Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Hey Sun-Slantinel, trim the fat and hold the Mayo

It seems the Sun-SLANTINEL has a penchant for hiring the worst writers for their birdcage-liners posing as newspapers, and Michael Mayo is no exception.

If the government can stop Nazis from getting Social Security, they can stop yellow journalists from writing this drivel.


Mayo: Easiest bill for 2015 - No jackpots for sex predators

By Michael Mayo,
Sun Sentinel Columnist

Looks like the Florida Legislature has its first bi-partisan slam-dunk bill for 2015: Banning lottery jackpots for registered sexual predators.

Timothy Poole, 43, a registered sexual predator (which is worse than your garden variety registered sex offender), recently claimed a $3 million scratch-off jackpot from Florida Lottery headquarters.

Poole, whose lengthy arrest record includes a charge of sexual battery on a victim under 12, took home a lump sum payment of $2.2 million. Here's hoping he doesn't spend it on candy.

Naturally, this has many people up in arms. But there is no law on the books banning sex predators from winning big Lottery prizes. I bet that changes this upcoming legislative session.

Some might say: If a sex predator is willing to gamble away his money in the Lottery, shouldn't he be entitled to win?

Uh, no.

It seems just as ridiculous as a Nazi who came to America after the war and worked long and hard and paid into the system, and then got discovered, getting to keep his Social Security benefits after leaving the country under a controversial deportation program.

As distasteful as it is, there doesn't seem to be an easy way logistically to prevent sex predators from playing the Lottery or winning smaller prizes. What are we going to do, have merchants conduct background checks every time someone plays PowerBall or redeems a scratch-off prize of $100?

But there is one easy fix: For any big prize, the ones that require redemption from Lottery offices, registered sex predators (and perhaps all convicted violent felons) should be disqualified.

Because there's nothing more embarrassing than having a guy who molests kids smile for the cameras with his ceremonial oversized million-dollar check.

Your move, Legislature.

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  1. This is a ridiculous, nonsensical piece of writing. He is a free citizen. He has completed all court ordered punishment and has led a law abiding life for eight years since his release. If he played the stock market and made a killing, would you deny him that also? What about if he invested in a friend's business and doubled his money? Surely someone can find some real crime somewhere to propose legislation around. Just be sure the legislation is, as all should be, based on facts and truth.