Wednesday, January 17, 2018

tRump isn't the only Tweeting Twit: NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand actively fundraises for unconstitutional campaign to influence Brock Turner's judge to be recalled

Twitter stupidity is a bipartisan effort. Just look at US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand support--and help fundraise for--the effort to recall the judge to sentence Brock Turner. No active member of Congress should be engaging in witch hunts and pressuring people to increase prison sentences for anyone.

On a related note, Standford University has contributed to Gillibrand's campaign.

"On Saturday, Democratic New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand provided a pertinent reminder that the road to mass incarceration is paved with good intentions. In a trio of tweets, Gillibrand, a likely contender in the 2020 presidential race, expressed her support for the campaign to recall Aaron Persky, the judge who sentenced Brock Turner to just six months in jail for violent sexual assault. She even included a fundraising link to the campaign. “Can you give to help make sure justice wins?” Gillibrand asked, imploring her supporters to “stand with survivors” by financing the recall effort, which has already received enough signatures to go on the ballot in June.

Turner’s crime is, indeed, an outrage. But the recall campaign against his sentencing judge will not ensure that “justice wins.” Instead, the crusade against Persky threatens to exacerbate injustice by frightening other judges into imposing longer sentences across the board. Gillibrand is right to question whether Turner got off easy on account of his race and class. But her attempt to punish Persky via recall is a dangerously misguided mistake, one that will mostly harm lower-income racial minorities."

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