Saturday, May 4, 2013

"Award Winning" liberal blogger Meg Lanker-Simons threatens to rape herself

All of a sudden, the internet is abuzz with false allegation arrests. Thankfully in this instance, no one was falsely arrested. Rather, this woman made a threat of rape... against herself! What a fitting end to Child Abuse Awareness Month. Seeing some of the comments on this story in the media shows how deep the "rape culture" mantra has become embedded in our society.

Meg Lanker-Simons was a liberal blogger who won an award for her blog "Cognitive Dissonance," but now she's in the running for a different kind of award. A Shiitake Award! (As a side note, I lean to the left, so I'm going to join in on the political bashing. This girl is a dingbat.) Unfortunately, the rape-culture believers have fiercely defended her, even blaming "rape culture" for this false allegation.

(A second story with more pictures, screenshots, and coverage of a protest encouraged by Meg's false threat can be found HERE)

UW Police: Facebook post was a hoax -- UPDATED
Citation: UW woman 'admitted' making controversial statement

The University of Wyoming Police Department issued a citation Monday afternoon in Albany County Circuit Court for Meg Lanker-Simons, a woman allegedly threatened last week in a social media post authorities now contend was a hoax.

The citation is for interference, a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment up to a year and a fine up to $1,000.

"Subject admitted to making a controversial post on UW Crushes webpage and then lied about not doing it," according to the citation.

She is scheduled to appear at 9 a.m. May 13 in Circuit Court.

The post was made to the UW Crushes page April 24 on Facebook and described Lanker-Simons as "that chick that runs her liberal mouth all the time and doesn't care who knows it."

The post also referenced a graphic, sexual act against Lanker-Simons.

"One night with me and shes gonna be a good Republican (expletive)," the post read.

The post created a stir on social media and at the university, with school officials issuing statements denouncing the post against Lanker-Simons and campus police opening an investigation.

Lanker-Simons could not be reached for comment.

UW released a statement Tuesday afternoon regarding the citation.

"This episode has sparked an important discussion reaffirming that the UW community has no tolerance for sexual violence or violence of any type," UW spokesman Chad Baldwin said. "The fact that the Facebook post apparently was a fabrication does not change the necessity for continued vigilance in reassuring that we have a campus where everyone feels safe.

"It's important that this event does not undermine the progress that has been made in this area."

According to the UW statement, Lanker-Simons received the citation as a "result of false statements she made to the UW Police Department."

The citation followed a police interview of Lanker-Simons and a search of her computer equipment pursuant to a warrant, UW reported.

UW Police "obtained substantial evidence verifying that the offending Facebook post came from Lanker-Simons' computer, while the computer was in her possession."

Pamela Kandt, co-convener of the Episcopal Women's Caucus and a Casper activist, came to Lanker-Simons' defense Tuesday.

Last week, after the controversial post went public, Kandt lobbied university officials for a "swift response to this outrage."

"I will tell you, I believe Meg is innocent of this outrage," said Kandt, adding she believes the citation issued by police is a "classic case of blaming the victim."

Kandt said she has spoken with Lanker-Simons following the citation's issuance.

UW Police, Kandt said, "have bullied her and they have pulled a bluff."

"This is the worst episode of 'Law & Order' you can imagine," Kandt said.

She added, "I mean, my God, who would do this to herself?"

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  1. What kind of strong woman would do this to herself?

    Well, according to the Billings Gazette story about her quest to get Bill Ayers on campus that is found elsewhere on the Interwebz...

    It takes a woman who enlisted in the navy for noble reasons such as college money and avoiding Wyoming who managed to get booted from the navy over asthma (Inhaler much?) after two years and STILL ended up in Wyoming after all that! Oh, how do you get through basic training and daily marches in the navy and STILL look like that?

    Never mind that she's on her second marriage and she's a career student and joke on campus...

    What a fucking mess!