Friday, February 17, 2017

Nebraska LB 60 would require registrants dating someone with kids to send humiliating letters to baby mammas/ baby daddys to warm them their exes are dating registrants

LB 60 should be reported to the manure hotline
If I'm willing to travel a thousand miles to testify against a bill, it is definitely Shiitake-worthy.

LB 60 is promoted by third-string Huskers QB turned third-string Senator Brat Lindstrom. I find this bill to be full of manure, and as it turns out, Nebraska has a manure spill hotline. So maybe I can get them to clean up this bill.

A BILL FOR AN ACT relating to the Parenting Act; to amend section 43-2933, Reissue Revised Statutes of Nebraska; to change provisions relating to limitation or denial of custody or access to a child; and to repeal the original section.

(b) No person shall be granted custody of, or unsupervised parenting time, visitation, or other access with, a child if anyone residing in the person's household is required to register as a sex offender under the Sex Offender Registration Act as a result of a felony conviction in which the victim was a minor or for an offense that would make it contrary to the best interests of the child for such access unless the court finds by a preponderance of the evidence that the person seeking such access has overcome the presumption and burdens of production and persuasion in subdivision (1)(c) of this section and that there is no significant risk to the child and states its reasons in writing or on the record. Any person who has been granted custody of, or unsupervised parenting time, visitation, or other access with a child must provide written notice to all other persons who have custody or access rights to the child before such person allows any sex offender described in this subdivision to reside in such person’s household or to have unsupervised access to the child.
(c) The fact that a child is permitted unsupervised contact with a person who is required, as a result of a felony conviction in which the victim was a minor, to be registered as a sex offender under the Sex Offender Registration Act shall be prima facie evidence that the child is at significant risk and such unsupervised contact shall be presumed to not be in the child’s best interests. The person who is seeking to allow such unsupervised contact shall have the burden of production and the burden of persuasion that such unsupervised contact is in the child’s best interests.

Judge’s ok suggested before sex offender access to children
 February 9, 2017 Sen. Brett Lindstrom, LB60

Members of the Judiciary Committee heard testimony Feb. 9 on a bill that would provide stronger protections for children against registered sex offenders.

Under LB60, introduced by Omaha Sen. Brett Lindstrom, registered sex offenders found guilty of felony child sexual abuse would not be allowed unsupervised parental access to a child unless a judge finds that the adult presents no significant risk to the child.

Lindstrom said a recent Nebraska Supreme Court decision found that a father could not prevent his child from living in the same home as his ex-wife’s new husband, a registered sex offender.

He said LB60 would shift the burden of proof to the person seeking to allow unsupervised contact with a child to show that such contact would be in the child’s best interest.

“[The bill] reaffirms a strong public policy that we must protect our children and provides more guidance to our judicial branch to protect them,” he said.

Written notice also must be provided to all other persons with custody or access rights before a registered sex offender would be allowed to have unsupervised access or reside in the same home as a child.

Stephanie Huddle, representing the Nebraska Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence, testified in support of the bill. She said 34 percent of sexual abuse is perpetrated by family members and can have long-lasting effects on children.

“Children who are sexually abused may develop phobias, suffer from nightmares and engage in regressive behaviors,” she said. “[LB60] would ensure additional safeguards for Nebraska children and peace of mind for their parents.”

Opposing the bill was Derek Logue, an anti-registry activist and registered sex offender. As a group, he said, sex offenders have low rates of recidivism.

“The written notification requirement seems to be more about humiliation than personal safety,” he said. “Those who share my label are assumed guilty until proven innocent. How can anyone reasonably expect a registered citizen to meet such a burden when society is so quick to believe the worst about such people?”

The committee took no immediate action on the bill.



    Umm I agree with once fallen but this meme that a TV station yes a Sinclair station is doing scare stories about the mentally ill Yes its RSO's who need mental health help and is being demonized for ratings!!

  2. Welcome to Jungle Justice sadly

    America want their own version of shit happening in Nigeria

    anding before Southwark Crown Court, James Ibori, a former Governor of Delta state, Nigeria, pled guilty to a 20-count charge of money laundering and stealing from the people of Delta state. The man, Ibori, was subsequently sentenced to 12 years imprisonment on April 17, 2012. Four and half years later, after regaining his freedom, though still having property forfeiture cases with the British government, and upon his return to Nigeria, Ibori has now come out in a brazen display of logical impossibility and an inane attempt to wash whatever filth left on his body, to declare his innocence.

    He was never a thief even though he pled guilty to stealing. Even though he was twice convicted by the government of the United Kingdom between 1991 and 1992. Even though he had the disappointing Nigerian judicial system bail him out of another case of theft in 1995. He was just a victim of circumstance.

    In a saner clime, the only thing left for Ibori to do was apologise to his people, but instead – of course, this is Nigeria where unimaginable things happen – he organised a thanksgiving service after being given a heroic welcome. Afterwards, he came out to rub it in the faces of his people that he never stole from them. Obviously, he has a definition of “thief” different from the one we all know, different from the one the world knows. And this isn’t just about Ibori, it’s about something being fundamentally wrong with our reward and punitive system as a people. If Ibori would come out to say he does not belong to the class of thieves right after serving his conviction for an attempt to steal the whole of Delta state, it is because the people have shown him not to be one. It is because the society has celebrated him so much he thinks himself a god. The same Nigerian society that celebrated the notorious late Diepreye Alameseigha, Lucky Igbinedion and a host of other executhieves.

    What has come to be known as jungle justice in Nigeria is an ‘on the spot trial and conviction’ meted out to petty thieves and pickpockets, a number of them do not even bear arms. But they are killed and the lucky others are beaten blue black before being handed to the police. They are treated that way because they are ordinary people. However, when the real thieves are caught, the same peasants that were quick to offer petty thieves as burnt offerings will be quick to cry persecution and organise “live our daughter alone” protests. Such is the reality of the people of Delta who have heroically welcomed a thief venerated so much that a former senator of the federal republic asked if any Deltan has cried to anyone that Ibori stole from him.

    People like Ibori deserve the same treatment meted to every other thief, if not more. There was supposed to be a “Black Maria” (that’s the name given vehicles used in transporting convicts in Nigeria) waiting for Ibori at the airport on his arrival. But no, Ibori was coming home, as he famously said. Home, where the son is absolved of all his wrongdoings and celebrated for at least spilling crumbs from the mountain of wealth he has accumulated through systematic purloining.

    So if Ibori is not a thief as our people have shown all the while, who then is a thief? The man that steals from the garri seller because he cannot afford a 50 naira cup of garri? Or the man that comes into your house in the middle of the night to eat from your pot of soup? If these ones are thieves, then every person that takes from that which does not belong to him is a thief, including Ibori.


    Update Creep Catchers member is facing a court hearing

    ember of Red Deer Creep Catchers facing charges in relation an incident in Lacombe has pleaded not guilty.

    Karl Young, 37, who is also known as Carl Murphy, was charged in December after Lacombe Police say he targeted another individual online using vigilante-type tactics and lured them into meeting in person without justification or facts.

    Police say a video of the encounter was posted on the Red Deer Creep Catchers Facebook page making false allegations against the individual.

    In Red Deer court on Wednesday, Young pleaded not guilty on counts of mischief and criminal harassment.

    The case has been adjourned to May 26.


    And now CTV Canada is investigating "Creep Catchers"

    It turns Karl Bennett Young of Creep Catchers had lots of Drug Charges with him in one of the allegations here from 2006. He is now charged of profiling people he accuse of being an RSO.


    Load of Horseshit Anti-Drug Vigilantes it always ends in tribal issues.

    Just like Creep Catchers they say they are anti-Pedo but they always end up targeting disabled people.


    The President of the Philippines is facing allegations of purgings via vigilante order. Damn Its True Vigilantes will end up more insane than the original victims and the original perps because they hide behind "Good of the People"


    Now Australia has their own Creep Catchers to deal with.


    Insane Jungle Justice in Africa


    Even in South Africa Shit happens like this


    Update Creep Catchers are now facing an arson investigation.