Saturday, March 21, 2015

Nakia Cooper's idea of lip service is talking out her other end

Nakia Cooper advertises herself as giving "news with a little attitude," but her latest article is devoid of a little common sense.

So, what do 21 Registered Citizens have to do with a story about child abandonment, anyways? Nothing, other that they live in the same shitty community.

Nakia Cooper apparently doesn't know the difference between lip service and talking out of your ass.

HPD: 2 kids found alone in apartment in area where many sex offenders live
Author: Nakia Cooper, Sr. Web Editor
Published On: Mar 18 2015 03:06:04 PM CDT   Updated On: Mar 18 2015 03:18:46 PM CDT

A mother is accused of leaving her two small children alone in an apartment located in an area where nearly two dozen sex offenders live.

Teara Anderson, 20, is charged with abandoning a child.

According to Houston police, Anderson left her two children, ages 2 years old and 2 months old, alone in an apartment on Jan. 3.

Neighbors heard the children crying and saw the toddler standing at the front door, which was open.

The neighbors suspected the children were alone and called police to investigate.  Police arrived to find the children alone in the apartment.

Anderson and the children's father returned about 20 minutes after officers arrived.

Police said Anderson told them she left the children alone while she went to the grocery store.  The mom said the children were sleeping and the door was locked when she left, but thought the 2-year-old must have unlocked it.

Anderson said her car broke down as she was returning from the store and she had to call the children's father for help. 

The father told police he was not with Anderson when she left the children alone and did not live with them.  Charges were filed only against the mother.  She was jailed and her bond was set at $2,000.

Police checked the Texas Department of Public Safety Sex Offenders Registry and found that 21 registered sex offenders reside within a mile of Anderson's apartment.

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