Wednesday, March 11, 2015

John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou admit to committing crimes against Registered Citizens on the air, among other things

The John and Ken show is still somehow on the air, despite calls for the show's cancellation from the Hispanic community, Catholics, even Vietnam vets. Even a fellow shock jock referred to these two as "total fucking pussies" (his words not mine, though I share the sentiment.). They were suspended before (apparently calling Whitney Houston a "crack ho" is somehow more offensive than racist remarks) and they've lost lots of sponsors over the years. 

Today, the John and Ken show had Janice Bellucci from California RSOL on their radio show. Now, KFI is no NPR, so I wasn't expecting much, but I wasn't expecting to hear a full-on assault. 

If you want to hear the full interview without going to John and Ken's garbage pages, click the link below:

Now, during the interview, John Kobylt mentions that not only should "regular people" chase Registered Citizens out of their communities and annoy and threaten them until they leave, apparently John claims he has actually engaged in this behavior. 

It is, of course, illegal to harass a Registered Citizen. From the CA Megan's Flaw website. 

The law is not intended to punish the registrant and specifically prohibits using the information to harass or commit any crime against a registrant (Pen. Code § 290.46). 

Hopefully we can just have them arrested sometime. I challenged them to interview my in person but I doubt they will. Maybe they are "total fucking pussies" after all. 


  1. Now seems John Kobylt would have some understanding of the violations/inhuman rules registrants are forced into due the the fact that his father was held in a German labor camp for years and treated like scum, just as John speaks to/treats registrants, but many have said that bigotry is bred from ignorance. And it's obvious these jerks are willfully ignorant bigots.

  2. Well, they're shock jocks. Honestly they only care about "shocking" the audience. The people who listen to them are the lowest common denominator. I'm not shocked that Janice was treated this way by these two asshats.

    What makes them Shiitake-worthy is that John admits to allegedly driving registrants out of his community.

  3. Yes,that's the job. One thing that bothers me is Johns comments...the other is that it's ignorant jerks like these that may spark a low life listener into vigilante justice.

  4. I noticed that John and Ken ignored my challenge to them. I guess they figured they couldn't repeat fooling the cause into thinking there is rational discussion to be had on their show.

    I wonder if the episode in Family Guy where Brian and Stewie Griffin became shock jocks were inspired by these idiots at all.

  5. So if they are breaking the law, they why have no complaints been filed with law enforcement? There is obviously evidence to be had.

    These are the kinds of people that say they want to hold offenders 'accountable', so why are offenders so afraid to hold others as 'accountable' like they are expecting everyone else to as well.

    When it comes to any media, there will never be a rational conversation, I am not so sure it will matter what crime it is either.

  6. The answer is crimes against registered persons are rarely punished. Most are afraid to fight back.

    Nothing intimidates people like John and Ken more than a man willing to fight back. That's why they didn't accept my challenge. You see, they know they can't pull a fast one like they did with Janice, because they know anyone they chose to interview within the Anti-Registry Movement would be expecting the blindside.

    We have had some moments of rational discussion in the media but it is infrequent. However, in order to reach more people, we need more exposure. So, the media is a necessary evil.