Saturday, September 8, 2018

Franklin Graham says we are a nation of laws but we should be killing "pedophiles" despite the law saying that is illegal

Hm. Franklin Graham didn't seem too worried about people labeled "pedophiles" when he was defending Roy Moore. But here is the statement:

"These government run facilities that take care of these kids have pedophiles working in there. And we should never be taking children away from parents, period. Hold them together as a family. But to take their children away, so they can be exposed to pedophiles? And I believe that pedophiles need to be dealt with harshly. I believe not only incarcerate them but if  they molest a child, I think they'd be a candidate for the death penalty." 

He goes onm to say we are a "nation of laws," well, the law stated in Kennedy v Louisiana that a person cannot be executed for a crime not involving murder. So if we are a nation of laws, then the law says you are WRONG, hypocrite!

September 6, 2018

The son of Rev. Billy Graham, Rev. Franklin Graham, declared on National Public Radio this weekend that pedophiles deserve the death penalty. He also declared that we are a nation of laws.

Not only is Rev. Graham’s first statement outrageous, it is undermined and contradicted by his second statement. Why? Because the laws in many states do not include the death penalty. Furthermore, most of the 31 states that do have a death penalty law do not apply that law to an individual who is convicted solely of a sex offense.

It is noteworthy that Rev. Graham made this outrageous statement during an interview that was not on the topic of either pedophiles or the death penalty. Instead, the topic of the interview was advertised as an evangelist’s view of President Donald Trump.

It is also noteworthy that Rev. Graham’s views on pedophiles appear to be based upon a common mistake. That is, he appears to believe that the term pedophile is synonymous with the terms sex offender, child molester, sexual predator, etc.

It is a mistake made by many people who should or actually do know better including at least one Superior Court judge in Long Beach, California. That judge, in fact, declared in a public court hearing that all of the terms were synonyms. He then added that if he asked 10 people on the street, 9 people would have agreed with him. He also said that all such individuals are monsters, they always do it again and there is no cure.

An important question for society is why educated individuals, including but not limited to, ministers and judges feel comfortable making such outrageous statements in very public places. The answer may be that those who know the truth — that pedophilia is a medical diagnosis and not a crime — are afraid to speak out.

Another important question is why educated individuals would advocate the death penalty for someone diagnosed with a medical condition. Do they advocate that individuals diagnosed with other medical conditions such as cancer and diabetes also deserve the death penalty? Of course not! Instead, they advocate for adequate medical care and attention. It’s time to speak out on this important topic.

It’s time to speak truth to power. You can do so by writing to Rev. Franklin Graham at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, 1 Billy Graham Parkway, Charlotte, NC 28201 or calling him at (704) 401-2432.

Click the link below to listen, the comment is 10 minutes into the recording.


  1. Want to pardon Patrick Drum??? But then again the far right and far left do agree with each other when it comes to RSO's. But then again the far right and far left have high recidivism rates for "Disorderly Conduct" in political rallies and protests. And have high libel lawsuits.

  2. Fuck the far right and the far left these people end up producing the most rapists and mentally deranged people and lecture their righteousness in Alex Jones style rants.


    Franklin Graham stole ideas from a conspiracy theorists group called Lord Steven Christ.