Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Patty Pansing Brooks uses lame Youtube "Teacup" video to push for even lamer Affirmative consent bill in Nebraska

Nebraska is wanting to join California in passing a ridiculous and much maligned "affirmative consent law." I've already bashed the bill, but readers feel that NE State legislator Patty Pansing Brooks deserves a nomination because of how she is promoting the bill-- with a silly British video of a teacup. Makes me want to rewrite I'm a little teapot, so here goes: "Pansing's like a teapot, loud and stout, She lacks some brain cells but loves to spout, when this bill does not pass watch her pout, next  election let's vote her out!"


In Nebraska, state Sen. Patty Pansing Brooks, a Democrat, introduced a bill that would scrap the force requirements for both perpetrators and victims in the current law while imposing a new affirmative consent standard.

“The old law didn’t do enough,” she said. “I guess the theory was, How could a woman not want sex? She has to prove herself she didn’t want it. … If you require that there be force, then someone has to fight off someone to say no. That’s not a reasonable standard.”

One of the most popular videos for explaining affirmative consent is a British public service video comparing sex to offering someone a cup of tea. If someone isn’t sure if they want tea, changes their mind about wanting tea, or passes out, the person who brewed the tea shouldn’t force it down the other person’s throat.

Pansing Brooks said she plans to send the video to all the legislators in her state, adding that she has heard some confusion on talk radio there, with hosts arguing it’s not always clear whether someone wants to have sex.

“ ‘How are we supposed to know?’ Well, ask her,” Pansing Brooks said. “It’s yes or no if you want to have sex. … You better be darn sure, or you could be liable.”

Here is the video she is sending out:

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