach is a far more tortured, often paternalistic and offensive view of women.

And it’s so dismaying to watch an educated woman partake in the foolishness.

And here is her original speech:

Appearing at the Educational Policy Conference which featured speakers like former Congressman Todd Akin, former Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann, and Phyllis Schafly, gubernatorial candidate Catherine Hanaway appeared to make the bizarre claim that liberals "sexual permissiveness through abortions and other things" is responsible for the horrific act of creating child pornography. Here's a transcript of her remarks:

"So, the liberals want to talk about conservatives waging a war on women. But, think about what they're talking about. When their chief criticism of conservatives, the chief criticism is that we stand up for the sanctity of life. That because we are pro-life we are somehow against women.

I am here to say that their culture of permissiveness towards sexual activity is the real war on women. Let's start with the notion, well it’s not a notion, it’s a fact, that the fact that the culture of sexual permissiveness has led to record levels of out of wedlock births.

And what has that done for women? It has impoverished women. It has reduced their access to educational opportunities. It has impoverished and endangered their children. It has forced those children to grow up in households where their mothers have to work, to make it economically viable for them to exist and with no fathers. How is that culture good for women and children?

But it goes a step further, and it’s that step further that I want to talk about today. And this is the hard part. So, if you pursue this course that sexual permissiveness is to be valued, which is the liberal framework and that you should protect sexual permissiveness through abortions and other things, you lead to a conclusion where every sexual preference is acceptable.

Now, I still think and pray that an overwhelming majority of Americans believe that those who have a sexual preference for children are evil. But I will tell you that in the four years I spent as the presidentially appointed united states attorney, which is the chief federal prosecutor, a tremendous amount of my time was devoted to child pornography related crimes.

So it is a federal crime to possess distribute or produce child pornography, and it should be. Well what concerns me is the slide in our culture that says hey everything is okay and so why should just having a picture of something be a crime, because to possess child pornography is a crime, why should that be a crime? Well, it should be a crime, and this is some of the difficult stuff I have to talk to you about, and please forgive me, 70% of those images depict kids under the age of 12, 50% of the images depict kids under the age of 5, 30% under the age of 2, and the children are not alone, they’re really crime scene photos, they’re photos of children being raped, that’s what they are. So even calling them pornography, I really think we should call them crime scene photos."

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