Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Joshua Kippenberger of Derby KansASS and his dubious claims of "above average" knowledge about "pedophiles"

Say hello to Joshua Kippenberger of Derby KS. If everyone in that town thinks like this guy, it would be called Derpy, but thankfully, the local church disagrees with him. He claims to have "above average" knowledge on "this subject." Above average? Compared to who?

I'll put it to you this way, if I go bowling, and I consistently score 50-70 points, while those at the alley that day roll 40-60 points, I'm "above average" but I'd still suck at bowling. This guy does not even show his knowledge to be above average. He should stick to construction.

Parishioner objects to sex offender in church

A member of St. Mary Catholic Church in Derby has raised concerns about what he said is an unsafe situation with a registered sex offender attending services there.

In a series of emails shared with The Derby Informer, Joshua Kippenberger said that he was told by the Rev. Joseph A. Eckberg, the pastor of St. Mary, that the offender would not be prevented from coming to church, but would have an escort with him at all times while on the property.

However, Kippenberger said he witnessed the individual, who lives in the parish’s district, in the parking lot after a late morning mass without an escort.

“These people do not deserve leniency,” he said in his email. “I will now ensure that every family at St. Mary is aware of who this man is, what he looks like, and what he did.”

He said the Catholic Church “cannot even accomplish the basics of protecting children.”

Kippenberger said he proposed an alternative to allowing a convicted child sex offender to attend mass with children.

Such a person can attend an adult mass, such as at the Spiritual Life Center or Newman at WSU, or they can receive the sacraments at home, he said.

“Children deserve to be safe,” he said.

Eckberg declined to comment and referred questions to the diocese.

Matthew Vainer, director of communications for the Catholic Diocese of Wichita, released a short emailed statement to The Informer, stating that: “The Diocese of Wichita was made aware of the concerns and have been working with the parish and all parties involved to ensure the safety and well-being of its parishioners.”

Parishioner says he won’t ‘drop issue’

In a later phone interview, Vainer said, “we’re following the protocol in place for the Diocese.”

All churches in the Diocese have the same procedures, he said.

Vainer said the Diocese is not going to forbid the man from attending mass, adding that “our guidelines are stricter than the parole office.”

He said the individual does have an escort and sits in a special section of the church.

“He’s not allowed to be around children,” Vainer said.

Kippenberger said he has a personal concern about the situation as his brother was molested for a period of years by a church member. That was not at St. Mary.

“I have well more than an above-average education on this topic. I also have zero tolerance for pedophiles,” he said.

He said that pedophiles “will never be cured and they are never, ever, under any circumstances, safe to be in the proximity of children for even the most fleeting of moments.”

Kippenberger said he will not drop the issue.

“You can ban me and my family from the parish, you can remove my children from the school(s), whatever, but there is nothing that will stop me from doing everything I can to make sure that every child is safe,” he said.

Vainer said he didn’t have any details on the alleged incident of the man being seen in the parking lot without an escort, but said he should have had one as the rules call for an escort at all times on church property.

Offender data available online

Having offenders hasn’t been more of an issue lately, Vainer said, but it could be a situation of more people are noticing the offenders and being aware of them.

Their criminal history and place of residence is available through a quick Internet search, which was not always the case.

The Informer has the name of the individual Kippenberger said is the registered sex offender in question, but without being able to independently confirm that he is the same individual, is choosing not to print his name.

However, using the name provided, the Informer did confirm that he was convicted, served time in state prison and is required to register as a sex offender, and substantiated his address.

Vainer pointed out that as long as they follow their registry rules and/or parole guidelines and don’t violate the law again, such offenders are out and about in the community, he said.

“They could be in a store next to you,” he said.

But when they’re on church property, the guidelines go into effect, he said.

Vainer also said all church and Diocese employees, not just those working with children, undergo extensive background checks that would turn up any issues.

St. Mary, at 2300 E. Meadowlark, has 3,322 individual Catholics as members and 1,096 families, according to the Catholic Diocese of Wichita website.

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  1. Is this righteous Pharisee you are taking about an actual abuser??