Thursday, February 22, 2018

UK District Judge Tim Spruce is the worst Nottingham public official since that Sheriff from Robin Hood

It was fitting that the Disney rendition of Robin Hood depicted the Sheriff of Nottingham as a bloated wolf. I suppose the District Judge of Nottingham could be accurately depicted by a sewer rat.

I think the headline of the article succinctly explains why this judge from the UK is on the list.

Vigilante groups SHOULD be able to snare paedophiles online, judge rules
It had been argued the defendant had been entrapped by the group

08:42, 20 FEB 2018

A child groomer must remain in custody after a judge ruled that paedophile hunters were allowed to snare him at Nottingham Railway Station.

Defence solicitor Julian Griffiths suggested that sting operations should be left to the police - and that vigilantes could spark trouble by staging arrests.

But District Judge Tim Spruce said the group's evidence should be accepted at the trial of **** at the city's magistrates' court. He found him guilty of three charges.

The judge said: "There are competing interests, clearly a public interest to protect children from the type of behaviour alleged here, sexual exploitation and abuse.

"The counter argument is that if we allow people to set you up in this way, it will result in disorder, there will be more trouble and it will cause more crime.

"I think in balancing these factors, most people would think it is more important to prevent sexual exploitation rather than run the risk of vigilantes creating disorder." ...

He was sent to Nottingham Crown Court to appear there on March 12. Bismellah, formerly of Coventry, has been in custody since the paedophile hunters performed a citizens' arrest at the station on December 16.

At the trial, Mr Griffiths said the group set a trap and encouraged law-breaking. He questioned whether it was the right way to tackle internet grooming...

"But he was being entrapped, being tempted into this activity. This deception was a pack of lies and there is the sting at the railway station.

"These people are unregulated investigators, some would call them vigilantes. This should be a state prosecution but this is a misuse of the courts. Only if it is impracticable for the police to attend should they effect a citizens' arrest."

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