Sunday, December 28, 2014

Emily "The Misguidance Girl" Roberts is in need of a fact-check

Her website claims "You've got questions, she's got answers." Personally, I think her answers should begin with the same three words-- "I don't know."

Emily Roberts is an alleged psychotherapist who refers to herself as "The Guidance Girl," but after dealing with this brain-dead bimbo on HLN's "Dr Drew on Call" show back on Dec. 11th, I find the Guidance Girl to be in need of some guidance.

The topic was on the Registered Citizen who won the lottery in FloriDUH. Once Fallen was asked to be in the segment as well. At the end of my segment, Emily Roberts stated that not only should registrants suffer, but we also have a 75% recidivism rate.

You can read the entire segment if you want by clicking the link (I made some good quotes), but I am focusing on Roberts's words here:

PINSKY: Al right, Derek, thank you. I want to hear from Emily. I have not yet heard from her. I know you are dying to say something there. Go ahead. 

ROBERTS: Well, they should have to suffer. I mean they have ruined someone is life forever. This child will forever harmed. This child will never be the same again. And, the other children, because it is pretty likely that he offended and hurt other children, as well beside these two children, because around 75 percent of people who offend do it again. So, we do not know. He could have done it again. 

PINSKY: All right, we got to go. Next up, a stranger gets involved in the life of a pregnant woman and her male companion and social media is having a field day with this one. I will explain it. We are back after this. 

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