Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Emily Miner wants to boot a so-called "sexual predator" out of school. One small problem- the target of her angst is a 9-year-old kid

How do we know she's not
hugging a future child
sexual predator?
This is Emily Miner of Oswego, NY. Emily is hocking a petition on titled "Keep a Child Sexual Predator out of our schools." No she means a "CHILD sexual predator." No, she means a kid she calls a sexual predator.

A nine-year-old kid.

Here is the petition in a nutshell. And I emphasize the "nut" part. Now I have seen it all.

Petitioning Oswego City School District, Oswego, NY 
Oswego City School District, Oswego, NY: Keep a child sexual predator out of our public schools.

Petition by
Emily Miner
Oswego, United States

Earlier this year a 9-year old boy attending Kingsford Park Elm. was removed from school stemming from incidents where he sexually assaulted several of his class mates. The boy was charged with crimes that if committed by an adult would constitute First Degree Criminal Sexual Act, a class B Felony, and Endangering the Welfare of a Child, a misdemeanor. The city school board, faced with the decision of how to continue to educate the boy, has decided to simply move him from KPS, the school he was attending, to FPS, another city school on the other side of town. I think the school board to remove this child from public schools. The school board needs to take this more seriously. By simply changing schools for this boy they are putting even more children in harms way of a SEXUAL PREDATOR. Please protect our children and remove this boy from the public schools.

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