Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Turd and Tie: Trae Dorn and his CONstitutional right to be an asshole

I don't see the tie but I see the turd...
Yes, grown people go to comic book, video game and even anime conventions. It isn't just kid's stuff; in fact, lots of adults get into this stuff. Different strokes for different folks.  Now, I've never been to any "-Cons," but I assume like any convention, minors are accompanied by responsible adults, there is security working the place, and there is video surveillance, so why would it even matter if a registered citizen is working at one in person? And, if he is merely working at an office away from conventions, it is a moot point. So why is this assclown posting this? The answer is simple-- Trae Dorn of "Nerd and Tie" just wants to hurt someone's business. 

Now, because this guy posted the name of his victim I'm redacting the offensive info, and because the victim's name is in the web address, I had to do something I don't normally like to do and use a web address shortening service.


“*****” is a company that does green screen photography and photo manipulation for cosplayers and photo ops at a variety of conventions. This year, they’ve already provided services or exhibited at GnomeCon, Lexington Comic & Toy Con, and CT Gamer Con. ****** provides a high quality service, with really only a few competitors that can match the quality.

And they’re owned and operated by a convicted sex offender....

****** has gone to extensive efforts to scrub his name publicly from the company. You won’t find his name listed anywhere on the official website, and recently he’s deleted his old Facebook page and started a new one. But when you pull up the state corporate registry, you’ll find his name — with an address that matches what was on the state sex offender registry up until last February. This is his company, and purchasing its services puts money in his pockets.

So what, the man can't own a company now? The comment section gets worse. It didn't take this POS long to ban me for calling him out. And I wasn't even too nasty about it:

In the time it took for me to take a call to come back to this article, I've been blocked by this fucktard:

I guess since Trae didn't like being questioned on his stupidity. I guess that's why he's being sued in court right now and begging his readers to pay his lawsuit fees

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    What the hell is this Gamergate the 2017 edition? Trae Dorn and oncefallen are stirring up gamergate again. We just went through this back in 2014-2015 and gamergate the first edition was insane enough.