Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Gotta Scare Them All! Media and victim industry blowhards sound the Predator Panic alarm over Pokemon Go app

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past two decades, at some point you've heard of Pokemon. You may have heard of this new app called "Pokemon Go," which uses "augmented reality" to search for those little critters in the real world.

Yes, there was a random incident where folks were getting robbed at a spot where the Pokemon appears (you are an idiot if you are wandering around secluded locations late at night), so now Team Fearmonger warns to prepare for trouble and make it double.

What kind of Pokemon would you find at the Suffolk County Legislative/ PFML and Fox 10 Phoenix regions? How about Clefucktards, Machumps, Pidgidiots, and 'Tardmanders.

Seriously, I think whoever came up with this deserves a swift kick in the Pokeballs. We need to erRATICATE all this fearmongering. (Okay okay, I'll stop with the Pokemon puns.)

Pokemon Go has location at sex offender residence

Marc Martinez
POSTED:JUL 11 2016 09:02PM MST
UPDATED:JUL 12 2016 09:50AM MST

It's a game that has everyone talking, and everyone playing, even adults.

Pokemon Go has become an overnight phenomenon, and while it's meant to be all fun and games, it has put some players in danger. The game which mixes fantasy with reality gets people out and about, looking for and capturing Pokemon characters and other prizes using their phones.

But since the game's release, it's been linked to robberies and the discovery of a dead body. Now there is a new risk closer to home which could have unsuspecting players walking right into what could be a dangerous situation. One of the locations is a hotel turned halfway house for dozens of registered sex offenders.

One of the beacons used in the game is the New Windsor Hotel. It's on the list of historic places which is why it may be on the Pokemon Go app. But when you search Arizona's DPS Sex Offender Registry, you'll see 546 W Adams Street is home to 43 registered sex offenders.

That was news to one Pokemon Go player, Kyle Costello.

"It's a little bit concerning, but when you're walking around you don't have to be there, you only have to be like 100 feet to get the rewards from the location," said Costello.

It's a good reminder for parents with kids playing the game to find out where exactly they're going.

"Look at it as you would Halloween and trick or treating. Just make sure that if you have young children that you're the chaperon. That you accompany them," said Daphne Young.

Young is with Childhelp Children's Center of Arizona. She says it's a good idea to keep location tracking on your kids' phones when they're out searching for Pokemon.

Pokémon Go Craze Sparks Worries About Sex Offenders, Cybercriminals
July 12, 2016 6:48 PM
Filed Under: Cybercriminals, Jennifer McLogan, Pokemon Go, Sex Offenders

BABYLON, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — The Pokémon Go app has been all the rage in recent days, but new concerns have mounted about criminals abusing the game.

As CBS2’s Jennifer McLogan reported, there are worries that sex offenders might use the app to lure children, and cybercriminals might steal people’s information.

Sulma Rivas is part of a Pokémon Go scavenger hunt adventure craze. So are her three children.

Rivas keeps a watchful eye.

“I don’t want to do it when my mom’s not around, because I could get hurt,” said Mylie Rivas, 10.

Pokémon Go is exploding in popularity, and Babylon town officials have been monitoring hundreds of people of all ages circling the lake in Argyle Park – with their heads down and their smartphones in hand.

When asked if he was playing unsupervised, Ethan Fortaleza, 12, smiled and said, “Maybe.”

Ethan said his parents dropped him off in a safe area. But county officials are worried about the luring component of the game.

With 38,000 registered sex offenders in New York state, police fear that it might be easy for someone to fake a Pokémon Go ID and stalk a child player.

“The people who are the quickest to adapt to new trends in social media technology are criminals and predators,” said Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone.

Bellone wants Pokémon developer Niantic to install e-stop technology, making it tougher for predators to sign on and demanding more checks and balances.

After downloading the app, players are asked to sign up with their Google accounts, using existing credentials to ensure the process is fast and simple. But that can put at risk users’ emails, cameras, photos, and storage.

That pool of data could be a boon for cybercriminals.

“I haven’t heard anything about that. That would be unfortunate,” said Samara Katini, 21. “I probably wouldn’t play the game if that was a real problem.”

One computer crimes expert asked whether the possibility of privacy invasion was worth the tradeoff for the experience of Pokémon Go

Ninatic said it is working closely with authorities to keep all players safe. The company said it has no plans to share the data it collects with third parties.

Officials: 'Pokemon Go' could be used to lure crime victims
Updated July 12, 2016 5:24 PM

HAUPPAGUE - The "Pokemon Go" craze that is sweeping across America has some parents and officials in Suffolk County worried about potential predators.

Parents for Megan's Law and Suffolk County officials met Tuesday in an effort to warn parents about the dangers behind the virtual scavenger hunt app.

They say an option in the app allows users to "lure" people to a location to get points in the game.

Suffolk Police Commissioner Tim Sini says criminals will see the option as an opportunity.

"They could be lying in the wait to do a robbery, or it could be worse in terms of a sexual predator situation," says Sini.

Suffolk Executive Steve Bellone is calling on the Pokemon company to check its users against those on the E-Stop registry – the online registry of sex offender emails and social media accounts.

Another issue that has been raised is the app automatically granting full access to Google accounts. The app requires a Gmail account to sign in.

A spokesman for Pokemon Go issued a statement saying once they became aware of what they call an "error," they began working on a fix to only request basic google profile information.

The company had "no information to share" on the sex offender concerns.


  1. Let this be a slap in the face for PFML's crime victims INC . Triple time trackers , the games are being played both ways and now that the people that invented this game pokemon GO are directing the players to sex offenders homes . Get the lawyers out Ms Ahearn the probono attorney's should be up all night bailing the new company out of this one . I often wonder why the real reason for what James Burke said this is the best tracking system in the country with his bag of sex toys ." Confirm ; the sex offender trailers ordeal at the Riverhead jail " . With hope none of the former offenders were harmend or harassed or property damage was done . The fear is being placed in the wrong direction like always . Time served anyone . Whats really going on at the PFML ,crime victims INC compound , on long Island . Might be time for the FBI to make Mr. Spota speak up or take a plea . Notice how the focus is on herion and children over dosing save the childern now and not before . Funny the word herion and super hero mean the same thing . And did anyone notice on the 20th anniversary of the downing of flight 800 off L.I. in route to France and the desaster in nice France 20 years later . Keep tracking sex offenders . Get a real job so the children of the USA have country to grow up in . A real waist of time and money . Talk about money ya drug money confiscated and where does that go . Keep an eye on that , and thats more scarry than halloween and pokymon GO .

  2. 38.000 sexual registrants ? What about the 38.000 not registerd and the bandits that want your phone and your money . Where is their registry . The best is yet to come . Breaking news woman at the belmont state park in suffolk county assualted and draged into the woods at 9pm according to reports jogging but jogger gets away . Poky mon ? Or poke me mon not enough police on duty in the area ? The park closses at 9pm or darkness . Where are the trackers , where is the PD - ( on vacation its summertime silly ) - Better call Steve Bellone and put up a sign . He'll charge the tax payers and don't worry he won't tell anyone you'll just see the tax increase in your next tax statement . Don'y worry they are double indemnfied . The cost of freedom in NY is highway robbery all the way to Albany or maybe just use common sence and join a gym and jog till the sun comes up or play pokymon . What a joke this sociaty has become .

  3. Steve Bellone is now desporate enough to bilk the suffolk county tax payers asking for help from the state to keep laura ahearns billion dollar enterprize in business . Following this news from 880 am radio satarday oct. 15 th 2016 afternoon broad cast with ms ahearns return voice in the interview begging the public's approval to sustain her goldmine program . Mind us all that with the arrest of chief james burke his voice is silenced BUT NOT FORGOTTEN , along with steve bellone's last grip for funding all in lost revenew for incured law suits that include PFML frudulent financial deceptions of funds . It's more interesting that mr bellone wants to take two cents of a new plastic bag charge of five cents from grocery stores in suffolk county to curb littering . While also in the wind that third and last term kate browning is seeking a judge ship .
    With hope Mr.Sini will see through this form of mis justice remembering that Ms Browning - quote - said that Tim Sini was to young for the job,( channal 12 LI interview ) . Personaly Mr. Sini is well above board as long as he is not swayed by past suffolk county corruption anticks, like what Mr. Bellone did with secretly takeing tax payer money to fund retired police trackers that allready have retirements and medical coverage . This also should remain on a registry of transparency for the protection of over taxed working families on LI . That are not on a pre-paid retirement rip off scheme that we are all sure that Ms Browning would not make a fair judge if she was elected . Just more string puppets for a wheel of never ending fortune of tax payers money .