Thursday, January 12, 2017

Fool's Goldy: Faith Goldy of Rebel Media reminds us again the Alt-Right is All-Wrong in the worst way possible

It seems like the "Alt-Right" media is getting worse and worse.

So this nutjob is Faith Goldy from "The Rebel Media," an independent Alt-Right cesspool. Pretty much the only allure of this channel is to listen to folks make fun of "Social Justice Warriors," which I admittedly watch for kicks. But lets be honest here, these independent All-Wrong outlets are already proving to be troublesome, unless you host a page like this and you need nominees for dumbest news media personalities to keep up interest. 

Anyways, back to Goldy. The Rebel Media's website describes Goldy as "a fearless journalist and devout Catholic who stands up for family values, freedom, and firearms." (God & Guns, how typical of extreme right-wingers.) Fearless? Brainless, more like, especially after seeing the video below. 

Now, if you don't want to see the video, the argument boils down to something like this. She starts off by criticizing the trailer for a new Fox comedy show which uses very crude humor to promote an upcoming show called "The Mick." Being a All-Wrong nut, Goldy take a potshot at Hillary, BTW, and by name dropping she hopes to associate Hillary with "pedophile," which is all Goldy discusses the rest of the video. She jumps into criticizing a couple of media outlets like Salon and other mainstream outlets which featured a self-professed "pedophile" describe how he prevents himself from acting on his sexual urges. 

To summarize, Goldy compares toilet humor with "normalizing pedophilia," a term the "Antis" have used for nearly a decade to minimize or outright silence the voice of anyone challenging sex offense laws. For all of the so-called Alt-Right's talk of "freedom," it seems she doesn't want us to hear the voice of those who wish to prevent child abuse by discussing their struggles through the media. Like it not, Goldy, persecuting people into silence has been proven ineffective. Maybe if this idiot researched the history of the Christian faith she professes, she'd realize 300 years of persecuting Christians failed to eradicate Christianity from the Roman Empire. The All-Wrong does one thing and only one thing well-- bully those they hate, and it seems they never run out of groups to target. 

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  1. Hitler did nothing wrong! Juden Raus!